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Clear Skin Project is a fresh, exciting eBook launch born from a further affecting her body's ability to break down toxins and causing them to appear After 2 years acne-free, Olivia decided it was time to share her story and. Clear Skin Secrets is a result of 20 years of personal experience, 15 years Incredible information in your book, I just read the download and am super excited. 85% of young people have acne—although every person's acne is different, remember you aren't alone in this fight. If caught early and treated properly.

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I offer a complete solution to clear skin confidence in this course. 14 Day Clear Skin Meal Plan; Downloadable Shopping List; Holistic Lifestyle Advice and Vitamins For Skin; FREE Private Email Support; Lifetime Access to Our Clear Skin. Instead of slathering your skin with synthetic ingredients, why not use the power of Mother Clear skin free of acne is only one download away!. book and treatment program, Clear Skin Project, to share her path to acne-free skin and help fellow sufferers. Undertaking the Clear Skin Project focuses on balancing our lifestyle to My favourite health food is blueberries, hands down.

Beautiful Because caught up with the natural beauty to find out more I suffered from acne from the tender age of I had very low self-esteem and I did not like leaving the house without a full face of makeup you can imagine how frustrating this was for my family and friends! A simple trip to the supermarket was out of the question! For this reason, I was also afraid to meet new people.

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Have you ever been to a dermatologist because of your acne? Is your inflammatory acne painful and big about the size of a pencil eraser?

Clear Skin Project

Yes No. If you had to guess, about how many acne lesions pimples, blackheads, red bumps, scars, marks do you have on your face?

Few Many A lot over Which of these photos looks the most like your acne? Tracey Cook is a big believer in being happy and how this improves your general health and well being. We are sometimes so caught up in what will make us look better externally, we forget to look inside ourselves to discover what will heal us internally. Something as simple as going for a walk, or sending your best friend a text message can make you happy and therefore make a world of difference in your life.

This has been a big factor in my general health and wellbeing. Naturopathy also believes in moderation and balance. Undertaking the Clear Skin Project focuses on balancing our lifestyle to include all the benefits for clear skin.

Clear Skin Project | Olivia Jenkins Clear Skin Confidence

I have found moderating my intake of certain foods and beverages really helps my skin and my well being. Clear Skin Project is about achieving clear skin for life, the way nature intended.

Using nutrition and lifestyle changes, I have created a 8 week program designed to help individuals suffering from acne heal their acne from the inside out. My inspiration came from my own acne journey. Suffering from acne from 13 years old, I wanted to educate and inspire others going through the same. Readers can benefit from the book because it is a very relaxing and simple read with lots of interesting and new information.

We offer 8 weeks of email support, as well as a private Facebook forum to share information, ask questions and make friends with anyone who is also starting their Clear Skin Project journey. Synthetic chemicals can cause further skin irritation and flare ups. Synthetic chemicals can also dry out acne to the point of scabbing and can cause acne scarring and deep pits in the skin. Kosmea is a natural skincare brand with over 20 years experience in making powerful natural skin care.

All of our products are scientifically formulated to deliver real results including improving acne-prone skin. All Kosmea products feature Rose Hip Oil as a key ingredient which is essential to support skin health. It provides the skin with lots of nutrients including essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants.

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Rose Hip Oil is jam packed with essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants which help to harmonise and balance the skin. Many acne suffers also experience issues with oil control and Rose Hip Oil is fantastic at balancing your skin's natural oil levels — I call it a multi-vitamin for the skin. My daily beauty regime is very simple.

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Depending on what I am doing during the day depends on my make up choices — if I am attending meetings, I will wear some mineral make up, cream blush, mascara and lipstick. Register Now!

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