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Felidae Pb [Akif Pirincci] on lyubimov.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. a Kindle? Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. Click link bellow and free register to download ebook: FELIDAE ON THE ROAD BY AKIF PIRINCCI. DOWNLOAD FROM OUR ONLINE LIBRARY. it has come to my attention that there is an official old Felidae Comic . To read the "kindle edition" book you need to download a free English NEW KINDLE edition for 3, 32 $ here lyubimov.info

Francis enjoys a comfortable existence with his human companion Gustav, until one day disaster strikes. Gustav imports a live-in lover who aims to reform his lifestyle, and his cat's. Francis decides to escape and take his chances in the country. This novel is a sequel to "Felidae". Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

Aus heutiger Sicht: Ever wonder what your cat thinks of you? You really don't want to know. I thought this would be a cozy-type mystery, but it was way too violent and graphic to claim that category. These cats are cynical, tyrannical and often bitter Francisca i Pascala. Jan 17, Melanie rated it really liked it. I read this book years ago I remember picking it up at a book market for next to nothing! It took me a while to read it as I found it hard going till about as third of the way through.

Then it all seemed to come into place. The characters are great and because of my love of cats I found the book very warming. It took me 4 years to find the sequal.

I'd say give it a go if it I read this book years ago I remember picking it up at a book market for next to nothing! I'd say give it a go if its your genre and take your time with it as it can be hard going: Francis is new in town, cocky, smart and sharp-tongued and he's a cat. Stumbling upon a gore-ish murder in his neighborhood, he cannot stop himself from investigating a crime and unveiling an ingenious, but murderous nazi-like conspiracy - between cats.

It's been some time since I've read this book, but I still remember many details of it. This book was just as the main character, funny and smart, somewhat shocking and definitely surprising. Felidae is a unique, awesome read. If you don't mind a li Francis is new in town, cocky, smart and sharp-tongued and he's a cat.

If you don't mind a little gore, a little sex and a lot of thrill AND love cats, this is a must read. I'm not sure I've ever read a book where I felt such a divide between love of the story and inability to stomach the writing. I'll say this: And this is one of those cases, because, at least in this person's opinion, the story may be great, but the writing is absolutely insufferable, and gets increasingly so over the course of the book.

The author appears to believe in the stance that brooding and negativit I'm not sure I've ever read a book where I felt such a divide between love of the story and inability to stomach the writing. The author appears to believe in the stance that brooding and negativity are interesting and clever- and so, there is a lot of it. A LOT of it. At first, I wondered if it was supposed to be the narrator simply having a feline voice- after all, his arrogance most likely was at least partially supposed to be due to him being a cat- but increasingly it dawned on me that we were supposed to be impressed by the pages upon pages of repetitive moaning about how life is a bleak abyss, there is no goodness in mankind, we are all spiraling into the void into the cold clutches of death.

Indeed, the book opens on such a note- but, again, I had given it the benefit of the doubt and taken it as him being a pretentious feline. The exact same points were moaned over for pages upon pages all throughout the book, with only slight changes in wording.

It felt like he was trying to pad his word count. I can pinpoint the exact point I would have put the book down if I wasn't already so far into it; Francis, the protagonist, walks into another cat's house, and sees him lying on a cushion.

For some reason, this prompts a page-long moaning about how maybe that cat is comfortable in his home, but in truth human beings are horrible horrible horrible to animals, and cause animals to "become homosexual," mutilate themselves, rape or be raped- on and on and on. But worst of all was its treatment of disabilities; constant paragraphs upon paragraphs moaning about poor, hideous invalids, pathetic, ruined cripples living half-lives- a blind cat is literally described as having "no life" because she was blind.

All irrational and evil behavior is "schizophrenic. Good points: I gave it a star because the concept and story are very good if you separate them entirely from how it's written out. Tra i quali io non figuro. Felidae is an insane but captivating murder mystery starting from page one. An absolutely stunning novel that isn't at all justified by saying it's a "murder mystery about cats. Mar 09, Lara Thompson rated it it was amazing. Gripping book by an author that clearly understands cats. The protagonist is a classic cynical down on his luck in a noir kind of way drawn into solving the serial murders on his fellow felines.

The added footnotes of the scientific basis behind certain behaviours are priceless. Jul 05, Enterpricicle rated it really liked it. This is a curious little novel. The protagonist, Francis, who happens to be a cat, investigates a gruesome crime and discovers a number of disturbing things that are happening in his neighbourhood.

Felidae on the Road: Akif Pirincci: lyubimov.info: Books

I'm not going to tell you anything specific about the plot, just a heads-up. I personally love this book. It is creepy and frightening at times Francis' nightmares are particularly disturbing , but the author has a way of writing that really draws me in. He sets up a storyline with a number of threads This is a curious little novel. He sets up a storyline with a number of threads which, admittedly, can be hard to keep track of at first and then weaves them together to form an excellent, suspenseful story.

The characters are diverse, interesting and anything but one-dimensional. It's difficult to not fall in love with Francis - his witty, sometimes exasperated comments about his owner are hilarious, his characterization as a smart-ass is spot on and his intelligence is, for lack of a better word, captivating. This smart-assery and intelligence are mirrored in the sarcastic way the book is written, which comes across very well in the german version, I'm not sure if it translates as some reviewers have mentioned the 'pretentious' writing.

The sarcastic narration is a nice counterpoint to the horrifying plot and the philosophical elements and makes this fun to read if sarcasm is your thing. I highly recommend this book and the rest of the series to anyone who either loves cats, loves mysteries, thrillers and detective stories or loves both. Cat lovers in particular will appreciate the accurate descriptions of cat behavior and anatomy, but I disgress. Dec 26, The Book Eaters rated it really liked it Shelves: The original review, and many other reviews and features, can be found at http: Confused and upset, Francis The original review, and many other reviews and features, can be found at http: I loved Felidae.

I found myself making my own theories as the story progressed, as a reader should with any detective story. If I were to have one criticism of this book, it would be the vast amount of description that goes on in it. But since it is told by Francis, the protagonist, would this be a bad thing, considering his character? I very much recommend this tale of violent felines, and hope that you will as well. Four bites. Jul 21, Saschki rated it it was amazing. I found this novel to be truly unique.

If you come to it with an open mind, you will be rewarded. Finally, the author uses cats to illuminate questions that mean something quite fundamental to us human animals - yet, without reducing the feline characters to mere device I found this novel to be truly unique. Finally, the author uses cats to illuminate questions that mean something quite fundamental to us human animals - yet, without reducing the feline characters to mere devices or portes-paroles.

It is one of the darker mysteries I have read and I have read many , with many times when I felt viscerally affected by what I was reading - but with sudden bursts of humor and hope that make it endurable, and even enjoyable in the whole. The hyperbole from the world press on the jacket of the used copy I came across is, in my opinion, deserved. Although I heard about, and read back then, the other European mystery sensations of that era that were translated and promoted in the U.

I look forward to seeking out the further volumes in the series which I just see now exist via Goodreads! Jul 25, Megan rated it it was ok. This is just so awfully, terribly written. Ham-fisted and amateurish. Long, ridiculous analogies and purple-prosed similes. Equally purple, cliche descriptions of setting and character.

Long emphatic tirades on human nature with no basis whatsoever in believable dialogue. There are also too many moments in which one character finds himself expositioning to another. In CSI, it is ludicrous that a lab tech needs to explain to another lab tech how he used his lab technology.

In Felidae, it is twice as ludicrous that a cat needs to explain to another cat how he used his feline anatomy. Praise where deserved: Certain characters and scenes are, of course, much more fleshed out than a movie allows, the professor and his deterioration in particular. The dream sequences are even more nightmarish in print than on screen. View 1 comment. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. İyi insan yoktur!

This book will probably appeal to horror fans. I thought it was a crime book; it turns out to be much more of a horror. The cat spends a lot of time dreaming about bodies of dead cats, mounds of dead cats I don't even like reviewing it, I just want to warn other cat lovers that this may not be what they expected.

See a Problem?

For someone that doesn't like cats I really loved this book. My friend gave me this to read as a sort of joke and I gave it a go for fun and I turned out really loving it. The first chapter just made it for me.

Themis-Athena Lioness at Large. Bettie's Books. View all 3 comments. Sep 17, Christina rated it liked it Shelves: Gave me the creeps and was a bit graphic, thus the three stars. As far as the writing and the thoughts it evokes, I would give it 5 stars.

Jan 11, Kenya Starflight rated it liked it Shelves: I was unaware of the controversy surrounding author Akif Pirincci before starting this novel, and while I don't approve of his actions, I am a firm believer in separating the art from the artist when it comes to reviewing a work.

Therefore, this will be the last I mention of said controversy in this review. The German animated movie "Felidae" has achieved notoriety in a lot of Internet circles -- much like "Watership Down," it's a film starring cute furry animals that nonetheless has a lot NOTE: The German animated movie "Felidae" has achieved notoriety in a lot of Internet circles -- much like "Watership Down," it's a film starring cute furry animals that nonetheless has a lot of violent, adult content.

I myself found it interesting but not a film I'm interested in watching again I know the saying about curiosity killing the cat -- and never was a comparison more apt than in this case -- but I figured I was at least in for an interesting read.

And while certain parts of this book stretched my willing suspension of disbelief beyond its breaking point, all in all I found "Felidae" to be an interesting and entertaining, if dark and occasionally gruesome, detective novel As he explores the house and neighborhood, he's instantly greeted by a dead body Francis, being inquisitive even by his species' standards, sets out to investigate further, and soon uncovers some dark secrets involving the local cats -- multiple murders, a blind cat who knows more than she lets on, a crazed cult worshiping an enigmatic Messianic character, and a mad doctor who practiced barbaric experiments in the very house Francis and his owner now occupy.

With help from the one-eyed Bluebeard and the aged but wise Pascal, Francis keeps digging The writing of this book is serviceable, but a little dry and repetitive at points. I'm usually forgiving of this in a translation -- good wordplay and writing can often be lost or tainted in the transition from one language to another, depending on the translator.

Despite this, though, I did find that the writing managed to capture an attitude I can only describe as "cat-like" -- namely, the protagonist's disdain toward creatures not of feline origin, his contemptuous yet fond attitude toward his owner, and his snarky tone with just about everyone. In a human these traits would probably make for an unpleasant character The story itself is an engaging mystery, with overtones of conspiracy and horror to spice things up.

I admit to going into said mystery knowing most of the twists, as I'd seen the movie before reading the book, but it was still entertaining watching Francis piece together the clues and come up with conclusions. The villain, who was a surprise to me in the film, has a believable backstory and motivation, and while his past doesn't excuse his actions, he has a believable motivation and even manages to be sympathetic at points.

And Bluebeard makes for a snarky sidekick, even if his role in the book is downplayed in comparison to his role in the film. If I have any complaints about this book aside from the writing which, again, it's hard to know if the flaws are due to the author or the translator , it's the gore factor and the dream sequences. This is NOT a book for kids, and while I know the animal kingdom is not nice and bloody death is to be expected from creatures that are natural predators, there are some "loving" depictions of blood and gore that didn't sit entirely well with me.

At least the book is fairly tame compared to the film -- a couple of the death scenes in this book are even WORSE in the film. As for the dream sequences Francis has several dreams in this book that contain clues toward the mystery's solution, clues he doesn't encounter until much later in the book.

I could understand if he encountered these clues and then dreamed about them again, but having dreams predict the future is a cliche I'm already tired of in fantasy, and feel out of place in a book that's supposedly set in the real world, albeit with cats as characters. Complaints aside, "Felidae" really is a fascinating novel. NOT recommended to kids -- even fans of the "Warriors" series will probably balk at the blood, violence, and explicit references to sex in this book -- but for those who enjoy a good noir mystery and who don't mind the unusual choice in characters, you could certainly do worse than this.

Felidae is darkly funny, curiously intriguing, action filled This is such a great concept!!

Emerging Viruses in the Felidae: Shifting Paradigms

A murder mystery with cats??? Grumpy neighbourhood cat francis gets roped into playing detective after many neighbourhood cats begin to be murdered. This book is filled with so many unexpected pop culture references which I fully enjoyed. I also massively appreciated how much research pirincci did on cats to really make this an accurate portrayal of how Felidae is darkly funny, curiously intriguing, action filled I also massively appreciated how much research pirincci did on cats to really make this an accurate portrayal of how they actually act!!

Yes, yes I did. Because even though I loved the story and the characters, there was a huge problem with this book. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Journal List Viruses v.

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