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Collected all my spreads to date and compiled them in an ebook available for free download. Learn more about Tarot and get more out of your Tarot cards with these original eBooks, designed especially for you to use with your own tarot cards. Written by Kim Huggens, her eBook delves much deeper into the symbolism and that ripped out huge hunks of her text in order to bring it down to a size that would fit in the the Tarot Illuminati” which includes several simple and easy to use spreads, . Tarot Cards & Reviews Free Tarot Readings Tarot Books Tarot Card.

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Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd .. Love and Relationship Spreads Aeclectic Tarot Spreads eBook State of Our .. Once you are free. Three Card Tarot Spreads - Aeclectic Tarot by Aeclectic Tarot Download READING THE TAROT CARDS In this free introduction to the subject in hand. spreads - free tarot reading book - my book, true tarot card meanings, gives the rider waite tarot pack free radiant rider-waite tarot ebooks to download - a.

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How do you spend or squander your time? The Now. This card is You. No matter who we are or what our situation. Next Step. The Money. The Driving Force. What gets you going? Use the image of the empty stage to focus on accepting your creative powers and responsibilities. The Artist card.

This spread invites you to explore your chosen path. The Muse.

Tarot free aeclectic spreads download ebook

The Block. What lesson the main character will learn Middle of the story Subplot 1 7.

Ebook aeclectic free spreads download tarot

An important event from the story 9. The main character 2. The villain 5. Another important event from the story Where the story begins Subplot 2 8.

As you reach the end of your journey. A wise owl swoops above your head and lands on a far above branch. Off in the distance you see a deer with its fawn appearing in your path. As you walk down this path. So you wrap your shawl around you. Stepping out into the crisp Autumn air. Recent Past 2. Further Future Seven Card Horseshoe 1. Umbrae The Unexpected 5. It is what you must pass through.

Complete Guide to Tarot Illuminati

Near Future 7. The Gate 6. Present 3.

Hopes and Fears 4. The Unexpected 4. The Gate is active. Near Future next two weeks 5. The Sun. A general understanding of a situation or an in-depth analysis of a problem can be taken out of a reading with this spread.

Complete Guide to Tarot Illuminati

What the secret message is A message from guides The issue traveling to another path 4. What you wish to know 3.

What would make you happy to know 5. The outcome of what you wished to know 6.

Outside influences 7. This spread was originally based on Hebrew Gematria. What will be revealed soon What needs to be sacrificed 8. Secret message issue 2. A synchronistic event 9. The Hierophant influences this spread through the number five and through the spirit of bureaucracy and dogma. General advice given the current information What invokes a warning What invokes a breakthrough in understanding What has been realized Underlying issues that are present but are also influenced by what surrounds it 2.

Who you are 4. What is happening behind the scenes. What will be done 7. Events that are occurring beyond human control or alteration 3. What you want 5. Where you are going 6. What is the energy coming to be working with 9.

What energy is currently being worked with 8. Limited perception can even prevent us from knowing exactly what we are really asking. The Hidden Question. This spread. A possible outcome 4. Your perception of the situation 2. What needs to be let go of. What will divide the two paths? Option One 4. What about my past suits this path? What about the present suits this path? What about the present will most greatly affect your decision?

What is the basis for your question? The outcome should you choose this course of action Option Two 7. Integrating the Lesson. Hidden Themes of this Journey or day. A practical. Approximating that task. Challengers Before You. Helpers on the Path. Overt Themes of this Journey or day. It is not meant as in-depth exploration.

What will help address the deeper trouble. Long term or deeper trouble. What will help address the immediate trouble 4. Two positions show deeper causes that need attention. What will cheer me up right now 6. Where your head should be at 3. What is expected 2. Use a cheerful but unsentimental deck. It is excellent for short readings about next steps and determining options.

What will our relationship be like? A Spread on Tarot Reading by Marion 1. What I need to work on 3. Internal approaches for improving 5. External resources for improving 4. What will you teach me?

Three Card Tarot Spreads - Aeclectic Tarot

What I already do well 2. This spread was created to give a rounded framework to show readers a way to start to explore how they could interact with their new deck. What do I need to do? Flag for inappropriate content.

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Additional cards for siblings and family members of significance can be used. Or, where lies the danger? Why are you in a tower? What keeps you there? What choices have you made to stay and what would you do if you knew you could get out of this self-imposed prison?

Could Rapunzel have been her own jailer? This is not about being a victim, but it is about identifying patterns that lead you into this type of situation 2 - What happens if I remain? What will you lose or gain by staying?

What will you lose or gain by leaving? Rapunzel had to cut her long hair at the end to escape her captor. What will you be forced to give up? Who will be there at your side to assist you? Who will do their best to keep you in the tower? Once you are free, what is the next step you should take? The spread is formed in the shape of a sword. I really wanted to gather that Sword suit energy for accomplishing a goal. I wanted this spread to serve as a weapon in the battle to get things done.

Where does it hide? How does it impact on your life? Is it a gut feeling, irrational fear, etc. I intentionally gave this spread five positions, since the number five can represent an obstacle. Everyone needs a little helping hand every now and then. And what if, in your sleep, you dreamed? And what if, in your dream, you went to heaven and there plucked a strange and beautiful flower? And what if, when you awoke, you had the flower in your hand?

Ah, what then? What is your relationship with this identity? What gets you going? How do you spend or squander your time? This card is You. Thanks for sharing your free ebook of spreads with us! Very generous, and I will be sure to give feedback once I have tried a few of these. Thanks for sharing it. I downloaded the ebook but I need to sit down and actually focus on it. I'll keep you posted on any readings I do from it. Thank you for making this available to the masses!

I just downloaded your e-book. Thanks a lot, you are very generous. It will take me sometime to work with it, but I will share my experiences with it a step at a time. Blessings, Zelmira. Live Tarot Readings. Tarot Card Meanings. Forum Archive. Free Spread EBook. Page 1 of 3.