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Author: Daniel Rose; Type: Downloadable PDF; Size: MB; Downloaded: times; Daniel Rose - The Sex God Method ( MB eBook, $ FREE ). Dec 23, Sex God Method - Psychology behind sexual satisfaction. BEV6XTQ $6 seems pretty fair for the payoff. permalink; embed; save.

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Sex God Method - 2nd - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. qualifying offers. OFFICIAL Sex God Method - 2nd Edition Direct from the author. a Kindle? Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. The Sex Revolution Handbook: Sex God Method - Kindle edition by Daniel Rose. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

All rights reserved. First Edition. Published April No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electrical or mechanical, including photocopying and recording, or by any information storage or retrieval system without permission in writing from the author. Because if you9ve been looking to have a. Introduction To The 2nd Edition Congratulations on making the decision to purchase this book. You9ll feel like you finally have the power in your relationship. You might sleep with a girl once and have her leave you for a guy who9s better in bedHor you might find yourself slowly getting less and less sex in your relationship.

I swear I got into the first few chapters and started to wonder if the book was actually some sort of parody for the pick up community, but, nope, it's serious. Dominance, Emersion, Variety," and I forget what the "I" stands for at the moment. I wonder if he spent years developing that piece of genius. Rose that simply because you acknowledge that something is a catch 22 and then say it isn't--doesn't mean it's not.

Join Date Feb Gender: Posts The biggest difference between this book and most other books in the genre is that it focuses a lot more on the psychological aspect instead of pure physical technique.

If, "Fuck her deep and hard" is all you got from it, you need to reread this. Originally Posted by Direct. Join Date Mar Gender: Age 34 Posts Fact of the matter bro Sex is largely Psychological.

Sex God Method - 2nd Edition.pdf

Hell I had a same night lay saturday night and made her cum 3 times only in the missionary position but using Dans model, especially the dominance part, really heated things up. Join Date Sep Gender: It really helped me. Guys who are already good in bed will say, "no shit you should talk dirty to your girl" Then with my next girl after reading, I slowly started to work in the dominance and watch her respond really well.

Every time I push my edge with dominance, she loved it more and more. Mix it in with emotional talk during sex, I move hear nearly to tears. Then as you become able to shift between the three sex god archetypes, your girl will become addicted to sex with you. No bullshit.

Following this method took me from the position of the woman doling out the sex, rewarding me with sex, to exactly the opposite.

The method has helped every aspect of my sex, especially the most important Now my cack is the reward, and I am able to work her very hard for me.

Getting tons of compliance. Rose also has what seems like a very solid system for harem building, if that is what you are interested in. In my time in the game, I now realize that I am not, but that is another thread.

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I9ve noticed that these guys usually don9t have any more. And in the fourth and final Act. Although just about every guy improves his sex life just as the result of reading this book alone. I also have to ask for a commitment from you. The very next time I have sex. In other words. I am going to use that dirty talk technique. But there is a catchHif you want me to truly change your sex life for the better through this book. And that is. Since I9ve written this book.

I9ll also show you exactly how to use them to turn women on J and how you can act out any other fantasy in the bedroom that you might desire. I9m going to share nine of women9s most secret sexual fantasies with you. I9ve spoken at large seminars. This way. In a matter of a few months.

As you read this. If you can do this. This is the commitment that I9m asking you to make before reading this book. While I still recommend that any guys who wants to live a polyamorous lifestyle with multiple girlfriends go for it.

And if you6re not currently in a long-term relationship. I6ve also seen that a long term monogamous relationship can have benefits as well. Because the two of you have been having sex. The biggest advantage that you6ll have in a long-term relationship is that you won6t have to worry about Immersion. If you6re currently in a long-term relationship. For me. Bonus Chapter: While mostly women are turned on by the same things whether you6re in a long-term relationship with them or not.

I6ve since settled down in a single. I know that many the guys who learn from me are in long-term relationships right now.


The first challenge is that it is extremely easy for sex to become routine. In a long-term. The two of you should also be very familiar with each others6 bodies. Especially if the two of you are living together and even more so if you have children it is very easy to fall into a routine where you are doing the same exact thing every single day.

If you6re not careful to avoid these pitfalls. Because of this. Wake up. And finally. Remember one of the main principles of Variety predictability is the root of all boredom. I mean that in a long-term relationship the rational. While this would seem like it is a motivating factor to have sex. Unless you guard against it. If something is taboo and MirrationalN to be sexually attracted to. If something is acceptable and MrationalN to sexually desire. By this.

Daniel Rose's Sex God Method

In addition to always adding Variety. You must constantly be combating this tendency towards predictability and routine.

If you let this routine continue indefinitely.

Method ebook download sex god free

Lets6 discuss some specific ways that you can do this. Once you6ve relieved her of the burden of the tedious nightly sex. Put less focus on routine sex before you go to bed This is VERY counter-intuitive to most guys in a relationship.

You6ll find that she6s much more eager for sex in the mornings. There are a myriad of other routine tasks occupying both you and her throughout the day. For this reason. And even if she has good intentions of sexually pleasing you as most women do.

Download sex ebook god method free

This is because it can become nauseatingly predictable after having the same missionary style sex in the same bed. I actually recommend NOT trying to have sex with your girlfriend or wife on most nights just before bed.

After all. If it doesn6t happen naturally. Wouldn6t this seem like the best time for sex in a relationship? Although it would seem that way. This will be very difficult at first. For a woman you just met this would be exactly the wrong thing to do. This is why Mbad boysN seem have no problem getting sex from their girlfriends even after being in a relationship for years. You want to actively work to make having sex with you as illogical. Some ways that you can do this: Have sex in high-risk situations when you6re not MsupposedN to Again.

While women WILL be aroused by these destructive techniques. Once you6re Mabout to leaveN and sex is now taboo. This way you can have your cake and eat it too: This is risky sexual behavior for her because she6s taking the chance that the tape will someday be used against her.

N Ordinarily this would be a bad idea as it would probably get you fired. Tell her that you shouldn6t be doing this as you undress each other. Have sex when you6re sleeping over a friend6s house.

Videotape her having sex with you. Don6t force sex if she6s not in the mood This is another one which can be difficult especially if your sex life has already started to go downhill. This includes: Acting pissed off or depressed because she won6t have sex with you Trying to have a Mserious talkN about your sex life. By persistently trying to force sex when she6s not in the mood.

Remember the more pressure there is for her to have sex with you. Any type of explicit pressure that you put on her to have sex with you is intensely damaging to her sexual desire for you.

This is another technique which would completely backfire with a woman you just met. By teasing her and then denying her the sexual pleasure she craves. While it6s very tempting to engage in this type of behavior if she hasn6t had sex with you for a while. She6s taking a chance that maybe you6ll get her really turned on.

Although it may be difficult at first.

God free sex method download ebook

This adds the all-important element of RISK to your sex life again now when she initiates sex with you. Occasionally tease her. While you might think the men having great sex after 10 or 20 years were the ones who were the most stable. Cycle between Manimal attractionN and MrecoveryN in your relationship I6ve observed a lot of couples where the woman became sexually bored with the man after a few years and a few where the woman was still sexually desired her man after 5.

While this would seem to be the case. There seemed to be no logic as to when these guys were doing these things it seemed to be more of a unconscious rhythm of attraction that they fell into. In reality. Some of these couples still having great sex even had kids it didn6t really matter.

The main point that he makes in the book is that as humans we try to force a lot of areas of our life to be linear. Adding Variety 5. For example. There were many. For a few weeks. With all the couples I had ever seen who were regularly having great sex after years. I found that every few weeks. I thought. I also began to thinkcwhat if it6s actually healthy to have cyclical relationships as well?

The image that we have of a great relationship is one where both partners are constantly and consistently attracted to each other for decadescbut how many times have you actually seen a couple like this in real life?

I had never seen a couple like this and I still never had so I began to think that the ideal of being steadily and consistently attracted to each other at exactly the same level for decades was an unachievable goal.

Sex God Method

After seeing the power of making important areas of my life cyclical. I decided to try this in my own relationship life. In your relationship. This is perhaps the biggest key to keeping sex interested for In the Manimal attractionN cycle.

Don6t try to have a consistent. And then. In the MrecoveryN cycle. During the MrecoveryN cycles. This naturally introduced more Variety into the relationship sex was always flowing from one type of sex to another.

I would go with the flow and let our relationship fall into this natural rhythm. The result of this was that we were naturally having different types of sex depending on what cycle we were in. We would still be having sex and we were still attracted to each other.

During the Manimal attractionN cycles. Rather than trying to fight this as I would of before. To avoid this. While a bed is the most comfortable and best place for sex.