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She was still holding her big silver platter of free samples: Crispy Cheese 'n' Wieners. Her platter Her name badge read: Hello! My name is .. “So,” she said coldly, “a son of Neptune, who comes to us with the blessing of Juno.” “Look, ” he. Read "Heroes of Olympus: The Son of Neptune" by Rick Riordan available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up Start reading instantly with the free Kobo App. eReaders .. The Son of Sobek - A Disney Hyperion Short Story ebook by Rick Riordan .. Kobo App - Get it on Google Play; Kobo App - Download on the App Store. cover image of The Son of Neptune. Read A Sample of Neptune. The Heroes of Olympus Series, Book 2 · The Heroes of Olympus. by Rick Riordan. ebook.

Neptune does an excellent job of picking up where the 1st book in the series, The Lost Hero, left off. It adroitly moves the series onward introducing new storylines even while it answers some of the questions that aficionados of The Lost Hero have been marveling about for a year now. Of course, the big question that gets answered in this book is: What happened to Percy Jackson? In The Lost Hero we learned that he had missing but only got ambiguous clues of what might have happened. In The Son of Neptune, Percy returns as one of the protagonists. At the very beginning of the novel we find Percy Jackson exposed of his reminiscences and being hunted by 2 gorgons.

It was the smiley one — Beano. As near as Percy could figure, he was dyslexic, because words got twisted around when he tried to read. She was still wearing her green Bargain Mart employee vest over a flower-print dress.

Or you looked up and saw bronze boar tusks sticking out of the corners of her mouth. Her eyes glowed red, and her hair was a writhing nest of bright green snakes.

The Son of Neptune

The most horrible thing about her? She was still holding her big silver platter of free samples: Her platter was dented from all the times Percyhad killed her, but those little samples looked perfectly fine.

Stheno just kept toting them across California so she could offer Percy a snack before she killed him. They were indestructible. Percy fended her off with his sword. Fortunately she was too busy glaring at her sister to pay him much attention. Except for her hair, which was a nest of coral snakes instead of green vipers, she looked exactly like her sister.

Her name badge read: My name is DIE.

Ebook of free son the download neptune

Now, put down that ridiculous tray and help me kill this demigod. She still has not returned from Tartarus.

Of course, so did the idea that a ballpoint pen could turn into a sword, or that monsters could disguise themselves with something called the Mist, or that Percy was the son of a barnacle-encrusted god from five thousand years ago. But he did believe it. Even though his memory was erased, he knew he was a demigod the same way he knew his name was Percy Jackson. Which pretty much sucked. Your sister can turn people to stone. She was the most hideous one in the family.

She got all the luck! That makes you a little tougher to kill. Dipped in the River Styx as a child, you know, so he was invulnerable except for a tiny spot on his ankle. But not to worry. Heroes like you always have a weak spot. We just have to find it, and then we can kill you.

Maybe if he just fell down the mountain But I said it would be quick and painless. Our patron will reward us greatly! Keep them talking, he thought. The one who brought us back from oblivion! Even now, her armies are marching south. Percy took the opening.

He raised the platter, and Stheno found herself facing her own greasy reflection. Her sister Euryale had crumbled to dust, but she was already starting to re-form, like a snowman un-melting. Get him! He put the platter behind his butt, said a silent prayer to whatever Roman god oversaw stupid sledding tricks, and jumped off the side of the hill.

Percy narrowly missed a tree, glanced off a boulder, and spun a three-sixty as he shot toward the highway. The stupid snack tray did not have power steering.

The roof of the apartment building loomed below him like the prow of a battleship. Head-on collision in ten, nine, eight He managed to swivel sideways to avoid breaking his legs on impact. The snack platter skittered across the roof and sailed through the air. The platter went one way. Percy went the other. As he fell toward the highway, a horrible scenario flashed through his mind: Stupid sixteen-year-old kid falling from the sky!

Miraculously, a gust of wind blew him to one side — just enough to miss the highway and crash into a clump of bushes. Percy groaned. He wanted to lie there and pass out, but he had to keep moving. He struggled to his feet. His hands were scratched up, but no bones seemed to be broken. He still had his backpack. That was part of its magic. He glanced up the hill. The gorgons were hard to miss, with their colorful snake hair and their bright green Bargain Mart vests.

They were picking their way down the slope, going slower than Percy but with a lot more control. Percy figured he had maybe five minutes before they reached him. Next to him, a tall chain-link fence separated the highway from a neighborhood of winding streets, cozy houses, and talleucalyptus trees. The fence was probably there to keep people from getting onto the highway and doing stupid things — like sledding into the fast lane on snack trays — but the chain-link was full of big holes.

Percy could easily slip through into the neighborhood. Maybe he could find a car and drive west to the ocean. He glanced east. Two tunnel entrances, one for each direction of traffic, stared down at him like eye sockets of a giant skull. In the middle, where the nose would have been, a cement wall jutted from the hillside, with a metal door like the entrance to a bunker. It might have been a maintenance tunnel.

Percy knew the door was more than that. Two kids in armor flanked the entrance. They wore a bizarre mix of plumed Roman helmets, breastplates, scabbards, blue jeans, purple T- shirts, and white athletic shoes. The guard on the right looked like a girl, though it was hard to tell for sure with all the armor.

The one on the left was a stocky guy with a bow and quiver on his back. Both kids held long wooden staffs with iron spear tips, like old-fashioned harpoons. His instincts told him that if he could make it inside that door, he might find safety for the first time since the wolves had sent him south. So why did he feel such dread? Farther up the hill, the gorgons were scrambling over the roof of the apartment complex. Three minutes away — maybe less.

Part of him wanted to run to the door in the hill. He could make it before the gorgons reached him. Part of him wanted to head west to the ocean. Those Roman guards at the door made him uneasy. Something inside him said: This isnt my territory. This is dangerous. Percy jumped. At first he thought Beano had managed to sneak up on him again, but the old lady sitting in the bushes was even more repulsive than a gorgon.

She wore a dress made of tie-dyed cloth, ripped-up quilts, and plastic grocery bags. Her frizzy mop of hair was gray-brown, like root-beer foam, tied back with a peace-sign headband. Warts and moles covered her face. When she smiled, she showed exactly three teeth. A camp. Maybe this was his home. Maybe Annabeth was close by. But something felt wrong. The gorgons were still on the roof of the apartment building. The old hippie lady raised her eyebrows. You need to make your choice.

The last thing he needed was another harmless mortal who turned out to be a monster. They named the month after me! Look, I should go. Two gorgons are coming. The gorgons had taken off their green vests.

Wings sprouted from their backs — small bat wings, which glinted like brass. Maybe they were ornamental. Maybe they were too small to get a gorgon into the air. Then the two sisters leaped off the apartment building and soared toward him. Great Just great. The gorgons will be quite happy to attack me and let you go. In the sea, no monster would bother you. You could begin a new life, live to a ripe old age, and escape a great deal of pain and misery that is in your future.

Then June hiked up her skirts and showed him her swollen purple feet. June looked pretty heavy. The gorgons were only fifty yards away now — leisurely gliding toward him as if they knew the hunt was almost over. Percy looked at the old lady. The gorgons shrieked with laughter as they soared in for the kill. But you might have a chance to save your old friends and family, to reclaim your old life.

They were probably studying the old woman, trying to figure out who the new player was before they struck. June smiled. You can trust those two. So, what do you say? Will you help a defenseless old woman? At worst, this was a trap. At best, it was some kind of test. Percy hated tests. He was , from. Then he thought about Annabeth, the only part of his old life he was sure about.

He had to find her. She was lighter than he expected. Percy tried to ignore her sour breath and her calloused hands clinging to his neck. He made it across the first lane of traffic. A driver honked. Another yelled something that was lost in the wind. Most just swerved and looked irritated, as if they had to deal with a lot of ratty teenagers carrying old hippie women across the freeway here in Berkeley.

A shadow fell over him. Found a goddess to carry, did you? Two prizes are betterthan one! Somehow he made it to the median alive.

He saw the gorgons swooping down, cars swerving as the monsters passed overhead. He wondered what the mortals saw through the Mist — giant pelicans? Off-course hang gliders? The wolf Lupa had told him that mortal minds could believe just about anything — except the truth. Percy ran for the door in the hillside.

June got heavier with every step. His ribs ached. One of the guards yelled. The guy with the bow nocked an arrow. A gorgon wailed in pain. The second guard readied her spear, gesturing frantically at Percy to hurry.

Fifty feet from the door. Thirty feet. Percy turned as an arrow thudded into her forehead. Euryale tumbled into the fast lane. A truck slammed into her and carried her backward a hundred yards, but she just climbed over the cab, pulled the arrow out of her head, and launched back into the air. Percy reached the door. Those are gorgons. It was hard to tell much about him under the helmet, but he looked stout like a wrestler, maybe fourteen or fifteen.

Onward, Percy Jackson! Through the tunnel, over the river! She looked younger than Frank — maybe thirteen. Her sword scabbard came down almost to her ankle. Still, she sounded like she was the one in charge.

Just get inside. I'll hold them off. Frank cursed in another language — was that Latin? The tunnel cut through solid rock, about the width and height of a school hallway.

At first, it looked like a typical maintenance tunnel, with electric cables, warning signs, and fuse boxes on the walls, lightbulbs in wire cages along the ceiling. As they ran deeper into the hillside, the cement floor changed to tiled mosaic.

A few hundred yards ahead, Percy saw a square of daylight. The old lady was heavier now than a pile of sandbags. Hazel shouted. Percy was tempted to dump June and runback to help, but then the entire tunnel shook with the rumble of falling stone. There was a squawking sound, just like the gorgons had made when Percy had dropped a crate of bowling balls on them in Napa.

He glanced back. The west end of the tunnel was now filled with dust. Just keep moving! You should know that. True, his memory was gone. They kept running. The glow at the end of the tunnel grew brighter, and finally they burst into sunlight. Percy froze. Spread out at his feet was a bowl-shaped valley several miles wide. The basin floor was rumpled with smaller hills, golden plains, and stretches of forest. A small clear rivercut a winding course from a lake in the center and around the perimeter, like a capital G.

That big inland mountain — what was it called, Mount Diablo? In the center of the valley, nestled by the lake, was a small city of white marble buildings with red-tiled roofs.

Son neptune download ebook of free the

Some had domes and columned porticoes, like national monuments. Others looked like palaces, with golden doors and large gardens. He could see an open plaza with freestanding columns, fountains, and statues. A five-story-tall Roman coliseum gleamed in the sun, next to a long oval arena like a racetrack. Across the lake to the south, another hill was dotted with even more impressive buildings — temples, Percy guessed.

Several stone bridges crossed the river as it wound through the valley, and in the north, a long line of brickwork arches stretched from the hills into the town. Percy thought it looked like an elevated train track. Then he realized it must be an aqueduct. The strangest part of the valley was right below him. About two hundred yards away, just across the river, was some sort of military encampment.

It was about a quarter mile square, with earthen ramparts on all four sides, the tops lined with sharpened spikes. Outside the walls ran a dry moat, also studded with spikes. Wooden watchtowers rose at each corner, manned by sentries with oversized, mounted crossbows. Purple banners hung from the towers. A wide gateway opened on the far side of camp, leading toward the city.

A narrower gate stood closed on the riverbank side. Inside, the fortress bustled with activity: Percy heard the clank of hammers at a forge and smelled meat cooking over a fire. Something about this place felt very familiar, yet not quite right.

Hazel burst into the light. She was covered with stone dust and breathing hard. Her armor had long slash marks in front from the claws of a gorgon. And if you don't, the gods will die, the world we knowwill perish, and everyone from your old life will be destroyed.

He stumbled a few times as they ran for the river. Frank and Hazel kept him on his feet. They reached the riverbank, and Percy stopped to catch his breath. Percy started to follow, but something made him hesitate.

Usually he loved the water, but this river seemed This is your last chance to back out, child. The mark of Achilles is a Greek blessing. The Tiber will wash it away. Safety, or a future of pain and possibility? Frank let his arrows fly. The sentries shouted and swiveled their crossbows toward the gorgons.

Annabeth, Percy thought. He forged into the river. New strength surged through his limbs. Dozens of kids in armor poured out. Hazel turned with a relieved smile. They swooped out of the sky and grabbed him by either arm.

He screamed in pain as their claws dug into his skin. There was only one way. Percy thrust out his hands. An intense tugging sensation filled his gut, and the Tiber obeyed his will. The river surged. Whirlpools formed on either side of Frank. The giant hands grabbed the gorgons, who dropped Frank in surprise. Then the hands lifted the squawking monsters in a liquid vise grip.

Percy heard the other kids yelping and backing away, but he stayed focused on his task. He made a smashing gesture with his fists, and the giant hands plunged the gorgons into the Tiber. The monsters hit bottom and broke into dust. Glittering clouds of gorgon essence struggled to re- form, but the river pulled them apart like a blender. Soon every trace of the gorgons was swept downstream. The whirlpools vanished, and the current returned to normal. Percy stood on the riverbank.

He felt exposed, raw In the middle of the Tiber, Frank stumbled around, looking stunned but perfectly fine. Hazel waded out and helped him ashore. Only then did Percy realize how quiet the other kids had become. Everyone was staring at him. Only the old lady June looked unfazed.

Percy focused on her, hoping to see a familiarface. She was obviously a leader. She wore a regal purple cloak over her armor. Her chest was decorated with medals. June laughed with delight. Her face was stern and stately.

In her hand was a staff topped with a lotus flower. If it was possible for the campers to look more stunned, they did. The girl with the purple cloak knelt. The others followed her lead. One kid got down so hastily he almost impaled himself on his sword. Hazel was the first to speak. For months he has been slumbering, but now he is awake. His fate is in your hands. The Feast of Fortune comes quickly, and Death must be unleashed if you are to stand any hope in the battle. Do not fail me!

Percy looked at Hazel and Frank for some kind of explanation, but they seemed just as confused as he was. Frank gave him a look like: Well talk about it later. The girl in the purple cloak stepped forward. Do I know you? Percy could tell from her eyes. I want to question him at the principia.

We must consult the auguries before we decide what to do with him. Obviously she was not used to having her orders questioned. Juno said your fate is in our hands. We have to know whether the goddess has brought us as a new recruit Half the people in camp were dead.

Read The Son of Neptune online free

Shimmering purple warriors stood outside the armory, polishing ethereal swords. Others hung out in front of the barracks. A ghostly boy chased a ghostly dog down the street. And at the stables, a big glowing red dude with the head of a wolf guarded a herd of Were those unicorns?

A few looked angry. Percy wished he could turn invisible too. After weeks on his own, all this attention made him uneasy. He stayed between Hazel and Frank and tried to look inconspicuous. She had startling eyes, like fourteen-karat gold. House gods. Demigods have a natural sense for it. Graecus means Greek. Frank cleared his throat.

Is your family from there? Like I said, my memory is gone. They stopped at the center of camp, where two wide stone-paved roads met at a T.

The Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan (epub)

A street sign labeled the road to the main gates as via praetoria. The other road, cutting across the middle of camp, was labeled via principalis. For certain death, the place looked pretty clean and orderly. The buildings were freshly whitewashed, laid out in neat grids like the camp had been designed by a fussy math teacher. The barracks had shady porches, where campers lounged in hammocks or played cards and drank sodas.

Each dorm had a different collection of banners out front displaying Roman numerals and various animals — eagle, bear, wolf, horse, and something that looked like a hamster. Along the Via Praetoria, rows of shops advertised food, armor, weapons, coffee, gladiator equipment, and toga rentals.

A chariot dealership had a big advertisement out front: At one corner of the crossroads stood the most impressive building — a two-story wedge of white marble with a columned portico like an old- fashioned bank. Roman guards stood out front. Over the doorway hung a big purple banner with the gold letters SPQR embroidered inside a laurel wreath. Reyna faced him, her eyes still cold and hostile. I'll give you an update at evening muster. Remember, we have war games after dinner.

The scent of barbecue from the dining hall made his mouth water. The bakery down the street smelled pretty wonderful too, but he doubted Reyna would let him get an order to go. The crowd dispersed reluctantly. Greeks and geeks. I want your report on what happened at the gates. He fiddled with a little tablet on a cord around his neck. I'll call you if I need you. Reyna waved Hazel and Percy toward the headquarters.

On the ceiling glittered a mosaic of Romulus and Remus under their adopted mama she-wolf Lupa had told Percy that story a million times. The floor was polished marble.

Along the back wall stood a display of banners and wooden poles studded with bronze medals — military symbols, Percy guessed. In the center was one empty display stand, as if the main banner had been taken down for cleaning or something. In the back corner, a stairwell led down.

It was blocked by a row of iron bars like a prison door. Percy wondered what was down there — monsters? In the center of the room, a long wooden table was cluttered with scrolls, notebooks, tablet computers, daggers, and a large bowl filled with jelly beans, which seemed kind of out of place.

Two life-sized statues of greyhounds — one silver, one gold — flanked the table. Reyna walked behind the table and sat in one of two high-backed chairs. Percy wished he could sit in the other, but Hazel remained standing. Percy got the feeling he was supposed to also. The dog statues bared their teeth and growled. Normally he liked dogs, but these glared at him with ruby eyes. Their fangs looked sharp as razors. They stopped growling, but kept eyeing Percy as though they were imagining him in a doggie bag.

The Latin meanings popped into his head like Hazel had said they would. He almost asked which dog was which. Rick Riordan — The Lost Hero epub, 1. Rick Riordan — The Son of Neptune epub, 1. Rick Riordan — The Mark of Athena epub, 1. Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

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You will be receiving these my email: But the camp doesn't ring any bells with him. Hazel is supposed to be dead. When she lived before, she didn't do a very good job of it.

When the Voice took over her mother and commanded Hazel to use her "gift" for an evil purpose, Hazel couldn't say no. Now, because of her mistake, the future of the world is at risk.

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