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Editorial Reviews. Review. "A Chicago area pastor, lecturer, and radio speaker, the author has One Minute After You Die - Kindle edition by Erwin W. Lutzer. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. One minute after you die you will either be enjoying a personal welcome from Christ or Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. One minute after you die. by Erwin W. Extramarc University of Alberta Libraries. Identifier Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files.

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One minute after you die Explains what the Bible teaches about death, and what heaven will be like, the Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files. One minute after you die you will either be enjoying a personal I once read a tragic account about people enjoying themselves on the top. One Minute After You Die - eBook () by Erwin W. Lutzer. Moody Publishers / / ePub. 5 out of 5 stars (1 Review) Write a.

Have questions about eBooks? Check out our eBook FAQs. And it will be too late to reroute your travel plans. Death comes to all, and yet death is not the end. For some, death is the beginning of unending bliss, for others, unending despair. This study guide companion to One Minute After You Die is perfect for those who want to go deeper in their understanding of life after death.

Incidentally, a friend of Jesus named Lazarus was raised from the dead, and while there is no proof that this is the same guy Jesus was talking about in his story, the truth of the matter is that when Lazarus did come back from the grave, that was the last straw for Jesus' enemies to strike.

Ultimately we can see that there hearts are unrepentant even after the learn of Jesus' resurrection. People are more willing to live in the lies of their lives than the truth of his. Lutzer never mentions the end of this parable or the purpose of it, yet constructs a very literal theology based on what could be fiction made up by Jesus to make a point in a context in which he could be understood. Jesus referred to Abraham's bosom much in the same way we may say saint peter ushers us to the pearly gates.

We should be wary of constructing theological principles on things that could be metaphor or we may be misrepresenting God and hiss plans. Of course that probably doesn't surprises God much when we do.

I have my own view of hell, which I will leave unsaid at this time because what I believe isn't important. It is a theory about something that I have never experienced and pray I will never have to. I do however want to end on the positive about this book because it was really a good read for me. Lutzer talks about the possibility of hades as being a place where desires can still be longed for, yet never experienced. An alcoholic desires the drink as he always has, but will be in permanent withdrawal.

That may not be a lake of fire, but it would burn me up from the inside each and every passing moment. Meanwhile, in comparison heaven is the ultimate fulfillment of right desires. That being the case eternity could be my best or worst days multiplied by infinity. All I can do is to try to live for what is right so that in the end my desires are the stuff worthy of fulfillment instead of the empty things that I often crave. I have much to learn about how to live from this book about death.

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View all 8 comments. Dec 10, Donna rated it liked it Shelves: This is a book whose title is probably the biggest question that people wonder about, especially as they approach death. This book describes what people believe and then shows the truth from the Bible.

It has many strong points missing from other books. It discusses NDE's and warns how the tunnel of light and bright shining beings who make you feel peace and tell you that there are many ways to God are not angels. That tunnel is not going to take you to Heaven.

Many books accept all supernatural ex This is a book whose title is probably the biggest question that people wonder about, especially as they approach death. Many books accept all supernatural experiences like this as being from God This is why books like this are so important, so that people do not get deceived.

Jesus warned us that Satan could transform himself into an angel of light. The author also explains the different locations to which people go after they die, explaining how the dead in Paradise went up to Heaven after the resurrection of Jesus. He explained how they lost their bodies which would be resurrected later, but they would have a spirit with body characteristics that could eat, feel, etc.

See a Problem?

So believers who die no longer go to Paradise. He talks about the death of infants and why he thinks they get to Heaven. I disagree with his logic but agree with him than infants automatically go to Heaven. He cannot explain why they go to Heaven and he thinks that God had a purpose in having them die.

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I believe that the Bible says that everyone's name was written in the Lamb's Book of Life at birth, but when they rejected Jesus, their names were blotted out. Thus, at Judgment Day, the angels look for the names of people that are in the Book. If they have been blotted out, they are not in the Book and they cannot go to Heaven. An infant would not yet have had the opportunity to reject God.

However, even though we disagree on the reason, it is more important that we agree on the results. Infants go to Heaven without being born again on earth before they die. He also explains the reasoning that many people have about death and he thoroughly and Scripturally backs up his positions in a very easy and persuasive manner. He spends much time describing what our bodies and lives will be like in Heaven. He explains the mansions in Heaven and the work that we will be doing.

There are 3 topics in this book with which I disagree. For example, he talks about how sudden, unexpected death in accidents, disease, etc. He says that God could have changed the timing of the truck arriving at an intersection, etc. Many Christians would disagree with this, believing that we are to be satisfied with long life, and that Satan, not God, comes to kill, steal and destroy.

On p , he says that God is in control of disease and it is God, not cancer, that took a child's life. I completely disagree with this. I disagree with his statement that Jesus did not go into Hades and suffer after His death. I agree with what E. Kenyon said in his book "What Happened from the Cross to the Throne. But this is not a place for doctrinal discussion.

I am simply telling you what is in the book. For some readers, these positions could be enough to discourage you from reading this book. I think it is better to know ahead of time, especially if you are going to read the book. So why am I reviewing it? Because he has some of the best discussions of the reason that Hell is justified and is perfect judgment and why people who die without God are more tormented in the presence of God in Heaven than they are in Hell. He has some of the best explanations of the different viewpoints of Hell and Heaven and how to use the Bible to help someone who is searching for the answers to find clarity.

I do not need to agree with everyone's doctrines to appreciate what they do. This book is worth reading. I would not loan it to anyone because of what I think are serious misrepresentations of God. But I appreciate some of the strengths in his writing that I have not seen in other authors.

View 2 comments. Aug 20, Selkie Narwhal rated it it was ok Shelves: Lutzer is a Non-Denominational not following any historical confessional "Reformed theology" but his own private interpretation , Dispensationalist a modern s view setting Jesus and the New Covenant church against the Old Covenant and Old Testament Israel evangelical modern term for Fundamentalist, post Scopes trial Baptist pastor.

Although he is know to lean in a Calvinistic direction, he is not a Confessionally Reformed Calvinist and does not seem to agree with some common Biblical be Lutzer is a Non-Denominational not following any historical confessional "Reformed theology" but his own private interpretation , Dispensationalist a modern s view setting Jesus and the New Covenant church against the Old Covenant and Old Testament Israel evangelical modern term for Fundamentalist, post Scopes trial Baptist pastor.

Although he is know to lean in a Calvinistic direction, he is not a Confessionally Reformed Calvinist and does not seem to agree with some common Biblical beliefs about heaven but speculates in a concerning direction several times. He is generally mildly respected as a conservative evangelical but not considered a strong or consistent advocate of Reformed theology he differs from it in may areas.

Still, this is probably one of the safer books out there on heaven because it turns people toward the Bible and away from all the false Near Death Experiences, Reincarnation claims, Mediums and Purgatory. However, I gave it 2 stars It's okay because 1 it is very light on evidence, Scriptural support; 2 Author sometimes speculates in concerning directions; 3 Rejects the historical view that Baptism is a "means of grace" and so departs from about years of Christian theology, Confessional Reformed theology and Confessional Reformed Baptist theology; 4 False view of infant salvation that leans into an Arminian Age of Accountability or a MacArthur Conditional Accountability; 5 Lacks footnotes showing the sources where author got his quotes and summaries.

One Minute After You Die: A Preview of Your Final Destination

This book was a very dry and boring account of the basics of heaven. If you already know the , don't expect to learn much of anything new here. Lutzer's focus is on quoting the popular verses and not the lesser known verses which are actually very interesting. Sheol Hebrew or hades Greek will be cast into the lake of fire - Points out the demons behind Near Death Experiences, Mediums, and Reincarnation and shows many of these stories create a false Christ - Rejects Purgatory - Rejects the "doctrine of Soul Sleep" taught by the 7th Day Adventist cult and the Jehovah's Witness cult - Teaches all children are born sinners Negatives: They may be true, but it would have been good to see more Scriptural support.

Lutzer's book reads as a conversational story and not a deep or full or serious study on the topic. Many conservative Christians recognize this is a parable and not necessarily an accurate reflection down to the details. Conservative Reformed Christians believe this may have only been Saul's belief or a vision and not really Samuel resurrected.

Otherwise, where did Samuel go? Lutzer's speculation leaves Samuel on earth again to live out a full life, but that's not what the Bible says. If this were true, then the soul is floating around on earth for a bit? It seems dangerous to assume we can believe even this part of NDE reflect the real after life. James White's sermons on the Lord's Supper 73 - He seems to invent a story about the beginning of infant baptism being in North Africa years after the NT was written. He doesn't give a date or a source.

No evidence at all - only this one sentence. His following sentence suggests this is his mere personal opinion, when he says "even if it can be justified theologically as a sign of the covenant He quotes names of men but doesn't tell you who they are. Some of the men are teachers and pastors but others are just lay people he knows, so it's hard to tell if he's quoting an authority or just telling a story about Joe.

Solid scholarship always gives a full reference with a page number so the work can be checked. It also leaves us wonder if he actually read the work. How can we criticize or summarize a work that we have never read? He quotes positively from CS Lewis, who held to some Roman Catholic beliefs like purgatory but is admired for his thinking and writing skills; liberal anti-Calvinist Baptist A. Moody 70 ; J. Wonderful book This book is right to the point with scripture back up.

It's easy to understand. It's spiritual help to a hurting world. Or maybe I'm beginning to realize how inadequate I am. My resources are useless. My sufficiency is not sufficient. The holy presence of God is all I need in this world and the world to come.

Eternal life is mine. Noting can separate me from the love of Christ. This book reminds me how exceedingly abundant my Father's blessings are.

Jul 13, Joanie rated it it was amazing. I have always appreciated Erwin Lutzer. He explains in depth what happens to the believer and non-believer when they die. He uses sound biblical instructions. Planning on dying someday? I highly recommend this book! Anyone with questions about what happens when you die should read this book!

Jan 19, Deborah rated it it was amazing. I read this book 20 years ago but gave away my copy. Seeing this title again at Goodwill, I picked it up again to reread. Erwin Luther makes this subject uncomplicated, and answers simply many of the questions we have about heaven, hell and dying, covered by Scripture: A couple quotes that stood out to me- Page Therefore as much as he is love he is also just. Page Today as you read this book, he is still there awaiting the final judgment of the lake of fire.

One Minute After You Die

Eternity endures, and it endures forever. Jul 12, Josh rated it liked it. I like Lutzer. Some good observations but I just didn't love this book. I generally agree with his Biblical interpretations in here so I think it's a pretty faithful book in having a theology of heaven and hell. One observation that I thought was really helpful was the idea that Christians often look to life on earth compared to life in heaven as if God is taking us from our home, but the reality of heaven is that God is taking us TO our home.

That's a great meditation. Jan 31, Wendy rated it it was ok. If the unnecessary comparisons were removed from this book, only leaving relevant content, it could be cut at least in half. The proof given was subjective, based on which interpretation of many the author chooses to embrace. Feb 06, Bowencj50 rated it it was amazing. Lutzer tells us in plain language what happens when a person passes into the next life. He uses scripture to support his descriptions and makes no apologies for what he believes.

No bright light, no glimpses into the afterlife, no turning back. I have read many of his books, and this one is especially good. Mar 04, Jill rated it it was ok Shelves: I stopped reading when I got to a section that conflicted with my Catholic beliefs it says that Purgatory is a medieval theology that is based on faulty doctrine.

There were some good points in the beginning of the book about the occult - that channeling and reincarnation are really about demonic deception. Excellent synopsis of what lies in store for the believer in Jesus. I would recommend this book to anyone seeking to know what lies ahead after death. A good brief overview of life after death Lutzer does a good job dealing with issues of life after death.

A very few of his conclusions are debatable, and his Gospel invitation needs to add repentance. But otherwise this is a good primer on the subject. Biblically sound and a glorious reminder and glimpse into what death holds for us.

Nov 18, Julie Perry rated it it was amazing. One of the best life-changing books I have ever read. I bought extras, just to loan to family and friends. This was a great book talking of what to expect after death. It is easy to understand and therefore can be used in family or group settings. The author explains what can we know about afterdeath according to Bible. Very interesting.

It's all about explorings verses, and Bible texts. Nov 23, Amy Tyner rated it it was amazing. Excellent book and so on point. Also provide some excellent information to the insights on death , Heaven, and Hell.

Feb 08, Elizabeth rated it really liked it Shelves: This book was a real comfort for my dad who is getting up in years. Nov 24, Ronald K. Incredibly helpful for those seeking to understand a biblical view of eternity. May 05, Jeanie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Do we have assurance of where we will be? What do we have to do to be assured? Is there a hell? Is there a heaven? What will heaven be like?

What will hell be like? All these questions and more will be answered in this short study on heaven and hell and the promises we have from God on these issues. The story of Lazarus and Rich man that both died. One was comforted and the other in torment.

The one in torment asked to warn his brothers. They did not believe the prophets, they will not believe you.

Do we believe in the best -selling books that sell heaven and warn of us hell? Or do we believe that we need a savior and Lord? Hell is offensive to many because it goes against the grain that God is love. Would God be love if there was no justice? Jesus himself spoke of hell more than he did of heaven to awaken our hearts to the offense of sin and to be our advocate. Heaven and Hell have a purpose in the display of the Glory of God.

One will be a place of worship the other the gnashing of teeth. Each demonstrates either a harden heart or one that is humbled. Oct 13, Hayley rated it really liked it. You can unsubscribe at any time. Enter email address. Welcome to Christianbook. Sign in or create an account. Search by title, catalog stock , author, isbn, etc. Erwin W. Wishlist Wishlist. Write a Review.

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