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PDF DOWNLOAD LINK WILL BE SENT IN YOUR EMAIL. #UPSC IAS EXAM PRELIMS G.S. Previous Years Papers PDF. ONLY PDF FILE WILL BE SENT VIA . IASEXAMPORTAL - UPSC PORTAL is a free software application from the Teaching & Training Tools This App also provides 1 free eBook and 5 free test. - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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Everything you want for UPSC Civilservice exam-NCERT, IGNOU, NIOS, Environement Biodiversity material or previous question papers-free download here. (Download) UPSC IAS Preliminary CSAT - Question Paper - II (English) DOWNLOAD FULL PDF EBOOK here { }. . Direct Download Free Digital Magazines by UPSCPORTAL. Download free Maharashtra Public Service Commission. – preparation eBooks for free Here,. This are few site listed will give you a.

Pay Scales. Exam Process A. Preliminary Examination B. Mains Examination Personality Test Interview. About the Civil Services Examination NATURE OF THE EXAM Before taking any exam aspirants should understand the very nature of exam, it will give them a clear understanding about the exam process, it exam structure and the other aspects of the exam, in all at the first stance we should understand the exam and set our target and strategy accordingly. It is common trend that UPSC issues notification in the first week of December, for the next exam year in The Employment News but we have seen last year and this year also that it has published the notification in FEB.

It is not practical to visit all websites regularly not needed either! Of-course, there are many other websites and blogs available, but we tried to restrict the total count to 25! Users too can suggest websites, and they will be added if they have quality materials.

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Apart from the above-mentioned list of IAS online coaching websites free and paid , it is advised to refer selected websites from Indian Government and NGOs as mentioned below. Alex is the founder of ClearIAS. As one of the pioneers in online civil services exam coaching, his notes, strategies, guidance, and mock exams have been helping thousands of candidates clear various stages of UPSC Civil Services exam, every year.

Out of these [except Govt. This site update current affair with the help of multiple choice question. The answer is given in descriptive way so no student have to worry about any doubt.

So anybody please help me to crack civil service and guide me what to do to achieve my dream. The information given on website is very worthy like clear ias. Earlier i faced few difficulties but now i am fyn wth d site… mr. Their free test series ,hindu editorial summary and more are good.

First i thought it is only for telugu but it is in english so it helps to all indian ias aspirants… thank you. How can start my preparation at this level to succeed my future aim. My dream is to become an IAS officer please help me. Read this post: I find this site to be useful http: I find genuine material on this website as well as mobile application of clearias.

Sir, is their any need to refer multiple sites For reference or only one website for UPSC preparation from prelim to mains? Thnks for list of best websites for IAS preparation. Your work is appreciable. This is a new forum http: To know the world geographies, Countries and time zones I used http: Hello sir, I was a college drop out boy and now I am in final year in college.

When I come to know about upsc, I dream to become an ias. So please suggest me. I think you forgot http: I also think the same i have seen http: Respected sir i am the student of class 10 th in bihar and i want to become an ias officer and i have lots of interest in sst.

Thank you. Thank U useful information sir. All The Best for all. Thanks for providing bunch of information on a single page. Well the good thing is including the list of websites for different firms like Upsc, Ias etc it also consist links of Related post that also provides up Informative too. Thanks a ton for sharing the info about these websites but these are useful only for pre. Civil services mains FREE test series please upload answer in image format or type the answer.

These are some great websites…i also came across one recently launched website http: I suggest http: Very informative article. Another site which you can take a note of is http: You can take a look here as well.

Good Discussions! Great website and very informative. Just have a look to this site http: Hi, Thank you for mentioning Parivarthan, in this list, little late to respond, but I highly appreciate your work.

I think http: Hi friends, one more useful website http: Good for optional papers.

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Hello Guys, I found one website which deals with Civil Services Exam Online, You can also download free videos which will really help you to get top score in exams url http: Though the content provides all the necessary and useful resources needed for online civil services preparation, but I would like to add on insight for those aspirants who are willing to take offline classes with best course structure.

They have been continuously producing the top rankers ever since their inception. Log on to their official website to get more relevant information regarding the same. Enroll now http: The website http: I am now a founder of a news technology company, NewsBytes. Here is the link to the app: NewsBytes is our answer to information overload, especially in your everyday news consumption. In a nutshell, we cherry-pick the most relevant news items of the day, research around them and create ConnectLines — a series of related events.

Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Browse by Genre Available eBooks Divya R , No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Downloaded From: Buy Online at: COM http: Especially Indians Struggle for Independence part is important for prelims point of view. Now take some examples: Which one of the following observations is not true about the Quit India Movement of ?

It was a violent movement b. It was led by Mahatma Gandhi c. It was a spontaneous movement d. It did not attract the labour class in general Ans: Mahatma Gandhi gave the sologan for the Movement Do or Die.

The Quit India Movement attracts all classes from the society despite one or two, the labour class was also part of the movement. Though, many contemporary labour organizations didnt actively participated in the movement. Participating in the Second Round Table Conference c. Leading a contingent of Indian National Army d. Khakar had gone underground and had been running the Secret Congress Radio in the wake of Quit India movement of The interdisciplinary approach of study will always helpful to crack it.

You can refer following books. Indias Struggle for Independence by Bipan Chandra is a good book. Read it cover to cover. There is significant change in the Geography syllabus, several new areas has been added. Major inclusion is the Environmental Ecology, Biodiversity and Climate. As we are in the era of Global Warming and Climate Change, we can expect most of the questions on this topics.

A significant number of questions are being asked from these topics every year. Students should concentrate on human and economic geography. Human section includes issues related to population. The World Development Report of World Bank deals in different aspects of economic geography like safe drinking water. Students should emphasise less on classical geography like types of soil and rocks. The stress should be on preparing cultural and economic geography and issues related to it.

But do not invest too much in the pure Geography rather focus should be on issues like ecology, sustainable development, green living, environmental impact assessment etc. Google and make notes onunfamiliar terms you may come across in the newspapers. Physical and Human Geography by G. Leong Atlas Oxford and Orient Longmon.

Free Download MPSC 2012 – 2013 Marathi and English Ebooks

Chronicle Magazine or Competition Wizard Magazine is also good. Candidate must go thorough suggested reading thoroughly. Map based questions and questions on locations, lakes, rivers, mountain ranges etc. Map of India particularly physical should be properly studied. Same is true about world map albeit with lesser intensity. There are no. Internet resources could help in your study make it as a tool for your preparation.

Whenever you find any new term i. And make note of your finding. While reading newspaper always keep a Atlas with you as more and more questions are getting location oriented e. Some examples of previous year questions: Its northern part is arid and semiarid. Its central part produces cotton. Cultivation of cash crops is predominant over food crops.

Which one of the following states has all the above characteristics? Andhra Pradesh b. Gujarat c. Karnataka d. Tamil Nadu Ans: Gujarat state is located on western coast.

Its northern part is dry and semidry. La Nina is suspected to have caused recent floods in Australia. How is La Nina different from El Nino? La Nina is characterised by unusually cold ocean temperature in equatorial Indian Ocean whereas El Nino is characterised by usually warm ocean temperature in the equatorial Pacific Ocean.

El Nino has adverse effect on south-west monsoon of India, but La Nina has no effect on monsoon climate. It is full of tips on areas of emphasis, caution while reading and writing , how to write the answer? Online and Telephonic interaction with the course director, and continuous evaluation through a regular online writing session in every chapter and topic.

For More Information Click below Link http: Both 1 and 2 d. Neither 1 nor 2. Indian Polity and Constitution: This is another major area where candidates could done well. The syllabus and question paper suggests the Indian Constitution and various related aspects are important for this section. Though Constitution is a book of articles but some articles should be memorised.

Other than these different aspects of the Constitution like Supreme Court judgment during the past one year are important. At macro level, students need to know in detail issues like judicial activism. It is better to prepare this area well since it will be helpful in mains and interview.

Now a days the pattern of questions are being asked on Indian Polity is completely different from what it used to be asked till couples of years back. Earlier we used to have more questions directly from the Constitution of India which has now fallen to around questions, even the nature of question which were being asked on Constitution is more or less conceptual explanation which is now changing fast now whatever question are being asked from the Constitution are complex in nature, to solve the question one have good grasp over concepts and with their application as well.

Further these constitutional issues are related to what is happening currently in the country. Like if a question is on the clemency power of President of India. The question and answer should be better understand in the light of recent happening and issues related to mercy petitions pending with the President.

Issues related to mercy plea of Afzal Guru and killers of former PM Rajiv Gandhi have been on the news for the several and its been in the front pages of Newspapers in the recent times. Therefore candidates keep yourself abreast of burning political and constitutional issues.

To tackle these questions we need to incorporate a lot of additional study material in our preparation apart from the traditional ways of studying. For instance we need to add newspaper in our study material and collect information on the contemporary issues and take a note on various opinions of eminent scholars on those contemporary issues.

Newspaper also keep us up-to-date. Year wise last 6 year question analysis: Topic Polity.

Download ebook upscportal free

Any good book on the constitution is fine. Also refer, DD Basu. Read it also cover to cover. Indian Economy: First of all, the heading of Economy in the prelims level has been changed to Economic and Social Development Sustainable development. It shows growing importance of Indian Economy of General Studies of civil services exam.

It is one of the most important constituents of General Studies as well. If we. It has increased from to Moreover, the nature of the questions have become more contempory, analytical and interdisciplinary.

The candidate should have a grip over the basic economic concepts. The important current topics should be studied extensively. We are in the global financial crisis and at the domestic level the changes is very structure of Indian Economy that is leading to a paradigmatic shift in the policy focus. These all developments within and outside has not gone unnoticed by the UPSC and hence a frequent change in the syllabus, questions nature and the pattern of the Civil services exam.

Along with, Budget and Economic Survey the two most important documents of India. These two documents should be read in details every minute details is important. It should be understand clearly. For instance the questions in the prelims as: Why is the teaser loan by commercial banks a cause of economic concern? In the terms of economy, the visit of foreign nationals to witness the 19th Commonwealth Games in India amounted to.

There were questions which is mixed of current economy and basic of economy for example Economic Growth is usually coupled with? It is called Inflation. We all are suffering from Inflation. Candidate are expected to know the facts and facets of Inflation or such topics.

The book by Uma kapilais also a good one. Economic Survey and Budget should be followed with comprehensively. Read some business newspapers at that time and also read the summary of the budget which will be posted in the net. Government policies and programmes: Make notes on the policies that you come across in the newspapers.

But this will not be exhaustive. Use India yearbook published by the Publications division for an exhaustive approach. Its a huge book with a lot of unnecessary facts and details which should be skipped. Just make short notes on the various programmes ministry-wise. Policies and Programmes. In this Study Kit they have incorporated all the major Progammes and policies into one booklet and have given gist for the same.

It is must for an Civil Services aspirant, go through it. Science, Science and Technology: Over the year this section has emerged as an important element of the General Studies Paper.

It has as many as questions in all. Questions which come under this General Science section of general appreciation and understanding of science including matters of everyday observation and experience, as may be expected of a well-educated person who has not made a special study of any particular scientific discipline may understand and know.

It is not expected that candidates should have knowledge base in the science like an expect of science. A good administers should know the latest development in the field of Science and Technology i.

It has also been constitutes important role in selection. Here we should understand that this section is wrongly comprehended that if candidates has certain degree of technical aspects and concepts then only he has to solve the questions in this. But it a myth one cannot have the background of Science could do well. The very aim of the question paper is to test the candidates awareness of the development in this field though questions were on the traditional areas science as well.

If you look into the trend of previous years questions you will find that candidate should give special emphasis on of biotechnology, space technology, information technology and electronics. Percentage of questions has increased in recent years. In prelims there were 25 questions on this section out of a total questions.

This undoubtedly shows the importance of this subject. General Science basically include-Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Among these Biology contains more weightage.

The syllabus broadly covers Human Anatomy and Physiography. In Physics and Chemistry, basic concepts related to combustion, optics, energy, nuclear physics, basic chemicals etc. In Physics, almost all the questions might be application oriented.

Thus, understanding of basic principles is very important. Ares like Newtons laws, heat, sound, optics etc. One must know the practical application of subject. For example, in questions asked on the principle by which a cooling system in a motor car works. In the questions in this topic was: What is the reason? In Chemistry, important minerals and their ores, etc. Maximum questions will be pertaining to chemicals which are of economic significance. Thus characteristic of different compound like plaster of paris, bleaching powder, etc are also important.

The question that came in was: Chlorination is a process used for water purification, is mainly due to? In it was Microbial fuel are considered a source of sustainable energy. Biology, in general, has important section in science. In Botany, plant physiology, plant tissues, etc.

In Zoology, human physiology,, genetics, various disease, and their control measures occupy the most important place. Pervious questions: At present, scientists can determine the arrangement or relative positions of genes or DNA sequence on a chromose.

How does this knowledge benefit us? PRE Previous year questions analysis: Science and Technology are another major area. This generally include the application parts of the science as space technologies, IT, electronics, biotechnology, nuclear science, defence etc.

Use wikipedia extensively for the section of Science and Technology section. Daily newspaper The Hindu also published supplement on Science and Technology.

Also, keep an eye on emerging technologies and recent Nobel winning technologies. General knowledge and current affairs: General Knowledge: It is not so important area as quite a few questions are being asked from this section. For this section India Year Book is one of the encyclopedia. This is important for the prelims and for mains as well. Manorama Year book and othe such year book is also helpful.

Current Affairs:. And at the interview current affairs also plays important role sometimes it decides the future of the candidates. It all makes coverage of current affair imperative and should make as of the important ingredient of your preparations. Currrent affairs of one calendar year is sufficient. This is perhaps the most important part because if you see the trends of questions that has been asked over the years it will show you how important it is. I recommend The Hindu and Frontilne.

The Hindu has less unwanted news and has a balanced perspective on issues and is pro people. You shouldnt be an ultra leftist or a right-wing hawk. The editorials and Op-eds present a very balanced picture on issues. Newspaper could become guide and to broaden your General Knowledge. Every day we find lots of new things in the newspaper just whenever you come across something these new in the newspaper google it up and make a note on it.

Newspaper reading should be done on a daily basis without any gap until the interview is over. This is just to make sure that you have covered all the current affairs issues in News Paper. Newspaper is best to prepare for Current Affairs and General knowledge.

One has to follow at least one newspaper to keep abreast of National and International developments. It will keep your current affairs upto-date. In the new pattern of exam there is no optional subject for Prelims though we have Optionals in Mains. With the new Syllabus both the Papers are common to all candidates. Both these papers will have equal weightage.

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The emphasis will be on testing the aptitude of the candidate for the demanding life in the civil service and on the ethical and moral dimensions of decision-making. In the new format the traditional way of studying and the rote learning of concepts would no longer help to crack the exam. As of now, the change is effective only for the Preliminary Test, i. The syllabus of second Paper is to test the candidates' skills in comprehension, interpersonal skills, communication, logical reasoning, analytical ability, decision making, problem solving, basic numeracy, data interpretation, English language comprehension skills and mental ability.

With the new pattern, more stress is on language skills and analysis and decision making capacities, so work on these on a consistent basis as these are skills that are developed over years and not just in a few months.

It would be advisable to start focusing on your problem solving and language skills as soon as you decide to take these exams. Comprehension 2. Interpersonal skills including communication skills; 3.

Ebook download free upscportal

Logical reasoning and analytical ability 4. Decision-making and problem solving 5. General mental ability 6. Basic numeracy numbers and their relations, orders of magnitude, etc. Class X level , 7. Data interpretation charts, graphs, tables, data sufficiency etc. English Language Comprehension skills Class X level. Total Marks. Moreover, there are sections in the paper 2 which a candidate thinks that it is more or less like on the lines of banking or MBA but this is a mistake we should understand that the very purpose of this examination is to select Civil Servants, thats why the syllabus adds decision making and problem solving.

Comprehensions bilingual had 28 questions and English comprehension had 9 questions which most almost half the paper. Quantitive Aptitude section had 13 questions, Logical reasoning contributed 13 questions including 3 questions of syllogism and 9 questions were from data interpretation.

Decision making and problem solving had 8 questions which was purely application based. Comprehension, quantitive aptitude and reasoning were the dominant section of the question paper. For better understanding we can use following table: Comprehension In terms of Comprehension Candidate needs to improve their comprehend power as comprehension consists half of the paper. It is bilingual, hindi and English both, daily newspaper reading could keep you in safe.

The paper also gave importance to testing English language skills. A comprehension exercise consists of a passage upon which questions are set to test to candidates ability to understand the content of the given text and infer information and meaning from it.

English Language Comprehension skills. Questions relating to English Language Comprehension skills of Class X level last item in the Syllabus of Paper-II will be tested through passages from English language only without providing Hindi translation thereof in the question paper. For doing best in comprehension one should keep few points in mind while attempting this.

Firstly, read the passage thoroughly and carefully, if the meaning of the passage is not clear in very first reading then quickly go through the passage again. The meaning of the passage should be very clear and one should understand what the writer is trying to convey. Understanding of vocabulary, rhetorical tools, hunting for the required information while keeping the holistic picture in mind, etc are essential comprehension skills at play in this area.

Here we can find that paper one is helpful to solve, for instance in the the Passage section questions like inclusive growth, creative society ecosystems are the part of paper second, which is very much part of paper one. This section tests a candidates understanding of the language that a candidate uses.

Interpersonnel Skills Inter-personal skills is basically a skill of communication that entails face-to-face communication which is best tested in a Personal Interview or a Group Discussion format. It is people skills the ability to work with and get on with other people. Questions reflecting the ability to understand and manage the dynamics of social interaction can be tested such as Fill in the Blanks, Analogy, Synonyms, Antonyms, Jumbled Paragraphs, Single word substitutions, Meaning Equivalence of sentences, etc.

Logical reasoning and analytical ability Every aptitude test has Reasoning as its one of a major component of the exam syllabus. UPSC has also included it in the syllabus. Analytical ability questions measures a candidates ability to analyze a given structure of arbitrary relationships and deduce new information from that structure. Logical reasoning and analytical ability has as many as 13 questions, there were 4 questions on Syllogism which were slightly difficult than the usual syllogism and did require a good concentration to solve them.

There were 2 questions on counting where in the first question candidate were supposed to count the number of triangles and in the second they were asked to find the missing number. There were one question on direction, three on family tree which was not as easy as it used to come. There were 3 questions on tabulation. These questions were decently easy and requires a candidate a good amount of practice. Rather than the reasoning is innovative in itself. This shold keep in mind while preparing for this section.

You are required to solve problems related to blood relation, syllogism, sitting arrangement, series completion, coding decoding, puzzle test, logical sequence etc.

Verbal and nonverbal. Decision making and problem solving This section measures a candidates ability to take a decision based on given conditions and information. The questions generally relate to situations that require you either to take some action, or take a decision for the betterment of majority of the society. Although Decision making and Problem Solving section had less contribution in question paper but there is difference, the questions asked in this section had no penalty for wrong answer.

All questions are purely application based. For example You are officer in charge for providing medical facilities to the survivors of an earthquakes affected area. Despite your best possible effort, people put allegations against making money out of the funds given for relief.

You would. Student must attempt this section it is quite scoring and the nature of questions is also practical, one must have experience the given situation at one or another moment. Here again paper one will help you out as the questions being asked is socio-economicpolitical in nature. There are books available in the market but as far as I am concern this books wont help in your preparation, this section have to develop by yourself.

You can also read chapters like Decision making from different books available in the market to have theoretical knowledge. UPSC Portals book on this section would be added advantage. General mental ability General Mental Ability is another new added new in the newly published syllabus of the Preliminary Examination. Questions can be based on Coding, Ages, Relations, Venn diagrams, sets, dices, direction sense, abstract figure, etc.

This section should be taken as seriously as it dosent require any extra knowledge or extra reading, you just need to practice as much as you can. Your aim should be to solve maximum questions with high accuracy. If we access the questions on this section in Prelims we will find that there were questions on Venn Diagram, basic counting.

As it is main component of syllabus we should take it seriously first of all main focus of the study should be at understanding the basics of the topics and then practicing those concepts through concepts. Then try to focus more and more on practicing the paper rather than merely studying. Basic numeracy It is also a major section. This section is to check numerical proficiency of a candidate involves solving simple numerical problems.

It will also include questions which require a candidate to sift through and interpret data in tabulated or graphical format. We have Basic numeracy in syllabus but there is nothing basic in questions paper, yes your basics should be clear but you should raise your level beyond the basics. Data interpretation has charts, graphs, tables, data sufficiency etc. Break up of questions on this topics which came in the Prelims , there were a total 12 questions from this section out of which 7 questions was from basic Arithmetic which included 3 questions from Time, Speed and Distance.

There were 2 questions on Permutation and Combination etc. The approach should like this, firstly understand the basics of any topics then focus on those topics. One should never focus solving difficult problems of the topics and mugging up questions and their answers.

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Permutation and Combination should be studied as well. Basic concepts from your 11th and 12th class mathematics should be very clear and you should be able to derive and apply the formulas to any given situation.

If the concepts are clear you will be able to relate and then solve each problem confidently. Solving mock question papers is the easiest road to cracking any Maths paper.

Dont just solve questions, solve them quickly, and keep track of them time you take to solve a question. You will have limited time during the papers so stick to your time limit and solve mock papers within the stipulated time. Keep a stopwatch if required. Data Interpretation: Data interpretation, which covers questions based on data analysis.

The data can be represented in different forms such as tables, graphs, bar diagram, line graphs, pie charts etc.

It measures the numerical ability and accuracy in mathematical calculations. The questions range from purely numeric calculations to problems of arithmetical reasoning, graph and table reading, percentage analysis and quantitative analysis.

In all, the candidate are tested for their sharpness to analyze the given data in a short span of time. In Data Sufficiency, a question is followed by two statements and you will be expected to answer whether the information provided in the statements individually or collectively is sufficient to answer the question. Taking a mock test of mathematics and general ability questions would be a good practice and help to pick out the most appropriate option. It comes with practice. So the sooner you start practicing, the better your chances of clearing CSAT.

The Civil services examination also tested the candidates' understanding of civic issues. In the Preliminary examination of there were questions that checked the understanding of rural development schemes, fiscal stimulus, inflation and demographic dividend.

In the CSAT paper only application of knowledge is required, there is nothing to mug-up. The plan and examination standards make it very demanding in nature. You are supposed to catch and collect newer information and fresh ideas whenever it comes to you. More emphasis on understanding and analysis than memorizing This is test of the candidate's aptitude for the prestigious civil services from the ethical and moral dimension.

Candidates with low moral and ethical aptitude will get weeded out. Spruce up your general awareness and mental ability. English Price: Personality Test Interview The Mains consists of 9 tests. The first two are language tests: Each test is worth points. These tests are at the high school level. The candidates are expected to only qualify; the score from these tests is not included in the aggregate.

The Language Test is not required for candidates from the North-East. The third test is an Essay Test, worth points. The candidate can write the essay in English or in any other language included in the Eighth Schedule of the constitution. The next two tests, each worth points, are on General Studies. The syllabus for each test is different.

These tests aim to judge your awareness and well as your understanding and analysis of contemporary events. The remaining four tests, each worth points, are on two of the optional subjects chosen by the candidate. The subject matter is consistent with the college level education. The Main Examination is the most important stage of the exam. If you are well prepared for the mains, then a good foundation for your success is made. The risk involved with the interview can also be reduced with good performance in Main Examination.

Always target the Mains Exam as this is the final path of your goal. So always aim at the Mains. The interview, worth points, is the last stage of the selection process.

Nearly twice as many candidates are invited for Interview as the number of vacancies. Quick Overview of Mains Exam: The Written Exam will consist of the following papers The written examination will consist of the following papers:.

NOTE ii Evaluation of the papers, namely,'Essay, 'General Studies' and Optional Subjects of all candidates would be done simultaneously along with evaluation of their qualifying papers on 'Indian languages' and English' but the papers on 'Essay', General Studies' and 'Optional Subjects' of only such candidates will be taken cognizance of as attain such minimum standard as may be fixed by the Commission at their discretion for the qualifying papers on 'Indian language' and 'English' and, therefore, the marks in 'Essay' 'General studies and Optional subjects' will not be disclosed to those candidates who fail to obtain such minimum qualifying standard in 'Indian language and 'English'.

For Santali language, question paper will be printed in Devanagari script; but candidates will be free to answer either in Devanagari script or in Olchiki. List of optional subjects for Main Examination One subject need to be chosen from the list given below Agriculture. Blind candidates will; however, be allowed an extra time of thirty minutes at each paper. Candidates should, however, note that if they misuse the above rule, a deduction will be made on this account from the total marks otherwise accruing to them and in extreme cases, their script s will not be valued for being in an unauthorized medium.

Statistics http: Medical Science http: Mechanical Engineering http: Geology http: Chemistry http: Animal Husbandry http: Agriculture http: Public Administration http: Geography http: History http: Stage 2 The interview is the last stage of the examination. Students who have cleared the main exam are called for an interview, and their performance through the entire course of the examinations is taken into account. Most successful interviews last 45 minutes, and the aspirant is quizzed on issues concerning his or her choice of subject, bio-data, professed areas of interest, and current and emerging issues.

As is the case with the rest of the exam process, aspirants are advised to provide analysis As this stage is the final stage of the whole examination process, this stage has emerged as the most deciding phase of the exam. Interview has been termed as a deciding stage for the entire examination process, it decides your future. Though It carries only marks but sometimes it decides in which service you get. But an Interview can make or break, so it is imperative to take it seriously.

Interview is never been the test of knowledge merely but it is the test of overall Personality for this very reason this stage is called the Personality Test. It is test of good communication skills with self-confidence; no doubt knowledge base cant be ignored.