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Thanks for your interest in my Ayahuasca ebook. I wrote this primarily because I' ve seen a lot of nonsense written about ayahuasca over the. e-book-the-sacred-voyage-free-download explains how to prepare for and embark on your Voyage with mind-expanding substances such as Ayahuasca. In , James O'Reilly, a professional engineer, traveled to southern Peru in search of experiencing the shamanic medicinal plant, Ayahuasca. This book contains his raw journal entries outlining the ferocity and majesty of the transcendental experiences endured during his.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. Couldn't Put It Down! "I read this book in one sitting. I had never 16 Incredible Life Transformations That Will Inspire Your Self Discovery - Kindle edition by Marc McLean. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ lyubimov.info The Ethnopharmacology of Ayahuasca, ISBN: It is my intention to give an overview of indigenous use of ayahuasca, and. The Ethnopharmacology of Ayahuasca, ISBN: Editor: Rafael Guimarães dos Santos. 7. Ayahuasca and psychosis.

We strongly believe in spreading our life's work free of charge. In a world where in most country's working with medicine plants is considered illegal, at least you have a book that helps you to understand how to safely prepare and Voyage into the unknown healing states of consciousness. More of Lars'. Also called The Pilgrimage to the Soul , the road inwards - to your own, pure essence. This book explains how to prepare for and embark on your Voyage with mind-expanding substances such as Ayahuasca. Magical new album produced by Lars Faber and friends.

British psychiatrist Ron Sandison said his process of integration involved an alternating movement from the inner realms of visionary experience to the outer world and then back again.

Ebook download ayahuasca

This process may take weeks or even months, manifesting in nighttime dreams, artistic expression, or changes in behaviour. Ayahuasca ceremonies open us up to unconscious material — an extraordinarily wide range of psychological issues, insights, perinatal or past-life memories, and archetypal images can arise from the unconscious. Coming to a multilayered understanding of ayahuasca experiences involves discernment, the process of differentiating a spiritual message from that of the ego.

We must also be willing to acknowledge when we avoid psychological issues via a spiritual by-pass. John Welwood coined this term to describe premature transcendence, 10 which is basically a defence mechanism against dealing with unresolved emotional issues or wounds by shifting levels from personal history to archetypal realms. The core issue for most of us is that we yearn to be loved and accepted for who we are. The same core issue surfaces in psychedelic therapy with added intensity amid psychological regression.

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At other times, they relive a childhood event as if it were happening in the ceremonial moment — they regress in age to the time of the scene. Either way, ceremonies often open up deep feelings of wanting to be accepted and loved.

She seems to know, like a heat-seeking missile, how to target the core issue. Anthropologist Richard Doyle described his experience of Grandmother Ayahuasca: In short, a sense of being instructed was crucial to my healing.

The corrective experience that can happen with ayahuasca is very similar to what psychotherapist Ann Shulgin described in MDMA-assisted therapy sessions.

Discerning a psychological experience from a numinous or spiritual one is a critical skill for a therapist working in psychedelic realms. If someone has been age-regressed and physically nurtured during a psychedelic session, the therapist can feel free to explore this experience over many therapy sessions in a process of psychological integration.

Ebook download ayahuasca

It takes time and many rounds of asking self-reflective questions: How did that feel? Could you let that feeling sink deeply into your body so you can feel it in your bones? Now that you know what it feels like to be so well-loved, how do you view your mother and father? How were your parents nurtured by their parents?

How has the need for loving acceptance played out in your adult relationships? How do you think your need is different now? How will this difference in you make a difference in your current relationships?

A compelling urge for creative expression often arises out of the depths. On the other hand, any traditional, verbal therapeutic approach to such a numinous experience, even with the best of intentions, could dilute or corrupt it or, even worse, diminish or undermine the experience. How does the therapist know how to discern a psychological experience from a numinous one?

The only way is for the therapist to be personally familiar with these interior territories.

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Also, the person should not tell and retell his or her experience of cosmic love, turning it into just another self-aggrandizing story. A person should keep it internal, only externalizing it in creative expression. The experience will continue to work on the person from the inside in its own time and way.

In the case of Grandmother Ayahuasca, the experience of feeling loved by her will both deepen and expand. Trust this process, nourish it with attention, notice subtle changes, and cultivate gratitude for the unfolding process.

What sometimes follows is a gradual rearrangement of inner architecture with a new benchmark for feeling loved. There will be less likelihood of continuing to act out a repetitive compulsion — choosing a partner similar to one of their parents who will trigger childhood issues of neglect, rejection, or abandonment.

In other words, a person will be reprogrammed, and this transformation should be observable in neurological changes in the architecture of the brain. HarperSanFrancisco, , William R.

Scott J. Hill, Confrontation with the Unconscious: Muswell Hill Press, , Ralph Metzner, Allies for Awakening: Visit our FAQ page for more information.

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