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Hot Item Finder is the ultimate eBay seller tool that finds all the current and past HOT ITEMS on eBay as well as analyze category statistics, generate popular search terms that users enter into eBay's search field and search Download Now. Hot Item Finder is the ultimate eBay seller tool that finds all the current and past HOT ITEMS on eBay as Download your copy today before the price goes up!. "Do You Want to See ALL Current BEST Selling Products on eBay Right Now in Apr, ?" This is free information and credit card is NOT required. lyubimov.info is not endorsed, licensed or supported by eBay™.

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Your secret tool for total eBay domination! Software is the ultimate eBay seller tool that finds all the current and past HOT ITEMS on eBay as well as analyze. Finding items that are trending on eBay is one of the best ways you can get your finger on the pulse of what's currently hot and in demand. GetHot Item Finder Free. This is an ebay research tool that finds out what's hot on ebay. Be in touch with the latest market trend on ebay.

This year, I realized that the tool was no longer in working condition. No longer being able to use this tool slowed down my productivity with sourcing eBay products quite a bit. I know some of you share in my pain. Good news! I want to share with you my Top 3 Go-to eBay research tools to find winning products to dropship on eBay. Are you ready? Buckle your seatbelts!

The want-it-now is a place where ebay buyers post what they want to buy, then in return ebay sellers can respond by pointing the buyers to their existing auctions on eBay. AuctionYen uncovers repeating keyword combinations from thousands of want-it-now posts uncovering possible niche or product ideas for your ebay business.

This tool is especially useful if you looking for a product or niche to get into for your first time ebay business or to find another product idea to add to your existing ebay business. You ALSO receive full instructional help videos along with this software program. I not only show you how to use AuctionYen but I also go through an example showing you how to find hidden product or niche ideas!

For more information regarding this NEW unique software go to http: Your auction description may be incredible, but if your auction title or headline doesn't catch them, you will lose your sale. For more information regarding this NEW unique software go here opens in new window. This opportunity has never before been offered to the public. Use Hot Item Finder and AuctionYen to uncover your hidden product idea and develop a digital info product following the step-by-step instructions given in the eBay Info Profits ebook!

Click here for more info You Can Right Now With Feedback Analyzer Pro! Here is a break down of what comes with the complete master resellers package:.

Hot download finder ebay item

Fully put-together and complete sales page so you don't have to do anything except upload these sales pages to your server, stick your name on the products and start making money! It can't get any easier than that! Click here to view the sales page link opens in a new window. In this video I show you how to unpack your resellers web site onto your computer and then upload it to a web host. Please note that you need a web host to upload it to the internet.

But no worries, I recommend several web hosts. In this video I walk you through the process of setting up a PayPal button and then adding it to your resellers web site.

I also show you how to make sure the buyer is redirected to the included thank you page. This is VERY important Therefore, you can make sales while you are not at your computer and auto-deliver your product to your happy customers! I reveal another unique method you can use to start earning even more cash by simply recommending this product! As a final bonus video I will reveal a secret method for getting tons of traffic to your resellers web site.

Plus, I suggest 5 other well known methods you can use to generate traffic to your new resellers web site. This one video is worth more than twice the cost of the master resell rights! In this video I show you how to search for a domain name that is available and how to obtain it. I then take you through the steps required to get your own web host account and finally teach you how to setup your own email account with your new web site. In this video I take you through the process of downloading a reseller's web site package, how to modify the sales page and thank you pages, how to add your own paypal button on your sales page, and how to test your order button.

I basically teach you how to setup your own product using a master resale rights product.

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Use the methods I teach and apply them to all your master resale rights products and start your own small ebook empire online today! I even uncover a great product ideas in these videos This is the best product since the invention of cake.

The videos are so easy to understand.. Simply create an account, enter your keywords and run your report. ShelfTrend will run a Top report as well as a report for data from the last 7 days.

Use this free tool to find best sellers on eBay

As you can see pictured below, the tool gives a wide range of information regarding the item keyword you type into the search. Shelf Trend will provide seller ID information, how many sold, how much revenue made as well as brand information. ShelfTrend also has a paid plan but gives just enough information here for free to continue research for hot-sellers on eBay.

There are also paid plans available for other eBay marketplaces, but for eBay US the tool is free. Simply click the Discover Button, and discover a breakdown of categories of best-selling items.

Narrow categories down by clicking through or type in a keyword into the search and the tool will display the percentage of items sold within the categories, a list of top-sellers and seller ideas of those items. What more can you ask for? See pictures below.

It can also show the level of market demand, but only for new products. Scrolling down, I can see several marketplaces where my particular type of gnome has sold. In this case, I learn that on five of the six listed eBay marketplaces I would be selling my gnome at a loss. Finally, Algopix shows an estimated breakdown of my expenses including eBay and PayPal fees, and a graph of demand for my product over time.

Finder ebay download item hot

It looks like the best time to sell a gnome last year was in July and that so far this year, the demand for gnomes has been slow. Based on this information, I may decide to wait and sell my gnomes when the demand becomes higher. Algopix also offers two paid versions, Plus which allows 3, SKUs to be uploaded per month or Master, which allows up to 10, SKUs per month and includes features like phone support and a marketing consultant.

A slightly different software is ShelfTrend , which also offers free-forever use. This allows you to search live inventory data from 22 global eBay marketplaces.

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ShelfTrend allows you to see who your competitors are and what types of product they are selling. You can take this further and hone in on just one seller. In my market for gnomes, I took a closer look at the top-ranked seller nanafind , to see which products were making them so successful.

This gives me a good idea as to what kind of gnomes sell well, and which of my five I may have more trouble selling. A key point here, is to check the median delivery charge.

This appears to be the case in the market for gnomes, as the vast majority of sellers have median delivery fees of zero.

It allows you to filter your search results and search for data on specific brands. You can also download the data in a CSV for further analysis.

It just so happens that one of gnomes is a fairly rare collectible, so I want to see whether one has been sold on eBay before to try and gauge its value. I can see from my search that my gnome has sold plenty of times since As is usual for collectibles, an auction will be a better option than a fixed-price listing. But, with demand being so good I could perhaps get more buzz going with a really low starting price. I can also see the original listing for the product, which will be helpful when I come to list mine, as I know the key points to include.

Having found my optimum price, I now want to find some free software to help me build my listings. When creating listings on eBay, two of the most important factors for SEO are title and category.

Title Builder suggests a category and shows the most searched-for terms, and also the keywords most used by sellers in the category. Picking a category is something that is very easy to get wrong, as eBay has over 18, to choose from. I would approach this part with caution, and not simply select the first category that Title Builder suggests.

Instead, search a few of the listed categories on eBay and see what type of products are listed. By selecting this category in Title Builder, I now have two new lists of relevant words. This includes all of the words that have received medium search volume, and a selection of the top words being used by sellers of similar products.

It looks like Supreme Lister is no longer available in English as the website has not been available for several weeks. Because some of the gnomes are collectible I want a professional set of eBay listings that reflect the quality of the items. This is where Supreme Lister is useful. This is where you create your listing. I encountered a few glitches getting it working, mainly down to needing the latest version of Flash Player installed and enabled in my browser.