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Warm Bodies is his first novel. You have known, O Gilgamesh, What interests me, To drink from the Well of Immortality. Which means to make the dead Rise from. Read "Warm Bodies A Novel" by Isaac Marion available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER. Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. A captivating debut novel that is at once both terrifying.

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You can get it for free by accessing the link below. You also Warm Bodies: A Novel NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER, NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE “G.. . Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion - NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER, NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today !. Simple Way to Read Online or Download The Burning World (Warm Bodies, #2) by Isaac Marion How to get this ebook: 1. Open New Tab on.

Hardly any of us do. We lose them like car keys, forget them like anniversaries. None of us are particularly attractive, but death has been kinder to me than some. Just the gray skin, the unpleasant smell, the dark circles under my eyes. I could almost pass for a Living man in need of a vacation. Black slacks, gray shirt, red tie.

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R is a zombie. Zombies are monsters. R is a monster. Perry's life force was either so vibrant that it changed R or his love for Julie such a unique experience that it changed R, who has eaten hundreds of other brains. Something about Perry was that catalyst, but Perry and Julie's relationship is downplayed forever after as being 'almost over' and his life as something he was pretty much ready to forfeit.

This is all done to forgive R. I would have preferred R's story be about finding redemption for what he'd done and learning to fight the virus and change his nature. By eating Perry's brain, R gets to steal his memories and experiences -- the grief after his mother's death, the world's upheaval, and most importantly meeting and falling in love with Julie. He even experiences the first time Perry and Julie make love. It was creepy and sad and if the author had owned it then the whole thing could have been awesome, but instead we got the constant downplaying and reduction of Perry's life and value as a person.

By downplaying Perry's love for Julie and Perry's death all the author did was downplay the catalyst for R's change and the story absolutely, without a fucking doubt, suffered for it. R is forgiven for Perry's death four or five times throughout this page novel. Oh yeah, I'm quoting some of it baby. Page I just want you to know I don't blame them for it. I mean, I think I get it. You don't have a choice, right?

And tot be honest I'd never say this to anyone, but It's better to rip that bandaid off. Later Nora echoes Julie's sentiments about it not really being R's fault since it's the virus. Sometime after Nora absolves him of guilt he finally confesses to Julie and she forgives him for a second time.

You can't tell, but I'm rolling my eyes.

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Look, Suzanne Collins owned the dark world of The Hunger Games when she brutally killed off view spoiler [Rue hide spoiler ] right in front of us. Rowling pulled no punches when she threw view spoiler [Dumbledore hide spoiler ] off that tower. R was a monster and Marion should have owned it. If he had let R evolve from being a monster he would have found redemption instead of being handed it on page Beyond those complaints.

R and Julie's romance meant absolutely nothing to me. You can ask what romance when you read it. Julie, all in all, was a bad romantic lead. There were a few technical problems with the grammar. They weren't rampant problems, but my eye is untrained and I did notice them. Also, Isaac Marion portrays stilted zombie speech with ellipsis so get prepared to never want to see three dots in a row ever again.

Warm Bodies is an amazing looking book. The cover is stunning and inside there are black and white anatomy shots beneath the start of each new chapter. These small inked drawings of various bits of the human body are what you'd find in a biology book, but for some reason they're all the more interesting inside a zombie book. One star for me, but I can see how other people might like some of it, especially if you're a watered down monsters and classic romance retellings.

View all 83 comments. What makes us human? Is it merely a collection of living flesh and tissue and bone, or is it also consciousness and memory and feeling? R, the young zombie who narrates this novel, isn't really sure. But after meeting Julie, a human girl he impulsively saves and hides away in an abandoned plane, he begins to experience thoughts and feelings that he'd forgotten he'd ever had.

Warm Bodies is a wistful love story that is creepy, sad, sweet, and disturbing in equal measure. The notion that it is poss What makes us human? The notion that it is possible to write a philosophical zombie novel seems quite unbelievable, but the author has accomplished this feat with astonishing ease. Being in R's head is a revelatory experience; he is matter-of-fact, pensive, humorous, and troubled at various different times.

After his shockingly violent introduction to Julie, he also becomes animated and severely conflicted and full of yearning. A story like this obviously requires that readers suspend a fair amount of disbelief, but the focus here isn't on the technical aspects of survival anyway, but more on the idea that the desire for dignity and tenderness have just as much to do with humanity as does a collection of blood and muscles and cells.

The gentle sentiment in this story took me completely by surprise, especially as it contrasts so sharply with the visceral feedings that keep the zombies alive.

The nourishment comes not only from the nutritional content that is necessary for survival, but also from the associated memories and emotions that each morsel of brain matter contains.

This startlingly original idea creates an incredible amount of anguish and guilt and longing for R, and as he becomes more and more deeply attached to Julie, it's impossible to remain unmoved by his plight. I keep saying I'm not a zombie person, but some of the best books I've read recently have featured them in prominent roles.

After being blown away by Feed , Deadline , and The Reapers Are the Angels , I wasn't really sure whether there was still another great zombie story I'd be excited about, but Warm Bodies is a brilliant addition to the non-typical horror, intelligent zombie novel canon.

I think that the reason these stories have struck such a chord with me is that they're attempting to explore ideas that are bigger than the issues that are actually on the page. Whether the books are delving into the right to information or the value of life or the struggle to keep the human spirit alive, the presence of the zombies is almost incidental.

It's the fundamental questions these novels raise about the nature of humans and humanity that make them such great --and moving--works of literature. View all 56 comments. Made the list for Best Badass Zombie Books Lessons learned from R who happens to be a zombie 1.

Sometimes you are up, and sometimes you are down.

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That is until the power goes out and you are stuck. Freaking out is not going to help, instead get married! Sometimes a little brain goes a long way, unless of course you just ate the last of it, and then you are so screwed. It is not our words but our actions that speak loudest regarding who we are. A name is just that. Your identity is what people remember about you when you leave the room. Sometimes humans are scarier than zombies!

I'll eventually do a real review but I just adored R and for the time being will leave this review like this. View all 51 comments. I finished this book awhile ago, but I've been avoiding writing my review. The only reason I can think of is that I really don't want my first read glow to go away. You know that time after you read a really spectacular book when you're just sitting around, thinking about how wonderful it was and going over passages you loved?

I think I've been doing that for two weeks now. Every time I think about Warm Bodies, I wonder at how good it was. Warm Bodies follows R, a zombie unlike those we normally I finished this book awhile ago, but I've been avoiding writing my review. Warm Bodies follows R, a zombie unlike those we normally read about.

R thinks, deeply, about things, speaks five syllables in a row, and has real dreams. He can't remember his life, but has a fascination with life; longing to know who he was and what he did.

When R eats the brain of a teenage boy, he experiences flashbacks into the boy's life, mostly featuring his first love, Julie. R becomes enthralled with Julie and they begin a tenuous relationship unlike any in this barren world before. As Julie and R become closer, both experience impossible changes; changes that could possibly affect the entire world.

Words cannot explain how much I loved R and his voice. From the first page, I knew his narration was different. Because he can't speak but a word or two at a time, most of his narration comes straight from his thoughts. There are pages filled with R simply talking about what he does all day, and it's riveting stuff.

My favorite descriptions come when he talks about groaning, mostly in the beginning of the novel. R is also genuine and eager. Perhaps this is because he's dead, and things can't really get much worse? Whatever reason, it makes him endearing and utterly likeable, despite being a zombie. It's hard to believe I would ever feel anything but disgust for a zombie, but it happened with this book.

I also liked Julie. A lot. She's a kick-butt kind of girl, the kind we don't get to read about much in books where the protagonist is male. The girl can take care of herself. She's also got a sense of humor, something that many authors would be tempted to eliminate when writing a serious zombie novel. Apparently he's writing a sequel now, so I suppose this doesn't apply anymore I'm not going to complain!

Can I also point out that I love that it's a standalone book? Don't get me wrong, I'm a major series lover. But I also just love books and authors that just don't need to leave you aggravated and desperate for a sequel that many times you don't particularly want. I like the way it ended; it was open in a way the reader can interpret for themselves, but in a slightly leading way. Isaac Marion is taking a different approach to the zombie novel, one that could have been disastrous.

Warm Bodies is anything but. It is well-written, poignant, funny, and memorable. Easily my favorite read this year. More reviews on my blog: Paper Cuts View all 16 comments. Nov 07, Miranda Reads rated it really liked it Shelves: Cold Hands, Warm Heart "R" spends his time at the airport, taking long walks and scooping brains out of skulls. He's a zombie but unlike most of the ones he's met, he can think about more than just his stomach.

Julie is one of the last humans living in the settlement. She's finally old enough to go out on a raiding mission but when she does, her team gets ambushed almost immediately.

As R chomps on the brain of Julie's boyfriend Perry , he experiences the memories. Seeing Julie from Perry's persp Cold Hands, Warm Heart "R" spends his time at the airport, taking long walks and scooping brains out of skulls. Seeing Julie from Perry's perspective changes something truly and wholly within R. Without really knowing why, R knows he has one new priority - protect Julie.

For a zombie love story - this one was rather sweet and not nearly as gorey as I would've expected. The love between Julie and R is quick but not unbelievable. Julie's best friend Nora was just the right amount of sassy and badass.

I really enjoyed this one! Audiobook Comments The voice actors did not do a great job of reading, and by listening to this book opposed to reading, I began to notice all those little flaws that I hadn't the first few times through.

Blog Instagram Twitter View all 21 comments. What an entertaining delight! I first heard of this book through the movie trailer. I was very skeptical about this, yet oddly curious at the same time. A zombie who falls in love I did not know what to expect getting into this. What I ended up experiencing was a story like no other.

Not very common, right? Even the other zombies think he is odd. He longs for memories When he eats the brain of a young man named Perry and saving a human girl, thin What an entertaining delight!

When he eats the brain of a young man named Perry and saving a human girl, things begin to change for him. He gets flashbacks of Perry's life, giving him a familiarity to the girl, Julie, he saved. He learns of Perry's relationship to Julie and his own feelings toward her begin to manifest themselves.

The writing is very well done. There is a certain eloquence to the artistic imaging Isaac Marion has set up for us. The story is all told from R's perspective. While his spoken words may be few, his thoughts are many. He has am amusing, dry sense of humor that keeps the reader engaged in what is happening around him. We see his life at the airport, including a marriage, adopting kids, and even zombie "sex.

Then again, I never read of a zombie society. So this was a very unique experience. The only downside for this was that while the first half to two-thirds of the books were well written and is almost poetic in nature, the rest seems more rushed. The world seems to lose its aspect, the writing style itself even seems to shift. Maybe it was because R didn't know what to think of his own thoughts by this point. Personally though, I wish the story was drawn out a bit more to give the same attention to the ending that the beginning received.

So, overall, I was quite happy with this one. If you have seen the movie, yet never read the book: Go read the book. Much better than the movie. The humor and personality portrayed is beautiful here. Very creative storytelling. I've even re-read it, so I find it worth adding to the collection.

View 2 comments. This is not a young adult novel. I mean, it is about a young adultish human and zombie who fall in love and set about to change the world with love. But this is not a young adult novel. It has themes of young love and disaffected youth and hopeful new beginnings but this is not a young adult novel, people! I liked the movie better. Major fans of the book are going to virulently disagree with me — but I thought it actually managed to streamline the story highly effectively, keeping the spirit of the novel without deviating from anything important.

In fact, the way it restructured some events, I actually thought, created a more emotional impact. But the book itself is still pretty good, though I wonder at some of the weird turns it takes. Like zombie sex. Lots of zombie sex. Nice to know that even zombie women experience objectification. Guess some things never change. Objectification and unsatisfying sex straight into the un-life.

R is adorkable, and if I never have to type the word again, it will be too soon. But he is. In the midst of his mid-death crisis with an unfulfilling zombie-marriage and two little tykes to drag him down, life seems empty and unfulfilling. R wants to be alive again. He even gets a sports car and kidnaps a young girlfriend. As opposed to the time I kidnapped my own young girlfriend and got a sports car.

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That turned out to be a big mistake. But she was a wonderful character nonetheless, who I completely adored. I adored everyone, almost as much as I adored the writing. Which was pretty evocative, raw, kind of gross — but in a good way.

The only thing I struggled with in this book was that I felt the pacing and overall narrative flow of the movie made so much more sense and was a lot tighter, stronger and more powerful. Otherwise, if you like zombies, existential crises, stories of young people improbably overcoming impossible circumstances and weird zombie sex, then this is the book for you!

This review, and others like it can also be found on my blog, Cuddlebuggery Book Blog. View all 26 comments. Final review, first posted on Fantasy Literature: In Warm Bodies , our world has been overrun by the zombies, and the few humans who are left are fighting a rearguard action.

They huddle in walled enclosures, sending out occasional armed expeditions for food and supplies. Regular school classes have fallen by the wayside, replaced by classes and demonstrations on how to best kill a zombie permanently head shots. R and hundreds of other zombies live in an abandoned airport, going on group hunts to the city to try to find food, in the form of humans.

R and his friend M lead a zombie hunting party to the city one day and come across a group of humans who have ventured out of the stadium where they live. R attacks and kills Perry, the young man leading the group. When R recovers from these visions, he sees Julie cowering in a corner.

Against all his zombie instincts, he rescues Julie from the other zombies and leads her back to his home, a commercial jet parked at the end of a boarding tunnel. As R and Julie get to know each other better, Julie gradually loses her fear of R, R edges back toward humanity, and the two develop an unlikely friendship. But their relationship is a threat to those around them, both the humans and the Boneys, the animated and malignant skeletons that lead the zombie horde.

But he finds his tongue and heart are loosened as he gets to know Julie. R and Julie are the star-crossed couple, with the zombies and humans playing the roles of the houses of the Montagues and Capulets. I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a review, along with The New Hunger the prequel novella and The Burning World , the sequel.

The publicist was feeling generous, so I totally scored. Lots of reading yet to do, but this first book definitely didn't disappoint.

Content advisory: Though Warm Bodies is classified as a YA book by the publisher not the author , it contains adult language and themes, and fairly graphic and gruesome violence. Not recommended for younger or more sensitive readers. View all 8 comments.

Much better than I expected - especially after the start. I really wasn't going to sure if I would care for this one because it seemed a little silly at first. But, after I got into it, it started to have some interesting action sequences and some really deep introspection on the human condition. View all 9 comments. This was a big surprise, though not entirely a pleasant one. Try imagining the most disgusting relationship in the history of mankind.

Are you done yet? Need some help? Or even better, by a hundred. You heard me! I thought it was impossible This was a big surprise, though not entirely a pleasant one.

I thought it was impossible too, but I was very wrong. Isaac Marion actually did it. He and many others of his kind live in an old airport. A small group goes out regularly to hunt the Living. None of them remember anything from their previous lives, not even their own names. Some of them are pretty intelligent and observant, they just can't articulate thoughts into words. Eating is not a pleasant business.

This is what we do. Prepositions are painful, articles are arduous, adjectives are wild overachievements. Is this muteness a real physical handicap? One of the many symptoms of being Dead? Or do we just have nothing left to say? Through the memories of a guy whose brain he ate, R falls in love with a Living girl named Julie. He soon saves Julie from other zombies and hides her in an airplane to keep her safe.

Step by step, Julie helps him remember what it was like to be alive. If you think you can handle zombies carrying pieces of brain in their pockets and other zombies trying to have sex but not quite succeeding, you should really read this book. Favorite quote: She smiles.

Her eyes are classic novels and poetry. View all 22 comments. I was quite skeptical, as well as intrigued, when I was sent "Warm Bodies" to review. I would never have imagined putting "zombie" and "romance" in the same sentence.

I assumed the putrid decomposition of flesh and the eating of brains would have been a bit of a turn off. After reading the first page I didn't know whether I would be able to take this book seriously: And with quotes like these I'm still in the early stages of decay.

Download ebook free bodies warm

But after only a few more pages I wasn't laughing any more, other than from the brilliant intentional dry sense of humour which was scattered throughout the book. I didn't expect it to be so heart-warming or to love the hero as much as I did considering he's a brain munching zombie.

I knew going in that this was a book about zombie romance, but it's not in the 'paranormal romance' style. It has a bittersweet edge - along side the sweet endearing thoughts of "R" there's lots of wonderfully descriptive detail on zombies eating humans, which was completely disgusting but I loved it all the same. I was right there with "R". The reader stays inside the mind of "R", the hero of the piece, and I say 'hero' because that's exactly what he is.

He does eat people, yes, and he shuffles along with only one thought and that's to munch his way through humanity, but things begin to change for "R" when he meets Julie. Unfortunately their meeting comes at an unfortunate moment, after "R" bites down on the skull of Perry, her boyfriend.

Nobody knows what caused the dead to rise. But "R", who remembers nothing of his former life before becoming one of the living dead, has glimpses of the lives he kills when eating their brains. Memories of his victims flicker by in his mind and he treasures them. But after meeting Julie, and eating Perry, things begin to change. With each bite of cerebrum, Perry comes alive in "R's" mind and "R" sees Perry's life from childhood until the very moment he dies. He also sees Julie as part of Perry's memories and for some reason when he comes back to reality and sees her crouching and shivering with fright against the wall, he doesn't devour her but instead takes her hand and leads her back to his home.

They are also organised by another creature called the 'Boney's' - they are not nice! The zombies are also hunted by the few remaining humans, one of which is Julie's father. Julie and a few thousand other humans live in a stadium and have done for many years. It's a community where children are born with soldiers protecting the parameters.

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Not much of a life, but survival all the same. There's a surprising amount of action in "Warm Bodies" and the story moves at an exciting pace. And when Julie and "R" become friends something miraculous happens and everything starts to transform for zombies and humans alike. The story ends a little ambiguously for my taste, but there's hope and the promise of new beginnings. I devoured this book and enjoyed it from beginning to end. It's quite somber, but contains delicious bittersweet moments that we can identify with regarding our own humanity and mortality.

This book wants to make you think about who we are, what we are and what a gift life is and how we shouldn't take it for granted. As well as lots of brraaaaaaains - nom nom!

View all 5 comments. Wendy F. With the new season of The Walking Dead back on tonight, I thought I'd go back and take a look at some killer hah zombie fiction. The closest book to the show Walking Dead that I've read is The First Days , so if you're needing more of that gory, survivalist-type of zombie book, I'd check that one out.

This book, however, is fresh in my mind due to the author himself making some recent comments that he's not altogether thrilled about some book stores shelving his book as Young Adult instead of A With the new season of The Walking Dead back on tonight, I thought I'd go back and take a look at some killer hah zombie fiction.

This book, however, is fresh in my mind due to the author himself making some recent comments that he's not altogether thrilled about some book stores shelving his book as Young Adult instead of Adult fiction. As a reader who reads both YA and adult, I was sort of put off by this. After all, don't bite the hand that feeds you, right?

A big portion of readers who have gravitated toward this book are YA readers. I even found out about the book through YA friendly readers.

Does the book read like adult or YA? I honestly think the book would work for readers of both YA and adult fiction.

It's an easy read but there's nothing young feeling about the book, other than getting to dodge a bullet on some of the extraneous world building that can happen in adult books, which is a bonus in my opinion. What makes this book stand out is some of the dry humor and the amusing take on a zombie love story.

This may not be a hardcore zombie book, but sometimes different is perfectly okay! Original Non-review March Every so often, I decide to bypass writing a review, in favor of letting the book speak for itself. These quotes could probably sell you far better than my own words would. I notice a female on the opposite conveyor. She doesn't lurch or groan like most of us; her head just lolls from side to side.

I like that about her. I chew off a man's arm, and I hate it. Of course if I don't eat all of him, if I spare his brain, he'll rise up and follow me back to the airport, and that might make me feel better. I'll introduce him to everyone, and maybe we'll stand around and groan for a while. We sit against the tiles of the bathroom wall with our legs sprawled out in front of us, passing the brain back and forth, taking small, leisurely bites and enjoying brief flashes of human experience. He is gaping at a late-night soft-core movie.

I don't know why he does this. Erotica is meaningless for us now. The blood doesn't pump, the passion doesn't surge.

Download free bodies ebook warm

I've walked in on M with his 'girlfriends' before, and they're just standing there naked, staring at each other, sometimes rubbing their bodies together but looking tired and lost.

Herpes does that too. I suck in air and attempt to sing. There's a pause and then something shifts in Julie's demeanor. I realise she's laughing. You and Zombie Sinatra should record Duets, Volume 2.

View all 45 comments. Another book off my to-read shelf from ! Yay me! I have not seen the movie yet, but now I really want to, esp. Everyone has already read and reviewed this I'm so late for the party , but here's my review. He also happened to eat her boyfriend's brain, so has flashback memories of his life, some of which include her.

He met her when his group Another book off my to-read shelf from ! He met her when his group of Deads attacked their group of Living. Offbeat romance ensues. I was happy to know that should the zombie apocalypse happen, I would be spared since I am fat and the zombies don't eat fat!

Free warm download bodies ebook

This story was cute and funny and sweet. These are other things I learned from the book: I read this book to complete the TBRTakedown challenge of reading a book outside my comfort zone. I've never been into zombie movies and until this book, I've never read any books with zombies.

Overall, I just thought this book was okay.. Some parts really grossed me out Parts of it seemed rushed and like we didn't get to learn a lot about the world.. Or there just wasn't enough world building I suppose I did think it was interesting and I liked the changes the main character, R, went thr I read this book to complete the TBRTakedown challenge of reading a book outside my comfort zone.

I did think it was interesting and I liked the changes the main character, R, went through Oct 25, Sophia Triad rated it it was amazing Shelves: R lives at the abandoned airport at a aeroplane.

He likes collecting things from the past before almost all the people died or became zombies and loves listening to old records. I go to the record player. He has no memories, no past, no future. He enjo 'Living! He enjoys taking trips to the city with his friend M and the order airport zombies and feeding with available alive humans. He specifically enjoys eating brains because he can watch like a movie the memories of the person that the brains belonged to.

One day he kills someone and he eats his brains as usual and that specific someone had a girlfriend. And just like that R is in love. He saves the girlfriend of the deceased, he takes her back to his home and he looks after her i.

Julie doesn't understand why she is still alive but I have to admit that she is very cool and apathetic about the whole situation. All the political and social breakdowns? The global flooding? The wars and riots and constant bombings? The world was pretty far gone before you guys even showed up. You were just the final judgement. When Julie goes back to her people, R will follow her. You were supposed to say goodbye.

I say