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Whether you call yourself a freelancer, consultant, independent Pete Savage and Ed Gandia. Ebook. Mar 02, | Pages. Buy. The Wealthy Freelancer [Steve Slaunwhite, Pete Savage, Ed Gandia] on Amazon .com. Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. ebook download chapter 1: ebook download the wealthy freelancer resume en freelancer epub, the wealthy freelancer ebook ebooksthe ebook formula.

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Download PDF: The Wealthy Freelancer by Steve Slaunwhite The Wealthy Online, Read Steve Slaunwhite ebook PDF The Wealthy Freelancer PDF The . The Wealthy Freelancer book. Read 28 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Being your own boss can lead to incredible profits-here's ho. I wouldn't say that there are “must” books that every freelancer should read: it is very individual. The Wealthy Freelancer: Steve Slaunwhite, Pete Savage, Ed Gandia: Free Ebook: Breaking the Time Barrier .

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Put ad in email signature. Create fee schedule and put on website--use ranges, not fixed prices. Ways to get mroe business: Ask for more work--follow-ons, other pieces of project, etc. Ask to be introduced to others in company that could use services. Offer a "lunch and learn. Suggest new projects. As project wraps up and client is happy, ask for referral that day.

Every time.

Download freelancer the wealthy ebook

And since you're happy with the way this project has turned out, I wonder if I can ask you for the names of three people who might have a need for my services--now or sometime in the future. Would that be ok? Send thank you card to any client who makes a referral. Make friends with others in industry so you can refer clients to each other.

Secret 6: If you stay in touch with them, they'll pick you. Build trust by dialog, sending them useful info. Mail report or white paper with Post-It Note attachedk Oct.

Mail article of interest with personal note Apr. Mal article of interest with Post-It Note attached Oct. E-mail URL of results summary from a survey Can do newsletter in opposite months or same month, just put it on a week when you're not doing the personal stuff.

Doing it and keeping it relevant more important than exactly what you send. But track what you send so you don't send th same thing to the same person twice. When to give up? Expect to nurture leads mos unless they move to other companies or clearly aren't interested any more Secret 7: Website design, including one home-page template and one inside-page template. Sourcing up to 5 royalty-free images.

Uploading and testing. How to find price norms: Ask the client for expected results "What exactly do you need this project to accomplish? As I understand it, the project is to write a 2-page press released. The objective is to My fee to help you acocmplish this is Although that fee range is typical of what professionals charge for this type of project, I'm sure we can work something out.

Or, offer discount for paying full fee in advance, do less work, ask for more time to do the work, or offer a volume discount to do more work.

Just don't discount for nothing. After send quote, follow up the same day! Don't talk about price any more. Act as though you have the job. If person won't return your phone calls try this: At shi point, I still have room in my schedule for this project.

Would you plese reply to this email and let me know how you'd like to proceed. Please get started. Thank you for quoting. But we haven't made the final decision yet. Please touch base again [insert date]. Bring focus to your freelancing business Discover what you offer, identify the market you'll service, position yourself in that market.

For whom do you do it? Secret 9: Get butt in seat. Decide what you'll do and exactly when. Then do it. Set schedule as you like, but have one. Pomodoro-focus for min blocks. Take minute breaks. Follow the muse--if you're in the flow, stick with it. Let projects incubate if get stuck or need to think. Construct your own work-life reality work-life balance isn't something you need to pursue.

Just make it. Also, not necessarily equal. Structure day to take advantage of most productive time. Remembr the jigsaw puzzle visual: All the things you're trying to do can be represented as puzzle pieces taken from that time. If you add something or one piece gets bigger, you have to take time away from something else.

Live and work in the wealthy triangle Find ways to increase income without proportional increase in time spent on work Where do you go from here? Boldness has genius, magic, and power in it. Begin it now. Make a plan. Write down 3 simple, quick steps you can do in the next 3 days. Do the first one now. Don't let the perfect get in the way of the good. Start moving.

Don't put your goal on a pedestal. Think of it as totally doable. Don't be defensive. They'll be happy soon.

[PDF] The Wealthy Freelancer Download Full Ebook

Include a kill fee provision. Follow up for every late payment. To fire a client: Doing this by email is fine. Prevent burnout by mapping your current work queue onto a calendar. Don't take on stuff that costs you sleep and relaxation unless you absolutely want to. Jul 09, A.

Williams rated it really liked it. Excellent, practical advice on freelancing, with tons of helpful suggestions and examples. A must-read for freelance professionals! Nov 25, Hailey Hudson rated it it was amazing. Outdated but still helpful.

I'm a big fan of Steve and Ed. Jul 31, Supriya rated it liked it Shelves: My rating: Jul 04, Eric rated it liked it Recommends it for: Recommended to Eric by: Chad Warner. You know what I always say: Once you've read one freelance book, you've read them all, but as far as freelancing books go, this one is pretty good.

If you've ever read any sort of book on freelancing you'll be pretty familiar with a lot of these ideas already and they're not bad ideas, of course , but there are a lot of fresh ideas in here too. This book is less about the basics and more about increasing your income and productivity, but it's written for freelancers and wannabes of all experi You know what I always say: This book is less about the basics and more about increasing your income and productivity, but it's written for freelancers and wannabes of all experience.

It's written like a blog-gone-book and each chapter is built with five or so ideas in the theme of the chapter. The hope is that you pick your favorites, write them down and carry them out over the course of the next few months. It's good in giving you a little push because nobody ever follows through with anything. I don't either. Some of my favorite ideas: Create a buzz piece, or something that can provide value to your customers in the form of information , establish your expertise, and help you stand out.

Create a "nurturing list" for prospects that don't need you now but may in the future, and don't let them forget about you by sending them things they'd find valuable. You have finite time. Find out what you're spending it on, and eliminate or shrink your current projects before taking on something new.

Freelancer ebook download the wealthy

Having a work-life balance doesn't mean that they have to be equal. Being wealthy also means having enough time to spend it how you like. I recommend it to anyone looking to start a freelancing business or step theirs up a bit. It's a good investment.

Mar 26, Di rated it it was amazing Shelves: As a freelancer, I find Ed Gandia's online information very helpful and since he co-authored this book, I checked it out. Glad I did. It goes beyond what most business how-to's offer, and it gives sensible, useable advice.

Here's the biggest tip: Don't let the expensive sports car on the cover throw you Gandia said that was the editor's choice, not his. This isn't a get rich quick book. Instead, it helps you do two things: I checked this book out from the library, but I plan to buy my own copy so I can refer back to it often.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Paperback Verified Purchase. There are two types of freelancers this book will help - those just starting out and those who have been struggling to achieve their dreams of becoming a wealthy freelancer. If you are just starting out, this is a great resource that will save you countless hours of going down the wrong trail. If you have been at it for awhile but not achieving the success you desire, this book will give you some solid tips and techniques to get you on the right path.

The first thing you should get clear about is being a wealthy freelancer means different things to different people. It is not all about money. Money is important and this book has plenty of tips on how to increase your income. But living the life you want is much more important than just making money. So this book has lots of tips and suggestions on how to decide what is important to you and how to balance your work with other areas of your life.

The book starts off with a discussion about what being a wealthy freelancer really means.

The Wealthy Freelancer: Steve Slaunwhite, Pete Savage, Ed Gandia: Books

This sets the tone for the rest of the book. It is very important that you understand the realities of being a freelancer, both the benefits and the downside. Then the next twelve chapters give secrets to being a successful freelancer - starting with the most important secret - Mastering the Mental Game. Another very important secret is how to create an amazing buzz piece. The authors go into great detail to explain what a buzz piece is and how to craft one that will attract potential clients.

They give one of the best blueprints for creating a USP that I have seen. If you don't know what a USP is or have not crafted your own, you really need to get this book. There are 10 other secrets to help any freelancer move forward toward their goals. At the end of each chapter is a summary - called Wealthy Takeaways- which recaps the important points in that chapter.

Also there are lots or additional resources throughout the book. This is a very well organized and written book.

Ebook download wealthy freelancer the

It is not based on some theory. It is written as a joint effort of three highly successful freelancers. They each give very specific examples from their own experience. You will get great value from reading this book.

Implement the lessons and you can become a wealthy freelancer. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. This book has a very specific audience: Freelancers are the self-employed who are hired to work for different companies on particular assignments.

Into this category fit the stay-at-home parent, the retired, the laid-off, and those considering leaving fulltime employment to work on their own. The first step to getting into this category is to be sure what this would mean to you. A rewarding freelance career requires that you choose your clients well. Having clients you really enjoy working with, can make each day seem like a vacation.

Your goal should be to attract the right type of clients consistently. To get clients the authors suggest that you compile a list of to high-probability prospects. This list comprises organizations and industries where you would have the highest probability of success. It should focus on the specific people or positions who will benefit from your service and therefore be good targets for your marketing efforts.

Your probably need multiple marketing efforts over a year or two, not only one or two contacts. This will offer you opportunities to present your services to these leads with a high probability of getting lucrative and enjoyable work. The freelancer who stays in touch is often the first person the client thinks of, when they are ready to purchase the service.

As with the projects, you will need to set your standards with this in mind. An example of such standards could be: I do not begin work without 50 percent of the project fees paid up front. I do not do work that requires me to sacrifice my weekends. I only accept projects where my average hourly earnings will equate to R an hour or higher.

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Freelancer the ebook download wealthy

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