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, Harperlibrary id removed ddjpg, ddjpg, ddjpg. Title: The 12th Planet Book I of The Earth Chronicles. THE PRIME SOURCE for the biblical verses quoted in The Twelfth Planet is the Old Testament in its original Hebrew text. The rendering of Sumerian, Assyrian, Babylonian, and Hittite texts has engaged a legion of scholars for. The Elohim, Zecharia Sitchin, Pyramids and Christopher Elohim, Zecharia Sitchin, Pyramids and Christopher Dun.

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The 12th Planet, the first book of The Earth Chronicles series, brings to life the Sumerian civilization and presents millennia-old evidence of the existence of. Read online or Download The 12th Planet (Earth Chronicles, #1) by % free ebook pdf kindle reader on the web book epub digital conclusion of the book . The 12th Planet (Book I) by Zecharia Sitchin - Over the years, startling evidence has been unearthed, Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today!.

The 12th Planet Home The 12th Planet. Zecharia Sitchin. Locating on emotion only works well in the present as it is possible to cross check a few results. When working solo on historical data, the best one can hope for is the best and most logical fit using methods which work in current time. The writer did check some of the reports by Sitchin, and did find the families of Gods. He also found Genetic Engineers who created man out of a primitive ancestor in their image. He also found enough psychic booby traps to justify the idea that the Elohim created what we know as the Zodiac to stop man outcreating the Elohim.

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More books from this author: See more by Zecharia Sitchin. Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover! See More Categories. Your First Name. This suggests that they were genetically engineered from an earlier Ape Man, say 2,, years ago. This begs a few questions like "What do they do when their teeth drop out"? Some of them are reported to have been able to regenerate dead bodies and bring them back to life. In RV they appear to be highly radioactive, so it is possible that their bodies do not decay in the same way as ours on death.

Another possible solution is that they could swap bodies and minds. If one disappeared for a few years and came back apparently rejuvenated, what man would have dared question any change in features. Rearing the foetus in a test tube can be ruled out as they used their females in the same way as we do for reproduction.

The alleged length of life is an incongruity that would not allow for genetic change. It appears that there were never more than on Earth and some of those remained in orbit.

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The population of the Twelfth Planet is not known. Evidently the minimum number for a viable animal colony on Earth is about 31, and there were far more of them than that. The number needed to support a viable advanced technology may be more like a million.

To support a viable advanced and advancing technology may be more like ,, or the population of the USA. Eugenics would drastically reduce these numbers at the expense of genetical diversity, and would also drastically raise the minimum number for a viable population.

Their preferences for marrying their half sisters and other forms of incest would also drastically raise minimum levels. However there seems to be no evidence of advancing technology. The exception is that they may have developed mind control methods and other forms of black magic that we suffer from now.

The evidence suggests that their technology was borrowed and they could not advance it. This is one of the basis of good education, but unfortunately not state education.

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Humans could not use Elohim technology when they were around, so it does not exist today. Pythagoras could use some of the mathematics so he did. Up to BC the World was round because the Elohim said so.

The 12th Planet (Book I) | Book by Zecharia Sitchin | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Then Magellan sailed around the World and a round World became useful. We have all heard the phrase "Not invented here". Technology only becomes one's own when one can advance it. It appears to be the oldest building still in existence, and the most accurately constructed building ever made.

All the tolerances are about 25 times finer than any used in modern building. We do not have the technology to build it today. On one point however it lacks elegance, and that is its sheer size. It is hitech Fred Flintstone style.

If we understood what they were trying to do and we wanted to rebuild it, we would do so in a completely different way. This was a question asked by the writer in RV to the Universal Subconscious. The result was the following scenario. It was those known in ET circles as the Nordics. They are a very old and stable race even if their home planet is far less stable more volcanic than ours. They are a telepathic race like most ETs and do not have the power of speech, but otherwise can be mistaken for humans, Scandinavians in particular.

Their great vice is that they consider themselves to be spiritually perfect, which is not a view held by everyone. The Nordics decided to genetically engineer the human ape some 2,, years ago into something in their own image that could survive easily on this planet. Their reasons were probably to create a race of ETs friendly to themselves. Nowadays they make crop circles to prove how clever they are.

Nowadays they do farm us for energy and probably did the same with the Elohim. They increased the intelligence of the ape. In altering the face to look like themselves, they shortened the jaw which for them was a ghastly mistake as it gave the Elohim the power of speech. With speech the Elohim did not need to be telepathic and the Nordics lost control over them. However the Nordics being spiritually perfect did not give up and gave the Elohim a great deal of their technology.

In the end, the Elohim became so disruptive that the Nordics banished them to the Twelfth Planet, so that the Nordics could start over again when they were ready. They taught man that Heaven was on the Twelfth Planet.

They probably had very little concept of life after death as a spirit or of reincarnation.

The 12th Planet (Book I)

This has been passed down to modern Western organised religion. Thus it is misogynist, fearful of death, tyrannical and totalitarian.

This is not helped by the Jews merging all Gods into one, but one cannot have multi-theism in totalitarian states. Although the Hindu religion has roots in Sumer, it seems to have escaped the worst, with the exception of the Caste System. Thus Hindus can have Living Gods, karma, reincarnation and natural democratic religion. With multi-theism, if you do not like one God there are plenty more to choose from, but this is against all totalitarian principles.

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Reincarnation is an anathema to black magicians, since under the Laws of Karma they would suffer for their misdeeds. In the West, Living Gods are not allowed and we have black magicians instead.

The writer has never detected black magic from either Hindus or Chinese. There was no shortage of historians and scribes at this time. Something seems to have happened between 2, BC when the Elohim nuked Sodom and Gomorra and thus had technology, and BC when there is no trace. This appears to be the emotional answer with all the blame being put on the Nordics.

The truth is more likely to be that their borrowed technology started to fail and could not be regenerated. Another probability is that there was so much discord within that the key Elohim walked out and threw in their lot with Humans.

A less likely answer is that the secret weapon of the Roman Army was the steel sword, http: As they were reasonably inter-fertile with humans, a number at least would have become members of the human race. Without superior technology they might be very little different to ourselves and could even be at a disadvantage.

The Nordics may have ferried the last of the inhabitants of the Twelfth Planet to Earth. The various Masons may have some ideas.

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It is no good asking any member of the Illuminati as no one has ever owned up to being a member. If there are plenty left on the rogue planet, then we can expect fireworks around AD when it returns.

A possible answer worth investigating and seems to have merit, is that there was a mass migration to Earth and they became the Khazars.

Most of the sons of Abrahan converted to Islam and are now the Palestinians. The Khazars converted to Judaism. This could account for why Jews consider themselves to be the Master Race, and various other funny little ways like regarding everyone else as Goyim cattle and Niddahs filth.

This could be race memories of past glory long since lost. Sitchin's work may give a few explanations, though as he is a good Jew these were never intended. Joshua could have been one of the Elohim or even a Nordic hybrid. His curious birth would be the result of genetic engineering and the placement of the embryo in Mary's womb.