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it on your website. With Google Analytics, getting this kind Getting Started with Google Analytics: Free Ebook. By Nick Download now! Have a look at this . Download this free e-book. The Google Analytics Guide by House Of Kaizen. Introduction to Google Analytics. Cookies in Google Analytics. Google Analytics. Download eBook! Implementation, configuration, and reporting are not our final objectives in using Google Analytics. What are our final.

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Do you need to track downloads, like PDFs, Ebook, or whitepapers on your website? Google But you can setup Google Analytics to track your downloads. Check out our complete guide tracking download in Google Analytics. Ultimate Introduction to Google Analytics Take the first step towards learning Google Analytics with this free ebook. Download Now. Your privacy is valued and . Free download of Google Analytics Made Easy by Susanne Myers. Available in PDF, ePub and Kindle. Read, write reviews and more.

A practical guide that breaks down the major components of Google Analytics, taking you from an introductory level of understanding to feeling more confident in the platform's use. Learn how the various reports can be used to provide answers you may have about how your site is performing. Start to dive into more advanced functionality, including but not limited to advanced segments, event tracking, and custom reports. I currently run a demand gen and marketing operations consulting company, Formulytic, day trade in the stock market, and educate people on how they can become a better marketer. I'm an avid car enthusiast and love spending time at car meets and the racetrack when I'm not trading or practicing marketing.

If so, please keep in mind that once you swtich to analytics. NET by including the tracking code into whichever master pages are propagated to all pages that are served. Same thing for GTM deployment — propagate a single container out to every page on your website, and then add GA to the container.

Your email address will not be published. Best Practices for Implementation and Reporting by Eric Fettman Mar 7, ebooks , general , google analytics 6 comments.

Per Pettersson on March 12, at 7: Nice work!

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Something to read and pass on to others just starting to look into Google Analytics. Eric Fettman on March 14, at 1: Tony Thornby on March 18, at 1: Eric Fettman on March 22, at 6: Using Google Analytics in. NET C? Eric Fettman on March 19, at 1: Hope this helps. Manually adding code sounds complicated, but there is a tool that can help you create event tracking links. Raven Tools has a form that allows you to build event tracking code for your download links.

Download this free e-book

Their form will create two sets of tracking code. You can choose to use either line of code in your download URL. You can copy either of these lines of code and embed them in the link for your downloadable file. This code will trigger a download event in Google Analytics anytime someone clicks your file link.

Autotrack is a javascript library built on top of the analytics tracking code analytics. In the event tracking code, you adjust the data-event-category to register based on your button click.

And you make the data-event-action equal your download. For this to work, you need to have Autotrack installed. These tracking options might be starting to sound pretty advanced, but not every analytics solution is easy.

In general, the more difficult solutions provide more control.

Ebook google download analytics

But they take more time to implement. Custom coding is the most advanced solution. It involves writing your own code. Then you have run tests using your own systems to make sure your code executes correctly. This is not the actual code for this operation.

This example is written using a computer science technique known as pseudocode. I know these libraries exist, or they did at one time.

Google Analytics Made Easy

But, my searches to find a library to share did not produce any results. If you can recommend a third-party tool for event tracking, please leave a comment below.

The best solution, in my opinion, is GTM. But the strategy you choose depends on your website setup and the resources at your disposal. Let us know, which one of these tacking techniques works best for you? Leave a comment below with method you use for track downloads.

Google Analytics Made Easy, by Susanne Myers: FREE Book Download

Jeff Sauer is an independent Digital Marketing Consultant, Speaker and Teacher based out of a suitcase somewhere in the world. Do you have a whitepaper, ebook, PDF, or other files offered as downloads on your website?

Google Analytics does not automatically track this activity. But… You can set Google Analytics up to track downloads automatically. Using event tracking and virtual page views to track downloads There are two ways you can tell Google to track downloads on your website.

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Event Tracking There are a couple different ways to set up event tracking. Event code looks like this: Interaction Events An interaction event is a true or false type of command that exists within the event code. You can configure your trigger using the event tracking templates in GTM.

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My second favorite way to track downloads is using a WordPress plugin. This plugin also allows you to choose the type of file extension you want to track. Analytics Course Student question: Marco asks: Is this the proper code to insert in the GA script?

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And where exactly would developers place it? You can manually add code to each PDF you want to track Manually adding code sounds complicated, but there is a tool that can help you create event tracking links.

Use Google Analytics Autotrack Autotrack is a javascript library built on top of the analytics tracking code analytics.