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Lessons from Sherlock Holmes 2 — Game of Shadows. Plot Points from Sherlock Holmes 2: Due to a series of bombings, tensions run high. Irene Adler, pursued by Holmes in disguise, hurries through a market while carrying a small parcel. Alone and unarmed, Holmes still manages to defeat them. At an auction, Irene gives the parcel to a doctor.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

He, in turn, gives her a mysterious letter. Holmes appears, seizes the letter, and disposes of the bomb contained within the parcel. He was killed by a poisonous dart. Irene meets with a stranger at a restaurant, who turns out to be Professor Moriarty.

At his signal, the restaurant empties. After consuming poisoned tea, Irene stumbles to the floor.

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Distracted and clearly looking for someone, Holmes delivers a toast to Watson. In a huff, Watson takes to gambling. She dispatches with the Cossack quickly, but he was wearing rudimentary Kevlar, and gives them a spirited chase. Tied together by a cord, Holmes and the Cossack engage in fisticuffs.

Plot Points from Sherlock Holmes 2: Game of Shadows

When the cord is cut, the Cossack escapes. Hungover and rumpled, Watson arrives at his wedding.

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Still, with joy and dignity, he marries Mary. To cap it off, Moriarty reveals to Holmes that Irene is now dead. On their way to honeymoon in Brighton, Dr and Mrs Watson relax in a first class train compartment. But their vacation is cut short when someone tries to kill them. Together, husband and wife defeat the assassin.

Also on board the train, Holmes, disguised as a woman, kills even more would-be-assassins. At an opportune moment, Holmes throws Mary out of the open train compartment.

Game of Shadows

Watson almost chokes Holmes to death. Clinging to the outside of the train, Holmes and Watson argue. When the machine gun operator tries to shoot again, the gun explodes. Holmes asks Watson to join him on this case…their last one. Holmes says good-bye to Irene. At a book signing, Colonel Moran gives Moriarty a ticket to an opera. At a gypsy camp, Holmes and Watson locate Sim.

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Around a campfire, they dance and drink. Holmes, Watson, and Sim visit Ravache, the head of the extremist group.

Suddenly, Ravache shoots himself in the head. The kitchen staff hears the shot and chases after Holmes et al. After they exit through a trap door, Holmes scours a dungeon looking for clues. Sim freaks out about her brother. At the opera house, Holmes deduces that a bomb is hidden within a stage prop. But instead of a bomb, he finds a chess piece. From his box, Moriarty gloats.

Holmes mentally reviews the clues he had seen, realizing that the bomb was intended for a finance summit taking place at the Hotel de Triomphe. A cake explodes, killing every minister at the meeting. And what of Mycroft? What more could you ask for? We use cookies to personalise content, target and report on ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic.

For more information see our Cookie Policy. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Fri, Dec 16, , More from The Irish Times Film. Sponsored The Lidl Easter egg hunt: Ideal Home Show embraces wellbeing: Coastal treasure to discover along the Wild Atlantic Way. First-time buyer events to take place in Cork and Dublin this April.

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The story of a North Sea drilling crew facing catastrophe is told effectively. There are ideas worth pursuing here, but they needed a lot more refinement.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

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