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I'm running of opencart (I think) I'd like an extension which allows the download of documents free of charge, which isn't classed as a. Beginners Guide and many more. He has also Time for action – configuring free shipping for all UK customers with . OpenCart store, downloading latest version, uploading the new files to a hosting server, running the. If you need further assistance please feel free to ask a question in our support Section Dealing with Returned Orders in OpenCart . I don't want to add the products separately as ebook and also as a shippable.

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OpenCart Web Hosts with FREE OpenCart Installation . Each reader who sends feedback is automatically entered into the FREE EBOOKS OFFER. Contest . Opencart Ebook Pdf Free Download Simple steps for upgrading OpenCart from x up to x & x. The second step of the backup is to download all the files and folders from.

Now it's even simpler to work with a third party, developer, development team or just change files without the need of your FTP. You can easily create a personalized admin access account and disable access once everything is taken care of. There is so much you can do with CodeManager: Upload, download files and duplicate or change file permissions. Always find what you are looking for. CodeManager offers an intuitive search in files and folders. CodeManager features a super simple upload, preview or view in full screen option for product pictures.

Customizing the Look and Feel of OpenCart. OpenCart Administration. Shipping and Taxes in OpenCart. Working with Affiliates in OpenCart. Adding Attributes to OpenCart products. Creating a Downloadable Product in OpenCart 1. Apr 20, Was this article helpful? Yes No. Continued Education in Course OpenCart.

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You are viewing Section Please answer the follwing questions to help us improve this article. Is the information out of date or inaccurate? Is the guide complete? Are there spelling or grammatical errors? Are there broken links on the page? Additonal Feedback One being hard and ten being easy. How easy were the instructions to follow? How easy was it to find the guide you were looking for? Was your issues resolved?

Ebook opencart free download 1.5

Additional Feedback Related Questions Here are a few questions related to this article that our customers have asked:. OpenCart downloadable trial products. Ask a Question. You can still browse our Support Center. To participate within our Community Support Forum: Log In Here.

InMotion Hosting. Hello, having the Version 2. Angelica, this was very interesting to investigate. Hello, I am using opencart 1. I have uploaded a pdf file and linked it with the product I wanted, made the purches through paypal and all went well but when as a customer I click in my account at the "my downloads" tab to see at my downloadable purcheses I get a white "blank" screen. In the error log I get this message: Please help me. Since your error mentions vqmod several times, ensure you have installed vQmod correctly.

Thank you, John-Paul. Hi John, Please i would like to ask a question on downloadable products security. You could control sharing but it would have to be done using the publishing software you used to create the eBook itself.

There's no way for your website to do this. Some software like PDFs can be locked by user, so the user could only access it using a specific login. Short of this, controlling the level of sharing is pretty hard to do.

Hello Eben, You can elect to create a digital download or the physical product that must be shipped. You would need to add them as products in your store. You can also probably add an extension in order to add the option to provide either type of products.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C. There is no built-in way to display 2 products digital, and shippable on the same page.

How To Upgrade OpenCart From 1.5.6.x To In 3 Easy Steps

I'm getting error "Upload Required" on pdf file upload whichever above 5mb size. Please share your ideas. Ensure error reporting is enabled, as it may provide a more detailed error. Also, verify the changes to your php. I would greatly appreciate any advice: Kristian, I would recommend updating to the latest version of OpenCart which appears to be version 2.

Yes, there should be a setting where you can set the number of downloads allowed per purchase. You can see it in Step 4 above. Any help appreciated Thanks. Hello Toni, What version of OpenCart are you using? In checking with how to create a downloadable product, we do not see any specific setting having to do with whether it will appear on the downloads page or not. It should be there automatically. The only thing I can think of that may have an effect is if you only allowed a single download and that it was done via the email.

Kindest Regards, Scott M. Hello All, I have uploaded and linked PDF file into product but it is not still showing on frontent website. Hello Martin, Thank you for contacting us. Ensure you have cleared your browser cache before testing.

Download opencart 1.5 ebook free

Can you provide a link to the site for us to test? Hello AnnM, Thank you for contacting us. The IP address of the purchaser is included on the original invoice. This information may be stored in your cPanel logs , such as the access log. If you are on a shared server, Live Support can assist you, or provide the logs.

Alternately, you may be able to provide the Account info Email address, Username, etc. I am new to opencart. I want a website with very specific features and I would like to know if opencart supports them. I am a blog writer and my clients include website owners looking for content for their websites. Regarding this, the clients will visit the website and enter the details of their projects. The price is determined by the number of words to be written and the deadline of their projects.

This means that the cart will have a form to collect the details and deliver them to the admin.

Uploading Your Digital Product

The admin will then complete the project in a word, pdf or ppt document and then make it available for the client to download. Thanks for your help. You may want to search their site for extensions that support these features, however. Thank you! Hello Melissa, Thank you for contacting us. We are happy to help you troubleshoot, but will need some additional information. Have you turned the Display Errors option on, or checked the error logs? Hello, Thank you for the answer Mr.

I distinctly remember seeing it once. I entered 20 and then it disappeared. That is if my memmory isn't fooling me. Best Regards, Aziz. I am not aware of a specific extension, but you can visit the OpenCart Marketplace to search for one with the feature you need. Hello, I am using opencart V2. Can anyone help??

Hello Aziz, Unfortunately, that seems to have been removed from OpenCart 2. Hello everybody, i ' m just using opencart ,how' s the maximum data uploa?

When i tried to upload pdf file 37mb appears the " upload its required. Hello Sutani, You can set the max upload parameter in a copy of the php. Check out Increase the max file upload size for further instructions. I cannot see my Downloads. I provide links. Can you help me please? Version 1. No modules. Hello DD, In the Downloads field, you must start typing in the name of the item and then it should show in the field for you to select.

Did you give that a try? It works. Thanks a lot. I stay with Opencart. Instead of receving e-mail with Voucher template after purchasing product,Voucher should be downloadable Users can download the voucher using a chosen voucher template Happy Birthday or something The vouchers are for the service items in the menu page the items and prices are listed in the menu page. Hello Sinu, Sorry if you're trying to use Vouchers and it's not matching up with how you want it to function.

Unfortunately, if you want the vouchers want to be downloadable, you will need to have a developer custom program a solution for you, or find an extension that can do this for you.

Apologies that we can't provide a direct solution for your request. Kindest regards, Arnel C. Hi Alex, By default, after the customer were to purchase the downloadable product, it would show up in the customers account section on your website once they login.

Hello, The php. Thank you again for your answer.


I will be expecting your answer to this one as well. Regards, ASKural. It is simply a path to where the php. You may need to contact your hosting provider to see if they have that on their systems. Very Starnge!! Any ideas?? Regards, Aziz S. Could you provide us with the specific error? Also, you may need to set your php. Hello, One of these will work for the zip file: Hello, Through your guidence I have found the tab!! Best Regards, ASKural. V What can be the problem?

Regards, Aziz. In the newest version of OpenCart, hover over the Settings and click on Settings. Then go to the Server tab. Here, you will see a bix with allowed file extensions in which you can then add zip to the list.

Hello, Thank you for the comment. There are no settings and server taba anywhere. Strange dilemma. I have checked every tab an I couldn't find anything close. The icon I am referring to is the same as the System section that you are referring to. The icon displays a cog wheel. Based on what you have provided me, it seems that Settings may be replaced with Shops in your translation of OpenCart. Hello, I've followed these steps but when I get to product-link-downloads there is nothing in the list to choose from: Hello Christine, Sorry for the problem with the downloads.

In order for us to see what's happening we need a little more information. Can you please provide us a URL? Please provide some additional information and we'd be happy to help.

Hello Arn, Thank you for the quick reply. Is there a way for me to send you this info privatly? Hello Christine, The Support Center provides support via answers that are available to the community. That being said, you can reply to a comment such as this one and we can obfuscate any URL that you provide.

Comments are moderated before they are published, so it won't be available to the public until we have edited the information out of the comment. Please provide the requested information so that we can look further into this issue for you. Kindest regards Arnel C. Ideas anyone? Hello Insiyah, Thank you for contacting us. When you set the "Total Downloads Allowed" Step 4 of the " Uploading Your Digital Product " section above , it should make the file available until it has been downloaded.

Meaning if they are not able to download it, it most likely completed already. It is possible they are having a problem with their computer, such as hardware, or a virus, bug, etc. Also, it could be a connection problem, for example their network may be inconsistent, causing issues. Have you tried to replicate the problem as a customer? The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.

How to have a free ebook download section. Search New posts Unanswered topics Active topics Search. Home Search. New posts Unanswered topics Active topics Search. Search Advanced search. Lynne baker. This is my very first post so please forgive me if I don't explain myself properly!

I have an e commerce website which is both retail and trade. The trade part has products which are visible to everyone but in order to see prices the user needs to be logged in. As part of our service to our trade customers we offer training manuals, brochures, images etc.

I would like like these to be downloadable free of charge and therein lies the problem! We use sage pay as our payment gateway and it won't allow us or so I'm told by our erstwhile developer to have products with a price of zero.