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Somewhere, behind closed doors, in her solitary world;Somewhere, under the sheets with an indifferent lover;Somewhere, is a woman who will not be denied. Sita's Curse: The Language Of Desire By Sreemoyee Piu Kundu Online. Book have a Kindle? Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. Bold, brazen and defiant, Sita's Curse looks at the hypocrisy of Indian society and tells the compelling story of a middle-class Indian housewife's.

Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Somewhere, behind closed doors, in her solitary world; somewhere, under the sheets with an indifferent lover; somewhere, is a woman who will not be denied… Trapped for fifteen years in the stranglehold of a dead marriage and soulless household domesticity, the beautiful, full-bodied and passionate Meera Patel depends on her memories and her flights of fancy to soothe the aches that wrack her body; to quieten an unquenchable need. Until one cataclysmic day in Mumbai, when she finally breaks free

All in all the book swallows the readers and if the reader is a woman gives wings to their unfulfilled desires but cautioning it with right decisions. The story has a long lasting lingering over the mind and the heart flows along with it. The book's fiction is more realistic and can be related to real life scenarios too. The transformation of the entire story binding you till the end.

A book with tenacity and cruel effect yet subtle and tactical emotions which work it's magic all over. May 16, Sridevi rated it did not like it. Liberation is both internal and external. Placing liberation into slots somehow fractures its whole purpose, renders its useless.

For instance what use is sexual liberation if you are chained to many other dogmas and thinkings surrounding you? Again seeking sexual freedom is seen as the ultimate form of liberation when you unshackle yourself from the guilt and biases that surround the seeking of this pleasure.

Meera the feminist and the feminine: Meera Liberation is both internal and external. Meera is aware of her sexuality right from the time she steps into adolescence. For the first time we are seeing a woman, a Bharatiya Nari at that from a subservient family aware of her desires and fantasies and longing of the flesh separate and distinct from the longings of her soul someone whose longings are not reduced to feminine wiles.

I liked that. Read more here http: May 20, D rated it it was ok. I don't know what kind of message the author was trying to convey in this book. To be honest I found 50 shades a lot better than this one. There were things in parts that made sense like a woman loves to be desired more than to be loved. Either I'm not normal or there was some kind of serious problem with the protagonist. The book is all about her saree, blouse, hair etc and yes a lot of things apart from this which were not only difficult to read but made my eyes bleed Too much mindfuck.

If you like that then go ahead: Meera is a very very peculiar lady. After going through her shenanigans I think she is a nymphomaniac, there's no other way to rationalize why she has unbridled sex with almost every convenient male she meets, irrespective of age, situation in life.

She only needs a relatively isolated space. She is very beautiful, graceful, has lost her twin brother with whom she was having regular physical relations, has been pushed into a loveless arranged marriage, has come to realize that 1. She is very beautiful, graceful, has lost her twin brother with whom she was having regular physical relations, has been pushed into a loveless arranged marriage, has come to realize that her husband is impotent, is frustrated with life, but all this doesnot justify her actions and erratic behavior.

Felt slightly queasy while reading the vulgarly described physical attributes. There are numerous editing mistakes. There is abrupt change in events and turns even at the middle of paragraphs, the fonts are tiny, especially the italic paragraphs, which jump in amidst the normal ones. I am unable to guess the importance of the italicized events.

The only thing I understood from the book is 1. If you are a beautiful female your libido is quite high, almost uncomparably high 2. If you don't go out to work, you are always fantasizing about doing IT with all and sundry 3.

Men are fools with only one thought in their brains 4. All females around you are ugly 5. Of course you will land up with an unsatisfactory husband 6. Yes, you are justified in having a sexual romp 7. No, it is not at all abnormal, in fact it is liberating, to shut the door to your bedroom at all odd hours and either masturbate, or go to online sex rooms, or reminisce about your previous lovers. I thoroughly hated this story, even discounting the X-rated parts.

It was feeble, full of holes, quite unbelievable. I wish there is never a lady like our Meera in this whole universe, and nor are there likes of the 'gents' I encountered in this book. Highly recommended if you are in search of something close to Porn with a loose story line Highly to be avoided, if you are more interested in psychology of arranged marriage, female loneliness and female liberation. What I felt was that it was female emancipation, not liberation. With due apologies for the scathing review.

I just HAD to vent it out. May 29, Book'd rated it it was ok. This book may be a good treat for the light erotica readers. Being a woman, the author has tried to lighten up the needs of sexual desires of a woman named Meera Patel in this book and I must say the author has failed miserably.

Throughout the story, Meera is portrayed constantly carving for fulfillment of her sexual desires. Right from the childhood till the end she had several sexual escapades with different men.

After premature death of her brother, she was married to a local businessman Mohan This book may be a good treat for the light erotica readers. After premature death of her brother, she was married to a local businessman Mohan in Mumbai who could never fulfill her desires. Eventually she has sexual affairs with a dance teacher in her colony, a Guruji, a porn website male chat mate etc and few more.

For fulfillment of her desires, she made herself available for almost every male character in the book. Throughout the story, she is portrayed to be EverReady to have sex with everyone who showed smallest of the interest in her which is something I hate the author for portraying her so. Core idea behind this book seems to be just dishing out the sexual escapades of a woman. I could not at all developed any liking or at least have some sympathy with Meera throughout the book.

Moreover, title of this book is completely misleading. Sita is nowhere related to the character apart from a small role of Sita that Meera played in few plays in her childhood. Also, I sincerely request the author to avoid using Gujarati words in any of her upcoming books. I am thoroughly pissed with author for doing so. Overall, this is a plain erotica tale set in India with backless cholis and conveniently slipping pallus and a behavior which a reader may not be able to digest from a woman's point of view.

May 09, Pratibha rated it really liked it Shelves: Some books you read with an expectation , some with doubts. I picked this book with both in equal measures. I would like to call this book a mix of poetry and prose , the poetry erupting in flashes like Meera's strength to keep her marriage working. She wants to be loved and more than that perhaps she needs to be desired , its said.

This made me wonder , is it not the feeling of being desired that binds one to his or her partner. Of course there is a lot of love but can it withstand the waves of Some books you read with an expectation , some with doubts.

Of course there is a lot of love but can it withstand the waves of unfulfilled desires? Some of the incidents in the book seem far fetched , but Sreemoyee keeps the flow of the events as reaction to Meera's life in her husband's home. Beautiful or not , every woman has wants , both physical and emotional.

Every woman deserves respect and truth from her partner. Without all this , there are bound to be regrets and complaints. But inspite of all this , Meera doesn't loses herself , doesn't cries herself to misery but instead works to be independent and supports the house ably in best possible ways. The first part of the book describes Meera's life in her father's home with her twin brother Kartik , and that bond somehow defines all her life.

From surrendering to a life less wedding and then finally walking out of it , she never forgets her brother , her best friend and partner. This was a difficult book to read , specially the erotic parts of the book. They can be little uncomfortable at times but its liberating too. That is a feeling I can not express too well but I can still thank the author for this wonderful book. Jul 07, Athena rated it did not like it.

This is probably the only book that I have given just one star. I am usually far more generous with my ratings. Rarely any book makes me dislike it enough to give less than 3 stars. So you can imagine what I think of this book. This is neither feminist literature not erotica.

Ebook download curse sitas

It is just a thin storyline written in coarse, vulgar and obscene language. The love rather sex scenes did not titillate but disgusted me.

I am no prude in reading. I read erotic romance as much as I read philosophy, but this is just crude to fit in any category. I can take graphic details in a book but somethings are just no no. Incest for no particular point to make for the story - surely a big negative. Apart from the language, the storyline itself doesn't work for me.

It would have been much palatable had Meera been shown as a woman with an unfulfilled sex drive, who goes to find solace in different ways. An impotent husband could be shown as volatile but here there is no attempt to show his mindset. The fact that she is treated indifferently most of the time by her husband, who seems more attracted to her sister-in-law just does not seem congruous. The attraction to Vrinda does not make sense. And that too before he has given himself any chance with Meera.

This is just one thing. Almost the entire story appears to fill in gaps between some lurid, over the top and not a bit erotic sex scenes. Apr 30, Vinay Leo rated it really liked it. Though it is erotica, it has much more a story to it than just lust or sex. Read the book for the story of a girl trapped in a loveless marriage, as well as by notions of society.

The author takes up those things that society is still somewhat reluctant to discuss, and gives them life too through this novel. May 16, Meenakshi Giridhar added it. For all the hype built around it, it's an extremely disappointing book. The erotica isn't erotic enough and the story is a goner! And couldn't quite understand the Sita connection!

View 1 comment. Jul 01, Rinzu Rajan rated it it was ok. Indian women don't talk of sex. Except in their bedrooms. And with their husbands, and sometimes with their girlfriends. To write a piece of erotica in this part of the planet, needs nerves of steel. Sreemoyee tried to liberate the Indian woman from these shackles imposed on her body, by patriarchy.

She has used sex as an instrument to expose the religious and social hypocrisy and questioned the Indian arranged marriages by vividly wording the insatiable desires that were never fulfilled in the Indian women don't talk of sex. She has used sex as an instrument to expose the religious and social hypocrisy and questioned the Indian arranged marriages by vividly wording the insatiable desires that were never fulfilled in the protagonist's marriage to Mohan.

Meera, is in tune with her sensuality and the pristine pleasures the body seeks, right from the time she hits adolescence. She sets out on a journey to find a conduit for these carnal cravings. Her first encounters with her twin brother are venerated in poetic language, most of which didn't go down too well with me. All throughout the story, Kartik her brother is shown as that first person who gave wings to her desires and as her most trusted confidante, but what is disappointing is his portrayal as an empty suit, who is made to die too soon.

What also left me flabbergasted was her encounter with Binal that made me wonder. Was Meera a nymphomaniac? And which way was her swing?

This rendezvous leaves the reader with a distaste in the mouth. Again, as the story flows, the writer has effectively phrased the lessons in modesty that a young Indian girl is given before her marriage.

She has also vented the hubris of hypocrisy that the Indian arranged marriage thrives on. Also the purpose of most Indian marriages is announced from the rooftops, firstly when Meera feels worthless for having had the periods on time. Her mother-in-law taking her to guruji to "purify her womb" clarifies the stand of most Indians about marriage, which translates to adding to the brood. Secondly, the sexist stand of Indian marriages is revealed when her mother reminds her of the age catching up, and why she must keep herself in shape to stay desirable to her husband.

I admire Meera's guts to have escaped from that cage of endless expectations. Mohan setting his heart on Vrinda added an interesting dimension to the tale. I applaud the writer's "Cherry pick" in the story. A 20 something guy who had set free the caged bird.

In him Meera had found an answer to the thirst that no one could quench, although I still have to come to terms with the ending.

Why so abrupt? I give the book 2 out of 5. Two points go away for the loss of track. Meera could have been set free without penciling her character as a "nymphomaniac". I mean how on earth can a woman find an answer to her lust in her own brother and a woman.

At times, I could only imagine Meera as a slut who didn't even know her swing, and got carried away by the touch of another woman when she was a young girl.

Sita's Curse - The Language of Desire - A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose!

Incest as a vehicle of lustfulness can't be acceptable always. The language was poetic and sometimes even unconvincing. One point goes away for the flowery language.

Although it was laden with imagery. There were a few typographical errors which can be dealt with in the next edition.

Also, the disappearance of certain characters and the coincidences that were too good to be true made the read a drag. Sita's curse is a convincing attempt at trying to embody a woman's sexuality, but somewhere it lost track and couldn't serve the purpose it was meant to. Calling it feminist erotica is not doing justice to feminism, for feminism is more than just getting aroused at the 'drop of a hat' and sleeping around.

May 11, Amrit Sinha rated it really liked it. The story line might offend a few sensibilities, but then, if one has picked up a book and is well aware of its genre, it should be read keeping that in mind. Her life is plotted amidst urge and desire of being wanted, always seeking company and affection, embracing whatever life has to offer her.

Her trysts with several men, and a woman, including her own twin brother and a God-man, might leave you cringing at times, but the book, aimed to be bold and brazen, does full justice on that front. Meera, the protagonist, shines in every frame. She is the star of the show, ruling the words enclosed in the pages, making you feel her presence as you read about her life, the slight tinge of familiarity smiling back at you.

Meera is sensual, beautiful, a dream and a fantasy, inviting you to know her better, to love her and to want her. And that brings me back to my first question — did I like the book? In parts, yes. I loved the fluency of the language and how Sreemoyee described the scenes vividly, as if you are watching a motion picture. The pages come alive and flow before you, immersing you in its spicy concoction.

However, at times I did feel that the book had been dragged unnecessarily. One thing about the book that disappointed me was the usage of Hindi lines. In my opinion, Sreemoyee shouldn't have had resorted to them as they somehow diluted the classy ambiance that she had created through her beautiful usage of language and words, the imagery profound and meticulous. However, pick it up only if you are comfortable with the genre erotica, else the bold overtures may not go down well with you.

Jun 15, Rubina rated it liked it Shelves: Totally bamboozled into reading this book. No I am no goody two shoes who feels shy in reading erotica. My bad! I should have read the reviews. To cut the long story short I read my first 'desi' erotica. Not shy of words Ms. Kundu has made me gulp a few times, rewind the pages , re read before the word soaring high was fully understood by me. It was definitely not a flight i Totally bamboozled into reading this book. It was definitely not a flight if the birds!

I have nothing against erotica. I just don't promote it because I promote kids books too. And well these two cannot be on the same page. So why the heck am I reviewing this.

I just want to ask the writer and Hatchette that please state clearly on the cover that this book is an erotica. For the name Sita's Curse sounds mythological and that is not good for kids and many ladies who may not read this genre. Let people make an educated choice regarding such book.

Ultimately those who want to buy will buy. Kundu, great attempt. Hats off to your boldness and you almost pulled it off.

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Except Meera came off as a nymphomaniac. You could have avoided the bro relationship or at least justified it. Nora Roberts has used incest in many of her stories. But they either always had a reason or they ended in a definite way. Here there was no ending. It was left hanging in between a string of flowery language. Why did the brother die? Was it guilt? Or was it unfulfilled desire? Here it was like the writer did not know what to do with him so it is better to drown him.

They were everywhere and anywhere. Even a man, a Casanova has limitations. At least keep that. Here it was anybody and anywhere. That is not a language of Desire.. O Frankly speaking what made me so sad about this book was it is really very beautifully written. I really wish Ms. Now let me close my eyes and do my meditations. I need some cleansing.. Jun 13, Suyash Karangutkar rated it it was amazing. In India, very rarely do we openly talk about sex.

There are many erotic story, novels available but then this is a really, really different one. Its prologue is enough for a reader to realize that the book is erotic. This book brings us a story from a typical Gujrati family.

Readers are introduced to Meera a simple girl who has high sexual desires. She is close to her twin brother Kartik who expires, leaving her lonely. Soon after his death she is married off to a Mumbai-based Businessman Mohan In India, very rarely do we openly talk about sex. Soon after his death she is married off to a Mumbai-based Businessman Mohan Patel. Bansi is basically a jolly kind of person who keeps on entertaining Meera.

Curse ebook download sitas

Her lust and desire continues to remain the same. She then begins finding source to fulfill her wish. Slots where-in Meera is told to cover her face with the ghunghat, Mohan kicking a black cat etc. Each and every story automatically attaches readers to it and then reading the book gives an enjoyable time. Speaking about its cover: It is simple yet suitable. The writing style of the authoress is also good and the way she has crafted the chapters in the book is fabulous!

The title of each and every story is enthralling. It deserves a sure shot 4.

Sita’s Curse – The Language of Desire

Great work of fiction by Sreemoyee! May 16, Prasanna rated it liked it. And for that alone the author deserves to be acknowledged and appreciated. But if you ask me how much I, as a reader, enjoyed reading this book, then I would, unfortunately, have to say that I was a tad disappointed. When reading this book I had this edgy feeling that Meera was portrayed as more of a sensual woman with this unquenchable desire and most of her relationships with the men in her life were clouded by her passion.

After few years, Meera connects with the real life in Mumbai when she starts going out with her friends from her English course but then a tragedy strikes and changes her life in a way that she never thought possible.

The sex in the book is not exactly titillating but what drew me is the mindset of the good-old, subservient, middle-class wife, who craves the power to control, to triumph over her husband and yet at the same time to serve and be acquiescent.

It is worth a read for brazenly bringing out the taboo topic of sex and adultery in the open. Negatives- Too much of sex that does nothing much to forward the plot and tends to get dreary at times. May 06, Madhusmita rated it really liked it Shelves: Writing an erotica by a woman and about a woman will not go quite well with people in this country; as talking about sex openly is still an eyes-widening-and-mouth-opening thing. But the author manages to do a great job and has given us a compelling read.

There are vivid descriptions, of which some are pleasant and some unpleasant too. It is the story of Meera Patel born and brought up in a village in Gujarat who Writing an erotica by a woman and about a woman will not go quite well with people in this country; as talking about sex openly is still an eyes-widening-and-mouth-opening thing.

It is the story of Meera Patel born and brought up in a village in Gujarat who is later married off to an elder groom in Mumbai. The house she was married to had a window in the whole chawl colony they lived! Over the years all Meera wanted was love, respect, acceptance and sexual fulfillment. Was it too much?

Read full review here - http: Sreemoyee Piu Kundu May 26, Locomente rated it liked it. The story is not only bold all the time , but also very realistic many a times. The loneliness, the desire to be loved, the plight of womanhood and the way their dreams are bottled in the name of marriage are well handled and established. I generally like to read biopic-like fictions.

It makes her more real and as readers, we are able to empathize with her. The first person narrative adds to the charm. The s The story is not only bold all the time , but also very realistic many a times. The story slowly unravels the transformation of a little girl into a dreamy teenager and then into a middle-aged woman who understands the mysteries of life.

The story matures with Meera, so does the narrative. I appreciate the way in which the author relates the title of the book with the plot. It makes us wonder if Sita was ever happy as a woman.

Read the full review at: May 09, Hemantkumar Jain rated it liked it. A very interesting and a very different novel something i have not read before. This novel hits you hard, below the belt at times, so be prepared for it.

May 01, Dhwani Swadia rated it liked it Shelves: There is a strong undercurrent of feminism throughout the book. The quiet rebellion of a young woman quietly breaking her shackles. Read the complete review here: May 17, Tarang Sinha rated it did not like it. Read my review on my blog: For me, it was annoying, murky, difficult and depressing read. It was disappointing considering the reviews it has got. I have realized that Erotica is NOT my genre.

Aug 11, VaultOfBooks rated it did not like it. By Sreemoyee Piu Kundu. The last three words are important. The author has already explained her stand in an interview. It is not intended to titillate. Feminist erotica is about strong women having dialogues with themselves, discovering who they truly are. Meera is a woman who is unusually sensual, and cannot understand her own desires. The story starts off with her childhood, and the confusion of a young girl maturing into a woman is beautifully portrayed — how her mother tells her to cover her chest, the discomfort of the first bra, the swollenness and shame at the first period.

She is the half of a couple: Some readers might find a slightly distasteful taste in their mouth after reading the slightly incestuous thoughts and actions between the two siblings.

Meera is married off to a man twelve years older at the tender age of nineteen. However, Mohan is an aloof man; hardly interested in his gorgeous wife whose pallu keeps on conveniently slipping to reveal her perky assets.

Difficult to believe that a typical Indian man would turn down his beautiful wife for sex — repeatedly, even when she is excellent at it. The rest of the book sees Meera sleeping with almost every male and even a female she encounters to find one who makes her feel the way her twin did who is now dead. She eventually comes across two: The story reaches its denouement on June 26th, the day of the fateful Mumbai flooding when both Yousuf and Mohan go missing.

The feeling is mutual, LuAnn. May 14, 4: Interesting title, your review makes me want to add this book to my to-read list Shilpa.

Curse ebook download sitas

It is strange how we worship goddesses and then ill treat women so blatantly. May 14, 9: Very interesting. This does seem to be a fascinating book, Shilpa. Must get my hands on it — hopefully, for free! It is truly a good one! Read a book that moves you, after ages!! It was available for review from Readers Cosmos and Blogadda… hope it is open to review still.

May 15, May 14, 1: Looking forward to read your review. Yes, an offbeat and taboo topic but handled well! I am very much intrigued by the subject of the story. It must be very powerful and bold. Loved reading your review. On my checklist. May 14, 2: Reading it now! Let me finish and review the book! Sounds interesting.

So far have read only good reviews of this book. Sometimes Amazon limits Indian authors to India. But at least it did well in creating some waves about the taboo topic!

May 14, 6: Sounds like a real page turner! Great review and I enjoyed watching the book trailer. That was the cherry on top! May 15, 3: Yet another honest review after I read Sakshi. Do read the blog interview of Kiran Manral on, http: May 17, May 15, 9: There are a lot of contradictory reviews going out on this one… more positive but the negative ones are quite strong as well. I guess the best way to find out is to read it myself: Nicely reviewed Shilpa! May 17, 9: I have read the reviews too, Rachna.

Somehow this reminds me of the contrasting reviews for 50 Shades of Grey or even Twilight series… there are people who have loved these books and there are who have called them utter trash.

Download sitas curse ebook

All, I can say is… to each his own. April 18, 6: Attractive component to content. I just stumbled upon your weblog and in accession capital to claim that I get in fact enjoyedd account your blog posts. Any wway I will be subscribing for your augment or even I success you access constantly fast.

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