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E5 7 Hotel Andino The newly restored architecture gives a sense of how magnificent the area must have looked in past years. Declared a Unesco World Heritage Site in , the area is getting international recognition.

The construction of a controversial coastal highway around the peninsula has preservationists fuming. Plaza de la Independencia. In this plaza, in the heart of Casco Viejo, Panama declared its independence from Colombia on November 3, The priest told Morgan that the famous altar had been stolen by another pirate, and even convinced Morgan to donate handsomely for its replacement.

Performances are still held here.

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For information visit the office at the side of the building. At the tip of the southern point of Casco Viejo, this beautiful plaza pays homage to the French role in the construction of the canal.

Its large stone tablets and statues are dedicated to the memory of the 22, workers who died trying to create the canal. Most of the workers died from yellow fever and malaria. Among the busts is a monument to the Cuban doctor Carlos J Finlay, whose discovery of how mosquitoes transmit yellow fever led to the eradication of the disease.

On one side of the plaza are nine restored dungeons that were used by the Spaniards and later by the Colombians. There is a small gallery on the 1st floor that displays works by Panamanian artists. This esplanade runs along the top of the sea wall built by the Spanish to protect the city. The president of Panama lives on the upper floor. Although unable to keep Gran Colombia together, he is. It even played a part in the selection of Panama over Nicaragua as the site for the canal since its survival was taken as proof that the area was not subject to earthquakes.

It collapsed in but has since been rebuilt. After a long decline during the 20th century, when wealthy families abandoned the area in favor of the modern downtown area, restoration has come full swing.

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Panama City, now a metropolitan area of more than one million residents, experiences ever-increasing traffic congestion. In the government announced plans to continue the coastal highway toward the Bridge of the Americas. However, after the signing the government altered its plans for the tunnel, citing high costs, and suggested road construction on an ocean fill around the Casco.

This announcement incited a great deal of public debate about the project and its impact on the cultural patrimony of the Casco Viejo. Citizens groups led by Casco residents have suggested other alternatives that would not impact the neighborhood. After preparing an Environmental Impact Study in , which many considered deficient because it did not consider alternatives, the Ministry of Public Works and Odebrecht began the construction of an ocean bridge in front of Casco that would not involve filling the beach and shore.

Instead, the road would be elevated on pilings some 8m above the sea and m offshore. The project is slated to finish by June Daniel Suman is a professor of environmental and coastal law at the University of Miami.

Some fresh paint was selectively applied in early , when scenes from the movie The Tailor of Panama were filmed here. Now it occassionally hosts raves and club events. C5 4 Plaza de Francia B3 17 Casa del Horno C2 18 Hospedaje Casco Viejo B3 19 Las Clementinas B1 20 Los Cuatro Tulipanes C3 21 Luna's Castle B2 22 Magnolia Inn It serves as an incredible wilderness escape from the trappings of the capital.

More than known bird species have been spotted here. The park was the site of an important battle during the US invasion to oust Noriega.

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Also of historical significance, concrete structures just past the park entrance were used during WWII as a testing and assembly plant for aircraft engines. C4 27 Diablo Rosso B3 28 Ego y Narciso D3 29 Granclement C3 30 La Petite Bretagne B2 31 Manolo Caracol C4 32 Restaurante L'Osteria C2 33 Super Gourmet B1 36 La Rana Dorada B1 37 La Vecinidad B4 38 Mojito sin Mojito C4 41 Teatro Anita Villalaz C5 Teatro Nacional Previously offlimits to the public, Ancon Expeditions has exclusive access to take tourists up to the treetops.

It provides an entirely different view of the rainforest. Book ahead.

Because of the amount of wealth that passed through the city, the Spaniards kept many soldiers here, and their presence kept the buccaneers away. B3 8 Instituto Nacional de Cultura C5 9 Museo de Arte Religioso Colonial C3 12 Palacio de las Garzas C2 13 Plaza de la Independencia C3 14 Teatro Nacional Although the city was not fortified, it was protected on three sides by the sea and marshes, and on the land side was a causeway with a bridge to allow tidal water to pass underneath.

But to the bewilderment of historians, when Morgan and his men neared the city, the Spanish soldiers left this natural stronghold and confronted the buccaneers in a hilly area outside town. It was the first of many mistakes in battle. After the Spanish force fell to pieces nearly everything of value was either plundered and divided up or destroyed by fire.

For the next three centuries the abandoned city served as a convenient source of building materials. By the time the government declared the ruins a protected site in Unesco followed suit in , most of the old city had already been dismantled and overrun. So little of the original city remains that its size, layout and appearance are the subject of much conjecture.

An optional extra is climbing Mirador de la Torre, the lookout tower. Children under eight are not allowed to go up the tower. The primary government buildings were at the mouth of the cove, also a port. All of the major Catholic religious orders — the Franciscans, Dominicans, Jesuits and Augustines — were present. The best houses and most of the convents were built on the narrow strip of land along the beachfront. Visitors enter the sector over a modern bridge parallel to 1Puente del Matadero, an awkwardly over-restored stone bridge that took its name from a nearby slaughterhouse.

It marked the beginning of the Camino Real to Portobelo. Also bordering the avenue are the remains of 3Iglesia y Convento de San Francisco, erected by the Franciscans. The church faced the sea and stood on a massive base.

All were rectangular, with stone outer walls, timber roofs, internal wooden supports and a lack of towers. The adjoining convents had inner courts surrounded by wooden galleries, and the larger ones had enclosed gardens and orchards. The colonial city followed a grid plan with a main square. The lots tended to be narrow, and the houses often consisted of two or three stories.

Much of the remains were scattered when Av Cincuentenario and a side road were put in not long ago. Most of the ruins, which cover the better part. Most of the better houses were built from timber and placed wall to wall, with small inner courts, open-air kitchens and separate wings for the servants. Some had ground-floor galleries and balconies, and most had plain exterior walls. A few of the fancier homes were built from stone and their ruins remain.

The poor had far simpler dwellings, usually thatched huts built with cheap materials such as reeds. The center of power resided at 9Casas Reales Royal Houses , a complex ringed by timber ramparts and separated from the city proper by a moat. Despite the obvious historical importance of the site, past governments have allowed sections of the property to be used as a landfill and for horse. Only scattered walls remain of the once impressive structures. In traditional fashion, it was designed so its two side chapels gave the cathedral a crosslike shape when viewed from the heavens.

The bell tower was at the back of the church and may have served double duty as a watchtower for the Casas Reales. The main facade, which faced the Plaza Mayor, is gone — only the walls remain. Just north, cIglesia y Convento de Santo Domingo is the best-preserved church. The convent dates from the s, though the church was built 20 or more years later. Built in , it may be the oldest standing bridge in the Americas.

At the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal, a 2km palm-tree-lined calzada causeway connects the four small islands of Naos, Culebra, Perico and Flamenco to the mainland. The Causeway is popular in the early morning and late afternoon, when residents walk, jog, skate and cycle its narrow length.

The Causeway also offers sweeping views of the skyline and the old city with flocks of brown pelicans diving into the sea. Others arrive here simply to savor the pleasant breeze at one of the many restaurants and bars. Any of the restaurants or bars can call one for you.

At night, these open-air spots are a big draw, providing a fine setting for cocktails or a decent meal. At the marina, daily boats leave for the nearby resort island of Isla Taboga. This informative marine museum features two small aquariums and a nature trail through a patch of dry forest containing sloths and iguanas.

Signs in English and Spanish. Separate aquariums contain fish from the Pacific and the Caribbean, allowing you to compare the two sets. Staff on hand can explain to you the reasons for the differences. Outside, large, intelligent illustrations of vessels allow visitors to glance out at the ocean and identify the types of ships waiting to transit the canal, aided by a telescope.

Keep your eyes open for three-toed sloths and other wildlife. There are also day trips to San Lorenzo and Gamboa, with visits to a Wounaan indigenous village. Service is hop-on, hop-off, so you can explore the sights all you want with hourly pickups.

Departures run between 9am and 4pm, except for the night tour. Tickets are good for 24 or 48 hours. They also offer a tour of the canal zone. Both English and Spanish are spoken. Spanish school sits in the heart of the Casco. In addition to private and group lessons, they also offer accommodations and activities.

Open-air events are usually free, while big-draw theater spectacles require tickets. Carnaval in Panama City is celebrated with merriment and wild abandon in the days preceding Ash Wednesday, between February and March.

From Saturday until the following Tuesday, work is put away and masks, costumes and confetti come out, and for 96 hours almost anything goes. Festivities begin with a coronation of Carnaval queen on Friday, followed by a small Saturday parade with the queen and her court. Masked characters cavort among the crowd.

Colorful street vendors wander through the throngs of people, and improvised entertainment abounds. The party moves indoors at night — into cantinas, private clubs and hotels — where combos play Afro-Cuban and typical Panamanian music, and the dancing and drinking continue till dawn. To cool the sunbaked masses, fire and garden hoses are turned on the crowd.

The amount of water sprayed on party-goers during Carnaval in Panama City during these four festive days equals the amount the city uses during the previous four months. The madness peaks on Shrove Tuesday with the biggest parade of all.

Floats of all sizes rule the avenue, not the least conspicuous of which is the traditional entourage of transvestites. Most of them carry a razor in each hand as a warning to macho types that a punch thrown at them will not go unanswered. Boutique lodgings are on the rise. After extensive renovations, old-world charmer Casco Viejo is an excellent option, with many restaurants and cafes in walking distance. Fast-paced, modern Panama is best experienced in the overlapping neighborhoods of Bella Vista, Marbella and El Cangrejo.

However, a highrise fire in October revealed that Panama City firefighters lack adequate equipment to fight blazes above the 8th floor; something to think about in this sea of soaring steel and glass. Its latest feature is a helpful activites concierge, whose expertise ranges from planning a sailboat trip to finding the best mojito. Perks include free bikes, laundry service and a basement movie house showing popular flicks. Wall murals, cutouts and black lights offset a whole lot of white space.

The best room is the dormitory, with well-spaced single beds. Perks include a communal kitchen and an open-air courtyard. Air-conditioned dorms are grown-up friendly, with orthopedic mattresses, quality bedding, individual lamps and numerous power plug-ins. Shared bathrooms and kitchen are immaculate and service is top-notch. Ample doubles with city views come stocked with minifridges, flat-screen TVs and coffee makers.

All happy families may be the same, but great hotels have their particularities. This one, with its antique regional maps, recycled hardwood floors from the canal, and unusual relics from the original house, feels like authentic Panama.

The restored colonial has six airy suites, a leafy courtyard and wonderful restaurant. Guests get the opportunity to locally engage with free cruising bikes and housemade pocket guides including listings of the best neighborhood dives. Original tours visit marginal areas where tradespeople such as traditional tailors work, to show the many complex issues of the city.

Decor includes exposed original stone walls, polished cement and large art prints of Congos by photographer Sandra Eleta. There are two penthouses with Jacuzzi and eight rooms, which feature soft lighting, wine cellar, mini HD entertainment center and private balconies.

Concierge service and in-room massages are a plus. Fine details in the three luxury bedrooms include iPads, blown-glass lamps and embroidered pillows. Shared spaces are lovely and service rates impeccable. Though located in the Casco, it feels removed, with climate-controlled rooms and double-glass windows sealing out street noise and yes, part of the ambiance.

Green-gold certified, the hotel recycles and separates waste, in addition to using energysaving lights and biodegradable detergents. It also works with the Cal y Canto Foundation to train and employ Casco residents. Various artists were commissioned to make the rooms of this room boutique hotel. Do oversized spikes on the ceilings humor your fantasies? With oversized murals, stenciled Bukowski quotes and stripped-down decor, none of the rooms are shy — or too serious. While each is unique, all are elegant restored spaces with features like handpainted tiles, hardwood details, high ceilings and private terraces.

Some have a concierge. Kitchens come fully equipped, and maid service, wi-fi, cable TV and coffee and tea are included. Amenities include hour desk service, pancake breakfasts and DVD library. Highceiling dorms have air-con at night and the cute motel-style doubles offer considerable privacy.

The onsite travel agency offers sailing to San Blas and popular day trips. Renovations with more doubles and a swimming pool are coming. Request a king-size and you can also get a two-burner stove for some self-catering adventures. In a part of town famous for surprises, these no-nonsense rooms are good, but probably overpriced unless you are very keen on the pool and gym.

Euros are accepted. As central as it gets, these neighborhoods have no lack of restaurants or bars within walking distance. However, it is also one of the noisier spots in town, with snaking traffic and honking horns dominating the daytime hours. Fresh rooms have safe boxes, high ceilings, warm light and tiled bathrooms with scalloped sinks.

Mattresses are a bit slim. Guests of all ages congregate in the communal kitchen, lounge area or on the lush hammock patio. Bunks crowd larger dorms, but air-con keeps them cool. Breakfast is pancakes and coffee.

The neighborhood gets deserted at night so take taxis. Still, you can practice yoga, get a carrot juice at the detox bar or order room service watching your flat-screen TV.

Tasteful and cordial, this inn sits on a residential street central to the action. Rooms are sleek and modern, with subdued colors and soft lighting.

The English-speaking owner makes guests right at home. Cable TV, fast wi-fi and air purifiers are among the. Caledonia is central to city highlights, but itself is a very working-class area not frequented by outsiders.

The garden patio has wicker seating, where continental breakfasts are served. B4 2 Bicicletas Rali B4 13 Caminito de la Empanada B5 15 La Mar D2 16 La Posta B4 17 La Rosa Mexicano B5 18 Market A4 Petit Paris C5 Restaurante Matsuei C2 Sabores de la India B3 Shalom Bakery B3 Smoke Shack B3 Sukhi C4 Supermercado Rey C3 Wine Bar C1 31 La Rana Dorada C1 32 S6is B4 33 Starlight B5 Wine Bar A4 Multicentro Cinemark B3 37 Multicentro Mall C6 38 Reprosa While rooms are definitely too skinny, we like it because the service is friendly and caring.

All of the 33 rooms are suites and offer luxury par excellence. Suites are unremarkable yet functional, with spacious bathrooms, bouncy mattresses and fully equipped kitchens. Staff is pleasant and guests have use of a full gym, business center and hour rooftop pool. Beautifully appointed rooms feature antique Thai dressers glistening with inlaid mother of pearl, marble-topped antique tables set with Louis XV chairs, and the finest-quality US-made mattresses with custom bed linen made of Egyptian cotton and goose-feather pillow.

Beds have firm mattresses and brocade covers in ample rooms with flat-screen TVs and leather sofas. Showers feature shaving mirrors. You can get away on the 6th-floor terrace, and facilities include an onsite business center and a nice adjoining cafe.

Service is oft-praised and recently remodeled rooms are tasteful and spacious. B4 4 Coral Suites Aparthotel C2 5 DeVille Hotel C4 6 Executive Hotel B3 7 Hostel Villa Vento Surf C5 8 Hotel Continental B3 9 Le Meridien A5 10 Saba Hotel C1 11 Toscana Inn Suites feature eye-popping skyline views from the sitting area, the bed and even the walk-in closet.

Of course, the real action happens poolside — grab a cocktail and watch it all swirl by. Rooms are refined and lovely. No more donot-disturb tags here — heat sensors determine if rooms are occupied.

Other five-star amenities include a spa, hour butler service and free cell-phone loan. The restaurant, run by an award-winning Panamanian chef, is currently getting an update. Yet, while daring and innovative, some details are simply off.

A little Le Mediocre. But the rooftop pool offers a delicious city skyline view. Similar to Bella Vista, San Francisco is a central, busy location with the added perk of having the biggest green space in this part of the city — Parque Recreativo Omar.

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Punta Paitilla is a peninsula of modern high rises that juts into Panama Bay. A huge garden and breakfast patio has ample space to lounge or dally over a complete breakfast with fresh fruit.

Guests also get kitchen use, but the real treasures here are the warm hosts. A logical step if you already have the Burberry coat or Chanel bag, this long-anticipated hotel resembles a mirrored sail on swank Punta Paitilla. Staff filter out gawkers. The rooms feature neutral palettes, pillow menus and ubiquitous ocean views, though some housekeeping was found lax.

The rooms and amenities here are perfectly suited to the budget traveler, but for those without bus savvy or the budget for taxis, the location leaves you adrift in suburbia.

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Tiled high-ceiling rooms with rod iron beds and sashed windows are worn out but clean; dorms are dark and less appealing. A highlight is the dining patio and open-air kitchen where breakfast is served. Service is sadly lax. The backyard terrace offers bird-watching and abundant breakfasts featuring homemade bread and fresh juice. Angeline the host also offers transportation and tours.

Rooms are plain, uncluttered and clean. Motel-style rooms have modern decor and flat-screen TVs but could be roomier. A small kidney-shaped pool spruces up the garden.

Ideal for an early morning domestic flight. Above a bristling fish market, an unassuming restaurant is the place to get your seafood fix. Come early as service at peak time is painfully slow. Though reminiscent of a retirement Mediterranean-style with olives and curry. Preparations are light and fresh eg Eating fresh salads come with tart passionfruit dressBoasting the most innovative contemporary ing.

But fun place to dine out. A few scoops of these fussy Italing the wallet and satisfying the taste buds. With so many salaried earners on their ian creations will sweeten a leisurely stroll lunch break, the banking district of El Can- through the Casco. They also tend to be slightly more conservative and less trendy.

Owing to the wealth of city denizens and the popularity of dining out, reservations are a good idea. For groceries and self-catering, stop by the hour Supermercado Rey, which has several locations throughout the city, including one in El Cangrejo, and another inside the El Dorado Mall.

Street vendors sell everything from shaved ice to grilled chicken or empanadas. Check out the bacon and blue cheese or the fresh tomato, basil and garlic. Mozzarella is not skimped on. For privacy, try the tiny brick courtyard with a couple of tables. You can also grab soup or a baguette deli sandwich with roasted chicken and peppers, pastrami or three cheeses; the half-portion is probably enough.

For breakfast, eggs on English muffins or arepas hit the spot. TVs broadcasting soccer matches seal its status as a den of the working class. You can also enjoy a frothy cup of cappuccino, cheesy arepas piled high with eggs, hearty vegetarian soup or spinach quesadillas. Check for art openings or Tuesday night art cinema. Crusted cheese rice balls and leafy green salads make a nice starter.

Gnocchi with fresh ricotta and percorino cheese, unusual pastas and well-priced arugula pizzas. The downside is hiccups in service especially if you send the wine back. Tiny courses pair opposite flavors and textures, such as beef tongue sprinkled with sea salt, fire-roasted lobster drizzled in olive oil and tart mango salad with crunchy greens. Not every dish sings, but the fun is adventuring through them. Drinks are extra, but there is a fine selection of wine to splurge on. An open kitchen allows you to watch the cooks dodging flames, a lively backdrop to the warm, colonial style with bold art and heaped bowls of fruit.

Brooklyn, this fully American creation nonetheless packs in expats with freshly baked bagels, lox and oversized breakfasts. They also serve handsome burgers. The setting offers jazz, soft sofas and your assortment of laptop geeks. Petit Paris Marbella; h 6: Caminito de la Empanada p63 Argentine-style snacks like spinach or spicy beef empanadas. Super Gourmet p60 Wine, cheese and deli goods.

The small cafe is strewn with lovely travel photos on clothespins. These sprawling hour cafeterias serve hearty portions of inexpensive food ranging from made-to-order breakfasts, Panamanian dishes and desserts.

Graze on quality ceviche, octopus toasts with balsamic reduction and tender kebabs. Start with a tart pisco sour — they pack a punch in a good way.

Potato causas come delicate and creamy. For timider palates, arroz chaufa fried rice is fluffy and flavorful. The setting is sleek.

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Dress well and reserve ahead — it gets busy. Start with the fried calamari with ginger-cilantro dipping sauce. Flavors pop in the green bean green curry while Ladna comes in fragrant beef broth with broccoli rabbe.

Service is good and the price is right. Salads come in oversized bowls and you can top off your order of Angus beef with interesting sides such as creamed spinach or green beans with bacon. It is wildly popular for weekend brunch. High-stacked burgers, pulled pork sliders, real smoked beans and waffle fries are done right. That and indoor-outdoor seating, football on the tube and clockwork service bring in the crowds. Cozied up with floor pillows and colorful textiles, Masala offers a full complement of traditional dishes from the subcontinent ranging from tikka masala to lamb vindaloo, with a good selection of vegetarian dishes.

Too bad the ambiance is wanting — the dark location was once a garage. Certainly, it is popular among the local cognoscenti. The pasta is satisfying, or you can order appetizers such as a plate of soft and hard cheeses and enjoy the patio. Top selections include the best in US-imported New York rib steaks, grass-fed Argentinean fillets and locally raised Panamanian cuts. The salad bar and selection of Chilean wines round out your meal.

This chic eatery offers modern Mexican in a Cirque du Soleil setting. Start with guacamole handmade at your table. The cocktails are stunners, try the watermelon margarita topped with a sprig of rosemary. Menu highlights include red snapper, salad with jicama and roast pumpkin seeds and, for dessert, a dizzy-good cajeta caramel with sea salt. Service is sterling. Imported fish means varied offerings from unagi eel to maguro tuna on offer.

Non-sushi eaters could try the piping hot sukiyaki, cloud-light tempura or countless other Japanese standards. An open grill sears some serious cuts of beef, chicken and country-style sausage. Located in the San Francisco district just east of the Multiplaza Mall, Parillada Jimmy packs in lunchtime diners and an after-work crowd.

Maito toys with the classics, tinkering in everyday Caribbean, Latin and Chinese influences. Start with a watermelon Waldorf salad. Ribs glazed in passion fruit prove tender but lack the crispness of the duck chow mein. Seafood risotto in squid ink proves divine. They also sell goods from a nearby farm.

In two 14in guns with ranges up to 44km were brought to Panama. Mounted on railway carriages, they could be moved across the isthmus via the Panama Railroad to defend either entrance to the canal the Pacific-side emplacement for the railroad guns was on Culebra.

You can still see the tracks today on the driveway leading up to the Centro de Exhibiciones Marinas. In the Japanese assault on Pearl Harbor showed that carrier-based aircraft could attack successfully far beyond the range of artillery.

Suddenly obsolete, many of the big guns were retired from service even before the end of WWII. The Causeway, its four islands and a chunk of the peninsula leading to the Causeway, were turned over to Panama in October in compliance with the Torrijos-Carter Treaty of Even today, the US military will not disclose what data was so important that it needed to be stored at the center of a rock island. The tropical setting says hacienda, with a breezy dining room decked with white linens and big wicker chairs.

Start with octopus three ways or a beet salad with crisp bacon vinaigrette. Organic chicken and fresh pastas stay in the comfort zone but ultimately satisfy. Doors usually open at 11pm. Remember to bring ID.

As the night wears on, both bohemians and society folk hit this swinging spot, making for some excellent people-watching over expertly crafted mojitos. A complete salsa band rocks the house. Best for beer on tap and a burger either veggie or regular.

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