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Private Bodies is an art photography project that documents people from all walks of life, naked in their own homes. The books are complete, are currently. Public Bodies ENHANCED ebook (including 50 audio and video files) $45 If you purchase along with Private Bodies, or the ebook, we have an extra discount. Make: Canon; Model: Canon EOS D; Shutter Speed: 1/64 second; Aperture: F /; Focal Length: 32 mm; ISO Speed: ; Date Taken: Dec.

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Private Bodies book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. We are born naked. We are made nude. Matt Granger's book Private Bodies is. Private Bodies Ebook pre orders being delivered this week - and it can now be purchased for instant download at: Matt Granger is raising funds for Public Bodies - Nude in Public (Art Nude Photography Book) on Kickstarter! the world. Why should the naked body be kept private? Is there an estimate when the ebooks / download links will be mailed?.

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Keep it up. GO Matt, Loki, Tina, and vegimite! Marcel's book launch: Check out my downloadable video series: Intimate Portraiture series: To see how can get involved visit http: Check out the Petapixel Podcast at: Photokina meetup http: Nikkor mm f1.

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Public Bodies - Nude in Public (Art Nude Photography Book)

Breakthrough Photography Filters Andy: Website, Facebook Andy Williams: As such - postage is pretty pricey. Please use the drop down below to choose your location, referring to the list of countries below. Note we are already subsidising postage costs Australia is ridiculous for postage! If you are unsure - please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All images from the book are available as fine art photographic prints. Images are printed on archival quality photographic paper, hand signed, rolled into packing tubes and sent to you. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. The project was born out of my interest in peoples perception and acceptance of their bodies, as well as the position of nude photography in society and art.

Not surprisingly, given the world of paparazzi, many people are not as trusting of photographers these days. I wanted to challenge this — to invite all people to participate in the project. The central concept of the project is 'everyday people, nude in their own space'. That usually means their own home - but we shot in some fantastic and unusual locations too. One subject spent her whole life around horses.

She flew up to Sydney to be in Private Bodies, so we found a gorgeous horse farm in the mountains and spent the day shooting there. The subjects of the book are a cross section of society — there were no conditions or requirements to participate other than being over 18 and interested in the concept. Subjects range from people totally comfortable with their bodies to up and coming models, to camera-shy people who had never posed for a photoshoot — let alone nude.

While Private Bodies was born from some deep questions I had about nudity, trust and the role of photographers — this is not an academic piece. It is a celebration of beauty and the human form. The foreword for Private Bodies has been written by friend and collaborator Charles Waterstreet — a Sydney barrister, author and larrikin.

Each participant completed a short questionnaire about themselves and how they feel about different issues relating to nudity and their body. A minimal amount of text will be included indicating the subjects name, date of the shoot and in some cases a response from the questionnaire.