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lyubimov.info 9 at a lyubimov.info - lyubimov.info Pages·· MB·1, Downloads. The information contained in this document represents the current view. Attitude Academy has arranged a huge collection of latest, informative & updated Tally ERP9, Manual Accounting, GST (goods and service tax), Income Tax, Advanced MS-Excel, Basic of Computer, Taxation, Payroll, English Speaking, Busy etc. Download latest and described e-Books. Tally eBook for Beginner - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read This ebook helps to learn tally for beginners. Features of Tally ERP 9.

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Learn Tally ERP 9 Course through Video Tutorials, Tally Materials, Notes, Tally Books, Tally PDF Downloads in Hindi and English. Start your FREE Demo. Learn Tally with the best ever Tally ERP 9 Notes updated with GST and supporting videos for each topic. You can also download the Tally. ERP 9 pioneered the 'no accounting codes' concept. lyubimov.info 9 users have . lyubimov.info 9. The user can also download the latest release of.

I have written everything about Tally from basics to practicals and it is indeed the most detailed Tally ERP 9 notes anyone has ever written. I am not joking at all. You can read the notes here online and you can also download these Tally notes in the PDF format completely for free. I have divided these notes in smaller different parts so that you can understand the Tally notes easily with as much less doubts as possible. The very first thing you need to learn about Tally is what is actually Tally.

Now, create a sales entry. This sale will be outside the state. You can comment down below if you get stuck at any place in this assignment. Also comment the answers once you complete the whole assignment. If you complete this practical assignment in Tally ERP 9 even with mistakes, you will learn much more than going to a Tally coaching center for 3 months.

Once again you can download these Tally ERP 9 notes along with this Tally practical assignment just below. If you have come this far, I am sure you have learnt a lot about Tally from these Tally notes than anywhere else. I have really put in my sweat. I have literally written these notes in 44 degrees celcius without AC. Everything that you read, along with all the necessary links, you can download them here in PDF.

I can tell you one thing for sure. If you have sincerely learnt the notes and watched the necessary videos and completed the Tally practical assignment which is at the end of these Tally notes, you will be very good at Tally from now on.

Finalist and a big fan of Tally. I like to share knowledge and that is why I have started TallySchool. Bhai, you can download the notes on this page. Or is website pe ghoomo, bahot kuch janne ko milega! Hai Rishit …I am just a beginner.

I want to know what all basic accountancy portion should I be thorough of to start learning Tally as well as peach tree. I want to work much harder on my basics so I am asking. It will be helpful if u guide me …thank you.. You just need to learn basic accounting enough so that you can understand simple entries.

I have created a free course for that and if you go through that, it will be fine for Tally. Here is the link — https: Hi …sir tell me bro..?? Hi Rishith iam koushika actually i want total shortcut keys in tally and i want to no about gst filling and about tds will you help me nd i want total notes. These are total shortcut keys in Tally. Mr x started a business on 1st April 18 in the name of rx distributor at bbsr.

He invested a capital and loan for axis bank. Please kese hota. Entry wrong i thing.. Here is the link to all the Tally Shortcuts — https: For reverse charge entry in Tally I will be creating a new post and video soon. Without paying a rupee a person can learn about tally. Thanks very much. In banks, generally a high end software like Finnacle is used.

Tally is not used in the banks that I know of. Please have a look at the free tally course online — https: Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Create a company in Tally by your name.

Check the Ratio Analysis and see what is the current ratio and quick ratio. Download WordPress Themes. Download Nulled WordPress Themes. Download WordPress Themes Free. Rishit Shah I am a CA.

Akshay verma says: Nice and an informative article! June 15, at Rishit Shah says: Thank you so much Akshay! June 18, at Aman Pasha says: Very helpful to the beginners like me. June 25, at Thank you Aman for your good words! July 2, at 6: Rishi says: Sir i hv done this. Quick ratio 0. June 27, at 6: Yes, it is the right answer. July 9, at Ravendra Kumar says: Bhai tally ke bare me to btaoo or mujhe notes mail ker do.

July 24, at July 25, at 5: August 3, at Hi, Shivam! Aapka bahot bahot dhanyawad! August 16, at Can you help me! August 5, at Yes, bharat! I can help you. In fact, I am here to help you! Please ask what you want to ask. August 16, at 6: Hi, Nitesh! The question is in the article itself. August 27, at 2: August 6, at Thank you so much Ved Parkash! Dipesh Kumar N S says: August 7, at 4: Hi, Dipesh!

August 16, at 2: Hi, bro! August 16, at 4: August 22, at 9: Hi, Deepak! Ho sakta hai aapne use enable nahi kiya ho. Inter-state sales is when a sale or purchase constitutes movement of goods from one state to another, Accordingly, Consignments to agents or transfers of goods to branch or other offices is not a sale as per the CST Act.

CST is payable in the state where the goods are sold and movement commences. The tax collected is retained by the state in which the tax is collected. CST is administered by sales tax authorities of each state. Thus, the state Government sales tax officer who assesses and collects total state sales tax also assesses and collects CST. Inter state sale An inter-state sale takes place when a sale or purchase.

Leads to movement of goods from one state to another state.

Ebook download 9 tally

Is achieved by the transfer of documents of title while the goods are being moved from one state to another state. Example 1: A in Andhra Pradesh sells and delivers goods to B in Karnataka. Example 2: A in Maharashtra delivers goods to B in Gujarat. B sells it to C in Gujarat by transferring the document of title during the goods movement from Maharashtra to Gujarat. Goods that are sold within a state but while transporting travel through state is not considered inter-state sales.

Rate of CST in case of inter-state sale of declared goods without form C or D is twice the rate of tax applicable to the local sale or purchase of such goods in that state. Rate of CST in case of other goods i. Tracking of forms: E1, E2 forms Issued against sale of goods in transit by the buyer.

F forms For consignment sales and Branch Transfer. H forms- For sale in course of exports. D forms- For sales to Govt organisations. I forms- For sale to SEZ customers. Auto Fill option. Service tax is to be shown separately in the invoice and is payable based on the payment realized and not on the total amount shown in the invoice Similarly, when you buy a service that falls under service tax category, you avail service tax credit based on the payment made.

So, you pay service tax on the services that you sell and get credit on the service tax payable when you buy a service. Adjust Credit? While you pay service tax on sale of service that come under the service tax category. You can adjust service tax credit availed on purchase of service Buyer.

Download ebook tally 9

This deduction is called adjusting credit against service tax. The different between the service tax that you have to pay for selling service and the service tax credit on purchases that can be adjusted is the payable service tax. Service tax sales that is adjustable against service tax credit purchases is also called availing input credit.

Let us look at an example. Input service tax credit can be adjusted to both output service tax and output cess surcharge on tax. But input cess credit can be adjusted only towards output cess. Assessable Value Service tax is calculated on the assessable value.

The assessable value is the service charge value minus abatement and expenses. Abatement The government has given a deduction on the value to be considered for service tax on a few categories of services.

For example, some categories of services include material value.

A caterer has to procure material to prepare food products and sell services. Service tax is charged on the total amount for the service and does not include the rate of the materials procured.

Tally.ERP 9 at a Glance.book - Tally Solutions

Hence a deductions provided. This deduction from the service charges to be considered for service tax is called abatement. Abatement is either percentage of the service charges or a lump sum value.

Expenses Expenses can be deducted from the total service charge to get the taxable amount. The invoice is prepared as consultant and the travel expenses are included in the total service charges.

Ebook tally download 9

If supported by records, you can deduct the travel expense from the total service charges to drive the assessable value on which service tax is applicable. Payment of Service Tax. Service Tax in Tally.


Features of Service Tax in Tally Service tax integrated in Tally takes care of your service tax transaction. It eliminates error-prone information, incorrect remittance, penalties, interests, compliance issues, etc. Service tax in Tally needs a one-time configuration for service tax features to be activated.

Tally tracks bill-wise Bill-by-bill detail and automatically calculates service tax payable and input credit with the flexibility to make adjustments later. Service tax is part of a regular transaction. Information on service tax is maintained and in service tax returns. Adjusts input credit towards service tax payable. Accounts for abatement and expenses.

Provision for exemption notification details. Built-in assessable value feature on which service tax is calculated.

Transfer earlier pending service tax payable and available service tax input credit in to Tally. Report are generated as per government suggested format. Print and file reports: Enabling Service Tax in Tally. The name of the company is disp. Layed at the top followed by different fields. Display of Service Categories in Statutory Masters.

Service Category gjgjkjkllklklklkbhgndf. Creating Sales Ledgers for Service. Create Output Service Tax ledger. To Create on Output Service Tax ledger: Enter the Name of the ledger. Creating Sales Vouchers Let us Consider an example, a sales entry is made for an amount of 2,00, Sales 1.

Select Acct Invoice on the right hand side of the screen. A sales Item Invoice can also be passed with Inventory allocations. Configure 3. Select the Service ledger from the List of Ledger Account 5. Enter the Amount 6. Advertising Consultancy: Service Tax Bill Wise Details for: You can allocate the Expenses amount if any in above screen, else leave the field blank and tab down to accept the above screen. Tab down through the voucher entry screen for the Bill Wise Details Sub from to appear.

The buyer deductor deducts the tax from the payment made to the seller deductee and remits the tax to the Income Tax Department within the stipulated time. Brokerage, Commission on Lottery Tickets, etc. For additional details you can visit the Income Tax Website at http: It helps you to handle intricate cases and calculate the tax payable to the Income Tax Department.

The goods are as specified under section C of the Income Tax Act, The seller deposits Y tax collected at source at any designated branch of banks authorized to receive the payment.

The seller, lessor or licensor is responsible for the collection of tax from the buyer, lessee or licensee. The tax is collected for sales of goods, on transaction, receipt of amount from the buyer in cash or issue of cheque, draft or any other mode, whichever is earlier.

Central Government. State Government. Any Local Authority. Any Statutory Corporation or Authority. Any Company. Any Partnership Firm. Any Co-operative Society. Classification of Buyer for TCS A buyer is classified as a person who obtains goods or the right to receive gods in any sale, auction, tender or any other mode. The following are not included. Any club, such as social clubs, sports clubs and the like. Tendu leaves.

Timber obtained under a forest lease. Timber obtained by any mode other than under a forest lease. Any other forest produce not being Timber or Tendu. Scrap scrap means waste and scrap from the manufacture or mechanical working of materials which is usable as such because of breakage, cutting up, wear and tear and other reasons. Go to Gateway of Tally. This is issued by the Income Tax Department.

Enter the Designation of the person responsible to filing of the TCS returns. In the ledger creation screen, enter the Name of the buyer company in the Name field. In the Under field, Select S. If required, set Maintain balance bill by bill to Yes Enter details in the Default Credit Period, if applicable, by default, the Inventory Values are affected? In the Under field , Select Sales Account from the list of groups. Set the Inventory Value are affected to Yes if you are maintaining inventory.

To Create an item refer to the topic, Stock item 9. Enter the Quantity and the Rate to get the amount in the Amount field The Gross amount can be changed if required Select F5. Sold to Concord Packing Service on credit of 10 days. The following items.

Received a Cheque from Concorde Packing Service with interest an full settlement of bill dated Features of Tally ERP 9. Payroll The key features of the Payroll functionality in Tally. ERP 9 are as follows. It is fully intergrated with accounts to give you the benefits of simplified Payroll Processing and accounting. It has user defined classifications and sub-classifications for comprehensive reporting.

Employee groups, pay components, departments etc. It Provides the facility to create user defined earning and deductions pay heads. It allows flexible and User-definable criteria for simple or complex calculations. It allows the unlimited grouping of Payroll Masters.

Art of Drawing the Human Body

It supports user-defined production units i. It provides a flexible payroll processing period. It provides comprehensive cost Centre as well as employee wise costing reports. It allows drill-down facility to voucher level for any kind of alteration.

Ebook download 9 tally

It facilitates computation of arrears pertaining to prior period S. It helps in tracking employee loan details. Enabling Payroll in Tally. To enable Payroll in Tally: Pay Heads The Salary components constituting pay structures are called pay Heads.

A pay Heads may be an earning, which is paid to an employee, or a deduction, which is recovered. The value of these pay Heads could be either fixed or variable, for each Payroll Period.

Earning for Employees: Indirect Expense. Basic Salary: Not Applicable: As Per Calendar Period: Absent Rounding info: Not Applicable. Professional Tax alias: Pay Heads info Pay Head Type: Employees statutory deductions Under: Current liabilities Affect Net Salary: Yes Name to pear in Pay slip: As Computed Value Calculation Period: Months Computation info Compute: When Salary is disbursed, this account is debited and Cash or Bank account is credited.

Primary Cost Category Name: Sales Under: Creating Salary Details for an Employee Group. To create Salary details for an Employee Group, for example Sales. Salary Under: Creating Units work Type: Compound Unit with multiplier Factors Example: Kgs of gms Frist Unit Conversion: Second unit Hr. Paid Leave Under: Primary Attendance Type: Overtime Under: Defining ERP software market size is equally difficult for the same reasons; it depends on whether you are talking about all business software or some defined sub-set.

First of all God bless u for this wonderful job u have done here. And my herty tanks and more wishes to you sir. Keep it up. God bless you. Wow man this so helpful for me and to tally students. Hi friends, pretty and very good post.

I was really impressed by reading this article It's was very really amazing post guys. And this is my first blog pot so keep watch and any doubt ask for me friends it's very most popular in this world for tally Get full support for Intuit QuickBooks from best tech -Support team. More http: Hello Dude, It's really a great and awesome and also it is very use full for everyone. Hi, Thank you. The below blog is not opening. ERP 9 Please check. Regards, Gowtham. Hello Gowtham, Copy and paste the above link on your browser and wait for some time within half or one minute It's opened or to click here to see new blog: I just love the Education ERP that is given in above site for a long I am looking for this kind of service, So thanks for sharing this information.

Hello Admin! Such a great and informative post indeed on Tally, I really appreciate it! Keep updating stuffs like this. Attitude Tally Academy.

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Thanks for this very useful info you have provided us. I will bookmark this for future reference and refer it to my friends. More power to your blog. Very nice tutorials thanks and regards, In RK Puram new delhi we are providing tally course training and helping student to get job in accounts and finance.

Thank you so much.