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For more information on downloading e-books, please refer to FAQs reasons for learning about plants, what plants are, and how to germinate and grow plants. Download Free Audio Books of great works by Twain, Tolstoy, Hemingway, Orwell see our related collection Free eBooks for iPad, Kindle & Other Devices. .. A.A. - Winnie the Pooh (read Disney Book Group) - Free iTunes; Milton, John. Ebook Central is an online digital library of authoritative, scholarly content The collection is focused on academic and research titles in a wide range There is no software to download, and there are no digital rights management (DRM) restrictions. You can now search the Library's catalog and electronic resources .

Ebook Central Ebook Central is an online digital library of authoritative, scholarly content covering a wide range of subject areas, mostly non-fiction. The collection is focused on academic and research titles in a wide range covering areas such as Business, Computer Science, Fine Arts, Environmental Studies, Health and Medicine, and Science. The ebook content covers the full range of subjects from a variety of university presses, trade publishers, and popular presses with new content added regularly. Most of the books are in English, but there are Over 20, titles in Spanish. This database was formerly called eBrary.

This collection includes titles from top trade publishers that contribute to the Academic course experience. Working from GOBI's selection of general-academic titles as well as some popular and basic-studies titles, each undergraduate curriculum list has been carefully reviewed in conjunction with GOBIs profiling categories.

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Best practices to improve safety at sea in the fisheries sector. These guidelines have been produced to support implementation of the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries with regard to safety at sea in the fisheries sector.

Their purpose is to enable relevant authorities to develop and implement strategies aimed at improved safety, health and conditions of service at sea in capture fisheries and aquaculture operations. They apply to all commercial fishing activities, as well as activities at sea within the aquaculture sector and may also be applied to vessels engaged in fisheries research. However, these guidelines are not directed at sport and recreational activities. Enhancing the potential of family farming for poverty reduction and food security through gender-sensitive rural advisory services.

Rural advisory services RAS can play an important role in addressing gender inequalities. This paper is based on an examination of a broad selection of existing literature on gender-sensitive RAS.

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It looks at gender-differentiated barriers in access to RAS and challenges of effectively targeting women family farmers when delivering these services.

The paper provides recommendations on what can be done to improve the gender-sensitivity of RAS. Global guidelines for the restoration of degraded forests and landscapes in drylands: Building resilience and benefitting livelihoods.

These guidelines target two main groups — policymakers and other decision-makers, and practitioners — because both have the power to bring about positive change. While they should be tailored to suit regional and local contexts, they present the essential components for the design, implementation and sustainability of restoration initiatives that can help build ecological and social resilience and generate benefits for local livelihoods. These guidelines shall assist countries to implement the Second GPA in harmony with other relevant national and international commitments.

Programme, concepts and definitions. The census of agriculture is one of the key pillars of a national statistical system, and in many developing countries it is often the only means of producing statistical information on the structure and other relevant aspects of the agriculture sector. Moreover, it is the only data collection instrument that produces statistical information on farms at the lowest geographical level and therefore it is an essential source of information for governments and decision-makers in member countries.

Running Out of Time: The Reduction of women's work burden in agricultural production. The Handbook offers guidance and tools for assessing the impacts of agricultural and food security programmes and projects on child labour in family-based agriculture. The Handbook furthermore encourages the user to identify good agricultural practices for preventing and reducing child labour in agriculture.

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The report synthesizes the work of some soil scientists from 60 countries. It provides a global perspective on the current state of the soil, its role in providing ecosystem services, and the threats to its continued contribution to these services. This guide has been developed in response to concerns regarding large-scale land acquisitions and the need to increase investment in agriculture. It aims to provide additional guidance to government authorities engaged in the promotion, approval and monitoring of investments at all stages of the investment cycle.

This study assesses the impact of medium to large scale natural hazards and disasters on the agriculture sector and subsectors in developing countries between and , focusing on direct physical damage and indirect economic losses.

The findings of the study are expected to support national and international efforts to reduce damage and losses caused by disasters and strengthen the resilience of the agriculture sector, in line with resilience targets set under the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, the Sustainable Development Goals, and the Universal Climate Change Agreement.

Promotion of Fruit and Vegetables for Health: Report of the Pacific Regional Workshop.

The island countries of the Pacific generally face challenges in securing year-round adequate supply of fresh fruit and vegetables.

It was recognized that NGOs, civil society and especially faith-based organisations can play a key role among stakeholders in increasing awareness and facilitating programmes to improve availability and consumption of fruit and vegetables for health. This booklet presents the key messages of FAO on climate change and food security.

It includes a synthesis of the most recent support provided by FAO to countries to face the impacts of climate change. It also brings together the most relevant knowledge on climate change including tools and methodologies FAO can offer to countries to report on their greenhouse gas emissions coming from the agriculture, livestock and forestry sectors.

Drawing on country reports, it presents an analysis of the state of livestock diversity, the influence of livestock-sector trends on the management of animal genetic resources, the state of capacity to manage animal genetic resources, including legal and policy frameworks, and the state of the art in tools and methods for characterization, valuation, use, development and conservation.

Save and Grow in practice: A guide to sustainable cereal production. With examples drawn from developing countries worldwide, it shows how eco-friendly farming systems are helping smallholder producers to boost cereal yields, improve their incomes and livelihoods, conserve natural resources, reduce negative impacts on the environment, and build resilience to climate change.

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Achieving Zero Hunger: Second edition. This paper provides estimates of investment costs, both public and private, required to eliminate chronic dietary energy deficits, or to achieve zero hunger by Making it count: The research is summarized and evaluated to develop a set of recommendations on how to better focus educational activities for maximum impact on individuals, local communities and the wider world.

The challenge for educators now is to turn this evidence into reality; to develop and deliver educational resources and experiences that trigger long-term behavior change. Voluntary guidelines to support the integration of genetic diversity into national climate change adaptation planning. The guidelines take account of the characteristics of different genetic resources for food and agriculture which face different challenges and opportunities in respect to climate change.

The objectives of the guidelines are to promote the use of genetic resources for food and agriculture in climate change adaptation and support their integration into national climate change adaptation planning; to support the genetic resources experts ; and to promote the involvement of genetic resources stakeholders in the national climate change adaptation planning process.

Mediterranean food consumption patterns: Diet, environment, society, economy and health. The objective of this document is to highlight the role that the current food consumption patterns play in food and nutrition security, public health, environment protection and socio-economic development in the Mediterranean region. This edition of The State of Agricultural Commodity Markets aims to reduce the current polarization of views on the impacts of agricultural trade on food security and on the manner in which agricultural trade should be governed to ensure that increased trade openness is beneficial to all countries.

By providing evidence and clarity on a range of topics, the report seeks to contribute to a more informed debate on policy choices and to identify required improvements in the policy processes within which these choices are made. We have prepared this book to tell the story of how the Investment Centre came to be and what it is now, and what we hope it will be in the years to come.

This technical guide reviews, from a theoretical and practical perspective, the critical issues that must be addressed for fresh-cut produce to meet consumer demand for convenience, quality and safety.

A case study on fresh-cut processing in Thailand is included. The guide should be of practical value to small processors, trainers and extension workers who provide support to individuals engaged in production of fresh-cut tropical produce for sale. This book tells the story of these seven decades of the history of FAO, its protagonists and their endeavours. We have dug into the FAO archives to bring to light unpublished black and white images, which form a portfolio of evocative images of the early years of the Organization.

Meeting the hunger targets: Taking stock of uneven progress. This report presents the overview of food and nutrition security from the standpoint of what FAO classifies as the four pillars of food security, in the context of the Millennium Development Goals MDG. Much more will have to be done to achieve the new Sustainable Development Goals on eradicating poverty and hunger by The Millennium Development Goals MDGs on reducing poverty have been met by many countries, yet many others lag behind and the post challenge will be the full eradication of poverty and hunger.

Meeting the international hunger targets: The report reviews progress made since for every country and region as well as for the world as a whole. Progress towards the MDG 1 target, however, is assessed not only by measuring undernourishment, or hunger, but also by a second indicator — the prevalence of underweight children under five years of age.

The report not only estimates the progress already achieved, but also identifies remaining problems, and provides guidance on which policies should be emphasized in the future. Key factors that have determined success to date towards food security and nutrition goals are identified.

The list of factors — economic growth, agricultural productivity growth, markets including international trade and social protection — is by no means exhaustive. This version of Dig it! Uses of geothermal energy in food and agriculture — Opportunities for developing countries. This book summarizes the current status of geothermal energy use in agriculture and agro-industry sectors around the world and seeks to provide developing countries with guidance on how to utilize geothermal energy to develop their agriculture and agro-industry sectors.

This book shows how agrocorridors can be instrumental in attracting agribusiness investments into a specific territory, while improving physical connectivity and functioning of markets. It provides policy-makers and practitioners with evidence-based, practical instruments to guide the design and implementation of agrocorridors.

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This report presents the world nitrogen, phosphate and potassium fertilizer medium-term supply and demand projections for the period This eBook aims to raise awareness of the important roles of genetic resources for food and agriculture in coping with climate change and to contribute to the mainstreaming of genetic resources for food and agriculture into climate change adaptation and mitigation planning at national and international levels.

It also suggests how information might be improved and policies adjusted towards enhancing the socioeconomic benefits of forests in the future. This publication presents the sequence of activities for establishing a Feed Quality Analysis Laboratory: This publication explores the ancient origins of quinoa and outlines its nutritional properties and contributions to local gastronomic traditions, food biodiversity, and smallholder farmers and producers.

The recipes were provided by world-renowned chefs, with emphasis placed on ease of preparation and use of local ingredients. Populations depending on fisheries and aquaculture for their livelihoods are threatened, not only by natural hazards, but also by human-induced events beyond their control. Search Events Programs Story Times. Toggle navigation.

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