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The Oath of the. Vayuputras. Book 3 of the. Shiva Trilogy. Amish .. Shiva took deep breaths as he tried to slow down his furiously pounding heart. 'If you kill us, . All three Part of Shiva trilogy By Amish Tripathy. download 3 files · EPUB Amish Tripathi - Immortals of download. K. byAmish Tripathi. Topics Shiva Trilogy-Amish ScannerInternet Archive HTML5 Uploader DOWNLOAD OPTIONS. download 3 files.

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Shiva Trilogy has 4 entries in the series. Oath of the Vayuputras. Shiva Trilogy ( Series). Book 3. Amish Tripathi Author (). cover image of The Oath of the. As of today we have 77,, eBooks for you to download for free. No annoying ads, no . Deconstructing the Myth in Amish Tripathy's Shiva Trilogy. Click on the appropriate sizes to download: x px; x px. naga_Wallpaper desk_ x px. Click on the appropriate sizes to download.

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The Oath of the Vayuputras

Build a mighty kingdom and embark on epic quests in this fantasy city building game. You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Answer Wiki. Answered Nov 1, Answered Nov 29, The part I loved the most was the love between Sati and Shiva. There were many questions that was left unanswered. Kartik is 6 years old, but he acts older. There's no explanation for his behavior. The ending of the 2nd book hinted that Shiva's uncle was a Vayuputra, but that connection was not explored till almost the ending of the book.

The Vayuputras were supposed to be aiding the Mahadev but they never contacted him view spoiler [ Mithra just gave Shiva the Pasupatiastra. No advice!

Shiva Trilogy – Download | Author Amish

Bhoomidevi's identity was not revealed. Logic of Parvateshwar, he says that he fights for Meluha, but by opposing Shiva is he not indirectly harming Meluha.

If Shiva had lost, then Meluha would have been doomed. Vasudev Gopal just followed what others said. I thought he was supposed to be guiding Shiva. In the series it is mentioned that Lord Rudra had lion like features, but there is no explanation for it. Lord Rudra was born near Pariha so he couldn't have been a Naga.

Ebook free trilogy 3 download shiva

I had a problem with the ending. I felt bad because I knew there was not going to be a Parvathy present to comfort Shiva. I was shocked when Shiva used the daivi astra.

I believed that he was going to forgive the Meluhans. I also hated Parvateshwar and Anandmayi dying. Shiva forgave Maharishi Brighu at the end as Shiva believes that Bhrigu was not the cause of Sati's death, whereas he was the cause that started the war in the first place. I was so annoyed at this.! I hate the characters of Daksha and Bhrigu. Veerini should have stood up for her daughters. The author has hinted at the end of the book, that he might write a book on Mahabharath. I'm looking forward to it.

View all 21 comments. Thrilling , tragic and heart-breaking are the three key-words that sum up my review even before it starts. His writing style has been abysmally poor in the first two books, but he picks up the art by this book.

Yet, his lack of ability to smooth out his story stays visible. He struggles to describe the events as they happen in a better format than what he'd used in the past pages.

Hi Thrilling , tragic and heart-breaking are the three key-words that sum up my review even before it starts. His introduction to characters is still blunt and the way they behave is easily predictable.

The story, though, as always, is brilliant. There are twists and turns that one can't see coming, unless one is learned on these subjects.

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I loved the way Amish built up the story to reach the crescendo. And the way he achieved it! There are parts that will make you immensely sad, and parts that will break your heart and Amish provides no palliative care for the injuries, but I think he had no choice there. The story had to proceed the way it did. The book is perfumed with war, death and hope.

And a lot of knowledge! In conclusion, I'll recommend this book for all the Indians who believe, or not in Lord Shiva for this is a fiction that will render a magical faith in your new favorite hero! I enjoyed reading this book, and I think everyone else will too! Mar 15, Richa Sharma rated it it was amazing. In all amish is an avid bhakt and at the end of the day i have turned into an avid bhakt.. View all 3 comments. Feb 23, Madhur Shrimal rated it it was amazing Shelves: A book with violence and sadness all over.

But then It was another great book to read. The description Amish wrote of every incident makes you feel that it is all real. All the relation , connections and events all of them.

These three sets of books has totally impressed me. Good Job Amish. Mar 14, Poonam rated it it was ok. This book was an annoying conclusion to a series that started with wonderful promise. It was very overwritten, so much that it missed the biggest strength of the first book in series.

That strength, according to me, a fast moving story. A story - not its writing style not its dialog nor words chosen to tell the story since they were often cheesy, and at times cringe-worthy, sometimes picked up straight from yuppies' conference rooms.

Story and a curiosity what was coming next is what got me go This book was an annoying conclusion to a series that started with wonderful promise. Story and a curiosity what was coming next is what got me going in the first place. True it was story was of mythology of Shiva, Sati, Bhadra, Nandi and encompassed the geographies that we only heard about in history books kept it interesting. But, it was the story that held the book together. Third book has no simplicity of the first book that just focuses on telling a story.

At pages at least pages more thicker than previous books , Amish has wasted no opportunity to 'enlighten' us readers - nuclear fission, nuclear fusion, their impacts, the yugas treta, dwapar etc , age of Brahmin, Kshatriya etc etc. Descriptions of temple and battle formations - the one mentioned in the first book and one the movie so famously portrayed - became much bigger and all this information overload, often obstructing the flow of story.

All these descriptions - an overt attempt to be visual - made people say 'it was written with movie deal in mind'. I wasn't completely convinced, I felt I was missing something. And then it came to me - maybe the writer thought his book could one day be textbooks in school - considering what a source of knowledge that it is.

Believe me, this book, does fit in to some curricula where kids study it just to pass through exams. Oh wait, but that can't happen yet, at least not in this decade since the Shiva in this book curses so often. I am still not sure which oath of Vayuputras did the title of the book indicate to. View all 14 comments. Mar 02, Dilip rated it liked it. Finished one of the most awaited sequels of a book. But, as a standalone book, I think Vayuputras couldnot reach the benchmark set by the earlier books.

For me, there were a few aspects of the first 2 which made it the must-reads. It took a not so often spoken about mythological story, made it into a fantasy fiction and cleverly interspersed with today's world without confusing you. It was fast paced and Finished one of the most awaited sequels of a book.

It was fast paced and kept you on the edge throughout. There was an element of suspense upto the end which you had to know. And this is where the 3rd one failed. This book had too much today: Even though its fiction, the reader still need to connect to the mythical world and feel that you are within that. Amish takes the reader out of it too often and too directly which makes you come out of the world and get disinterested too many times.

The book broke the suspense far early and just made it into a war strategy book. That just killed the mood. The book is long. With the suspense already gone, you just wanna get it to end. The twists intorduced in between were not enough to keep up the interest.. The book was all about war strategy and preparation and in the end, I am not flling up the blanks here for those who have not yet read it. View all 5 comments.

Apr 06, Janakee rated it liked it Shelves: A decent novel and a good enough series. I died laughing when I read the following paragraph: In a pure nuclear fusion weapon, two paramanoos , the smallest stable divisions of matter , are fused together to release tremendous destructive energy. In a nuclear fission weapon, anoos , atomic particles , are broken down to release paramanoos , and this is also a A decent novel and a good enough series.

In a nuclear fission weapon, anoos , atomic particles , are broken down to release paramanoos , and this is also accompanied by a demonic release of devastating energy. They are not the smallest stable division of matter. Free electrons and protons exist. And most of the time in fusion more than two atoms are fused together. But it gets even more ridiculous. NOT atomic particles. So, when molecules anoos are broken down to release atoms paramanoos , it's a chemical process, not nuclear fission.

In actual nuclear fission, atoms paramanoos are broken down to release smaller atoms and atomic particles eg neutrons. Either nuclear physics worked differently in ancient times or the author didn't do his research.

I believe it to be the latter case. View all 4 comments. Mar 01, Gomati rated it really liked it. Amish has maintained the flow.. Fantastically written and wonderfully woven with facts and myths that difficult not to appreciate it. What I most enjoyed were the discussions between Lord Gopal and Shiva. They were very simple yet held a lot of meaning. The discourses were logical and rational. The introduction of the Vayuputras and their connection to the story is so beautifully done.

The whole scene looks so real Amish has maintained the flow.. The whole scene looks so real and plausible. Evil has been explained in such a novel manner that it did not look scary or overwhelming, just something too obvious which no one noticed.

Am in awe of Sati.. Daksha is the perfect caricature of the present day rulers..

Trilogy 3 free download ebook shiva

Loved the book. Loved the narration. Oct 19, Vivek rated it did not like it. This was probably the most awaited book for me and expectations were really really high. However the book turned out to be a major disappointment.

Ebook 3 free trilogy download shiva

While the first two books of the triology were indeed examples of creative best and became a part of my all time favorite collection, third book fell completely flat.

The author constantly emphasized that book covers the event that made shiva - Mahadev - The God of Gods? And what he did to achieve this title? Proved all those who called him "fraud" and "not ready" right. And Why?

Because of a personal grief. And not in a spur moment of anger. But preparation took its time. How was mahadev more stronger and better than the simpleton lady who decided to bear his anger for no fault of her, Or from Parvateshwar or from Kartik? Are we trying to justify and make is sound more realistic his action because he was in grief. This is good more a lesser mortals. But Mahadev's actions is supposed to be a legacy for the future in author's word.

With great power comes great responsibility. And what was his legacy? Kill humanity for none of its fault? Fail those who explicitly trusted you vasudeva and vayuputra? Act like those blinded with rage and constantly commit mistake like Kali? No I guess Shiva's real legacy is as a person who swallows poison for the good of mankind. And that is what made him God of Gods. Shiva destroyed Tripur which was an icon of evil and not a platform full of innocents people waiting for execution.

Ok Let us leave the lesson apart and come to execution? It leaves a lot of question unanswered. Why was Gopal the chief of Vasudev's? He showed no wisdom of other Vasudev's we have seen in the previous two books.

No guidelines. Rather he just followed the advises of likes of Tara and failed to stop Mahadev from its crime. Why was this book called The Oath of Vayuputura? Why should a committee who is supposed to protect a society be at a distance of 6 months from it? Mithara was supposed to be one without family. But what about current Mithra? For which qualities the tribes of Nilkantha was headed by Veerbhadra?

Ebook download trilogy free 3 shiva

Because he was Shiva's friend or because he was individually capable like Gopal and Mithara? Or Shiva realized by seeing Gopal and Mithara you need not have any qualification to be the keeper of Mahadev's tribe? Shiva blindly trusted Brihaspati's version He was supposed to deduce himself.

He just made a guess about Amrit when he realized coin turning. But Foundation of his belief was the research of Brihaspati and reconfirmation by Vasudev?

So where does his genius comes? He meets Vasudev Chief who will follow him only because Shiva reached his own conclusion How?

Parvateshwar decided to change sides. He expects Shiva will permit him.

After all he is Mahadev. What he does? Keeps him in prison till Sati offers her wisdom. However, towards the end of this book, it appears, he felt the compulsion to relate it with events of Purana and religion and went on to suggest how and why Kartik became a war lord, 51 shakti-peeth and the list goes on.

Unfortunately in order to build a bridge between imagination and known events, the story went neither this way nor that way. I waited for it for a long time Dec 29, Ashish Iyer rated it really liked it Shelves: The final instalment of the Shiva trilogy consumed me completely and invoked a profusion of emotions within. The first two volumes of Amish were testament enough for his writing prowess but he yet again proves his sheer writing brilliance in his third part of the trilogy.

What really stands out is the seamless flow of the story line with all the characters whose prominance and dedication to a cause be it for or against the Neelkanth is loveable. The sheer expectation of reaching the end of this The final instalment of the Shiva trilogy consumed me completely and invoked a profusion of emotions within.

The sheer expectation of reaching the end of this epic masterpiece kept me on the edge and motivated to read till the last word. And the unexpected turn of events in the end left me speechless. Shiva, the destroyer of evil, finally has arrived at the conclusion and is on a mission to destroy what he believes is true evil. He needs the support of the Vayuputras but the tribe does not recognise him as their chosen Neelkanth.

In spite of a strong support system including his wife Sati, sons Ganesh and Kartik along with his most ardent followers, he may not succeed without the backing of this tribe chosen by Lord Rudra. And when Shiva is on the verge of victory, he comes face to face with a tragedy leaving his existence, his very soul completely shattered. Clearly, Amish has written these books with pure devotion and passion.

Words fail me when I even attempt to describe this trilogy. I am grateful for the day I decided to read it. It has left me with more devotion, respect and adoration not only for the Mahadev but also for Lady Sati, Ganesh and Kartik.

Om Namah Shivaay! Mar 01, Dileep rated it liked it. Well, let me say I have mixed emotions. Please do not download pirated books. You can buy these books in Online Shopping site in India: It is unfair to the creators for downloading and distributing the books.

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