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Read Download Online American Sniper [Movie Tie In Edition]: The Autobiography Of. The Most Kyle, Scott Mcewen, Jim Defelice epub download. American. Military History By Chris Kyle, Scott Mcewen, Jim Defelice epub download. American Sniper: The. Autobiography Of The Most Lethal Sniper In. by Chris Kyle, Scott McEwen, Jim DeFelice. The #1 New York Times bestselling memoir of U.S. Navy Seal Chris Kyle, and the source for Clint Eastwood’s blockbuster movie which was nominated for six academy awards, including best picture. From to , U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle.

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[Epub] download chris kyle american sniper the autobiography of the most lethal sniper in u.s. military history (mass market paperback); I looked through the scope of the sniper rifle, scanning down the . Everyone I shot in Iraq was trying to harm Americans or Iraqis loyal. Get Instant Access to American Sniper By Chris Kyle #f EBOOK EPUB KINDLE PDF. Read. Download Online American Sniper By Chris.

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Publication Date: Download or read Chris Kyle: You just clipped your first slide! The Middle East has therefore been transformed into the new American frontier. As a young man, Kyle is adrift, struggling to find his place and purpose. In his environment every adult male wears a cowboy hat and self-identifies as a wandering ranger. Hence, by triggering its codes, Eastwood clearly tries to make reference to the cowboy legacy.

According to Schatz, the classic Western hero takes the middle-ground between order and anarchy: Kyle is constantly torn between his duty to his comrades—as a soldier, and to his wife—as a providing husband. The film intercuts the slow wedding dance of Kyle and his bride with the loud machoism of his SEAL colleagues. His tuxedo is opened a bit to display a SEAL-badge under the wedding corsage, revealing what, literally and figuratively, lies closest to his heart. Kyle feels out of step with his life at home.

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His inability to connect with his family and adapt to the life back at home can be seen as a central conflict deeply embedded in the genre. The portrayal of the soldier as both a gift and a burden to the society creates the ambiguities that the film tries to resolve: Be it rival gunslingers, banditos or Native American wartribes, this outside force disrupts the stability of the community and can only be eliminated by the cowboy-hero.

American Sniper adopts this element of Western syntax, but transfigures it to the Iraq invasion, metaphorazing America as the cowboy-hero, and the Muslim world as the outside threat. They are the sheepdog, there to save the weak from the bullies on a global scale. American Sniper frames the attacks of as the official dawn of a new threat against America, a threat that will fully reveal itself three years later.

The editing here implies a simple logic of cause and effect in geo-politics. One soldier says to Kyle upon his arrival: The new Wild West in the old Middle East.

As Kyle racks up kills, his reputation of gunslinger-legend grows steadily, acquiring virtually mythical proportions. Soldiers start speculating about his number of confirmed kills, spread rumors of how fast he can shoot and a hero-cult is established around his persona. He is the guardian angel and savior of the troops. When out on house searches, he always leads the pack and is the first to enter uncharted territory. His status of legend among the soldiers is confirmed by the enemies who see him as a symbol of the invading forces.

The sum amounts to This idea of placing bounties is another aspect that conforms to Western archetypes.

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According to Walker, historicizing plays an important role in the Western genre Many stories are biopics about great men, and in these stories killing by numbers has often functioned as a form of symbolic capital.

The sole reason why Kyle has been included is the dubious annals of history lies in not entirely different statistics. Kyle boasts the highest number of confirmed kills in the US military history—somewhere between and Kyle always carries a bible, Mustafa a Koran.

Kyle is a spitting image of hegemonic masculinity, boasting a muscular body, a big beard, a macho attitude, while Mustafa, on the other hand, has more effeminate characteristics: Whereas Kyle is a hulking bear of a soldier stomping the battleground with a considerable body mass, Mustafa jumps with a dancer-like athleticism from hideout to hideout.

Most villains in the film are based on historical figures, but Mustafa is an entirely fictional creation. The clash between these two men becomes the subject of a propaganda war, and the main narrative arc of the film.

The manichean struggle between the West and the East, good and evil, is built up and resolved in a truly Western-like fashion. The two shooters keep missing each other until their final confrontation during a sandstorm, a true duel at sundown.

When Kyle makes a record-breaking shot and eliminates Mustafa, he performs an act of redemptive violence that sets him free and saves the community. They are presented as lazy bureaucrats, pitted powerlessly against the no-nonsense approach of Kyle.

He confronts both the Arab enemy, barbaric but efficient, and the army machinery with its systematic rigor. While fighting for the latter, Kyle works best when he is given the chance to operate free from the restrictions of his superiors i.

This is shown when Kyle leaves his sniping post against the will of the military command to join foot soldiers in the manhunt for Al-Qaida operatives. Despite violating the rules of military command, he ends up finding a military asset and saves the day, simply by taking matters into his own hands.

We thus see that what makes Kyle such a skilled soldier and apt hero is the ability to step out of his role as a military grunt and go beyond the orders by trusting his intuition. His decisiveness and readiness to act is what makes him the needed extraordinary hero, while also juxtaposing his features with some core aspects of the American military.

The only problem is that Kyle ventures too far into the realm of savagery, and his suspension between civilization and wilderness takes a heavy toll on his life at home.

It is this conflict that is presented as problematic, and not his killings. With the use of slow-motion and low-angle camera shots, the child and mother are identified as a threat. The opening sequence functions as a spectacular introduction to the hardships of war and, at the same time, as anticipation of the many ethically questionable actions to come.

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In analyzing the moral code of the Westerner, Robert Warshow defined the Westerner as possessing a scrupulosity in killing, which adds to the aura of justice surrounding him qtd. On one level, it provides a textbook example of stereotypes, fears and codes associated with the Orientalist discourse.

Ominous Muslim chants resound on the battlefield at night. Women are completely subjugated, nodding silently behind their burkas when the men speak. Most of all, savagery and barbarism are seen as inherent to the Arab character. By depicting a crowd of terrorists, thugs and insurgents from Iraq, Jordan, and Syria the film connects the whole of the Middle East to what emerges as an international terrorist network.

This network is abstract rather than clearly defined, and does not refer so much to one specific organization Al-Qaida is mentioned twice in the film , as to a larger intricate sphere of terrorism. Such opaqueness dissociates the enemy threat facing America from individuals, such as Zarqawi or Mustafa, or organizations, such as Al-Qaida, and makes it span the entire Middle Eastern world.

This tendency toward abstraction is particularly problematic. The enemy has been reduced to a conceptual danger: American Sniper further enforces such an impression by visualizing its Arab characters either from concealing camera angels or in masses. Like the Indian, the new villain embodies a violent primitive. The lawless Falluja is a setting not unlike a frontier settlement terrorized by bandits and thugs. The enemy savage is a force that cannot be reasoned with or understood.

Xenophobic prejudices are quite explicit in the film. The opening scene is almost recreated midway through the film as a child picks up an RPG, ready to fire at an American convoy. Innocent-looking women are informants who alert the insurgents when the American troops approach. Every single Arab character in the film is depicted in a negative way: The one Iraqi citizen who cooperates with American soldiers is a greedy opportunist who demands large sums of money for his services.

He and his son are then brutally killed by the Butcher. Such a scenario reaffirms the view of the Orient as something that has to be protected from itself Said. When holding a stakeout in a family house, the host invites the soldiers for dinner. The father has stashed guns, grenades, ammunition and other kinds of explosives. The air of paranoia is sustained throughout the film by the use of sniper POV shots.

The tension evoked by such moments results from creating both a moral and literal blindspot for the audience. In its evocation of frontier mythology the film delivers to audiences a powerful frame of reference through which contemporary geopolitics are to be read, at the same time promoting an aggressive foreign policy and a militaristic disregard for human life. Such sentiments thereby facilitate the justification of war as a viable, and indeed necessary, means of political action.

At the same time American Sniper enforces a mythology in which violence is celebrated and soldiers are seen as heroes. When Kyle is killed at the end by a traumatized war vet, he emerges as a martyr. This article has shown how genre can be used as a political frame through which contemporary geopolitics can be interpreted.

In American Sniper genre operates as a medium that evokes a mythological framework: The enemies in American Sniper embody an abstract evil, a homogenous savage other devoid of reason and mercy, rather than a specific nation or faction. Eastwood injects Western ideology and mythology into the narrative, ultimately restructuring American historical imaginings. The sun will not likely set on the Old West any time soon.

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American Sniper

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