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The main room of a flat. A single set. As stripped down and neutral as possible. Nothing changes, except for the painting on the wall. The cast was as follows:. The background is white and if you screw up your eyes, you can make out some fine white diagonal lines.

Login with your Institution. Don't have an account? Representations of happiness in works of fiction seem crucial to understanding literature and its functioning.

In this chapter I will examine four novels: I will answer the following questions: How are they referred to, i. And how should we interpret the effects of these devices? I am particularly interested in the way feelings of and thoughts about un happiness are communicated by narrators and characters: I will show how these novels illustrate the impossibility to measure happiness by simply asking people how happy they are.

Literary texts may function both as a place to find comfort or wisdom — things that may attribute to their well-being or happiness — and as a place to withdraw from or see the relativity of the duty to be happy. Powered by: Search Close. Advanced Search Help. Happily never After: Esther Op de Beek. With him. Serge Oh. I can laugh. Serge He started in with this sardonic laugh.

Not a trace of charm. Serge Nothing to see. What I mean is. Not a trace of humour. Yvan His taste is classical.

With you. I like him for other reasons… Yvan And he likes you! I blame him for his insensitivity. Its like yours. Yvan You know Marc is moody. I felt it the other day. We talked a bit. Marc But what made him laugh?

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Yvan He laughed because he sensed I was about to laugh. Marc It was Serge who laughed first… Yvan Yes. We had a laugh. And then he laughed. If you like. Yvan It was even better than you think. Yvan It was a genuine laugh.

If he laughed first. Yvan What is the right reason? Marc Well. Yvan We had a laugh. It was Serge who laughed first. Both of us.

Marc You arrived. Marc He laughed first and you joined in. Marc A genuine laugh. Marc You had a laugh? Marc You told him it was shit and you had a good laugh.

Yvan Perfectly genuine. Marc It may have been a genuine laugh. Marc A system? Yvan A system. Yvan It has something. Marc What system? Yvan Mm hm… A brief silence. Yvan You know. The older I get. Marc Of course I am Yvan I felt a resonance. Marc Good. He indicates the paining on his wall …No.

Marc Yvan. From him. Yvan Great. Because apart from your disastrous indulgence. No scope for a system!.. Describe your feelings to me.. Marc Because I know you. Marc A system! Too evocative. Too expensive.. Marc You felt a resonance?.. You look at this piece of shit. Yvan I wish I could say the same for you. Objectively speaking. It has a white background.

Marc Answer me this. I mean objectively. What do you mean. Does it make you happy?.

Why do I have to be so categorical? What possible difference can it make to me. Does it make you happy? Marc can think what he likes. Unlike Yvan. Marc Obviously I should have taken the Ignatia. But I could have found some Serge Yvan liked the Antrios. Incredibly modern. From now on. Read that. Read it.. What with the office. Right away. He exits and returns with the painting.

A moment of contemplation… Yvan got the hang of it. Serge All right.. I could have taken a less aggressive tone. Serge You want another look? Marc Fetch it out. Marc picks up the book.

I ought to be nice to him. Serge Feel like a laugh? Marc Go on. Marc Where is it?. Even if it makes me physically ill that my best friend has bought a white painting.

Which is absurd! The other day. In any cane.. I over-react…You could say. Serge What difference does that make?. Those old chestnuts. Serge Read Seneca. I lack judgement. Very restful. Serge Yes…. I was thinking about you and I said to myself: Marc …You know.. Serge Apologizing? What for? Like your Flemish job. I could easily… Serge Get annoyed. Serge The fact of the matter is. Marc Ignatia.. Marc The last time you saw each other.

You really have lost your sense of humour old chap. Marc Really? Marc It is. Marc Probably. Marc …. Serge Having said that. When I was talking to Yvan the other day.

Where the hell is he? Marc What is it. Whatever his name is…Antrios… Serge So?.

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Or there?.. He indicates the Antrios. Marc Yes They laugh Serge No!. He signals Marc over to examine the edge. Serge What else am I supposed to say? Marc You say the artist when you could say the painter or …..

Marc Are you going to have it framed? Serge laughs discreetly. Marc Is that right? Where are you going to put it? Too ostentatious.. Marc Nothing.. Marc You say the artist as if…. At the Pompiodou!

Marc Amazing. If not better!. Marc Why are you so jumpy? Serge I went to the Pompidou on Monday. Marc I see.. Marc But you say the artist. Three Antrioses!. The artist….. Serge All right. Everything will have started.. Serge Well What are we seeing? I have a suggestion. Where the fuck is he? I was going to say something stupid. Marc Could it be the Antrios.. You said. Serge He is getting on my nerves. Serge answered in the bloodiest possible way. It started some time ago…To be precise.. Could it be buying the Antrios?.

I said I thinki I must be getting intolerant in my old age.. Serge What do you mean. Bugger your backing. Serge I am not jumpy. And quite unexpectedly. Marc The fact is.. What makes you so high and mighty?. Could buying the Antrios have triggered off this feeling of constraint between us?

Arkaith - Juego de rol

Buying something…. What gives you the right to set yourself apart. A little smile behind every word. Marc and Serge. I suggested none of the parents' names should be on it. I've done everything I can to avoid this. The doorbell rings Serge Twelve minutes past eight. I should have just punched him in the mouth. Serge goes to open the door to Yvan. Marc Lyonnaise. Yvan walks into the room. I finally agreed that my step-mother.

That day. I should have said to him. Bit fatty. Catherine adores her step-mother. And when he was lying there on the ground. I promise you. I'm not talking about that. Catherine shouted. I beg you. I have friends waiting for me. Catherine's listening on the extension. I'm the one who's insisting her name's on it. I said to her. I'm going to hang up and we'll discuss all this tomorrow after a good night's sleep. I'm not Cathy. Serge Then what?.

Cut short. I'm not selfish. Marc Why do you let yourself be buggered around by all these women? Yvan Why do I let myself be buggered around. I say. I may tell you. I insist on making a solo appearance. Yvan Then nothing. I find myself obliged to spend all afternoon and evening with your father. Mini-drama with Catherine. Yvan you're not going to start as well.

I can see none of this can be helped.. I hung up. Serge It is a masterpiece.. Marc Why are you getting annoyed? Serge You seem to be insinuating I use the word masterpiece at the slightest excuse. Incredibly modern! Purely through stress. Serge So? Marc So nothing.

Yvan De Vita Beata. Half a stone. Marc Quite. Marc Read Seneca…. Not at all!. Serge I said it was a masterpiece because it is a masterpiece. As if. And please note I made no mention of the word incredibly…. Yvan Of course I have.

Serge knows a tasty spot. If not. Shall we eat? Yvan So. Of course not. I gather. Yvan Yes…I am quite…taken with it. Yvan Listen. Whatever you like.

Marc Why not? Serge You want my opinion about your women problems?

Epub les yasmina heureux download reza heureux

Yvan Go on. Yvan Cancel the wedding? Tell you the truth. By far. Serge In my view. You want to watch out. I see! Yvan What? Marc No question. Yvan What can I do? Marc Cancel it. I was just saying. Serge Why are you attacking Yvan like this? Serge You must do what you like. Marc You think this painting is not white. Marc Ah. Then what colour is it? Serge The Antrios is not white. Serge Because there. I know Catherine is hysterical but she has her good points. Yvan Not entirely.

I thought of you today at the shop. Marc You have no substance. Serge Why is he not entitled to? Serge ….. Brief silence. Marc The truth? You find these colours touching? In front of me. Marc How could you say Marc to Yvan How could you. I find these colours touching. Stop wanting to control everything. And in front of me.. Marc There are no colours..

I find these colour touching. Serge He finds these colour touching! Marc You find these colours touching. Yvan Speak for yourself! Marc This is really demeaning. A man of his time is a man who lives in his own time. Who are you to legislate? If you go.. Yvan Right. Marc Balls.. Serge Where are you going? Yvan stands there. Marc Hm. Serge Who do you think you are. How can a man live in any other time but his own? Answer me that A man of his time. To what end? I was representative of my era?

Serge Listen. Marc What use is it to me if one day somebody says. Serge Same thing. At this point. Marc Yvan is a coward. Now apologise to Yvan.

What sort of part can an amoeba play? Serge In his way. Yvan It is not! Yvan represents a certain way of life. And in fact. Serge Well done. Slight Pause. Serge I do. Yvan makes his decision. Marc What about Yvan? Yvan is a man of his time. Marc And you.

And so do you. Marc How can you tell? Not from that daub hanging over his mantelpiece! Yvan That is not a daub! Serge It is a daub. Serge Yes … Marc But you said… Serge Ah! He used to be eccentric. Marc Was it? I have no idea what Yvan and I have in common…I have no idea what my relationship with him consists of.

Marc What about you? Serge Have you any idea what you and I have in common?. I plunged off down the stairs. Yvan Yvan returns!

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The lift was full. Yvan I discuss everything with Finkelzohn. Yvan enters immediately. Serge Why were you discussing us? Yvan I knew your relationship was under strain and I wanted Finkelzohn to explain… Serge And what did the bastard say?

I got to the ground floor and I said to myself. Serge goes to answer it. Marc Oh. He fetches out a piece of folded paper.

Serge And in cash. I sometimes say to him. Marc Who gives a fuck what he said? Serge What did he say? Marc What possible interest could we have in what he said? Serge I want to know what the bastard said.. Freud said you have to feel the banknotes as they slip through your fingers. Marc Great. I found something out.. Marc You took notes? Yvan unfolding it I wrote it down because it was complicated…Shall I read it to you?

Serge Go on. Yvan reaches into his jacket pocket Yvan You want to know?. Short silence Marc How much do you pay this man? Yvan Four hundred francs a session. Either of you.

Marc What a lucky man you are. Yvan carefully refolds the piece of paper. The subject is closed. Marc See. Marc Why are you so touchy? Serge I am not touchy. Serge Absolutely!. Marc Yes.. Yvan The more I see it.. This is completely pointless…. Serge I am not getting upset. Serge You go. To tell you the truth. I have no interest in discussing it further. He returns immediately. What can go wrong? Moved by a sudden impulse. Serge Just as well by the look of it. There are no vacancies.

Marc Gelsemium. Serge But you used to love Paul Valery. Marc Or are you afraid. Serge But I discovered him through you. You know what Paul Valery says? Serge picks up the Antrios and takes it back where he found it. Marc This is most impressive. Perhaps I should go to Finkelzohm!. Is this something new?

Yvan I will not be undermined. Serge What do you give a fuck about?

Marc I give a fuck about you buying that painting. Yvan But why? I give a fuck about you spending two hundred grand on that piece of shit. Serge To Yvan See how smug he is!

Serge Why do you say. Serge So why would I buy it. The way she waves away cigarette smoke. I see words can bite a little deeper!.. Marc Answer me. What appears to you a gesture of no significance. Serge You see the effect you can have! Marc Do you think what you just said about Paula?

Serge Worse. Worse than repellent? Will you explain how someone can be worse than repellent? Serge Aha! Marc Worse. I could have done. Marc The way she waves away cigarette smoke… Serge Yes. Marc Serge. Marc Is that what you think of Paula? This is ridiculous! Serge A normal woman would say. This is very serious. Her method of waving away cigarette smoke condemns her out of hand. Her method of waving away cigarette smoke reveals a cold. I find the smoke a bit uncomfortable.

Serge What do you know about sense? Serge To Yvan Mind you own business!.. Serge Of course not. There you are. Yvan That really hurt!. More than is necessary.. Serge Show me.. Two old friends..

Yvan rushes forward to get between them. Two normal men gone completely insane! Yvan How do you know? A kind of bizarre struggle ensues. Marc to Yvan Get off!.. I could be haemorrhaging internally. Come on. A pair of fossils. Marc throws himself at Serge. Serge Sure… Marc Given the state you were in at the time. The most pathological relationship you can imagine! Yvan My step-mother! Yvan You have a rat?! When I asked you what you thought of Paula. Something must have happened for you to go this demented.

Yvan A rat? Serge He comes and goes. Serge Yes… Marc Which sounded quite positive. Marc But today. I replaced you with the Antrios? But no. Serge But you…you resent me…well. Serge Are you saying.

Serge Would you like an aspirin? Marc Since I can no longer support you in your frenzied. Marc Yes! Serge Have a drop of brandy. Yvan You might squeeze out a drop of compassion. Marc Easier said than done. Carry on with your preposterous conversation. I was about to say. Yvan What do you think?. Marc Of course you understand..

Slight Pause… … And if I loved you as my mentor…what was the nature of your feelings? Marc In my time. Marc to Serge There was a time you were proud to be my friend…You congratulated yourself on my peculiarity. Serge Was there such a time? I suppose. Marc The time you made a distinction between me and other people. Serge …I replaced you with the Antrios?

With the Antrios…and all it implies. Marc But I detest your independence. I assure you. Silence Serge to Yvan … If I understand correctly. And petty. I was your alibi. Marc stares at him contemptuously. You enjoyed exhibiting me untamed to your circle.