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Star Wars: In his dream, he saw his own dark form standing upon the open terrace that clung to the curved outer wall of Bast Castle, his private fortress on the planet Vjun. Freezing acidic rain pelted his helmet, and high winds tore at his black cloak with incredible fury, as if the weather itself was doing its best to kill him along with anything else that attempted to live on the barren world. And yet Vader felt more alive than he had in years. The walls were lined with automated heating vents that dried his garments as he strode to the dimly illuminated observatory. Although few had ever treaded within his fortress, he was not surprised to find the young man who stood at the center of the domed-ceiling chamber. Clad in form-fitting black clothes, Luke had his back to Vader as he examined a three-dimensional star map that was suspended in the air above a holoprojector.

Luke began to scream. This thought surprised him almost as much as the intensity of the imagery of Bast Castle. It had been over two decades since he had broken from the Jedi order to become a Sith Lord, and in all those years, he had not thought about whether Jedi had nightmares, or dreams for that matter. Not since the end of the Clone Wars.

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Perhaps it was a premonition , Vader thought, as a vein pulsed against the left temple of his bare, horribly scarred head. He quickly rejected this notion. The vision of his fortress had been something else. Perhaps a warning, but from whom?

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The idea that he might have been violated made him angry, and his anger opened him to the dark side of the Force. Closing his eyes, he reached out with the Force and searched for signs of psychic energy trails that might lead to a telepathic invader. He found nothing, no one.

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Vader grimaced. A year had passed since his last encounter with Luke Skywalker on Cloud City, where he had revealed his identity to Luke and told him it was his destiny to destroy the Emperor.

Vader suspected that the Emperor knew of this treachery, for the Emperor knew everything eventually. But even if the Emperor were aware of all that had transpired, Vader was certain he would not feel threatened. The Emperor was simply too powerful.

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And yet somehow, Vader sensed that the Emperor had nothing to do with his strange vision of Bast Castle. Could it have been just a dream? After so many years without dreaming, he had forgotten what dreams were like. The upper half of the meditation chamber lifted, exposing Vader like a black pistil at the center of a white mechanical flower.

Although his voice was alert, his eyes appeared tired from staring at sensor screens and navigational monitors.

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Dreams are for pathetic life-forms. He stared at his own reflection on the surface of the viewscreen.

As he gazed at the distant stars on the screen, a deeply buried memory pushed its way into his consciousness. It was the memory of a wish, a wish to visit every star in the galaxy. But that wish, and the dreams that went with it, had belonged to someone else, a child who lived a long time ago and was no more. In the dream, he was an older boy, but still years away from manhood. He was inside the open cockpit of a small repulsorlift vehicle, soaring over rocky terrain at an incredibly high speed.

Two strong cables were secured to a parallel pair of long engines in front of the vehicle, and the gap between the engines was bridged by an arc of crackling energy. Several similar vehicles swerved through the ravine in front of him, and the noise of their engines, echoing off the rocky walls, was almost deafening.

With fearless precision, Anakin accelerated and whipped past the other vehicles. Free eBooks are eBooks digital books that can be downloaded to your computer, tablet, smsartphone, or eReader free of charge. Sometimes book publishers will decide to make a specific ebook available for free in order to gain more exposure for an author. Or, an author might want to offer an ebook for free so that they can gain new readership.

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Free ebooks are commonly given as. Go to free eBooks to see more free ebook downloads! There are a lot more available and they change frequently. More about eBooks: The Old Republic: Smuggler's Vanguard [hyperlink] The Olde Republic: Smuggler's Vanguard, written by Robert Chestney, spotlights Hylo Visz, the popular pilot who broke the Mandalorian blockade.

Featured exclusively on StarWars. The Starfighter Trap: Part I [hyperlink] The Starfigher Trap: The story is a tie-in to the LucasArts video game Star Wars: The story is intended for young readers.

Open Seasons 1 [hyperlink] Jango Fett: Open Seasons 1 was posted online at StarWars. Mara Jade: The free online comic book is presented by StarWars. Star Wars Episode V: Star Wars The Old Republic: Threat of Peace [hyperlink] The Old Republic: Threat of Peace is an ongoing, free online comic book. The series is a tie-in with the Star: The Old Republic video game. Blood of the Empire [hyperlink] The Old Republic: