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J. S. Cooper Author cover image of The Forever Love Series (The Last Boyfriend, the Last Husband, cover image of The Last Husband (Forever Love, #2). Preview and download books by J. S. Cooper, including That Night with My Best Friend's J. S. Cooper, The Last Husband: Forever Love, Book 2 (Unabridged). The Last Boyfriend (Forever Love Book 1) - Kindle edition by J. S. Cooper. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like $ 2. The Last Husband (Forever Love Book J. S. Cooper.

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edition by J. S. Cooper. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. The Last Husband (Forever Love Book 2). J. S. Cooper. The Last Boyfriend book. Published May 5th by J. S. Cooper me guessing the whole time and it is just so well written. cant wait for The Last Husband!. J.S. Cooper has books on Goodreads with ratings. The Last Boyfriend The Last Husband The Other Side of Love Guarding His Heart. Forever .

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Do you have any further concern? Add this book to bookshelf. Add book. Book added to the bookshelf Ok. Something went wrong and the book couldn't be added to the bookshelf. Please try again later. Carry My Heart J. Playing with Fire J. Suddenly he flips a switch from less than twelve hours earlier and wants to be her future husband?

I had to put it down five times so I didn't maim my kindle whilst throwing it across the room in a fit of rage and disbelief. View all 5 comments. May 29, Nicole marked it as not-my-cuppa Shelves: This is horrible. Everything about it so far is cheesy, and predictable. I can't even finish the first chapter.

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Lucky is annoying. She keeps contradicting herself, and getting worked up over nothing. I can't stand her. Her coworker makes a judgmental assumption about Zane and she tells them not to judge a book by its cover those are her exact words. Cheesy dialogue much?! Omg seriously? N OMG. Not to mention that he comes in with a different girl every week, um, that's a better indicator that he's not bf material! You've never spoken to him outside of 'can I take your order' and your getting all pissy like you were last weeks girl, or a girlfriend or something.

Not only is that a poorly developed story line, pulling annoying drama out of thin air, but as a character isn't it a little presumptuous to think that way.. It's like if I was mad at Johnny depp for cheating on me, when we have no actual relationship, let alone connection! It's also annoying that she acts flustered and innocent when her co workers hint at stuff, and then one asks what she's thinking and she's like 'oh just thinking about how good he'd be in bed'.

Pick one! Are you the innocent born again virgin, or the naughty waitress? Actually, don't pick either, because I can't read another page.

Apr 28, Jessica's Book Review rated it really liked it. After finishing reading the book I love it even more! The Last Boyfriend is about 22 year-old Lucky. Lucky works in a small diner, barley getting by. Lucky refuses to date just anybody; she wants her next boyfriend to be her last boyfriend. But the connection between the two is just too strong for them to deny.

The Last Boyfriend is a very steamy read! Zane is majorly secretive but also majorly HOT! I instantly was drawn to him.

Carry My Heart

I loved that his character was dark and mysterious, how he was written was one of my favorite things about the novel. As you read you know he is hiding things but you do not know what, when some of his secrets are revealed I was not expecting them at all.

It made me love Zane even more because he hides a lot behind his Playboy persona. Lucky, well Lucky made me nervous! Her crazy decision making process made me crazy! She only knows Zane as one of her customers but is willing to quit her job, her schooling to go to Los Angeles with him to make a documentary. It was so impulsive… and I knew heartbreak was coming for Lucky eventually. The Last Boyfriend had a lot of 4 star moments in the book.

The sex was HOT and the storyline was fun. It made me a bit crazy at times, I just wanted them together already! The Last Boyfriend is a great and fun read! The book does end with a bit of a cliff hanger leaving you wanting more!

I give The Last Boyfriend 3. Book provided by the author in return for an honest review. Reading it, I felt like someone wrote this in a hurry. Maybe on a carton box or on the square notepad with 'to-do list' in front while waiting for coffee or waiting in line in local supermarket.

I do love random conversations and ramblings, but this is actually ridiculous. I don't understand why people call it romantic. There's just sex and arguments.

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In that order. No wait, there is something else. There is What is it? Oh, wait. Argui Ok Did I miss something? And that is not hot make up sex. It's more 'I'm too stubborn, so I'll walk out of the room like true drama queen I am. Absolutely pathetic book. Also, Lucky is quite annoying. View 1 comment. Jul 09, Perceptive rated it did not like it Shelves: I hate to give books one star.

But this book? This book deserves negative stars. Oh, it's formatted decently enough and while the grammar is rough, it's about your average American public school fifth grade level I'm not trying to knock public schools. I went to one, my relatives teach at others. But let's face it.

Public education is currently under so man I hate to give books one star. Public education is currently under so many ridiculous constraints, both budgetary and bureaucratic, that teachers have a hard time actually teaching and students have a difficult time actually learning.

But I doubt I will ever find a more wretched hive of clunky writing and just plain stupidity. Our heroine is named Lucky. If you forget the heroine is named Lucky, don't worry, the hero will remind you. Ad nauseam. Like every other sentence. It's as if he has first name Tourette's. Lucky is so gosh darn appealing that not one, but two rich and famous men want her.

Lucky see? I can't stop saying her name, either is having none of that, however. Because Lucky's ex-boyfriend called her a slut after learning she had sex in college. Shocking, yes, I know. So Lucky has stopped dating until she finds "the last boyfriend" - the last guy she dates before she marries him.

It's a kinda cute premise. Too bad that is the last gasp of anything resembling cute, clever, original or witty in the entire book. Every Friday, generic handsome rich guy Zane Beaumont shows up at Lucky's diner with a different gorgeous woman in tow. How did Zane make his money? OK, fine, his father is apparently a Hollywood producer who cares nothing about living trusts and all the other financial protections actual wealthy people put into place for their kids, and gave Zane open access to the family's mythically large bank account.

Or so I assume. Because it sure as hell ain't in the text. BTW, there are an awful lot of Hollywood people hanging out in Miami. Yet somehow Zane was able to spend the last several months taking girls to Miami diners on Friday nights. Lucky and Zane go to a fictional Los Angeles that resembles the real city in no real way, shape or form psst: Lucky agrees to enter into a relationship that is all sex, no emotions, because the New Adult Self Publishing Money Grab Fairy says so; and hijinks ensue.

So if you like your heroines stupid; your heroes even more obtuse; your writing on-the-nose, awkward, and heavy-handed; your conflicts cheaply manufactured and easily overcome; your plots paper thin; your first person narration telling you ad nauseam and never once showing you — this is the book for you.

View 2 comments. Gosh, this book fell so flat I actually fell sorry for it! The first thing drawing me was the cover, and yes I tend to do this quiet often and what a disappointment that turns out to be!!! SO at first I was like Ok, I feel sorry for Lucky, she was acting like a slut during her college days so then when she was treated like one and dumped like one she fell hard and now is giving celebacy a try until MR.

RIGHT comes along.. She works at a diner for pennies while going to school - each friday night Gosh, this book fell so flat I actually fell sorry for it! She works at a diner for pennies while going to school - each friday night in comes hot Zane with a different female on his arm, and our heroine gets more and more flustered!?

Because she is stupid as shit! History major? Yes, she might be able to remember dates and names, but other than that? The man Zane sleeps with these women, tells her that he does, tells her he doesn't do hearts, where she only does hearts, but she drops those panties quicker than you can say Fire! So not only is she stupid, she is back to her slut ways! So to sum it up, Lucky our heroine is not so lucky in the brain department and Zane, the idiot she falls for is psychotic but with multiple personalities.

This should have been a book about a psych ward with patients, not an attempted love approach! That meant, he had to fit a number of criteria: He had to be honest 2. He had to be good-looking, but not too hot, or he would have too many women after him, something I knew from experience. He had to be looking for a serious relationship, but not be too old or too desperate to settle down. He had to be financially secure, but not too rich, or too many women would be after him, once again, something I knew from experience.

He had to be funny, loyal, faithful and modest. He had to agree to wait for sex until we were married or engaged. Mar 26, Anne OK rated it did not like it Shelves: I was drawn in by the cover and, after I read a few of the 5-star reviews, decided to go for it.

That was a mistake. I should have dug deeper into the reviews and put the cover out of my head. This one was shallow and missing on all cylinders in my opinion. Nothing made me want to know them better or cheer them to happily-eve I was drawn in by the cover and, after I read a few of the 5-star reviews, decided to go for it. Nothing made me want to know them better or cheer them to happily-ever-after. The whole storyline was slow and awkward and downright childish and unrealistic.

May 15, Erin rated it it was ok. I really wanted to like this book - it got good reviews and you know, there's the cover But man, I got whiplash.

Lucky would form an opinion about a guy just to out of nowhere, change it a paragraph later. And I sit here like, 'wait, I thought you decided he was boring and coming on too strong and you can't stop thinking about Zane I also hate characters I really wanted to like this book - it got good reviews and you know, there's the cover I also hate characters who refuse to make a decision or forget about their responsibilities because of a guy - that alone did not endear me to Lucky.

She knew that Braydon was really into her and would be flying across the country to see her - yet she stars something up with Zane and then never lets go of Braydon; she keeps avoiding being honest with him. Then too, she forgets to tell her best friends and roommates that she decided to drop out of school and go across the country until hours before she has to leave.

Another thing was that the relationship didn't really develop for me. It could be read as: Zane possessive about Lucky. Lucky attempts dating Braydon, Thinks about Zane Zane makes an appearance and is possessive and stalkerish Lucky gives in to Zane; moves across the country with him Lucky and Zane have 'The Talk' on the plane; decide to try Try what?!

OKAY, I get it. May 23, Tracey rated it did not like it Shelves: It's poorly written, the editing is bad, I didn't get a feel for anyone's personality and therefore didn't like or dislike anyone.

The dialogue from the men was entirely unbelievable. Most of what was said sounded like what a woman would want to hear and not what a man would actually say. The main character tells all of the guys they are acting creepy at one point or another but she still goes on dates with them or sleeps with them.

If he was so concerned about her safety, which he claimed to be throughout the story, he would have dropped that bomb immediately to warn her away. So much didn't make sense. She's focused on school and work drops everything, withdraws from all of her classes a semester away from graduating, in order to follow a guy she's known for a day to L.

If this girl were my friend, I'd tell her she's an idiot and to pump the brakes a little. Geez, where to start I bet you where like "damn Gina, this book gonna be hottttttttt". At least that was me. This book fell so flat I actually felt sorry for it. The heroine was so friggin annoying, and that's alot coming from me.

J. S. Cooper

As I typically like the easy going, more submissive heroines. But damn, this bitch was dumb. The whole premise just didn't add up. From jumping around about his weekly Friday dates, to suddnly workin Geez, where to start From jumping around about his weekly Friday dates, to suddnly working for this hot wealthy man, to dropping school, to her Civil Rights Major suddenly playing a huge part, I was just dumb founded. I mean, nothing was thought out or at least written out enough to make the connections make sense and make you go "oh yeah, alright, I see what's going on" - uh no, you were like, "wait, what?

Oh, okay, this is going to play itself out, let's see where this part's going Okay, nevermind, bitch is crazy. I really didn't like this book. Jul 18, Patty rated it did not like it Shelves: All those people that rated with 5 stars should start reading more and better books I mean, this was bad! I saw the ratings and thought to give it a try. I read it all in one day, because it's really short. I am not opposed to short stories, i am, however, opposed to bad stories.

This was poorly written, there were many holes in the story, you don't get attached to any character, you don't like Braydon or Zane, for that matter in any part of the book. I totally get the mistery part that it wa All those people that rated with 5 stars should start reading more and better books I totally get the mistery part that it was supposed to happen but it didn't work.

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It was a bad constructed story. Dead brother, dead parents, girlfriend, drug dealing What was the point in writing about a "love" that he felt when he was a kid?

Just stupid, an excuse for the reader to think he's talkin about someone else, and it was really bad. Also bad that the declaration of love in he end? Corny, cheesy and just Not good at all. If someone said those things to me I think I would start laughing And I am a really pro-romance!!! Chapter 3 9. Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 The Lies Acknowledgments About the Author Also by Tracy Lorraine.

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