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The Poet by Michael Connelly. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format. Download Free Ebooks, Amazon, Download Ebooks, Free Ebooks, Download MediaFire. Overview: Michael Connelly (born July 21, , Philadelphia, The Narrows () – Sequel of The Poet (With Harry Bosch as a. want your feedback! Click here. cover image of The Poet. Read A Sample. The Poet. Jack McEvoy Series, Book 1 · Jack McEvoy. by Michael Connelly. ebook.

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Editorial Reviews. lyubimov.info Review. Jack McEvoy is a Denver crime reporter with the Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Buy a Kindle Kindle eBooks Kindle Unlimited Prime Reading Best Sellers & More Kindle Book Deals Free . $ Read with Our Free App; Audiobook. Read "The Poet A Novel" by Michael Connelly available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. **FROM THE #1 BESTSELLING . Read "The Narrows" by Michael Connelly available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up The Drop - Free Preview: The First 11 Chapters ebook by Michael Connelly.

Also available as: Not in United States? Choose your country's store to see books available for purchase. FBI agent Rachel Walling finally gets the call she's dreaded for years, the one that tells her the Poet has surfaced. She has never forgotten the serial killer who wove lines of poetry in his hideous crimes--and apparently he has not forgotten her.

The Burial Hour.

The Poet book by Michael Connelly online Download for Free PDF, ePub | Kimberly

Extreme Prey. Vicious Circle. Wilbur Smith. Parting Shot. Linwood Barclay. Mississippi Blood. Greg Iles. The Target. Escape Clause. Long Road to Mercy. Heartbreak Hotel. The Cuban Affair.

Nelson DeMille. The Thirst. Jo Nesbo. House of Spies. Daniel Silva. Dying Truth. Angela Marsons. Personal with bonus short story Not a Drill.

Fifty Fifty. Holy Ghost. NYPD Red 4. Enemy of the State. Vince Flynn. The Family Lawyer. David Lagercrantz. The Moores Are Missing. Dark Sacred Night. Michael Connelly. The Late Show. Two Kinds of Truth. The Black Echo. The Black Ice. The Concrete Blonde. The Safe Man. Angels Flight. The Narrows. Lost Light. Angle of Investigation. The Crossing. The Wrong Side of Goodbye. The Burning Room. The Gods of Guilt. Blue on Black. The Brass Verdict. The Black Box. Blood Work.

The Closers. The Overlook. The Fifth Witness. The Reversal. Echo Park. Red Eye. Dennis Lehane. The Drop. City of Bones. Trunk Music. A Darkness More Than Night. The Last Coyote. The Lincoln Lawyer. Overall, my feeling from the book is that Connelly had some loose ends and some live characters from his previous novels, and decided to throw them together in a book that would make some money. The writing is tight and flows well, so I get how he could be a popular author. May 30, Cathy DuPont rated it liked it.

After a break from Harry Bosch, it was good to get back to see what he was up to. And it didn't take long for Harry to get back into the life of the most sly character seen in awhile, The Poet. The wife of a fellow LAPD detective asks Harry to investigate the natural death of his friend who received a heart transplant. She's suspicious that it may not have been so natural. Along the way Harry butts heads with just about everyone he comes in contact with including the FBI but he's determined, as usual, to get answers to the whys that come up.

Being on the east coast, I was curious about the Los Angeles River and the narrows. What are they? Why are they dangerous? The Los Angeles River as seen from the map, runs through the city; or rather the city was built up around the river.

During heavy rainfall, the river begins to swell and is very dangerous.

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This is a boring review, I know. But the book didn't seem all that exciting to me. Perhaps it was just me, I'm not sure. But as reviewers know, it's not easy writing an exciting review when the book itself wasn't all that exciting to the reader. This does not mean that Harry Bosch fans shouldn't read it since many have given it a much higher rating than I have.

Give it a try I'm no pushover for giving four or five stars when I didn't think they were deserved. And this one just didn't "toot my horn" but maybe it will yours. View all 19 comments. Crime fiction honestly does not get any better than this. The Narrows is another gripping Crime fiction honestly does not get any better than this. The Narrows is another gripping instalment in this series and I loved it. The Poet was an intriguing character when we last read about him and I was excited to see how Bosch would hunt him down whilst not having a badge and while being warned off by the FBI.

Everything just flows beautifully and you know that every single scene, every single word, ever nuance, has meaning. At the end of Lost Light Bosch and the reader were given one hell of a shock and that is continued here in the Narrows. His love life I am also intrigued by too.

They are a masterclass in how to write crime fiction and I cannot recommend them enough. Another engaging and well done mystery in the series. I am impressed with this author consistently writing such good stories.

Most of my ratings are 4 and 5 stars. The main difference is the emotional feeling I have at the end. A couple of books had me feeling excited and elated at the end.

My emotional reactions are the main reasons for star differences. In each book when the story begins, I have absolutely no idea how I would investigate or solve it. It seems so impossible. So I just keep reading, waiting to be enlightened. And I always am. This book 10 can be read as a stand-alone. They stop him.

There is a good chance the Poet is dead. Bosch is not in that book. He discovers that the Poet is not dead and continues to kill. Bosch works with Rachel Walling to try to catch him.

Free the download connelly poet ebook michael

Bosch yelled at her not to do something, but she did it anyway and caused a problem. If I could change anything I would change those two scenes. I prefer my heroes competent and smart. Connelly is great at having Bosch outthink others which I love.

So these two instances were blips on the screen — not what I prefer.

The Narrows

This was a pleasant warm sprinkling into the story a couple of times. I believe the setting for this book is since the following years were stated in the book. But, two inconsistencies were: McCaleb is a retired FBI profiler. He investigates crimes as a hobby, volunteering his services to help local law enforcement agencies.

He recently died. His wife discovers that someone tampered with his medication causing his death. She asks Bosch to investigate. Bosch retired from the police force and now works as a private investigator. Bosch studies the cases McCaleb was working on. One of them was the Poet. Bosch believes the stalker could be the Poet. They investigate together. The narrator Len Cariou is excellent. A couple seconds of sound between some of the chapters was nice. When on the boat I heard water lapping and sea gulls.

Other times it was jazz music. Unabridged audiobook length: Len Cariou. Swearing language: Sexual language: Number of sex scenes: Book Copyright: Not exciting, but positive. Then go back and read the rest in order. Following is my recommended reading order.

The Black Ice 4 stars. The Concrete Blonde 5 stars. The Last Coyote 4 stars. Trunk Music 4 stars. Blood Work McCaleb series 1 Bosch is not in this. City Of Bones 5 stars. Lost Light 5 stars. The Poet McEvoy series 1 Bosch is not in this.

The Narrows sequel to The Poet Bosch is the main investigator. Jul 23, David rated it it was amazing Shelves: For those who have read all the Michael Connelly books in order not just the Bosch series , this is a great book.

It also unites Bosch with crucial cast members and storylines from two other stand-alone novels The Poet and Blood Work , and provides an excellent continued storyline. Connelly also takes the narrative standpoint that has made recent Crais work For those who have read all the Michael Connelly books in order not just the Bosch series , this is a great book.

Connelly also takes the narrative standpoint that has made recent Crais work so appealing, and has worked well for James Patterson: Even if you have some aversion to reading all the previous books in order I don't understand why people even question this with series , do NOT read this until you have read "The Poet".

This prequel book is not only a dynamite mystery, but the identity of The Poet is a major shocker and fun surprise. Start with "The Black Echo" and go from there.

Sep 07, Debra marked it as to-read Shelves: Stephen King recommended book and author.

Connelly doesn't always write about Bosch; I've always thought his best book was the gruesome and excruciatingly suspenseful ''The Poet,'' published in the mid-'90s. Although the climax of ''The Poet'' wa Stephen King recommended book and author. Although the climax of ''The Poet'' was satisfying enough, it was open-ended; one could not be completely sure the serial killer had gotten his just deserts. The story is told in slightly dislocated fashion -- first-person-narrative chapters from the Bosch point of view interwoven with third-person chapters from the point of view of FBI agent Rachel Walling -- but the clarity of Connelly's writing and the steadily building pace of his narrative more than compensate for the slightly uncomfortable feel of that back-and-forth.

This is scarifying in a big way -- a Thomas Harris kind of scary, which is high praise indeed. Feb 01, Ms. Michael Connelly fans. In Book 9 of the series, Bosch first learned of Maddie, his daughter with ex-wife Eleanor. Both Eleanor and Maddie appear in this book. Connelly takes considerable care to fill in this background. However, he fails to reprise the momentum of those previous books.

Connelly never succeeds in igniting the energy from those two previous books to create the tense precarious partnership the situation demands. McCaleb had been unable to settle into tranquil retirement.

Much to his wife Graciela's chagrin, he spent increasing amounts of time alone on his boat working with his case files. It's an obsession Bosch understands. When Graciela contacts him to investigate her husband's death, he agrees. The official report stated the cause was cardiomyopathy.

He had a heart transplant, and his new heart simply failed. Graciela suspects her husband's meds were tampered with, causing the failure.

The plot is structured as a convergence of two cases. A GPS addressed to her contains only one entry. It is the burial location of his ten latest victims. Connelly links the two cases with great ingenuity. Connelly walks the reader through the procedural details and jargon of the FBI with his usual skill. As in his other books, Connelly pointedly criticizes the territorial and political priorities of the too numerous crime jurisdictions.

Walling's FBI liaison comments: Bagging serials were the best headlines the bureau got. Now it's terrorists twenty-four seven and we can't even get overtime. At all costs he had to be able to distance himself from the blowback that would rise from the explosion in the desert and possibly reach all the way to Washington.

Perhaps it was her self-assurance and no-nonsense bluntness, or perhaps it was her clear loyalty to the marginalized Walling, but I liked Brass, the liaison between the science analysts and the investigating team.

She is also the only FBI character depicted in a positive light. I wished she had a larger role to play in this book. Connelly exercises his ability to manage tension in this book. There are stretches of the investigation when the pace slows. Leads dry up, clues without connections are unearthed. Then, suddenly, a new clue surfaces or a connection is made, and the tension tightens. The eponymous Narrows is a concrete channel designed to restrain flooding from the Los Angeles River.

It is a deadly trap during those rare periods of unmitigated downpour. The book opens with an ominous quote from the father of a boy who drowned in The Narrows. The story is repeated by Bosch who remembers the incident from his childhood.

It's a prelude to Connelly's later animation of this dormant monster. Nevertheless, I missed the broader evocation of Los Angeles present in so many of Connelly's other books.

It is an interesting interlude but I missed the conflicts he encountered when on the job. Perhaps Connelly sensed that absence. Early in the book Bosch learns of a way to rejoin the LAPD in their newly established cold case unit. Bosch is uncertain, but the reader knows immediately what his decision will be. It's the best way to pursue his life's mission: Now the poet is back and worse than ever.

Whilst investigating the suspicious death of a friend Harry finds information that puts him on a path that could lead to the Poet. At the same time FBI agent, Rachel Walling's, who was instrumental in discovering who the Poet was in the first book, is also on the trail of the Poet.

Their paths intersect and Harry and Rachel team up in a desperate attempt to stop the Poets killing spree. This another well crafted thriller from Michael Connelly. Harry and Rachel make a great team bouncing ideas of each other whilst covering each others backs. Along the way there are lots of thrills, spills and suspence.

Highly recommended for lovers of police procedure thrillers. Dec 09, kartik narayanan rated it really liked it. Harry Bosch in the first person. I admit I have a soft corner for anything written in the first person especially detective fiction.

And so, The Narrows got some brownie points from me right from the get go.

Poet michael ebook download free connelly the

And some more for killing Terry off-screen. As for the rest of the story, it is fine. Jul 05, Gary rated it it was amazing. Deeply satisfying. This is only the second Harry Bosch novel I've read I found it better than the first. I do think that I've finally hit a stopping or at least a pausing place in my "Michael Connelly marathon".

Connelly has several characters in several series and they occasionally cross over and interact with each other. We get Rachael involved here with Harry as we view spoiler [ tie up hide spoiler ] the career of the psychopath known as the Poet. I read this as I was following this interlaced story which I intersected earlier in a different book.

In that book the author used a character that he killed off before this book began. I don't plan to go back and read this book, it would be an anticlimax.

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