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Ella Fox (Author), Vanessa Bridges (Editor) Book 1 of 4 in The Renegade Saints (4 Book Series) Flynn Rand spent the last decade as the lead singer of one of the world’s most famous bands. One look at a photo of Tessa Hamilton has him hooked. Tessa Hamilton is a other is the real thing? Ella Fox 1 Picture Perfect (The Renegade Saints).epub. Picture Perfect (Renegade Saints, book 1) by Ella Fox Book One of the Author: Ella Fox Genre: Romance Requirements: ePUB MOBI Reader Size: MB.

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The Complete Renegade Saints Series by Ella Fox Their PICTURE PERFECT love story turns up the heat and doesn't let Download now. Read "Picture Perfect Renegade Saints, #1" by Ella Fox available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. Book One of the. Best Kindle ePUB or Tablet hat it s time to find something lyubimov.info look at a photo of Tessa Hamilton had him lyubimov.info s teenage celebrity.

Flynn Rand spent the last decade as the lead singer of one of the world's most famous bands. Although he's got a reputation as a player, he's decided it's time to find something real. Tessa Hamilton is a highly sought after celebrity photographer. And her teenage celebrity crush was Flynn Rand. Now he's offering her the professional opportunity of a lifetime, a job as the official photographer for the Renegade Saints' farewell tour. Assuring herself that her teenage attraction to Flynn was just a puppy love thing of the past, Tessa takes the job. But the explosive chemistry between them is immediate and powerful.

View all 10 comments. I'm a fan of Ella Fox and her 'hart series', so I was really looking forward to the release of 'picture perfect'. There were parts in the book that I really enjoyed, and sadly some parts that didn't quite work for me. So where did i I'm a fan of Ella Fox and her 'hart series', so I was really looking forward to the release of 'picture perfect'. So where did it go wrong? There was something missing for me, I felt some of the sexual content was over the top and slightly uncomfortable.

This book has the dreaded insta-love connection. That just does NOT work for moi. So to wrap up, this is not aweful it just didn't wow me. I do however think that this will work for others. So give it a ride maybe you will fall for this latest Ella Fox novel. Read the blurb, check out Good reads reviews blah blah blah etc. View all 17 comments. FLYNN stars!!

I'm going TO fuck you hard, long, and deep. He has been the lead singer of the band, Renegade Saints for the past 10 years. He is your basic no s 4 Perfectly Hot He is your basic no strings attached, never had a relationship type of guy.

He needs a photographer for his upcoming tour, and he then meets, sweet and beautiful Tessa. They are drawn to one another and Flynn can't stay away from Tessa.

She hasn't dated much, and thinks Flynn is just going to use her, and then move on to the next girl. Tess has been Renegade Saints biggest fan for years They finally start dating Tonight, I throw myself into, And out of the red, out of her head she sang. Come down and waste away with me, down with me Slow how, you wanted it to be, I'm over my head, out of her head she sang.

And I wonder when I sing along with you, If everything could ever feel this real forever. If anything could ever be this good again, The only thing I'll ever ask of you. You gotta promise not to stop when I say when. She sang: Breathe out, so I can breathe you in, Hold you in, and now, I know you've always been there Out of your head, out of my head I sang. And I wonder when I sing along with you, If everything could ever feel this real forever, If anything could ever be this good again.

The only thing I'll ever ask of you, You gotta promise not to stop when I say when. And I wonder If everything could ever feel this real forever, If anything could ever be this good again.

View all 32 comments. I could have done without the repeated references to his manwhore days even though they were not painted in a positive light. I get it Drop it already. And, I know I sound like a broken record here, but I hate miscommunication and misunderstandings. Especially from something that could easily have been resolved with a little heart to heart.

I'm not against angst in my books, but I'd rather it come from outside sources than within the relationship. I read romances for the romance. Not communication issues I loved that Flynn was so sweet and was totally into Tessa by just looking at her picture.

He was determined to have her. And though he made a dick move, he couldn't let her go no matter what. I will definitely keep on with the series.

The other characters intrigue me View all 7 comments. It kills me to say this, but very little about this book worked for me. I am a big fan of her Hart family series, so I was so excited to get this rockstar spinoff.

The Hart books were hot - smokin hot, and there was "heart" to them as well, that made them really fun books. All of that was missing for me. I didn't feel the chemistry between Flynn and Tessa. There were some hot scenes although to be honest those felt off too but emotionally I didn't feel any connection. Then there were quite of It kills me to say this, but very little about this book worked for me.

Then there were quite of few exchanges that were so awkward, I just found myself mentally shaking my head and saying "no, no, no" I'm just so sad and disappointed. Hopefully it's just me. Not that he is bi, but all the the conversations surrounding it were just bizarre. I totally could not wrap my brain around the whole "we know we are soul mates because you couldn't come with other guys, and I wouldn't let myself come with groupies" thing.

Then there was the fact that I thought Dominique was gay, but now she was getting with Dillon? View all 13 comments. And a few other things too Ok. View all 9 comments. Full Review to come: View all 12 comments. First off, whenever reading self-published books, I'm flexible on grammatical errors, but when it's error, after error, after error, it starts to get annoying.

Commas in the wrong place or missing commas aren't so bad which this book has in spades along with extra and missing words , but the author confusing "their" and "there" is too much. There not their are also tense issues, but thankfully those aren't as common. Another big no-no is when most of the book is narrative, telling us what's happening, instead of the characters showing us themselves through something called DIALOGUE.

Mostly it's the hero and heroine telling this, this and this happened. Then, when there is dialogue, it isn't natural. Beginning of excerpt: I wasted no time in filling him in.

I just met the photographer. Remember how hot she was in those photos? She's better in person, and I just made a total ass out of myself because I was flustered. I almost dragged her to the nearest flat surface to fuck her. I'm not even exaggerating. What the fuck! Maybe there's something in the water, cause I'm all caught up with Devon and Ian.

He likes her, and I like them both. I don't think he swings both ways. Meanwhile, I have no idea if she likes either one of us. I'm totally mind-fucked too, brother. Looking back to where Tessa was still standing with Ian and Devon, I noticed that all three of them had shifted so that the two of us were in their vision line. Ian looks a little unsure to me, so if I had to take a stab in the dark, I'd say he's never been attracted to a man before. But there's no doubt in my mind that he is now.

I'd actually noticed it for the first time earlier this week, but since you hadn't mentioned that you were attracted to him, I kept it under my hat. Devon, on the other hand, is much easier to read. She's not just attracted to you.

She covets you. Quietly and with dignity, but she does it nonetheless. Good choice by the way. I like them both very much. I'm going out of my mind over here. I've never been so hot for anyone, much less two people. For the record, you've definitely got the photographers attention. She hasn't stopped looking at you yet.

Something about her seems familiar to me. Quietly and with dignity. What American guy and rock star in his late twenties talks like that? I also don't know any straight guy who would describe himself as "flustered. My dad is a something white guy from California, just like Flynn's dad and if my dad used the words "delightful" and "lovely" while describing his thoughts on one of his sons love interests, he'd be getting some funny looks from my brothers.

And what's with Flynn having to jack off to come for the past 10 years? Not even threesomes and foursomes with playmate-quality chicks can get him all the way off. Aroused, yes. Climaxing, no. Perhaps Flynn finds his hand sexier than T and A? Now, I still have two-thirds of the book left, so maybe it gets better?

The plot is promising even if the execution is sucky. And did anyone else skim over Flynn's grandma's long speech about how happy she was about Flynn meeting Tessa? It went something like this: Blah, blah, blah, hemorrhaged. Blah, blah, blah, I always wanted lots of granchildren. Blah, blah, blah, Flynn's mom died young. Blah, blah, blah, I hope Flynn gives me lots of great-grandchildren.

I just met the dude yesterday! Leave me and my womb alone! Actually, everything between all the characters is really sweet so far. I'm hoping for the ugliness coming up, some angsty drama. So far all I've gotten is, "I like him, does he like me?

Should I be wary of dating a rock star? WTF Moment Have ANY of you ever had a guy say that to you or heard of a guy saying that to any female outside of historical and paranormal romances? And I just can't help myself.

The whole situation was forcing me to reevaluate my position on fate. Once I left the bathroom, I spent a few minutes on the phone confirming the details of our dinner. I'd taken my dad's advice to heart because I agreed with him. Going over the top and taking her to some fancy ass restaurant wasn't going to do it for Tessa, at least not yet. I was pleased when I got out to the pool and found her floating on a a raft. She looked comfortable and THAT made me happy.

The good news. Were they good for you?

I would rate the book lower, but I think I've been a big enough bitch during this review. So 2 stars it is! Jun 06, Deserie williams rated it really liked it. I enjoyed this book. And the past reference with him and cole lol I did not expect that and it was too much info for me: I liked the epilogue perfect just the way I like a book to end!

View all 11 comments.

Ella picture fox download perfect epub

Ahhhh Flynn Rand I love him. He in my head is fucking gorgeous. Luckily I like boys and girls cause in my head, Tessa is pretty damn hot too. Sooooooo, on with the background Tessa is a photographer who Flynn sang a song to 6 years ago when she was 17, since then shes been in lust with him He sees her photos and feels a connection he cant place so he hires her to tour with him and Renegade saints She thinks: He thinks after less than a week: He knows she could be the one. When he is loving on he Ahhhh Flynn Rand I love him.

When he is loving on her and she believes the rumour of flynns having a baby with another woman and he goes to get her, seriously I absolutely ADORE how much he loves her even though he hasnt told her yet.

Then the have hot wild - did I say hot? Seriously, that section of the book aged me 10 fucking years. Then the breakup stage every book has: The week they dont talk but sleep in the same bed made me seriously sad, I wanted to tell him to buck up!

Not everyone falls in love at the same time. He did and said some things, she cried, then stuff happened I cant talk about without giving away the ending.

Characters - Love: All of them, Im sorry, there wasnt a character in this book I disliked even a little. The witing was great, I love E. Fs writing style, her books are always interesting and I just There are no words to discribe how hard he pounded her into the bed.

Yes Ma'am that was god damn sexy as hell. For more reviews please check out My Blog Not sure what happened here Nothing and I mean nothing wowed me in this book. I felt like the steam was turned up to appease me for wasting time! I'm wondering if its just my fault - I read the blurb and my mind did the rotation " the mighty storm " and " documentary" two books which I really loved Could this be their book baby?!?!?

No no no no no Not even a distant cousin! The dialogue - totally not believable. The story - I think I had Not sure what happened here I was about to DNF shelf this but I was like ok maybe, maybe Not so much because then there was a whacked out black out period of No communication. Whoaaa it was full steam let me introduce you to the family after first meeting then Sorry - I'm blabbering.

Picture Perfect (Renegade Saints, #1) by Ella Fox

Was this the worse ever? Would I recommend? I don't think so. Do I wish I could've loved this? View all 3 comments. Did not finish. I love a good Ella Fox book, and this one was no different.

Epub fox download ella perfect picture

So I started this book a week or so ago in between buddy reads. I didn't realize until I had started it that I was supposed to buddy read it as well. Actually Vika and I got together today and made "I've been waiting on you forever sweetness, but you're more than worth the wait. Actually Vika and I got together today and made a Family Tree for the whole family. I love you more than life itself. There's 3 naked women in his bed, 7 condoms on the floor, he feels like his cock has went 20 rounds with a bull, he's not sure what city he's in and to add to all of that he's hungover and due to play a concert in a few hours.

He's tired of this life he's living and ready to settle down. The rock star life has been everything he wanted it to be but now he just wants out and to live normal.

That night he's prepared that the concert he gives is going to be crap and he honestly just doesn't care. But then a girl in the front row with chocolate brown eyes inspires him to play a good concert for her and change his ways.

Though that doesn't stop him from getting massively drunk that night and forgetting the reason for his sudden change of ways, all he knows is the next morning he has a new nickname and he wants to change. Tessa Hamilton The night that Flynn Rand stood on stage and sang directly to her for three hours is a night that she has never forgot.

That night changed her as well. She has since been so hung up on Flynn that she compares every guy she dates to him, which leave them all appearing to be less than stellar.

Little did she know Flynn was about to make her the offer of a lifetime.

Ella download fox epub perfect picture

They hire a band to open up with who will later be signed under their new label. That's where Tess and Flynn's paths cross again. Automatically when Flynn sees the pictures Tessa has done he realizes they are awesome and they should hire her to be their tour photographer, but looking at the photographer herself he feels this familiarity to her so strong he can't stop thinking about it.

Epub download perfect picture ella fox

And he can't wait to meet her in person. When these two meet they both instantly feel a huge attraction to each other. A pull that neither one had ever felt before.

Flynn knew instantly that she was the one. But Tessa wasn't so optimistic on that feeling. I loved how both wanted the other to know that they weren't what the other was used to. Tessa didn't want Flynn to look at her like she was just another Groupie, while at the same time Flynn didn't want Tessa to feel like he thought that was what she was.

I loved how Flynn confided in his dad and how close their relationship was. Not to mention the lengths Flynn went to, to prove to Tessa that she was different. You also don't fully know that you can trust me. I know that I have to earn that trust. This isn't a fling so it's not something that I have any experience with, to be honest. You're different, sweetness. For you, I want everything to be just right. And that proved to be the best part of their relationship seeing that when they did hold back or put up walls they would instantly drift.

Once they made the decision to be together they were insatiable. Fox knows how to write some hot scenes and at this point I have read all of her Hart books and these scenes were scorchers in this book.

I have loved that series and get a cameo of that family in this book was amazing. I knew it was a spinoff but it didn't change the fact that I loved seeing them tied in with Flynn and his family. Speaking of Flynn's family, OMG I loved his gram and her hilarious bluntness and of course her twitter account.

Last week she put up a pic of me naked in the bathtub when I was a baby. All the gossip sites copied the pic too. To me, there wasn't a whole lot about that in the book. The first half of the book was all about preparing to go on the road and I was really looking forward to reading about some of that and it was sorta just skipped over and that was a little disappointing. And sometimes Flynn was a little over the top with how fast he was falling for her and making plans, but being in his POV really helped with that and seeing how strongly he felt for her.

He had found his happily ever after and was just ready to start it, which was really sweet. Just would be sorta overwelming if in Tessa's shoes. There were also a few editing issues, but nothing that was a huge thing I couldn't overlook. I look forward to the next book which is supposed to be Cole's book. I recommend reading the Hart series before you jump into this one, only because the two tie together and without the first you may get a little confused, but none the less, I definitely recommend this book.

View all 36 comments. Before reading this book, I highly recomend that you read "The Hart Family" series. It will be better for you to understand the dynamic and characters of this book. That was so hot!!! Ella Fox knows excactly what I like in my books: That man was so fine But I cannot say the same thing about Tessa. That bitch was so fucking annoying! I usually like Ella's main female characters.

They're all stron Before reading this book, I highly recomend that you read "The Hart Family" series. They're all strong, independent and decisive women.

Unfortunetly I can't say the same thing about Tessa.


One of the main reasons of why this isn't five stars is because of her. The other reason why I didn't give this book five stars was because of the plot. I understand that Fynn was part of that family now and everything, but I thought that the book was more centered in his relationship with his family than with Tessa. Putting that aside. I really like the secondary characters of this book! I'm so excited to read more about Flynn's friends!

How awesome was that?! View all 6 comments. Another hot read from Ella Fox. Totally looking forward to Cole, Ian and Devons story in the summer!! View all 5 comments. A new series by Ella Fox and we meet Flynn lead singer and Tess photographer for the the tour.

The Hart series should be read before this as they do overlap I love it! Loved Ella Fox's writing style, she writes amazing sex scenes.

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Picture Perfect

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