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Divergent Trilogy has 43 entries in the series. Trilogy (Series). Veronica Roth Author (). cover image of The Divergent Series Complete Collection. Language English. Divergent series. Identifier 1Divergent. Identifier-ark ark:/ /t1bk Ocr ABBYY FineReader (Extended OCR). FREE EPUB E-BOOK DOWNLOADS: Divergent Series Complete Box Set - Veronica Roth on lyubimov.info

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Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth #PDF #Epub #Mobi #Free #Download. Divergent Book Series contains three books named Divergent, #Insurgent and. Divergent epub is available here. You can easily download Divergent epub written by Veronica Roth, Divergent Series: Divergent (Book 1). *[Download] Divergent PDF-EPub Book by Veronica Roth Perfect for fans of the Hunger Games and Maze Runner series, Divergent and its sequels, Insurgent.

Not in United States? Choose your country's store to see books available for purchase. Perfect for gift givers, collectors, and fans new to the series, the collection includes Divergent , Insurgent , and Allegiant , as well as bonus content: One choice can transform you. One choice can destroy you. As war surges in the factions all around her, Tris attempts to save those she loves—and herself—while grappling with haunting questions of grief and forgiveness, identity and loyalty, politics and love. James Dashner.

The Infinite Sea. The The Infernal Devices. Silver Shadows. Richelle Mead. City of Lost Souls. The Heroes of Olympus, Book Four: The House of Hades.

An Incomplete and Unreliable Guide. United as One. Lord of Shadows. The Martian. Andy Weir. The Crown. The Trials of Apollo, Book One: The Hidden Oracle.

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The 5th Wave. The Iron Trial Magisterium 1. Holly Black. Hollow City. Ransom Riggs. Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, Book 3: The Ship of the Dead. The Bane Chronicles. The Fiery Heart. The Ruby Circle. The Heir.

Queen of Shadows. Sarah J. Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, Book 2: The Hammer of Thor. The Hunger Games Trilogy. Suzanne Collins. The Queen of the Tearling.

Erika Johansen. King's Cage. Victoria Aveyard. We Were Liars. War Storm. The Trials of Apollo, Book Two: Dark Prophecy. Queen of Air and Darkness. The Copper Gauntlet Magisterium 2. Empire of Storms. Heir of Fire. Tower of Dawn. Library of Souls. The Trials of Apollo, Book Three: The Burning Maze. Glass Sword. The Bronze Key Magisterium 3.

Forest of Ruin. Kingdom of Ash. Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, Book 1: The Sword of Summer. The Elite. The Silver Mask Magisterium 4. Crown of Midnight. A Court of Wings and Ruin. Generation One.

A Court of Frost and Starlight. A Court of Mist and Fury. City of Fallen Angels. The Indigo Spell. Clockwork Prince. The Tales of Beedle the Bard. A Court of Thorns and Roses. The Rise of Nine. The Selection. Red Queen. Happily Ever After: Companion to the Selection Series.

Divergent series

The Golden Tower Magisterium 5. The Fates Divide. Veronica Roth. Carve the Mark. We Can Be Mended. The Traitor. Free Four. A Divergent Collection. The Initiate. The Son. Shards and Ashes. Melissa Marr. Three Sides of a Heart: Stories About Love Triangles.

Natalie C. The Transfer. Pitch Dark: Dark Days of Summer Sampler. Aprilynne Pike. Divergent Official Illustrated Movie Companion. Kate Egan. This story about the workings of the human mind is explored through the personalities of two fascinating individuals so fundamentally different from each other that they seem unlikely friends or colleagues.

Review 4. Absolutely wonderful. The book moves at a brisk pace, never dull, and fleshes out the men behind the scientific work. This vantage point into where Kahneman and Tversky came from, the events that shaped them, their intellectual make-ups, and the alchemy of their partnership is a real treat.

This added depth to the scientists only makes me appreciate their work all the more. Highly recommended for anyone, but especially those who have read Thinking Fast, And Slow, any book on behavioral economics, or students of how human cognition leads us astray.

A fantastic book that I couldn't put down. English Books pinned post 17 Dec The Constant Soldier has the pace of a thriller with characters and themes that are nuanced and subtle" The Times The pain woke him up.

He was grateful for it. The train had stopped and somewhere, up above them, the drone of aircraft engines filled the night sky.

He could almost remember her smile. It must be the morphine. He had managed not to think about her for months now. Paul Brandt, a soldier in the German army, returns wounded and ashamed from the bloody chaos of the Eastern front to find his village home much changed and existing in the dark shadow of an SS rest hut - a luxurious retreat for those who manage the concentration camps, run with the help of a small group of female prisoners who - against all odds - have so far survived the war.

When, by chance, Brandt glimpses one of these prisoners, he realizes that he must find a way to access the hut. For inside is the woman to whom his fate has been tied since their arrest five years before, and now he must do all he can to protect her. But as the Russian offensive moves ever closer, the days of this rest hut and its SS inhabitants are numbered.

And while hope - for Brandt and the female prisoners - grows tantalizingly close, the danger too is now greater than ever. And, in a forest to the east, a young female Soviet tank driver awaits her orders to advance. I was gripped to the very last page" Antonia Hodgson, award-winning author of A Devil in the Marshalsea "An elegant and powerful novel which sheds light upon a bleak and lesser known period of the war William Ryan has conjured up both a gripping love story and thriller" Richard Foreman, author of Warsaw.

Constant Soldier, The - William Ryan. Expand text… I loved it. William Ryan writes with a simple, elegant and utterly poetic style that just immerses you totally into the reading experience of it. Character study, setting, plot, everything working on every level, that is the bottom line. That is not technical writing skill that is creative genuis right there.

YES its one of those sorry everyone who blames me for their extreme book buying The story itself is emotive, thought provoking and completely engaging first page to last, I suffered huge amounts of book trauma the good kind a fair bit of fingernail biting and all the rest.

Download free epub divergent trilogy

The plot is taut and authentic, the descriptive prose practically flawless — if you are an emotionally charged reader like me you are just going to devour this and if you are of the more practical head screwed on variety the very least that will happen is you will appreciate the skill. Although I dare anyone to come away from The Constant Soldier without at least one pure emotional sense running through them, whatever that may be.

So for that reason I give it a Highly Recommended tag as if that was even close to being enough. English Books pinned post 16 Dec Striking out on her own, she must leave behind her beloved Momma and sister Hazel and takes refuge in a Georgia brothel run by a freewheeling, gun-toting Jewish madam named Cynthia. Having been taken in as an infant by a free slave named Charles, Josey has never known her mother, who was murdered at her birth. Josey soon becomes caught in the tide of history when news of the Emancipation Proclamation reaches the declining estate and a day of supposed freedom quickly turns into a day of unfathomable violence that will define Josey-and her lost mother-for years to come.

Deftly weaving together the stories of Josey and Naomi-who narrates the entire novel unable to leave her daughter alone in the land of the living-Grace is a sweeping, intergenerational saga featuring a group of outcast women during one of the most compelling eras in American history.

It is a universal story of freedom, love, and motherhood, told in a dazzling and original voice set against a rich and transporting historical backdrop. Natashia Deon - Grace.

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Review Oh, I wish there was a rating above Could I give this a 10? I loved, loved,loved this book. I have really enjoyed a lot of books recently but none that have pulled me in so deeply,made me care for the characters so intensely or riveted my soul to a story so powerfully.

It is so hard to believe that this is her debut novel.. Grace begins with a murder on an Alabama plantation. I hate to say much more because I don't want to give away any spoilers. Suffice it to say that the story takes place over 30 years, up to the years after the Civil War. How justice, mercy and grace unfold, woven into the plight of women's inferior status make this a book of both fury and tribulations..

If only my heart could handle I would read this again.. English Books pinned post 14 Dec Two years after vanishing into the Sudanese desert, the leader of a British archeological expedition, Professor Harold McCabe, comes stumbling out of the sands, frantic and delirious, but he dies before he can tell his story.

The mystery deepens when an autopsy uncovers a bizarre corruption: His strange remains are returned to London for further study, when alarming news arrives from Egypt. Fearing the worst, a colleague of the professor reaches out to a longtime friend: Painter Crowe, the director of Sigma Force.

The call is urgent, for Professor McCabe had vanished into the desert while searching for proof of the ten plagues of Moses. As the pandemic grows, a disturbing question arises. Are those plagues starting again? Before Director Crowe can investigate, a mysterious group of assassins leaves behind a fiery wake of destruction and death, erasing all evidence.

To unravel a secret going back millennia, Director Crowe and Commander Grayson Pierce will be thrust to opposite sides of the globe. One will search for the truth, traveling from the plague-ridden streets of Cairo to a vast ancient tomb buried under the burning sands of the Sudan; the other will struggle to stop a mad genius locked within a remote Arctic engineering complex, risking the lives of all those he holds dear.

Review A mysterious new virus has suddenly been unleashed on the world, but this might not be the first time it has plagued humanity. Instead, the entire group went missing.

Several theories arose as to what might have happened to Professor McCabe and the rest of the group, which included his son, Rory. All of them were put on hold, though, when McCabe himself came stumbling out of the desert ten days later. Unfortunately, he died before he could receive medical help.

It turned out that it was, indeed, Harold McCabe. Their suspicions were confirmed during an autopsy. Additional testing was scheduled, but within twenty-four hours, everyone present inside the exam room during the autopsy fell violently ill.

The incident, it turns out, was not contained. Soon the virus, whatever it was, spread around Cairo and beyond. Scientists quickly learned that the virus was airborne and highly contagious, with a mortality rate similar to ebola. But beyond that, it was quite unlike anything anyone had ever seen. When clues surfaced suggesting that everything might actually be linked to an old vial of darkened red water collected from the Nile River thousands of years ago, Sigma Force is called in to figure out if the virus is a work of bioterrorism or an act of God.

Mixing historical fiction, lots of science, cutting-edge new weaponry, and another impossible scenario for the brave men and women at Sigma to try and conquer, The Seventh Plague is vintage James Rollins.

Strap in tight, because James Rollins holds nothing back and will leave you breathless. English Books pinned post 12 Dec What results is tragic and riveting, as both men are forced to confront notions of love and betrayal in the face of the vastly different tracks their lives have taken. Sabina Murray - Valiant Gentlemen. Review What happens when the explorers return? Sabrina Murray explores the intimate lives of the men and women who left Europe to explore the world at the turn of the century.

She brings them back to England, to their wives and families and then sends them back out again, always somehow uncomfortable, at home everywhere and nowhere, loving and hating the families that anchor them. Murray probes the moral ambiguities of colonial exploitation and of English mores, while watching the world edge closer and finally into war. English Books pinned post 11 Dec For years Jeanette Winterson has loved writing a new story at Christmas time and here she brings together twelve of her brilliantly imaginative, funny and bold tales.

For the Twelve Days of Christmas-a time of celebration, sharing, and giving-she offers these twelve plus one: These tales give the reader a portal into the spirit of the season, where time slows down and magic starts to happen. From trees with mysterious powers to a tinsel baby that talks, philosophical fairies to flying dogs, a haunted house and a disappearing train, Winterson's innovative stories encompass the childlike and spooky wonder of Christmas.

Perfect for reading by the fire with loved ones, or while traveling home for the holidays. Enjoy the season of peace and goodwill, mystery, and a little bit of magic courtesy of one of our most fearless and accomplished writers.

Review A very unusual Christmas book. Winterson loves Christmas for its reflection, ritual, love and community. The recipes in the book are less about putting on a holiday show and more about how food can help make Christmas and life merrier and brighter.

All throughout, there's a bit of history, some autobiography, and this wish: Least favorite: Even someone as English as Winterson should know not to have New Yorkers talk about "fairy lights" and "sledges. Lina Land. I was wondering If you had another link for this: English Books pinned post 9 Dec She used to work for the U. An expert in her field, she was one of the darkest secrets of an agency so clandestine it doesn't even have a name.

And when they decided she was a liability, they came for her without warning. Now she rarely stays in the same place or uses the same name for long. They've killed the only other person she trusted, but something she knows still poses a threat. They want her dead, and soon. When her former handler offers her a way out, she realises it's her only chance to erase the giant target on her back. But it means taking one last job for her ex-employers. To her horror, the information she acquires makes her situation even more dangerous.

Resolving to meet the threat head-on, she prepares for the toughest fight of her life but finds herself falling for a man who can only complicate her likelihood of survival. As she sees her choices being rapidly whittled down, she must apply her unique talents in ways she never dreamed of.

Epub divergent trilogy download free

In this tautly plotted novel, Stephenie Meyer creates a fierce and fascinating new heroine with a very specialised skill set. And she shows once again why she's one of the world's bestselling authors. Final review, first posted on Fantasy Literature: Stephenie Meyer changes it up fairly dramatically in The Chemist , her second adult novel, where there is nary a vampire, werewolf or space alien to be found.

The narrator, a bright, rather repressed molecular biologist, was originally hired by a nameless government agency to do cutting-edge medical research, but ended up being pressured to use her medical skills to create biological compounds that cause severe pain without permanent physical damage, and then to use them for torture-assisted interrogations sanctioned by this agency.

She justified doing this because it was for the purpose of fighting terrorism and major crime. But something she learned made her a liability for the agency: Alex arms herself to the teeth each day, with guns, syringes filled with various useful and often deadly solutions, and readily breakable glass earrings containing a caustic gas.

And she sets up an appallingly elaborate booby trap in her apartments before she goes to sleep each night, with a dummy in the bed complete with a fake bewigged head and with wires attached to it that will set off her homemade poison gas if the dummy is disturbed, while she sleeps in the bathtub wearing a gas mask every night.

Her preparations have paid off: If she does this, her contact promises, there will be no more threats to her life from the agency. Knowing it could be a trick, but wishing for some peace in her life, and moved by the threat of a biological attack that could kill hundreds of thousands, Alex takes on the job despite her suspicions.

She was right to be suspicious. Now she has some people on her side, and they all have a bone to pick with certain government agencies. The hunted turn into the hunters. Meyer clearly did quite a bit of homework with respect to the molecular biology and other scientific and medical elements of the plot.

These details are realistic and intriguing, without bogging down the plot. The preternaturally intelligent trained dogs occasionally perform eyebrow-raising feats, but they added a definite spark to the story. All of the main characters off several people during the course of the story, though more tender-hearted readers can comfort themselves with the thought that by and large the dead probably deserved their fate.

Despite its length, The Chemist moves along quickly; I finished it pretty much in one evening and never got bored. Content advisory: This is an adult book with violence and a high body count, not for the squeamish. There's also a non-explicit sex scene and some light innuendo. First, he lost a pair of Oakley sunglasses. Second, he saved the life of President Ulysses S. In the near future of Robert Charles Wilson's Last Year, the technology exists to open doorways into the past--but not our past, not exactly.

Each "past" is effectively an alternate world, identical to ours but only up to the date on which we access it. And a given "past" can only be reached once. After a passageway is open, it's the only road to that particular past; once closed, it can't be reopened. A passageway has been opened to a version of late 19th-century Ohio. It's been in operation for most of a decade, but it's no secret, on either side of time.

A small city has grown up around it to entertain visitors from our time, and many locals earn a good living catering to them. But like all such operations, it has a shelf life; as the "natives" become more sophisticated, their version of the "past" grows less attractive as a destination.

Jesse Cullum is a native. And he knows the passageway will be closing soon. He's fallen in love with a woman from our time, and he means to follow her back--no matter whose secrets he has to expose in order to do it.

The story takes place in , but people from the 21st century have traveled back in time and are making a "resort" out of the time period. Visitors are able to travel back in time - for a hefty price - and see the world as it was before. However, once this portal to the past has been opened, it is immediately changed. Expand text… It will never progress into the same future from whence the travelers came. But that's ok - all of these histories are different worlds, all side-by-side each other, going on infinitely.

What happens in this past will not affect the future the visitors came from. Jesse, a '76 local, rises in the ranks of security and gets teamed up with Elizabeth, a visitor from the future who also works security. Together, they must track down some contraband that has been coming through the "Mirror" from the future - iPods, books that have yet to be written, and most importantly, weapons.

With a plot that amps up with each chapter, our heroes must fight against corruption and time itself. And what will happen when Elizabeth must return to her time period? These two have formed a connection that might be forever broken by time and space. I loved the balance of character development and plot progression.

Wilson is a beautiful writer, and I'd recommend this novel to anyone who likes a fun science-fiction read! Download ePUB - https: Last Year - Robert Charles Wilson. English Books pinned post 7 Dec For the past two weeks, the Bush administration has sent them on a media-intensive nationwide Victory Tour to reinvigorate public support for the war.

Now, on this chilly and rainy Thanksgiving, the Bravos are guests of America's Team, the Dallas Cowboys, slated to be part of the halftime show alongside the superstar pop group Destiny's Child. Among these faces Billy sees those of his family-his worried sisters and broken father-and Shroom, the philosophical sergeant who opened Billy's mind and died in his arms at Al-Ansakar.

Over the course of this day, Billy will begin to understand difficult truths about himself, his country, his struggling family, and his brothers-in-arms-soldiers both dead and alive. In the final few hours before returning to Iraq, Billy will drink and brawl, yearn for home and mourn those missing, face a heart-wrenching decision, and discover pure love and a bitter wisdom far beyond his years.

Poignant, riotously funny, and exquisitely heartbreaking, Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk is a devastating portrait of our time, a searing and powerful novel that cements Ben Fountain's reputation as one of the finest writers of his generation. Billy Lynn is a young soldier who was serving in Iraq with Bravo squad. After Bravo got into a hellacious firefight with a band of insurgents that was captured on camera by an embedded Fox News crew, the members of Bravo become national heroes.

The Victory Tour culminates at a Thanksgiving Day pro football game at Texas Stadium in which Bravo is supposed to play a part in the half-time show. While Billy and the other Bravo members have been enjoying some of the perks of being heroes on tour, it also means putting up with the people who want to prove their support of the troops by fawning over them as well as being used as PR props by anyone with an agenda like the owner of the Cowboys.

I started noting passages I wanted to quote in this review, but I hit a point where I was finding something on every page so I gave up on that plan. Billy is nervous when dealing with the older, wealthier good old boys who want to glad-hand Bravo at the game, and he has a somewhat naive belief that there is someone wiser than him that can explain all the feelings that combat and the aftermath have stirred in him.

However, he also has a grunt's hyper-awareness of hypocrisy and bullshit. English Books pinned post 6 Dec The other has ideas: It's a close but complicated childhood friendship that ends abruptly in their early twenties, never to be revisited, but never quite forgotten, either Dazzlingly energetic and deeply human, Swing Time is a story about friendship and music and stubborn roots, about how we are shaped by these things and how we can survive them.

Moving from north-west London to West Africa, it is an exuberant dance to the music of time. Praise for Zadie Smith: Above all, she can move us' Times Literary Supplement '[Smith] packs more intelligence, humour and sheer energy into any given scene than anyone else of her generation' Sunday Telegraph 'Her dialogue sings and soars; terse, packed and sassy.

Smith is simply wonderful: Dickens's legitimate daughter' Independent on NW 'Captivating. Funny, sexy, weird, full of acute social comedy. A joyous, optimistic, angry masterpiece. Smith displays a remarkable talent for embracing all the possibilities of language, and time and again she produces images that shout out in their brilliance An outstanding novelist' Observer on On Beauty 'Like Forster, Smith possesses a captivating authorial voice - at once authoritative and nonchalant, and capacious enough to accommodate high moral seriousness, laid-back humour and virtually everything in-between' New York Times on On Beauty.

Review Brilliantly written, this novel from Zadie Smith is a mishmash of modern culture and timeless themes. Ideas about female friendship, family, and identity are interwoven with music and dance from pop and musical to African and hip hop.

Expand text… What Smith gets very right in the book is the way relationships between characters are based upon their relative power; the way superstar Aimee is a vortex around which all other lives are determined; the power of language, what is said, or how and when speech is withheld; the removal of agency or belonging when all those around you are speaking another language, literal or metaphorical.

Again and again, this leads to miscommunication, misunderstanding, or outright manipulation. Language and power is threaded into each person's identity and underlines their relative role to each other and within the book as a whole.

The narrator may seem to hold the top spot, it is through her eyes that all others are visible, but she isn't even given a name. It's an imbalance that illuminates the overarching idea of the novel. At times the novel meanders too far from its core themes, though perhaps it was a reflection of the main character getting lost in her life as much as the story being lost in itself.

Overall I think my main issue was that she never seemed to learn anything, still as much a naive and somewhat self absorbed child at the end of the book as at the beginning, despite the passing time and enough life events that she should have changed something in herself. This is not a criticism of Smith, this nameless girl acts perfectly within the scope of her character, I just wished more for her.

Like her mother, I felt that if she'd just My hopes for a character and their life story has, obviously, no effect on the actuality of the story, yet it didn't stop me from feeling disappointed by the end.