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For Hire: A Damn Good Kisser and Good Girl Gone Bad. 2 primary works • 2 total works · Ratings · 4 Reviews · published · 2 editions. For Hire a Damn Good Kisser 2 - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read book online. Hello. For Hire a Damn Good Kisser 2 - Ebook download as PDF, Text or read book online. FOR HIRE A DAMN GOOD KISSER EBOOK | Pdf Art.

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home wattpad academy home facebook download kevin gates murder for hire 2 files tradownload for hire a damn good kisser published. Seducing Drake Palma - Free ebook download as Text, PDF or For Hire a Damn Good Kisser 2. Easy as one, two, three lang kasi talaga yun. For Hire: A Damn Good Kisser. File Size: kb. File Type: pdf. Download File The Despicable Guy 2.

Hindi nga ako makakapunta sa party mo or whatsoever. So cut the crap, will you? Dyan ka na sumama sa so called "friends" mo. Sila naman yung tumulong sa'yo nung iniwan ka ni--". Dana is so dead. Everytime na maririnig ko yun, it brings back memories.

After 10 secs. Encoder and make up artist in one?! Ikaw ang problema ko! I badly want to shout it out but i don't want to catch attention so i just breath in and out and tell him..

The heck. You know? Just like when you're shooing dogs away? Get my point? Oh well.. I'm doing his make up and he keeps on moving. Shoo away. Just good. It's not my first time to see a guy naked. Just let me finish what i'm doing? After Magpapa misa na ba ako? But there's something about him that makes me nervous. Just go. Why are you taking off your clothes? He's reaching my boiling point. I know how much you want to touch my abs. Gwapong gwapo. No need to remind me. Go ahead.

Mabuti naman. You need to put foundation or oil or whatever you call that in my abs. Don't be a coward. I don't speak French. Sarap mong patayin. Mother earth. Better luck next time. Maybe try cursing me in that.

They don't bite. May abs ka. Alam mo yun? Pasalamat ka may British accent ka! And i'm only I'm used to bullying people but not the other way around. I told you. I mean it. Nihonggo etc. Gusto kong hawakan.

Just oh my God! Bullying me? Fck this situation. Pero tangna. This can't be happening. Saying what's on my mind. And yes. I breakdown everytime i remember the night Andy took my virginity. My most awaited day of the week.

But why is that i'm not good enough for him? Oh God. The veracity of life that there. I quote. Josh is the primary reason why I hate this day. I must say that virginity is indeed a big issue. Life is not a fairytale. I got up and stare at the mirror.

One for me. A typical scene in a club. Should I say. Dave's Club. Margo informed me that there will be a victory party later at Area For the. What took you so long? Smack though. You're already drunk.

If i saw Sara there. I took a bath and dressed up. I won't talk to you until you're sober. Is he leading me on? It's up to you if you'll let them meddle with your affairs. I went down and dance with some unknown guys. What a small world. Not a party girl anymore?

Come on. He's a perv afterall. But in one condition. I removed my cardigan. It's not a drug. I was thinking of a kiss or anything similar to that.

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Minutes passed. Stay there. In short. I let them touch me. I don't really care. Ang bitter mo kasi. I kissed him passionately but he's not responding so i stopped. I'm about to.. I don't like hearing loser's name. Kung wala si Sara. Lasing ka na. I can walk. Bakit ba kasi umalis si Cyriel eh. Dito ka lang ha?

Tatawagin ko lang si Sara. Kaibigan ko 'to.

Ebook a damn download for good hire 2 kisser

Lasing eh. Now i know why Sara is in-love with this guy. Kailan pa naging zigzag ang daan? I asked myself. Between the three of you. Don't dare mention his name. Hindi pa pala. She slapped Dave.. She's angry. Just great. Why should i believe in you? Do i even know you?

Another relationship ruined by none other than DK Ferrer. It's not what it looked like! I can feel it. She faced me. That hurts. I can't see her face clearly.. As far as i'm concerned. So don't talk as if you know me. She hit a nerve. I only smoke at times like this. All thanks to you. All you need is me.

But it's only mild. I'm crying. Kung hindi. Bad vibes.

For Hire: A Damn Good Kisser Series

Should i thank you for giving me a title? That's so nice of you. Mga pulubi. I don't know you're a baby. I hate her! I took another step and leaned forward and whispered in her ears.

Oh my God. You drugged me! Fck this. I went out and lit a cigarrete. I drugged you. She crossed the line. Let's drink? You don't need that btch.. I don't want to go in there. You have no fcking idea what the sht i've been through. Don't talk to me as if you know me. Much wilder than Area It's only 11 p.

Shut up. The place is wild. My criminal record is clean. This will be a long night. You're seriously freaking me out. The real fun is in there. You're bringing me in there? That place is illegal! What's new with that? We're kissing when his hand started slipping inside my dress.

The others are doing sex. I'll stop. Maybe he's right. What's for next? You're touring me in your hide-out? Can you blame me? Of course not! Am i a clown? I hate the feeling of being laughed at. I'm sorry. This place is troublesome. Tell me. I can't help it. The room was dark and spacy and with bed! Are you bringing prostitutes in here? And i like it.

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Thanks God. Your assumptions are fcking funny. I raised a brow. His hand is in my bra. It's wild. Stop spoiling the fun. My private room. He stopped. I'm overreacting. If you don't want trouble. The people are doing drugs. But it's mild though. Unlike before. Want some? I think that's the effect of having bars as your second home. While drinking. You get immuned. Don't act as if you're an innocent Virgin Dana. I can drink five bottles and i'm still normal.

It's not like i'm doing sex with them. No sex. I think. Suite yourself. I am no longer a virgin but i do consider sex as a sacred thing. You'll love what we'll do. That's normal. Like i told Josh. Drinking session only. What kind of drug? I can kiss whoever i want. I'm not stupid.. I mean. I swear. I lost count. I need to go home. I went out. I'm kinda dizzy but i really don't want to sleep here. I'll go home alone. I'm drunk. What's the matter with me? I tried to sit down but i can't.

You'll know what i mean when you see this place. I was about to go to a nearbly bench but my head is spinning badly. I can't drive. Kung makikinig ka lang sana sa paliwanag ko. I realized that people don't deserve second chances. Kinuha mo na yung dignidad ko. Ano ba kasi ang ginagawa mo dito? Planning to rape me again? This time in a hospital? I'm trying to sound cool but truly. Aminin mo sa sarili mo na kailangan mo ng tulong.

Just fcking great. I'm tired of hearing explanations and i'm tired of forgiving those people who hurt me. It's killing me. Andrei Guzman. Fck it! My arms! Ganun ka na ba ka selfish. I feel nothing. What have you done to my daughter? Nahihirapan na ako tuwing pinapaalis mo ako. Ganun ka ba magpasalamat? Sasampalin mo siya? I-i can't explain myself. Andy helped you. Ilang beses ko ba uulitin? Ilang beses ba ako hihingi ng tawad bago mo ako patawarin? Ilang beses ba ako mag eexplain bago mo ako pakinggan?

Sabihin mo kasi sawang sawa na ako sa pagsigaw mo sa'kin. I just remembered something. I can't move. I just stare at him and let him cry.

Why am i here? I don't know. I won't buy it.. Now tell me. At nasasaktan ako kasi alam kong ako yung dahilan kung bakit ka nagkakaganyan. I better go. Why are you crying? The next thing i know. It could've killed you! I'm doing drugs? Since when? Oh my God! He drugged me! No car. I don't care. I collapsed? Alam kong may problema ka simula nung nagbreak kaso ni Cyriel. My life is a mess. I'm dead serious! Do you have any idea how hard it is? I've been here for 1 week.

Dana Kathryn Ferrer is broke. Kinuha niyo na yung phone ko.

For Hire a Damn Good Kisser 2

To know that she's troubled and that she didn't. Cold treatment? How long will it last. I was trying to dial Kim's number and invite them to come over our house since i am grounded and God knows. You'll stay in our house or help me God.

No money. Lucky me. That would be better. One fcking week with no one to talk to. Then walked out. Damn it. Maybe lying is a better option. Eating is my only way of surviving. Hearing that i have a visitor feels so good to my ears. Everytime i speak. I'm starving for foods lately. For the first time. Remember that.

Download 2 ebook kisser a good damn for hire

I immediately went outside. No internet. Alleluia for that. He's always not around. It's killing me! Don't speak as if you're concerned. All work and no play makes your daughter a bad girl. Am i that heartless?

Is being honest a crime? I was just trying to explain myself. And dad? He's not around. Do you know.

I'm really pigging out. I want it eat it badly. She cried. Where are you? All you cared about is your business. Sumosobra na yang bata na yan eh. Including my respect. Hindi na marunong gumalang. And you don't belong to my list. As i go to our living room. Okay lang po. I opened the door. Talk to that lady. Try to put some sense in her crooked mind. And neither are you. Truth be told. Old school. Paawa effect. But he didn't. I gape at his eyes and started removing my shirt but. I went near him and kissed him.

We kissed harder. This is what you want. Then i slipped my hand inside his shirt and started pulling it. I'm giving it to you. I'll just come over tomorrow. I respect. Sex is sex. I kissed his cheeks. Hard enough that the next thing i know. I was on top of him. Just quit playing games with me after this. And i don't want it. I kissed him like the way he want it. I want you because i love you. I heard that you're bored in here so i asked auntie if i could bring you outside.

For the past 4 days. He did that? Who do he think he is? My suitor? Oh please! Yada yada.

Ebook good 2 a damn hire for download kisser

He got me. See you tomorrow. But you know what? When you get to experience. Visiting me. I just thought you don't want baked mac. Your plan is great. Bringin foods. I placed it on the table.. You guys always think that i'm mean. Can't you see that i'm thinking? I can't believe that this is happening. That jerk. Our very first date?

Jarred never asked me out on a date. Andy will be my first date?


Oh God! This can't be happening! What's the verdict? We'll go or you'll stay? You'll know why the heck i'm acting like this. I'll go. Our very first date.

I'll go out with you. I didn't get the chance to ask you out before so i'm doing this now. Then stay here. Continue lying. And i don't want that. Just smile when you don't want to listen. I'm asking you out on a date. I was just 15 that time. And i hate it. But if i say no. Why suddenly ask me out? Are you insane? I'm not the first. Just please say yes. I'll go with you but it's not a date.

If i'll say yes. You're not the first girl that asked out on a date. Thanks for bringing me here. You know this feeling? It's heaven. That card is unlimited. Thank my dad for that. That's what you want to hear. Just go and shop. I missed going here. The person who said that money can't buy happiness doesn't know the pleasure.

See you after an hour or two. I missed hanging here. I might reach your credit limit. My beautiful smile. I think i spent a hundred thousand. May pupuntahan pa tayo. San na ba tayo pupunta? This is what i call life. We'll see how his father will react. I bought dresses. Hindi pa naman siya nagme melt. No problem. I even bought Galaxy Tab. Hindi pa pala.. What are we doing in a hotel? Magche check in kami?

Oh please. Hindi ako nanonood ng porn. Nasosobrahan ka na yata sa panonood ng porn movies eh.. Hindi pa rin siya nagbabago. Bakit ganyan kang makatingin? Tara na nga. Ano bang nakakatawa sa sinabi ko? Kasi naman. Kulang na lang magpagulong gulong siya sa sahig para makatawa. Wag mo akong itulad sa'yo. As in burst. Ano na naman ang ginawa ko? Hindi naman tayo magche check in eh. Help me. Bakit kailangan sa five star hotel pa? Why are you scared. Ipapakilala mo ako sa parents mo? You've got to be kidding.

Not that i'm saying that. They are curious. It's not as if they'll eat you alive. Lagi akong wala sa bahay. Now i know the feeling of meeting your future parents-in-law. If i just knew. The bridal-style? I should've bought that diamond. Bakit ang yayaman nila? I feel I don't even know them. Baka isipin nila rapist ang anak ng may ari ng hotel na 'to.

I'm not going in there! Pinagtitinginan na tayo. I don't want to go there. You should kill me first. This is humiliating! No joke. Kung alam ko lang. It's creepy. That'll be a big news.

Ang ingay mo kasi. Ikaw lang naman ang pinagsabihan ko.. Louie must really like you. He is my friend. I prefer fastfoods. I'm not a fan of fancy restos. I'm lost. You two look good together. He must be fooling when he told you that he's courting me.. Talk about being practical. Ang tagal kasi ng fine dining. Am i right. Andy is a silly guy. The girl our son is wooing? Since when did he start wooing me? Tell me! Malapit na tayo.

He's blushing.. He loves fooling around. What a pity. I'm pretty sure Andy will look like this when he turns 40 or so. What's the business of your family. We met at St. What's your full name. This is awkward. Just call me tito Alberto. Paano ko sasabihin na nakilala ko ang anak nila dahil iniwan ako ng boyfriend ko dahil hindi ako marunong humalik? I'm sure they will kick me out of this hotel in no time.

As in. Let's order. Claire's is an exclusive school. His folks are nice. I'm a fan of your mother's collection. Andy loves telling stories about her. I guess he never really moved on.

She's already at peace. As usual. And please do call me tita Louisa. That's why your last name sounds familiar. Nothing's wrong with that. I'm just asking.

Baka hinahanap na si Dana sa kanila. Let's not talk about her. And from what i've noticed. Is it love or is it lust? He kissed me. He didn't answer me. I just love kissing you. Wanna come? Hope to see you soon. I have no idea. Nag eenjoy pa ako dun eh. Right now. I really don't know. And again. All i know is my heart went wild. Good Girl Gone Bad Book 3: Seducing Drake Palma just so you know..

I am a good girl.. I don't start fights.. I just fi More. Want to Read. Shelving menu. Good Girl Gone Bad. Meet the bad. Easy as one, two, three lang kasi talaga yun. Ikaw naman kasi, pag si Sheen ang may sabi, go go go ka lang agad.

Go, Alys!! You can do it, girl!! At dahil tulog naman si Drake, sinilipan este. Talk back and you're dead; Talk back and your dead 2; When she talked back. Good Girl. Gone Bad Completed by 2: Damn Good Kisser 2: