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Where can I download the PDF for the book 'If It's Not Forever' by Durjoy Datta? How can I download the girl of my dream novel by durjoy datta? Where can I get the PDF of the book “The Girl of My Dreams” by Durjoy Datta?. Pdf: You can download free samples of Hold My Hand.. Hold. My Hand by Durjoy Datta Pdf Free Download - GOOGLE. Hold My Hand by Durjoy Datta 2 - Ebook. I believe if u don't have someone to hold your hands with just put your hands in the pockets but this book incouraged me to again spread my hands and accept.

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hold my hand ebook - wordpress - hold my hand ebook hold my hand-durjoy datta green (free pdf, epub, mobi ebook download). you should see my second . Hold My Hand Pdf: Hold. My Hand Free Pdf - Hold. My Hand by Durjoy Datta 2. - Ebook download as PDF. File .pdf) or read book online. Sun. These kinds of publication is everything and got me to looking ahead of time and much more. it absolutely was writtern extremely completely and valuable.

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Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Leaving behind jealous but encouraging friends, a supportive father and a hysterical, overprotective mother, Deep makes his first flight to a foreign land. And then he sees her, Ahana, a stunningly beautiful girl. But Deep also has to come to terms with another reality: Ahana is blind.

Together they explore Hong Kong, Ahana guiding them with the smells and sounds of the wondrous city and Deep bringing to life for her the delightful sights he sees. They're living a dream, till Aveek, her gorgeeus ex-boyfriend, comes back into her life. Hold My Hand is a delightful young romance with a surprise ending. Read more Read less.

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Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. When Only Love Remains. Durjoy Datta. Let's fall in Love!

Where can I download the ebook PDF of “Hold My Hand” by Durjoy Dutta? - Quora

Ohh Yes, I'm Single: And so is my Girlfriend. The World's Best Boyfriend. Till the Last Breath. Product description Review The book is really very well written by Durjoy Datta. He showed "Deep" as a simple shy boy to which many persons can relate themselves easily. The love story is quite different as seen in other books.

Everywhere it was pleasure reading the book with no disappointment.

My download ebook hand hold

There he sees - the most beautiful girl he has ever laid his eyes on, But there is a twist to this love story - Ahana is not just stunningly beautiful, she also has a r An awkward young man, Deep, obsessed with libraries and books, has his dream come true when he is sent to Hong Kong by ATS Technologies to study and test the library cataloguing software at its head office.

There he sees - the most beautiful girl he has ever laid his eyes on, But there is a twist to this love story - Ahana is not just stunningly beautiful, she also has a rare congenital disease leaving her blind.

Together they explore Hong Kong Aahana guiding with the smells and sounds of the wondrous city and Deep bringing to life the sights he sees. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. More Details Original Title. Other Editions 4. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Hold My Hand , please sign up. May I know the Genre of this book?

Ashwini Kumar Sharma Genre is romance - love story.

My download ebook hand hold

See 1 question about Hold My Hand…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Aug 07, Abhilash Ruhela rated it liked it. When it comes to reading our favorite author, we do not even see the backcover and check synopsis whether the story is of our type or not, we just purchase the book without making any 2nd thought. This is what I did when I came to know that Durjoy Datta's 9th book is up for pre-ordering. First, I logged in to Flipkart, ordered the book and then read what's it all about.

This is the 2nd book of Durjoy which gets published by India's No. And this is only the 3rd book in which When it comes to reading our favorite author, we do not even see the backcover and check synopsis whether the story is of our type or not, we just purchase the book without making any 2nd thought.

And this is only the 3rd book in which he has no co-author and he has done all the work single-handed. The speed with which he comes up with a new book is quite exciting as we, his loyal readers, do not have to wait for a long time to read what our favorite writer writes. The ratio of every th blog of mine and his new book coming is almost the same. Whenever I am up with a century post, there's a new book of Mr.

As we already know that Durjoy Datta has quite matured as a writer and he has stopped writing those repeated stuffs anymore. Now, he has started examining people and finds out their characterization and attributes. Then he develops his own characters and his book rotates around almost every character that he describes even once in the book. He has stopped writing sex scenes after every 10 pages and in fact, this pages book "Hold My Hand" does not a single scene that can make you feel "Repetitive Durjoy is back".

This has assured that his audience will keep buying his book to see how much more has their author being improved.


What I like about Durjoy's writing is that he writes a book as a book without any other ambitions attached to it otherwise many writers write a book as if a Bollywood movie is going to be made of it as soon as it releases. I liked the initial pages in the book where the characters are described and we are told what each of them are dealing with so that we can understand their state of mind once we read the scenarios pages ahead.

The narration of how Deep is being interned in Hong Kong, and his mother's pain, his father's toughness, his friends' annoyance etc. I liked one part where Deep tells about what books has taught him. That whole paragraph is wonderful. Also, every time his writer's heart and love for books is discussed, Durjoy takes the words and sentences to the next level. As soon as Ahana comes in to the picture, story takes a sweet and a soft turn.

It's not about the pity and sympathy and the support that Deep shows towards her because of her eyes-disorder but about the feelings that both of them share.

Hold My Hand

His falling in love with her, her father being strict, her attachment with her ex-boyfriend who's also blind like her etc is what this part of story needed. Actually, this part is less of her struggle with blindness but a relationship between a father and daughter. I liked the character of Ranbeer because this is how even i wish to be with my children. An ideal character it is! Sadhika's character is also portrayed beautifully. It's good that Durjoy wrote a part in Ahana's words that we get to know what this blind girl keeps thinking within herself who does not remember anything that she was before the age of 5 when her eyes were fine.

Coming to the climax, Durjoy tried to make it surprising but it ended up being flat. I wanted it to look much better. In all, I didn't find much of the mistake in the book but I feel it quite disappointed to speak that this book is average in terms of the kind of author has written it, the publisher that has published it and the kind of reader-base this duo already has.

Someone like You was so much better than this. Even Till The Last Breath. I am not upset with the book but I felt as if this one is done in hurry to beat some deadline. Otherwise Durjoy can never write a story which has a good foundation but not the treatment. He treats every story of his as if it's his last book. That's his specialty though he has failed this time. I give this book an average 3 out of 5 points. I hope his next book comes soon with another terrific page-turner.

View 1 comment. Aug 01, Avantika Mohan rated it it was amazing. I have always been Durjoy's fan. Even though some debate that how he has grown from his first book. It is true but, this guy his best at what he does!

He makes you evolved with each character so much that you probably start missing them after you keep this book down. I'm certainly in love with Hongkong and wish to relive my love like "Ahana and Deep"! Ahana's dad is my favourite , somehow he is as cool as my Dad, just that my Daddy doesn't fly these cool planes.

I recommend this book to everyone, I have always been Durjoy's fan. I recommend this book to everyone, not only coz it's another love story. It's a love story of a blind girl. Once again he delivers a message that when in love that person is the complete for you.

It is absolutely beautiful. All the best, and I love you DJ! Sep 03, Sayantani Sarkar rated it liked it. I wish I could say that it was the best book of Durjoy Datta till date, but I won't, because it wasn't. There were a few issues I had that annoyed me initially, like how Deep went from "Oh-she's-a-beautiful-girl" to "I'm-in-love-with-her" in just a few hours, and how the language was really basic.

But where there were these tit-bits of annoying things, the good parts were there too: That's the beauty of a Durjoy Da I wish I could say that it was the best book of Durjoy Datta till date, but I won't, because it wasn't.

That's the beauty of a Durjoy Datta book; it makes you empathise with the characters. I could feel how much Deep is crazy about Ahana, and also how badly Ahana just wants to be a normal girl.

Overall, a sweet, simple love story. Though it can be missed, but if you read it, then it'll definitely make you smile. Aug 27, Satvik Sharma rated it really liked it. The simplest yet the most beautiful book I've ever read. No brilliant vocabulary, no sophisticated plot, yet the story is able to create the magic. Really emotional at times, the writer has balanced it well.

There is no chance for the reader to get bored. The style of narrating brings the scenes alive, and makes the reading experience nothing less than watching a movie. It's a journey of a blind girl, a The simplest yet the most beautiful book I've ever read.

It's a journey of a blind girl, a character through which we learn a lot. No words to describe the book. It is heart-touching, one of my personal favourites. Hold My Hand- a must read! Jan 10, Meera rated it it was ok. A simple, predictable love story, where a boy meets girl; in this case the girl is blind.

The plot begins off slowly, picks up with the character of Ahana. However the end is too abrupt. Hong Kong has been beautifully depicted by the writer; it gives a visual feel. Mar 02, VenkateshVeera rated it did not like it. Aug 06, Meghant Parmar rated it liked it. It's not his style. It's not typical college love story. It's not a lengthy title. It's not a regular narration.

But it certainly is bit different. The story is beautiful when seen through Ahana's perspective, boring when seen through Deep's perspective, emotional when seen through Ahana's father perspective and in all it's a story which leaves a lot of impact when characters like Ahana take center stage. First two parts in the story are nothing extraordinary but the backbone of the entire book It's not his style.

First two parts in the story are nothing extraordinary but the backbone of the entire book lies in its last two parts. It's an experiment to experience love in a different way which has half worked half not but still cannot be ignored. Hold My Hand is the sweet, hilarious and also very gripping story of Deep who in someways is very similar to me.

He is a nerd, always engrossed in his books. His best place to be is a library and he is awkward with people. Six feet and four inches tall, he is mercifully thin with a waist that is the "envy of runway models" and excessively pampered and sheltered by his parents. When it came, it was kind of bizarre.

I thought it felt a bit forced and left me with a lot of questions. But I'd still recommend the book. It was a good read and I did enjoy it. But, as they transition into parenthood, a worse nightmare might be to have a child who has been killed, abused or abducted. Ford spins a yarn that is claimed to be addictive. Did I enjoy it? Otherwise the significant point is that it does have a moderate number of profanities. POV Written in third person point of view, but with much of the immediacy found in first person pov.

The excerpt deals with one of of those stories within a story. Ben had been behaving weirdly for days. Not sleeping, drinking more heavily than usual. Nearly thirty grand. And when she checked, the account was empty. Well, not quite. The balance was two quid something. She logged out and in again, but it was the same.

Had to be a mistake. But when she viewed the recent transactions, her whole world dropped away. There were regular payments to a stock-trading website, a few thousand at a time. The last one was six days before. Heart beating fast and fingertips tingling, she put the computer aside and tried to stay calm.

All their money gone. Or maybe not. Perhaps it was sitting in another account still. Ben had always been a recreational gambler. Fruit machines in the pub, sports events. It had been cool in the early days because he often won, and sometimes he won big. And when he did, he was generous with it. In their late twenties, two grand on a football accumulator had gone straight on a blow-out weekend in Copenhagen. Of course, the wins were easy to remember. When they moved in together, in their first rented place, a condition had been that he stop gambling completely.

Work had been crazy at the time, so there were plenty of other distractions. He looked knackered and was only going through the motions at work. She checked his phone, and in his internet history found searches for short-term loans. She came close to confronting him, but something stopped her.

She realised it was fear. If he really had lost everything, it was over. There was no way back. She flitted from anger, to pity, to despair. One night she went out with a friend and got drunker than usual. When she returned home, she found Ben asleep. For the first time in weeks he looked at peace, his brow smooth, his breathing slow. He looked like he used to, and her body took over. She woke him and they made love wordlessly.

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Maybe it was the booze, or a part of her knowing it would be Four stars out of five. Did this review answer most of your questions and concerns?

I encourage you to leave a comment below to help me provide reviews that work for you. Together, you and I can build something great within the Amazon Customer Review program. Will you join me? One request: Be respectful and courteous in your comments and emails to me. I will do likewise with you. Thank you. I really hate writing negative reviews. I liked this book until the end. I really liked the main character Jo. The end I found very disturbing. I know people do horrible things but I think this went to far.

This poor boy is all I can say. Once I started, I couldn't stop. It is the most addictive, riveting crime drama that I have read in a while.

It will keep your eyes glued to the pages until the end. Masters is a true and thorough cop. Her dealing with a personal crisis and her dealing with a lost child today and from thirty years ago keeps you trying to find the pieces that fit the crimes together.

It's a masterpiece. I can't wait for more. Fantastically Twisted End! Two little boys kidnapped. Thirty years apart. Is there a connection or is the connection a coincidence?! The main protagonist is Jo, of the CID. The story is set in the Oxford area.