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Free Download eBook: Street smart dating PDF by Nick Shane, Get it If you just want a girlfriend, then weed out all the women you don't want. Get the how to pick up any girl on facebook ebook free download here. Just click on the link above to download, read and start selecting girls that you like on. Dating ebook free download double your bank pages ebook launched his double your league. Email me for click here to get dating youtube double your dating pdf ebook sex articles, Jquery plugins are only way to capture a girlfriend.

You will learn how to attract her and get her phone number to set up a date later on or, depending on the environment, how to escalate to kissing and sex immediately. Dan, Ben and Stu explain how they have successfully picked up women in each of the environments, where most guys go wrong and how you can be one of the few guys who do it properly. It really is very easy once you have the right techniques and approach. Instant download. A man may be able to talk to women he has no interest in dating e. Most women will see him as 'just a friend', or worse - nothing at all.

The answer is actually pretty simple if you paid attention in my newsletters. You thought that by being nice and polite to women, she will be nice to you as well and like you in the end.

Then you started her buying drinks, picking her up when she needed a lift and even talk to her for hours on the phone. Or maybe you even did, and she just said that she needs some more space and needs to think about this. Or the most common response: If you try to kiss her, she will turn her head, if you want to go on a date with her, she will NOT treat it as a date but like a get-together with one of her girlfriends where you chat about girlie stuff over a cup of coffee.

So why did this happen? Why does she think of you as just a friend? If you were unable to press her emotional trigger buttons that make her feel that gut level emotion called attraction towards you, then something else will happen. She has made up her mind about you already. Does that mean you have to become a jerk to get women? Hell no! You just need to take what works for jerks, ditch everything what nice guys do and add the rest from StreetSmartDating … and you are made! But just to get this over one last time: The First Impression Ok look… Everybody keeps talking about first impressions at shit right?

Why is a first impression so important? I want to reveal the real secrets right now and that will give you an incredible advantage. Allright, think about this for a moment: Why is a good first impression so important? Once a woman has made up her mind about you, you are literally screwed! See, I get so many emails from guys saying… -- 43 -- I even tried to kiss her but she always turned her face away.

What can I do to win her over? If you blew it by being nice, wimpy and needy, you will have to move on. You will have to start dating other women and get your skills up to speed.

I hope you can understand that argument. This is why most mistakes either happen within the first 30 seconds to 3 minutes … or at the date when you are trying to kiss her or get her to come to your place. It will only work if you displayed to a woman in the first few minutes of talking to her that you are different, NOT a wimpy nice-guy and have some of the qualities women are looking for in a guy like humor, being cheeky, dominant, rebellious, etc … see above for more examples.

But if you fuck up, there is nothing you can do about it because she has made up her mind. If she sees you as a guy who is sweet but only girlfriend material … it will stay that way.

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If she gets attracted to you and sees you as a potential lover or boyfriend, then she will keep her options open. But on the other hand, if she make a good first impression, as in you display to her that you have the qualities women are looking for.. There is no choice here either. It happens instantly!

Let me say it again: Attraction happens instantly! You see a beautiful woman walking down the street, you instantly get attracted and want to meet her. Rather, they will keep the option open and see what will happen next. You know, like it was YOUR fault for letting her sleep with you because she wanted to see what is going to happen.

Women got their first taste of emancipation and they liked it. Everybody thinks that women have become more demanding, and that the man has to show her that he is a good provider. Can you see where I am getting at here? She would really like to hear him stand up for himself and say: But you can pay me back with an ice-cream ok? There is just as fine a difference between mean and in control as there is between jerks and real ladies-men.

Be light hearted about it. Make a small joke about her trying to bleed you dry, and then ask her what she will do for you in return. This is just another way in which women subconsciously test men. If you let a woman push you around in a relationship it will simply end badly. Above all, taking control of a woman shows you are different from the other men she has dated and never had a relationship with.

But on the other hand, there is almost zero competition for you out there once you know all the secret know-how about how to attract and date women. Just Be a Man The most important underlying principle and driver of success with women and dating is to be a man. Seriously … Women just want a man!

But how come so many guys have problems with women and dating? They are men for sure I sure hope so lol. A man that has most of the attractive qualities women are looking for to brand you as sexy. Be a man! They know that we think about sex all the time, they know that men can be dirty pigs … BUT … if you try to be all nice and DENY that you are not like all the other guys out there, she will wonder why? Heck, she might even think you are gay if you act all nicey-nice at the same time.

You will have to SHOW her that you are not like all the others. Do you now how to do that? So, for instance: The real reason why there are way too many wussbags, wimps and nice-guys but so few real men out there these days is simply because our society has changed. Society has -- 49 -- This is one of the key factor or drivers of failure in the dating game: And guess what, most guys believe that crap! They forgot what women really want!

This is why it is so important for you to go back to the roots of being a man! When you think about it, it makes no sense at all because you have already been conditioned.

And in most cases, it is NOT what the society has been telling you. But to speak from an evolutionary point of view: Men are designed to pick and choose which women they find suitable to mother their offspring. In the animal kingdom, there will be the Alpha-Male, the boss and leader of the pack. He will have several different families and father many different children. The other -- 51 -- We may all at some point in our lives decide to stick to one woman. Now, the factor of being successful as a male in the animal kingdom is simply force and strength.

Survival of the fittest remember? But today, women are more demanding than simply going for the strongest guy. Attraction has become more complex, but ultimately it all goes back to being the man you should be. Thinking back to nice guys and jerks, who gets more women? Jerks right?

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And what is far better than being a jerk? A real man! A jerk will literally treat a woman like dirt when it comes to sex. A real man, that is. Like the wise man said: Fake it till you make it! Players Playing the Game You may wonder why women complain about certain guys trying to attract them. The creep might get told to get lost within 20 seconds of talking to a girl. On the other hand, the nice guy might talk to her for minutes and then instead of her telling him where to go, she just says: A girl may not have the greatest looks, feel slightly insecure and get jealous when most guys pass her by.

Remember that women love to play social games like bitch queen? They want to tell their friends, guys they like, anyone, that men have been after them and its so hard to get them to leave her alone. It is almost like an ego boosting exercise. Women play games when it comes to dating so they can get a kick out of it. You can learn how to change this around so you will be playing games with her. The Rich and Famous It is a general misconception that women find money and fame attractive. Again, this is something that society has told us is true, and by now you should be aware that whatever TV and the internet tells you about attraction is wrong.

The reason for this is pretty obvious. Generally speaking, rich people are portrayed as attractive, healthy, good natured, well mannered, interesting and generous. Poor people are portrayed as scruffy, evil, untrustworthy, unhealthy, aggressive and cold hearted.

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This is the image we have been given from a very young age. Films, TV, books and all the rest tell you that rich people are good and poor people are bad. For women, these ideas stick strongly in her mind and start to form pictures of her perfect man. You may be thinking that this means that women will always go for rich and powerful men. This is completely untrue. They are not interested in the wealth or fame that comes from wealthy men, they are interested in the experiences and emotions that he will offer.

Because of Disney and all the other false influences in her life, she assumes that rich men can fulfill her desires. It will take her a lot of disappointment for her to realize that this is not true and the reason it will take her so long is because it has been embedded in her sub conscious so deeply. How many attractive, funny, cool rich people do you know? In my experience money makes you boring and difficult to socialize with. Most of my best buddies are broke or very nearly broke.

And yet they seem to get all the interesting women. You can get women to flock to you as well, as long as you make them FEEL the way they thought a rich and powerful man would. Looking Through The Looking-Glass The Other Way Everything Has a Reason Just as you learned why women shoot men down, bitch about each other and test you, they all have a motive and a reason for doing so. Its not just for the sake of it.

In all these tests and games both men and women are looking for the same thing. Women want sex from the same man who can be faithful and loyal to her. This might seem difficult to beat at first. It may seem pretty hard trying to attracting someone that wants something different from yourself, but you simply have to work on giving them what they want rather than what you think they want. Take time to analyze your appearance. What do you want to change about your body? For example, you are in the worst case scenario.

You weigh Ibs and all of it is fat. You wear tracksuits and sneakers all the time. Your hair is a mess. What do you need to change? Well you wont suddenly grow to 6 foot and then shed off all that extra weight.

But there are things you can change. Get rid of the grubby sweatpants. Wash every day. Get some new shoes. What about all that extra body weight? Lose it. If you weigh that much, not only is it bad for your health, you are letting women slip through your fingers. Start by exercising everyday and reducing what and the amount you eat gradually.

Sort out your hair. Keep it short and wash it at least once every 2 days. Now to your style: This is important. Not to look fashionable as such, but to show you have your own style and you look good in it. One of the worst things you can do is dress like everyone else.

Make sure you buy clothes that are slightly different from everyone else. Try and get clothes online. Not only are they cheaper but you can make yourself look more stylish. Wear clothes that compliment your body. Dressing differently shows you have originality -- 57 -- Clean your teeth at least twice a day.

Brush your tongue to get rid of bacteria that causes bad breath. This can also be stopped with mouthwash.

Use antiperspirant to get rid of sweat patches. Keep the scent down to a minimum. Keep your toenails short and your fingernails shorter.

Long nails not only scratch but they make men look feminine.

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Not a good look. Get a subtle and mild smelling aftershave. Nothing is worse than something that smells too strong. Not only is it choking, it also shows a woman that you are trying far too hard to impress her. Keep the fragrance low so that she can only smell it when she is a few inches away from you Remember that these image enhancers wont get you a woman, they just assist you. The real magic comes from the charm. How You View Yourself This will be the foundations for your success.

What gives you great charm and confidence when you walk up to a woman and start talking to her, what makes a woman immediately interested in you from the first thing you say -- 58 -- There really is no stopping someone who has a good self- image. Imagine you feel very nervous and worried as you approach a woman. You try to say to her that her dress looks like the lower half is missing, but it comes out all wrong. That comes with experience and you get experience from persistence. If there was one part of the book that had more importance than any other, it would be this.

Your confidence is your foundation, make sure you work on it. The Attitude So how do you fake that initial confidence so you can jump start your progress to becoming a professional player with women?

I bet you think these kind of things: I have thought similar things when I was starting to try to meet women. None of those things have ever happened. And I doubt they will ever happen to you. Lets say you talk to 10 women. If you are worried about any of the situations above then simply talk to 10 women. The chances are you will meet at least 5 who will be interested in you.

They may joke around ant talk to you and say it was really nice to meet you. That is what a player can do. Never take it personally.

Far too many people do this and its counter productive. You can leave this situation feeling more confident. First, this situation has shown you that its not all that bad and your worst thoughts never even came close. Second, you can make her see that she has just turned down a hot payer, which will make her very frustrated, by just keeping your relaxed and chilled attitude. What happens if you get a really harsh response? The one of your worst nightmares. Its far worse than being ignored or being told she has a boyfriend, she says something like: Even if you do feel slightly insulted.

Laugh at any insults you get and be relaxed. Tell your friends and other people that you meet about the bad experiences if there are any. You can stretch the story out and give everyone a really good laugh. You might even tell it to a girlfriend or on a date that this bitch insulted you and then you hit back with a sharp comeback. There are some women who are very picky and set in their ways. If you have the opportunity to speak to them over a longer period of time you will probably be able to prove them wrong.

Changing your approach Perhaps you know a woman that you really like. You might know her well, have seen her around or just heard about her. Try to think what she would find attractive. Remember, its not what you find attractive, but what SHE finds attractive. Attracting this girl might not make any logical sense and that is why you have to grasp this new approach to attracting her. By persevering with what works, you can gradually begin to understand what attracts women.

Going back to the male way of thinking, a male will decide what kind of woman he wants. In the same way that in nature a female will grow attractive feathers, display bright colors and sound a strong mating call, so will females in human society. Why do you think the attractive girls get all the attention and the fat ugly ones spend all their time on the shelf?

Because as in nature, males will want to mate with the best looking females. This is also true of females.

Yes, of course the male will initiate mating in the animal kingdom, but the female will also decline any unsuitable males. You must have seen those natures programs where they fight off ugly males? The same is true in our society today. Of course, the rejection happens in lots of different forms. You might not get scratching or biting, depending on how angry you make her, but you might get a fake number or she may tell you she has a boyfriend.

Because we are very different to animals, there are many more ways in which we can communicate. What can you say to the beautiful woman you've just walked past in a bookstore that will make her turn to you and eagerly want to make conversation with you?

How do you write an online dating profile that gets attention and will even make some women contact you first? All of the answers and more are in this amazing program. Eliminate other guys as competition: If you're not that good with women yet, there's no point trying to compete with other guys for the attention of beautiful women. In most of the 21 Great Ways to Get a Girlfriend, you will be in environments where other guys won't get in your way.

Hold her attention: If you can't firmly hold the attention and interest of a woman for at least 5 minutes, your chances of getting her phone number are often lost. In this program, you will learn what to say and do to maintain a woman's interest, get her phone number and have her eagerly wanting to go on a date with you.

Meet women without needing a wingman: Sometimes your friends don't want to go out on the weekend. Sometimes they're not available. Sometimes they don't want to approach women at all. If you are single, this then leaves you in a tough situation. Your life gets wasted, even though you'd rather be having sex with women and enjoying love and relationships.

Good news: Every one of the 21 Great Ways to Get a Girlfriend can be done alone, or with a friend. Better still, in many of the situations you will also make new friends as well as setting up dates with new women. Fill your life with beautiful women: When you have women in your life, you feel better about yourself.

Life feels good, it feels balanced and natural. During the week, you can hang out with your girlfriend, have sex and enjoy each other's time. You can also catch up with female friends and do fun things together.

On the weekend, you can catch up with friends some days and have your girlfriend come over on other days. You never feel alone. Instead, you feel loved, accepted and included and life feels great. Make new friends: In many of the 21 Great Ways to Get a Girlfriend, you will be in situations where you can make cool, new friends. Dan, Ben and Stu provide the 'how to' on establishing yourself as the 'cool guy' in social situations, so guys want to be your friend and women want to get into your bedroom.

Be her dream guy: All over the world right now, hundreds of millions of single women are fantasizing about being approached during the day and swept off her feet by a man they don't know. It's a romantic fantasy that you often see played out in movies: A guy 'accidentally bumps' into a woman during the day and then starts a conversation.

Hours or days later and you and the woman will be having hot, passionate sex. You can be that guy. Keep her interested: As her 'dream guy', you will enjoy a lot of control. The more she loves you, the more control you have over the relationship.

She won't want to leave you, or cheat on you because you will be the most special guy she's ever met. You will be the guy she has been waiting for all her life. Her friends will be jealous and wish they could find a guy with confidence like yours. Meet women during the day and night: Sticking to bars or the occasional house party as you way to meet women can mean many months or years of loneliness. With 21 Great Ways to Get a Girlfriend, you will have 21 different ways to meet women during the day and night.

Women will begin to flood into your life like never before. Improve at a rapid pace: As you apply the techniques revealed in this program, you will experience super fast improvements in all areas, including: There's simply no faster way to improve your skills with women than by listening to this program and following the step-by-step instructions. Get better at making conversation: Do you sometimes run out of things to say to women during conversation?

You'll be pleased to know that each of the 21 Great Ways to Get a Girlfriend comes with different examples of what to say to start and continue conversations with women. Have choice: As a man, there's probably no worse feeling that knowing that you are secretly accepting 'whatever you can get' when it comes to women.

It makes you feel like you are betraying yourself, accepting second best and not living your life the way you really want to be living it.

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When you use the 21 Great Ways to Get a Girlfriend, you will be able to choose who you date, rather than accepting whatever you can get. You'll also begin attracting and dating beautiful women — the kind that you really want. Here are some of the unique benefits of the Day Challenge: Get motivated: The Day Challenge starts out with basic Challenges to simply get you out there talking to women in easy situations e. That way, you don't 'crash and burn' on your first attempt and then lose motivation, or go back into your old ways again.

Structured training: It's all ready to use and is being used successfully by guys all over the world. Make it fun: It's easier to learn and get things done when you're having fun. Unfortunately, most men find meeting new women a nerve-wracking experience due to all the fear, nervousness and anxiety. The Day Challenge removes all the worry, by providing you with c confident, fun approach to use when meeting women in each environment.

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