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The person who got me into Murakami was my ex-boyfriend from a few years ago. When we met for our first date, I found him at a Borders bookstore in Fort Lee, the one on Lemoine Avenue that has been closing for the last two and a half years and is finally going to shut down completely. He was sitting in the authors K-O aisle, reading Sputnik Sweetheart on the floor. Four months later, I picked up my first Murakami book— Norwegian Wood. I liked the novel, but what I really liked was the actual setting stuck in a car on a rainy spring afternoon and circumstances feelings of liberation during my final high school semester I was in while reading it. I associated my first Murakami experience with those feelings, which made me continue with this contemporary Japanese literature excursion, though it was not Japanese literature in general—just very specifically Murakami, who a lot of my Japanese friends actually dislike.

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As their parallel odysseys unravel, cats converse with people; fish tumble from the sky; a ghost-like pimp deploys a Hegel-spouting girl of the night; a forest harbours soldiers apparently un-aged since World War II.

There is a savage killing, but the identity of both victim and killer is a riddle - one of many which combine to create an elegant and dreamlike masterpiece.

Philosophisch anspruchsvoll. Rund um tolino. Phantastische Tierwesen: Grindelwalds Verbrechen. Roland Kaiser - Alles oder Dich. Kaffeebecher "Peter Rabbit". Beliebte Zeitschriften.

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Unsere Osterwelt. Aktuelle Osterangebote. Unsere Top-Ideen. You make a good point about his books thematically, but your reason for not wanting to read Murakami seems a bit…. Because you couldn't stand that you were lonely despite having a relationship you disliked reading a book that mirrored those feelings? Seems kind of like a silly reason for saying you avoid to now read Murakami — it's basically saying you want to avoid confronting those feelings you had about your ex-boyfriend.

Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. Good job Grace: My first book was Kafka on recommendation from a friend.

Why I (Now) Avoid Reading Haruki Murakami

Its really memorable and a 'fun' read, the whimsicality of it keeps you turning pages, but yeah I definitely felt let down by the end. I think part of the problem is that all the weird 'stuff' that happens in his book isn't some dream sequence, with some real world explanation, it just IS, which is not something you come across often I don't think… There's no good grounded answer to why someone can talk to cats, but they can.

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Don't believe a word of this—Murakami is a genius. Seems like you were looking to Murakami to solve some of your personal problems, which may be why you feel that are over his writings. The best literature I've read, and art I've seen, has made me ask some important questions and provided some much needed perspective, but could never be expected to provide any specific advice.

Be aware of where your prejudices may lie, and don't take it out on him, just try to improve on your own work by realizing why his work fell off with you. Maybe by the time you are in your mid-thirties, you will feel like making some perfectly al-dente spaghetti, and the phone will ring…. Its such a coincidence that thoughtcatalog happened to make an article about Murakami as I am just pages away from finishing Norwegian Wood today!

It isn't my favourite book, but it has certainly kept me hooked, and the characters are very likeable. I think I agree that the themes in the book can sometimes feel like they reflect whats going on in your life while you read it as I have felt that a lot with other books I've read.

This is a thoughtful article. I saw this post quoted and wanted to read the context and it sounds to me that your feelings on Murakami's works are strictly personal. That is, your current distaste for him is justified but it isn't universal. This is one of the reasons why I tend to avoid reading the same author too much—I don't want to feel as though I'm being held captive in the world they have created. However, for some reason South of the Border West of the Sun effected me the most. Only a few days after I apologized to both of them I found out they had started hooking up together and eventually became boyfriend and girlfriend themselves.

I was devastated and that contributed to my ideas about being lonely and that people will leave you forever. I agree with you about Kafka on the Shore.

Ram Mladen: Free Kafka am Strand: Roman PDF Download

I never finished it because I couldn't focus. I'm taking a break from Murakami right now as well, there are a lot of books I still haven't read.

I just can't handle the mind fuck. I'm in such a sensitive time in my life sobriety that I'm afraid if I start to get those feelings of we are all just lonely and desperate for a connection with another person that I could lose it. Grace — very nice article.

As you began your journey with Murakami mid-way with Norwegian Wood, might I suggest in a true Murakami sense to go backwards from the beginning and read some of his early works like Sheep, Hard-boiled, and Dance?

I dare say you might find a little less loneliness even though the characters are still loners and a lot more playfulness. A fitting, post-heavy relationship fling with a younger Murakami. I think this was brilliantly written. I have so much love for his themes — loneliness and solitude and whatnot — because they seem to be so connected to my life.

I don't think there's another writer out there that could phrase loneliness like Murakami did. He is so subtle with his words; choosing them to be indirect rather than all direct and in your face. His books are the kind that you have to ponder about. And I think that is a mark of a good read — it makes you reflect and think. With that being said, sometimes I totally don't get Murakami at all.

Kafka On The Shore

Some of his books are so eccentric and perplexing that they leave me with this void punched in the middle of my heart. It's as though he walked me through a labyrinth but decided to desert me halfway. And I have to find my way back myself. Nonetheless, I am more inclined to love Murakami.

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His little idiosyncrasies inject variety into my reading life. And Grace, I really did liked your article. I liked how you related different phases of your life to the books you were reading at that time. It was so deftly written:. This was a great article. The first Murakami book I read was After The Quake, and halfway through it the subway bombings in Madrid happened and I spent three terrible days trying to get ahold of my best friend.

The emotional connection to the book was pretty intense, and since reading more of his works I often feel let down. What is this theory that loneliness is an indulgent emotion? I don't follow. There are people who truly don't have others who care about them in any way.

That is where loneliness comes from: In terms of romantic relationships, take this example: I have no girlfriend. I have not for years. That's a very bad reason for my friend, Yet by reading a book, a lot of information we get. Can improve memory quality, train skills to think and analyze, improve focus and concentration.

And many more benefits that we can take from reading a book. Do not forget to read this Free Kafka am Strand: Roman PDF Download book is my friend.

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