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Revolution Chetan Bhagat[]. Topics GGHJGH Identifier DOWNLOAD OPTIONS. He extended his grease • 51 Repeater, I said, I dont know why I looked down as 52 C H B T A ^ BHAGAT I want to gel in, I will get in. Revolution Home · Revolution Author: Chetan Bhagat. downloads Views 58MB Size Report. DOWNLOAD PDF.

Chetan Bhagat Soulmates http: Once upon a time, in small-town India, there lived two intelligent boy and one wanted to use his intelligence to create a revolution. The problem was, they both loved the same girl. Welcome to Revolution A story about childhood friends Gopal, Raghav and Aarti who struggle to find success and love in Varanasi.

Ids the hungolow ofan engineering college director. You and yourhu nds redded oiu , right? Wen nod the book. Whaif I. Wowi i wtd Ti hoi a joke to opm mm a big colLgt! Or winet I coughed. Thais fen thousandu-hottte! It is not a-price mm I wanted to lei! Start having fine whisky You wiU develop aimie! He seemed, to hmve put the question more to himself than to me, Hisdark eyes continued to bom into me, They-demanded attention, The rest of 9.

Five notes! I have made it? U e climbed up the steps and wall ed patf a room with a luxurious king-sized bed, 1 took in the panoramic view from the terrace, This was a wasteland, all of it My grandfathers old agricultural land,3Gopal said. Fifteen, We had fifteen acres more? Gopal said, fbut we sold it to fundthe construction;? I hadni finished my firstwhen he poured nts fifth. I said, I checked the time; I said, though I wished hed decide to mt right away, "What is the big hurry?

Two men, one educated, one uneducated. Having a. My stomach rumbled for food, We camedownstairs to sit down in the living room again. Why dongewus! Who isgoing fo fuikmg cry fo? Ifl hve, I wetn to injoy If I die, who cares?

YowrptmnisF Gopal shook Ms head, "Friends?

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IVhai does all this mam? How about you? Yon cvtv had one? Lanka, area of Vmmmisi Gop-al sat up: His hangover reminded me of my college days. Do you think I am a. You seem-fine? I said. You think soV Ishified from-one foot to the other, I had along day ahead, A sleeplessnighuwouM he a bud idea. Between you and Aarii! Hischarcoal eyes met mine, Something about the young director intrigued me,Ms unnsmcd achievements, his cockiness, his tortured voice or maybe thisstrange holy cMy mude me want to know moteuhout him, I let out a huge sigh.

He pointed to the chair next to him. J said md sat down, "Do you ward mother drink?

He laughed, T meant tea! Gopal said, I dipped, a biscuit in my tea and listened. The class will be back any time Raghav said, mil T w brought pori-aloo, we can share drat Its wrong to steal fromothers! We had tea more minutes till the. After that class 5 C would be back. We had to find, eat and keepthe filing back within that time.

I f a pickle and parathas- Raghav said, having, opened. Forgot it I said as I returned the steel box to the students bag. Idlis, a. Wedbit the jackpot. IF I eat only a bit, she will get to fco. I hi ought back a infer and made a clean cut, Fine? I had not had aiiy breakfast at. O said I? MulHpLcahon, sfee wrote on the board, even as tlischildren were still settling down, i stii up straight and craned x m r n e k m see-Aarti Pratap Pracihan,roll number one.

She wore a white skirt, white shirt, red cardigan and.

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She picked up a chocolate-, tamed 1 u? Eaghay and I exchanged a worried glance. Hie whole: She, placed the chalk, down, dusted herhands and took the ruler from Aarti, Aarti continued to sniffle.

Ihe teacher walked, along the aisles,Students shraiiklii their seats as she passed them. She opened her tiffin and. My fingerswere greasy. She look out a tissuefrom, her purse and wiped the ruler clean, Admit it, eke. Diron We had two GMs in the class.

One Girtsh Maibui; sat in the. He stood up without provocation. Who1; the other GM? Neither did the teacher Map. Both my cheekswere stinglog, "Stealing food? Are you a thief? She looked at me asif 1. She smacked the back of my neck. Aarti go clean up in the bathroom- GUI madam said. I leased against the wall outside the class.

Aartrwiped her eyes and walkedpast me towards the toilet "Drama queen! It was only half a slice of chocolate eakef I thought Anyway thife how I,.. Gopal Mlshra, met the great Aarti. PratapPradhao, I. I used it to scribble C on the wail Ithelped me pass the time, and would make oar class easier to find too.

She continued to stare at me as she came closer, You are scribblingoil the "wafer she said. Go How can you steal iay tiffin? Ibis wouldnt even have noticed.! What for? My mothers iilness had wiped out all Ms savings, She died, two weeks turned four. I dont remember much of her or her death, Baha.

Free revolution 2020 bhagat by download ebook chetan

You brought sweets only because we have a hearing? My grandfather hsd. You firang or w hat? No, laddoos make yon fat. Aarti said. Yes, I did.

I noticed her loopy plaits, tied op with red ribbons. Sore you donl want the laddoos? You want to he an air hostess? They lly everywhere, I want, to see different places! I shrugged my shoulders. A rich mm! I said, She nodded, as if tny choice was -reasonable Are yon poor rightnow? We have a ear! I turned to leave when Aarti. Batsmen would miss the balk fielders would misscatches and jobless, morons would whistle in the: Tve not met- Eaghav for. She heldmy hand and. Even though I liked It more at seventeen than at twelve.

We walked past the noisy shopping streets to the calmerCantonment area. We reached the bungalow of District Magistrate PratapBrij. The evening sky had turned a deep orange.

Raghav was sure to sulk,as it would he too late to play. However, I could not refuse Aarti. Thankyou,- Aarti said in a child-like voice. Coming in? Best friends, thats all wewere, I told myaeE Her hair Mew in the-breeze and wisps of black gently stroked herface, 1. Hon f T said firmly T n kteping it long only for you, Bye!

However, free tuitionscame under the ambit of acceptable favours. M hmt -not-. I Raghev as f stirred raylemonade We Lad come to t k Gu m m B A e a ouu Warad Ghat, a touristytiuing fomi where white people tell sak iono yenm and the toots roaming.

IUO Cant I geti a;. I hate peoplewho are naturally -gifted with a fiat stomach. Why couldni god make, six-pocks o default standard in all males? Did we have to store fat in the silliestplaces? I stood up, "What happened? Baha is waiting,1 I saidThe sound of Babas coughiag drowned out the sound o: The doctors had given up.. Weno money. You can! He had a pensionthat lasted us three- weeks in a good month. I understood his drift, 1 have. Or somewhere far south?

Knyfmeeung is not everything Baha," I said. It secures your life. Dont light new, right before the exams" 1 rn not fighting. He erupted into a coughing fit. We should consider the surgen," i said. The kndllne rang at midnight I picked it up.

Im sleepy Aarti I said. Chat with someone else, J said. Mends for eight years, though, you still. How are. Dad insists I finish college before I try any of this air hostessbusiness- But yon -can even become one straight after class XII Go to college, HeWight, 1 said, "Which college can I join with my marks?

Because of the mock-test? You are so stupid Aarti said. Top-are stupid. We are both, stupid, fine? Did you have, dinner? Iwarned to slay mad at hen but could not, 1 did, thanks! What thanks? Go to beet nows sleep and dont think about theentrance exams, Aarti I said and paused, What?

Or nicely stupid? Shut up, I am here only she said, are not young anymore, Aarti, I said. Go to bed, Mr Grown-up-Man. You always avoid Well talk, but not now. Good night- sweet dreams, sleep tight? Its no use now, I said, closing the maths textbook. Rest before the m m Is a must. Baba told h i s t Not today, Baba? Ragloe; said. I read out from the screen. I had come to Raghavs house inShivpur.

Sure, I hadnt scored loo badly; Out of ten lakh test-takers,. However, the N i l s had only thirtythousand seats. Sometimes, life played cruel jokes on you. Id be one ofthose unfortunate eases. Raghav smiled. Electronics in Delhi f "Theres: MIT Lucknow too, right?

Raghav said. Raghavs father said,fully aware it would not. He didnt mear to hurt me, hut it felt bad. I swallowed. You owe. I continued to ramble until Ragh. Yeah right, take a top-ranker to meet, your parent when youve flunked,I thought, "Dorft worry lies laced worse things in lifer I said.

No, they deoft publish results in the newspaper anymore, Baba, whatis this mess? IMI today the datef he said. I kept quiet as 1 stacked the newspapers. I wanted to tell, him theresults-won the out for a. Peace lor a Jew more days would be nice,even If temporary I saw his aged lace, the wrinkles around his eyes. Baba said, happy to make the five--hour journey to find out his son.

The antique gas stove tooksix. We hmm to get the. When old. I wondered if life woulde ei be the same again, One rtupid exam, half a. Mv lathers expression changed, He had the look every child dreads,t he look that say. Paha got up agitatedly and stai ted to circle the dining table. I cm sorry Baba, 1 said. You have to work. Yon do. Hv ia a. I tossedand turned for ages. There would be no sleep till I sorted things out withBaba, 1 went: He was asleep, the hot- water bottle still by his I kept, the bottle aside.

He placed a hand on my head as if in blessing. It acted as a tippingpoint. I broke down, 1 1 1 work extra. He had never chargedme in all these yearn I would take his boat for an hour, and buy himtea and biscuits in return. Maybe not a lot but enough to survive. If only Baba would understandthis. Japanese tourists" I wont take more than half an hour I promised. He smirked, "You are ping with a girl. Yoa-mayforgetthe time 1 wont He smiled,. His paan- stained teeth, shone ID.

Til get nowhere in life J! Is he okay? We arenom a simple Indian family. I jiiLUt ,,! Dont, Aarti said sternly, -You will spoil our friendship 1. Youhave been my best friend for wars.

Hurt myfeelings? She complied. We remained siknt till, we reached the ghats, Fhooichand gave us a smile,whIch evaporated- fast when 1 glowered at him. We stepped, off the boat You want to come home later today? Localaapers carried big stories the next day. Four students from Varanasi had. Among those four, only Raghav had cleared the exam as of Varanasi, The other three had appeared from Kota.

J did they go. He did not react to my. Everyyear, the tiny western Indian town of Kota accounted for athousand, or a third of the total 11T -selections, What?

How is that -possible? University The 12G. Ineed to buy college admission forms! Baba looked like I had stabbed him.

Arent you. IL "pened ihe door ard housed me straight off. Ragbag father sat on a sofa with visiting relatives. Ihey had come rocongratulate the Kashyaps. Anyway,it didnt matter, Raghav and I went-to his room. When people are offered something on a platter, they dorft value it.

Raghav had a thing for writing. He had published: However, this soundedinsane. Journalism is my passion. Why are vou doing engineering then? Why else? Oh, I have told him f am lakiog. BHU heeause I will a belter branch like ,ompuier Science. Hon t tell htm anything else! Raghav, you still..

I owe you guys a treat He goi up to leave. When people achieve something they become self-obsessed, Want to know what 1 am going to cto?

Revolution 2020 Chetan Bhagat[]

I said casually, Raghav stopped. When people clear JEE, they star! Von could do that too," Raghav said, His father shouted outJ o r himagain. I l l also leave See you, buddy" Raghav patted, my shoulder;cio, Baba, I said. Tuition is thirty thousand a year. How-much Is that for twelvemonths? Thirty plus thirty-six thousand , J Baba mumbled to himself. Sixty-six thousand! Baba, who are we?

Give me the money for that Atleast. Whats the point of a useless degree? And how will you do a repeatattempt without better coaching? You just missed a good rank because ofa. Maybe ,Kota will help you get those extra marks; I was confused.

I had never thought of a second attempt, let alonegoing so far for a year. You haw to give it your best. Look at Ragfeiv He! Besides who will take care of you here? Allahabad is nearby Ican. You can visit, J 1 can mauage, Dont: I do most of the housework? Baba said. Sure, she had said no to me in the boat, but I knewhow much sM cared for me.

Not a day went by without us-talking. It wasshe who suggested I go to a college here, and IB alreadyfound out the best Ipromise I will work harder next lime 1 said. We finished dinner and I began to clear the table. Baba shouted suddenlyYou are going! You have forty thousand. What about the rest?

What about expensessuch as travel, books, entrance exam feec. To say that the story is extremely shallow might be the understatement of the year. Two boys try to get When you name your novel Revolution , one expects a kind of soul searching, revolutionary story about a country that needs change more than ever. Does Bhagat even know the admission procedure in engineering colleges of India?

And the admission procedures are centralized state wise. If you cannot even crack that, then and then only private colleges come into the picture.

He seemed to brag about himself in the first couple of pages by listing his achievements in the dragged form of a story if ever there was one. Why Mr. No Mtech? Not anything else? Oh we get it.

Because you did the same. And that is the only option, right? Chetan Bhagat might be the least knowledgeable author this country has ever produced. I wonder if he has even read more than 10 good books in his life.

Because his stories do implicate that these are the most under researched works of literature ever to come out of India. To sum up the story, the main character Gopal loves his childhood friend Aarti who in fact loves their common friend Raghav. So he naturally turns corrupt and becomes successful. On the other hand, Raghav starts dating Aarti and gets his engineering degree and turns a reporter, because hey, it is mandatory that you need to be a reporter to change the world, right?

And Aarti might be one of the silliest characters ever to come out of fiction in recent times. Her character has even lesser depth and understanding than a 10 year old; that is, if a 10 year old is mentally challenged. What will become of them in the end? There is no depth to the story.

As I said earlier, he is the least knowledgeable published author to come out of India in the recent past. View all 17 comments. Oct 07, Sarika Patkotwar rated it really liked it. From Five Point Someone: Love, Corruption, Ambition is going the be the new 'brand' of the Indian youth. The story, set in Varanasi, one of the holiest places in the country, considered to be the destination to go to get rid of your sins, is absolutely practical, definitive and gripping.

It is the tale of Gopal, Raghav and Aarti who are childhood friends and even though they set out to find their own place in the world, their destinies are intertwined with that of one another and also with that of their own beloved city. The tagline of the book- Love, Corruption, Ambition suit the characters perfectly well.

Aarti is the typical Indian girl who has the dream of becoming an air- hostess and yet cares a lot for her family and friends. The daughter of a District Magistrate and the grand- daughter of an MLA, her life is already on the threshold of getting political.

Aarti, however, does not consider herself one of those people who would go about raising their hand and participating in election campaigns. Her life revolves around her two friends, Gopal and Raghav. Gopal being her best friend, she shares a special relationship with him with lots of on- again off- again signals coming from her side. Gopal talks about her 'natural maternal instincts'. She is there for both of her friends, whether they need her or not. The best thing about her is her belief that one must do what one loves to do and follow one's heart.

Raghav, in my opinion, is what every young Indian should be. A true radical reformist, Ragahv believes that the country will change only when we begin grass- root level change. Even though he completes his engineering from a prestigious college, he discovers that his true passion is journalism.

He puts immense efforts in bringing news to the people as it is, in its correct from. After being fired for writing about corruption and politicians involved in scams, Raghav starts his own newsprint ' Revolution Love, Corruption, Ambition '. This is where everything starts. From helping poor farmers to providing a clean environment, Raghav attacks it all.

Gopal, our main hero or villain or as Chetan Bhagat rightly puts in the end- "I'll let the readers decide how they want to consider you. I simply write about people. I don't cast them as heroes or villains. Coming from a poor family, one cannot help but feel sympathy towards him. He is what ever Indian farmer's child is- born in debt. His father works hard to get loans for his education and Gopal disappoints not only his father, but also himself. It is but obvious that when Gopal gets an opportunity to start off the path of becoming rich, he takes it without looking back.

And there you have it, within a few years, Mr. Gopal Mishra is the director of a brand new college, where students idolize him. What more could he have asked for? The only factor that binds the childhood friends together, Gopal is truly a significant character.

He believes that no matter what, we will never loose the 'Keshav' or the innocence and goodness that is there within us. One of the other characters who really caught my attention was MLA Shukla. He is the epitome of the Indian politician, 'I will arrange for it' being his favourite sentence throughout the book. A father figure and mentor to Gopal, Shukla also is a good person, only if that is what you want to believe.

The faculty of Gopal's college 'GangaTech' as also the people involved in its establishment play a very significant role in the book. Somewhere in this entire scam and corruption scenario, the entire concept of Varanasi being the place to get rid of your sins hits you in the face, making you think that maybe the reason behind the backdrop being Varanasi is the clearance of our sins.

After this book, 'Tourism Varanasi' will definitely be the need of the hour. Varanasi is already flooded with foreign and Indian tourists, another fact Chetan Bhagat has stressed on. It is really wonderful to read about how wonderful our country is and how wonderfully we perceive it as being so.

The remaining characters too play an important role and manage to shine in the presence of Aarti, Raghav and Gopal. Raghav and Gopal are IIT and AIEEE aspirants and I am sure every Indian, whether in the engineering field or not, will be able to relate to the anxiety before these competitive exams as also during the time of the announcement of the results, since all of us know someone or the other who goes through the same.

In that sense, Chetan Bhagat sticks to the domain of engineering as always. However, students of other fields will also relate easily with the situations that take place, whether in the households, school or with friends and family. It is an Indian's book. For me, the story begins from the 30 acres of agricultural land owned by Gopal's grand- father. That is where all the corruption starts, from the family to the national level, corruption exists everywhere.

The timing of publication has been well thought of, given that we just witnessed the humongous Anti- graft movement led by Anna Hazare. It shows us the true colors of life in the villages of India and also the true work that our representatives 'claim' to do. Basically, it describes India as she is without any edits and cuts.

This is the book that will help us change our own outlook and do something about putting it into practice for the betterment of our country.

I personally wish the book is made a compulsory read in colleges. It is up to us to decide what we perceive as good and what is the bad and it also up to us to think of changing that which we think is bad and how we go about changing it. Revolution is a book that will not take up much of your time, so give it go! It is high time for a real Revolution to take actually take place.

I would want every Indian youth to read this one. It is our country and we need to take charge of it. Chetan Bhagat does an excellent job yet again of making readers believe that everything is possible. You do not necessarily have to be grand to do something, you just need to believe in yourself and what it is that you want to do. Make way for the rockstar and a new generation! View 2 comments. Oct 07, Claussius rated it liked it. Made a me cry tonnes, still red eyed: CB knows the art of strumming heart's strings.

Definitely worth a read. View all 3 comments. Oct 12, Reena rated it it was ok. View all 28 comments. Dec 15, Pari rated it it was ok. I will give those two stars only because he and his books never fail to create curiosity and buzz among the people. His marketing skills are indeed wow! Yours truly including bought the book out of sheer curiosity, gave in to the temptation of reading what the whole of India is reading.

And well, was I disappointed? At the end of the read pages, takes some hours I merely shrugged my shoulders, nodded my head and smiled.. Writes a book instead of a movie sc I will give those two stars only because he and his books never fail to create curiosity and buzz among the people.

Writes a book instead of a movie script!! The setting of Varanasi, using names that all Indians can correlate to, and pitching in a love story where love is expressed and yet not winning is the magic formula for this one. Gopal, the lead character, is supposed to be having some grey shades.

Unfortunately, CB fails in creating neither a positive or negative character outa him. There were times that you could relate to him, but turn the page and the connection is over. None of the characters for that matter leaves a profound impact on you.

Revolution by Chetan Bhagat

The book's title supposed to be revolving around the second guy, Raghav, is falling short of anything sensational. Rather name the book LoveStory.. CB has tried to portray the eminent corruption in our education system, but covering it with a love story did not go well with this one. The humour, which more often that not, is the highlight of many of his books, was also missing in this one. The female lead. I wonder whether she was supposed to have a positive or negative trait to herself.

How can someone be so confused about their lives, and yet were shown to be strong and solid. The end spoils it all!

You would rather expect a better twist.. Avoid if you are lookng for some good CB stuff, read if you are tempted, like I was and then lament! View all 7 comments. May 29, Antara Ghosh rated it did not like it Shelves: Why oh why must everyone keep harping on the darn issue of men and women cant be friends? If they are friends now, then they are either a will become lovers eventually. I am a woman, with I think at least as many men friends as women. I have managed to keep my friends both men and women , without resorting to hugging or kissing them frequently, letting any of them pay for my cups of coffee constantly, and taking advantage of Why oh why must everyone keep harping on the darn issue of men and women cant be friends?

I have managed to keep my friends both men and women , without resorting to hugging or kissing them frequently, letting any of them pay for my cups of coffee constantly, and taking advantage of them manipulatively.

And voila! Not one of them accidentally fell into bed with me! What I have done with the best of my friends, is cried on their shoulders during my lows, provided mine to them during theirs. Discussed love lives. Enjoyed late night and rather pointless, but very serious discussions on life, universe and existence in general. I am even guilty of calling up some friends even women ones , to tell them I miss them, or that I wish we were together, without the least desire from either side , to start an affair.

Why must we keep on having this plot where the female friend keeps confusing the boy with "i miss you"s? Dude she says she is not into you.

She is not into you. She is not going to fall for you just cause her boy friends is otherwise occupied, or cause you so darn persistent. It was an innocent mistake though, didnt buy it, just was lying around my house, so had a partial read. I should have expected it would be a decade old stale plot of harry meets sally crossing rags to riches stuff. View all 4 comments. Jun 07, Varun A rated it it was amazing.

This the first Chetan Bhagat's boook i have read I really love this book The triangle love between Gopal , Aarthi and Raghav Very good fiction that makes me to feel like in reality That it makes me to feel i am inside the story After sometimes the raghav character makes more interesting that he fighting for revolution pin to the youngster Aarthi the beautiful girl i Can't imagined as per they said in this book.

The girl the problem for the both guys who makes some twist in there life and raghav and gopal clash and finally gopal gives the great satisfaction makes the book more effective Luv u chetan because of this book View all 5 comments. May 12, Vivek Maskara rated it really liked it. Country over love so suddenly didnt appeal to me.

Nov 16, Ankit rated it it was ok Recommended to Ankit by: Revolution ??? For what? A really heart touching story driven by Chetan Bhagat. Life doesn't provide second chance to fetch your true which once lost before. Fortunately Mr. Gopal Mishra got this opportunity, but Fuck Off Gopal!!! If i find him anyway in my life i would definately tell him that he is a real Fucking Loser.. I think after such a struggle Mr Gopal got an opportunity to have his love back in life, but surprisingly that fucking guy let his love go away for Raghav!!!

Who was Raghav by the way in story?? Gopal's true love for Aarti can't be compared with that Bullshit Raghav at all. Gopal, Gopal, Gopal, you were fucking lucky, but with your own hands you fucked up your life.

Jun 13, Vinshikha Mudaliar rated it did not like it. Every book brings out a bigger level of expectation than the one before. But unfortunately the book does not fulfill the craving of a book worm like me and leaves me disappointed. The story is set in Varanasi, one of holiest places in India, considered as a places to cleanse oneself from sins. This story is about three friends who grow up in holy city of Varanasi. Two of the boys, both love the same girl, their third friend and girl is completely confused about both of them.

Both the boys also have strong ambition. One wants to bring in a revolution and other wants to become rich. What happens in the end is a very messy affair between all of them and you left wondering about the aim of the book. This book was rarely light and entertaining. In fact, it is only in the last fifty pages that I found really interesting and worth reading. Bhagat says that only the reader can decide whether Gopal is a nice person or not. I agree with him. Chetan Bhagat always writes in simple English and this is no different.

The plot confuses you even though it tries to cover so many topics in one story. You would rather expect a better twist. But this was too much. It is always easy to review someone else's work, but doing it yourself is much more difficult. Ultimately, his books sell like hot cakes and that is what matters the most. Whether you love it or hate it, you'll end up reading it. View all 6 comments. Feb 03, Aditya Mallya rated it liked it. I am in the midst of a reading challenge that is leading me to some quirky book choices.

When I arrived at "A book with bad reviews", I would have been betraying everything I stand for as a human being if I had not selected a Chetan Bhagat novel. So, with the indulgent chuckle of a sommelier sipping a mango lassi, a Chetan Bhagat I did choose: How can I describe my vast and unimaginable horror on discovering that the book was mildly engaging?

Yes, it is a mercy that the abominable sentence construction still persists. The juvenile misogyny and sexual frustration are thankfully as fervent as ever, and the characters are still rickety and comical pastiches of middle-class cliches. But I am forever altered by the knowledge that Chetan Bhagat used "macabre" in a sentence.

There are amusing one-liners in this book, and the involuntary laughs that escaped me on three separate occasions will haunt me till my deathbed. Many a night from this day on, I will wake up bathed in cold sweat, realizing with terror that Bhagat used the word 'ironically' correctly. Oct 08, Abhranil Dutta rated it it was ok. When you pick a chetan bhagat's book, you dnt expect that the book would be intellectual or have good english literature..! So dnt expect these..!!

The story is abt three childhood frndz Gopal, Raghav and Aarti..! The story is told frm Gopal's point of view. Gopal is a ordinary a bit frustated guy wants to make more and more money in his life..! Raghav is a scholar guy who wants to bcm a journalist and have sparks of revolution in him..! Aarti is a 2. Aarti is a pretty dumb gal who gets confused in every aspects of her life.. The problem is that both of them loves the same gal Aarti..!!

Download Free PDF of Revolution 2020 - Chetan Bhagat

The starting and ending of the story is pretty good. In mid-way somehow the book loses the pace.. There is nothing new in dis book to cherish..! The corruption stories mentioned in dis book are known.

One good thing abt dis book is that it can be made into a typical bollywood masala film..! Oct 07, Srikar Malapaka rated it really liked it. Revolution is a story about 3 childhood friends Gopal, Raghav and Aarti.

They have their own ambitions. Aarti wanted to become an air hostess. Though he joined in engineering, journalism was his passion and he wanted to bring a change in the country. But fate offers him an opportunity to start his own engineering college, with the support of Shukla, an MLA. To start the college he follows the corrupt path as he did not have another way.

After college Raghav joins as a reporter in a newspaper. His profession creates some problem to Gopi. Shukla, the person behind Gopi, stamps Raghav as much as he can with his political power to get him out of his way.


Raghav fights back and starts his own newspaper Revolution !! Both Raghav and Gopi like Aarti.

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Aarti likes Raghav and Gopi was her best friend. How did the relation between Raghav and Gopi change due to their common love?? Can Raghav achieve what he wanted to with Revolution ?? Did the relation between Aarti and Raghav continue in spite of his unsettled and busy career which leaves very little time for her?? How can Gopi become the director of an engineering college without even a college degree??

Ebook free bhagat revolution 2020 by download chetan

How far did Gopi go on his path?? Can Gopi compete with Raghav to get Aarti?? These are some parts I think you should know by reading the book. Chetan Bhagat did a great work here.

The ending was really touchy… did not expect it. I didn't even expect that the book focuses on the IIT coaching institutes. Most of the story took place in Varanasi except for some part in Kota. This book has many shades. Then it focused on the corruption in private engineering colleges. Even the pollution problems in Varanasi are raised many times.

The story is said from reference to Gopi and the highlight of the book is how relation between Gopi and Aarti developed. Just like his other books even this one has lots of CB trademark one-liners. I personally loved Revolution Dec 19, Rahul Nath rated it did not like it Shelves: Pretentious idealism crossed with clear dreams of a Bollywood adaptation. And yet Bhagat talks of a revolution. How I ask, with that content in your book, do you intend on stirring people into a revolution?

All you do is point out the obvious flaws noticeable to everyone, what have you suggested to battle it? I'll go out on a limb here and call Chetan Bhagat an idiot.