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download wattpad2any from this link Must date the playboy pdf free download. **COMPLETE** Tori is ensconced in a glittering world of wealth and glamour. But she sees herself as someone suited for a supporting role: a bookworm. Mistakenly Meant For You; Mister Popular Meets Miss Nobody (Book 1); Mister Popular Meets Miss Nobody (Book 2); Must Date The Playboy; My Casanova.

I'm not sexy, I'm not attractive and I'm no fun. I'm plain and boring with no charm at all. The o nly thing good about me is probably my brain, which everyone finds boring. But I must ask you this I just hope I'm doing the right t hing and this will be the best solution for everything. Zachary Anderson, can I be your girlfriend? This school is known for being exclusiv e to the sons and daughters of the rich and famous.

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Answer Wiki. Answered Apr 26, It has many levels of progress and its characters are not normal. If you're the type to be easily frightened , be cautious. But still, I think it's amazingly written and its one of my top favorite Wattpad stories to this day.

Short, cute and easy to read. Short, interesting, very 'i wish these happened to me' scenarios. Storm And Silence. This progresses a lot, unlike the second and third one. It's an amazing story, and its sequel is currently being written. It takes place in the Victorian Era of Great Britain, and the main character is a feminist. The author is a man, and the book is completely awestrucking and brilliant.

It's a good romance book, but it's focused on many other things as well. Not as long as the first and fourth one, but still longer than the second and third ones, interesting plot, good book. Use the software provided by the mobile vender, for example nokia use nokia suite. How to get a soft copy of your messages on pc? Ufortunately we do not do anything with play boy things here sorry!

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Leader Board What's this? Leading Today Pts Helpful 1. Yes Cacheage: Visitors to this page also searched for: Community Experts online right now. Ask for FREE. Top Solutions For those non-android phones na walang "read offline", just open the internet on your mobiles. I'm not comfortable with that title. Nathan is a childhood friend of Chloe and after the saving-from-the-bully incide nt; we also became friends, close friends.

He's very kind, thoughtful, talented, sporty, and very popular among girls and I also have feelings for him. I hav e no intention of confessing this to him because I know and I can sense that he really likes Chloe. Childhood friends always ended up together, right? He's taking care of me becaus e Chloe said so. What a really nice guy. I hope she sees him more than just a fr iend, but thinking that way made me feel uneasy.

She's skipping class to see Greg. Oh poor guy, I kno w he's hurt. Seeing the girl he loves in another man's arms. Stupid slip of the tongue. Hope no one interferes again. He shifted his position and whispered. And that caught attention from everyone in the cafeteri a. Nathan looked surprised at my sudden out-burst and then he hushed me. No one knows about this.

I'll tell you but promise me one thing, you can't t ell anyone about this, especially Chloe. I g ulped and nodded in agreement. This sounds serious. Well, there is always foul play. I investigated on this fo r a very long time and finally came up with an answer. Of course he'll do that. He's concerned about Chloe, I am too, but he's more wor ried he can't stand the fact that Chloe's always crying about this.

I just hope she'll end up with Nathan. They'll be perfect. Oh that hurt feeling again. Is he a stalker? A psycho? Who's the mastermind? He's the most popular guy in school. Any guesses? I didn't have to guess, everyone knew who the most popular and po werful guy in school was. It's Zachary Anderson, the son of one of the most influential man in the world. They own one of the biggest banks in the state, a lot of shopping malls and my f ather's archrival in the hotel business, but we definitely won on that part.

Zac h is also considered as the hottest guy in school. He's talented, sporty, outgoi ng, charismatic, hip, but a hardcore playboy. But I don't understand why he is d oing this to Chloe? It's Zach. But what you didn't know is Zach, Chloe and I we re childhood friends. I couldn't believe i t!

They've been friends with that kind of guy? Then he continued. But Zach was too much; he treated Chloe as one of his possessions.

When we were in eight-grade he found out that Chloe was going out with some cel ebrity's kid. They were in love.

But Zach wasn't happy to hear that. He threaten ed the kid that if he didn't break up with Chloe, he'd make sure that his dad wo uld lose his career.

The kid was so afraid so he did what Zach asked him to do. Chloe found out and despised Zach from that day on. That's the reason why we don 't hang out with him anymore. You didn't know about this because we met you in n inth grade and Chloe didn't want to mention this to anyone anymore. You mean to say that he's always doing that? As I had mentioned, I inv estigated on this.

At first I didn't want to believe that Zach was behind all of these fiascos, I thought that the moment Chloe hated him; he'll leave her alone. Maybe he just loves her so much that's why he's still doing this right now. Re member Jeremy? They dated for two months and they looked hap py. You see I k up. It took a d me that if he ut all of their.

He tol break up with Chloe, the Anderson Enterprise would pull o in their business, leaving their company with nothing. How could he do that? They were so happy.

Who the hell does h e think he is? He's no God! Please don't tell Chloe nor c onfront Zach. It'll be a disaster for sure. Let me talk to him about this matter , understood? No matter what happens, please don't do anything stupid. I could barely hear a word Nathan's saying. I was busy glaring at the guy across our table who happens to be the great manipulator, Zachary Anderson. What a selfish jerk! He doesn't have the right to play with other peoples' lives.

Chloe's my friend, my best friend. She saved me once; I should save her from t his guy. Zach is sitting across our table with girls surrounding him. Giggling, chuckling and flirting with him. What a bunch of sluts! You have all the girls in the world, why bother chasing Chloe?

I asked him telep athically. And then he laughed. He's laughing? You don't have the right to laugh Zach! You should burn yourself in hell, you selfish jerk! How could you do this to Chloe? If you really love her, leave her alone.

I was totally pissed; I wanted to rip his head off. I couldn't believe this kind of guy really exists. I was busy cursing him that I didn't notice he was lookin g at me with that arrogant smirk in his face. What was that all about? I shot him another deadly glare and then I hurriedly left the cafeteria. Thank you very much.

Hope you like it: The school bell rang signaling the end of eight-period, which means I'm one clas s away to call it a day. I texted Nathan an apology message for leaving him alone at the cafeteria. I was totally pissed off at Zach.

I just couldn't stand the sight of him. I know this isn't my usual personality but even the cutest cat can be mean sometimes, right? I think Chloe's lesson about letting out your anger is now showing up.

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I hope I can still control it. I stepped out of the classroom and headed to my locker to get the book for the l ast period, English literature. When the warning bell rang, signaling that it's time to hurry up or you'll be late for class, I hurriedly collected my things.

I didn't want to be late for my next class. I've never been late nor absent in my whole life. Even if I'm sick, I still insist on going to school because for me, education is very important. After grabbing my things, I was about to run as fast as I could to class when so meone grabbed my waist and lifted me. Wait a minute? Is someone trying to abduct me? Are you kidding? This is a private school and this is supposed to be a secu red place.

Totally shocked and speechless, the next thing I know is I'm in an empty classro om with a tall man with blond messy hot-looking hair and perfectly curved lips s miling at me.

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He's standing right in front of me, so close that I can smell his captivating scent. I've never been this close to a guy before, not even once.

I looked closely at the tall guy and when I finally realized who this is, my eye s widened, I stepped back away from him and pointed my fingers at his face. How dare you touch me! Because the way you looked at me at the c afeteria earlier I wasn't checking you out!

I was cursing you, Zachary Anders on! I tried to make my way out of the empty room but Zach grabbed. I flinched at his stupid q uestion. I'm going to class you jerk! And thanks to yo u I'm already late. I missed English literature! I rolled my eyes at the most stupid retort that I've ever heard in my entire lif e.


This stupid act of yours is not funny at all. I have to go. Not until I said so. I was really annoyed. My first absent and of all the people to be stuck with, him! Unless that's what you really wanted.

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No way. He wouldn't dare! Not my first kiss. I will never give it to a guy like him. I pushed him hard and distanced myself from him. I hate you! He sat on one of the desk and looked at me from head to toe. And then he laughed out loud. Look who just said the A word? It's Miss Prim and Proper Victor ia Peige, the daughter of the rich and famous owner of Prestige Hotels, one of t he prominent hotels in the world.

But not impressive enough to top ours. According to the latest world's most famous and pre stigious hotels, ours definitely topped the chart! Ten of our hotels defeated yo urs!

Get your facts straight! But he just laughed at t his. We'r e not competing. We both know that if we wanted to be on top, our company would definitely have it. Guys like you make me sick! He stood up and walked towards my direction. I don't recall doing anything to you. Or is that the reason why you des pise me so much? You want me, do you? As he gets c loser and closer, I continued to step back away from him.

His eyes never leaving mine and it's full of nuisance. Where's your brain, Zach? Hiding inside that bushy bl ond hair of yours? Please, you're doing me a favor. Don't hit on me, nothing wou ld make me happier. Besides you're not my type. That chick-flick Nathan? Oh my! He knows I have fe elings for Nathan? But how? Am I that obvious? Tough love. That m tone. I couldn't stand lying to her. I totally forgot about Nathan because of that stupid Zachary Anderson! I should text Nathan right away that I'm already home.

Could you bake some chocolate chip cookies. Take care: I shouldn't have said that. I pity you. I went to my room and texted Natha n. I'm so into him right now. You'll hav e all the stuff you want but you can't be with your parents all the time.

I've got to get out of here. I'm so dead. There's no n eed for me to stay here. If only she knew about Zach's schemes. That s ucks. What am I going to do. But I shouldn't say that to her. I promis ed Nathan. I immediately went outside and hailed a cab. I've gotten used to this situation. And where is Nathan? He's always dropping you off after sch ool right? It will give him the idea that I know something and Nathan might get mad at me. T hanks a lot Sonia. She's been with me since I was little and sh e's always taking care of me.

Everything's fine?

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I ran away from him. I live here together with my nanny and anot her maid. Got to finish something so I decided to le ave early.

It's been a stre ssful day for me and I deserve some relaxation. But I didn't mind it at all. It's just that. My parents were not here since they're busy running our hotel business.

I'm on a date right now with Greg and I'm reall y happy to the point that I'm afraid that if this goes on. I don't want to see her suffer a. I should ge t out of here fast. I'm really trying my very best to hide the shock t give away the truth.

I'm already home. This is probably the consequence of being a rich kid. I immediately answered it. While taking my bubble bath. I can feel that she's really in love with Greg, and I've never seen her this happy. I took a deep breath and told her the best encouraging words that "Hang in there.

I don't think Greg would ever do anything to hurt erent from the others and I can sense that he's totally into you. Don't worry too much; it will just ruin what you. Chloe's silent for a while and then I heard her took a deep sigh.

I'll keep that in mind. Thanks again. What am I going to do?

I want her to be happy. It's that self-centered Zach that 's ruining everything. Think Tori, think. You're a smart girl; you should use yo ur brain for situations like this.

Why am I so useless! I finished my bath and put some clothes on. I went back to my bedroom and saw th e chocolate chip cookies on top of my study table. I noticed that the cookies we re not the only one in my room at that moment; Nathan is also there sitting at m y couch, looking worried.

You left the school early and missed your last period. Ar e you sick? I just wanted to finish something that's why I got home early. I can't mention what happened in the empty classroom with Zach. He'll definite ly freak out. It's English lit, your favorite subject.

By the way Chloe called me a while ago , she said that she's doing great with Greg but as usual she's afraid that he mi ght leave her someday. I can sense that Nathan is a little bit hesitant to drop the subject about me sk ipping class, he's been silent for a whole ten seconds but I can feel that he ne eds to discuss the latter subject so then he started to talk.

I rea lly need to talk to Zach as soon as possible. But knowing him, he'll never liste n to me. If only he got himself a decent girlfriend, for sure he would leave Chl oe alone. He has lots of girlfriends right? B esides, he always leaves them once they start nagging and demanding his time.

Well, maybe they really did became friends after all. So basically that jerk needs someone who will be with him for who he is? He can still fool around while in a relationship? What an egocentric guy! That's it! What if I'll pretend to be his goody girlfriend? If this is t he only way to stop him from interfering with Chloe's love affairs, I'll definit ely do it! I'm not going to hurt myself right? Besides, there are no emotions in volved in this plan, no love at all.

I'll just have to pretend that I like him f or who he is. Stay with him. Keep him busy. I promised myself that I'll do anything for Chloe, and this might be the best wa. Don't worry too much about me ok. I'll be fine. This better be important. Even I don't know how to start this conversation. We're in an empty room, the cl ass has already started and I can sense that he's kind of pissed right now.

I dr agged him from the parking all the way here for nothing? How am I going to start this? How am I going to convince myself that I like him? I haven't confessed to a guy before. I should have thought this through. He stood up and h eaded to the door. He's leaving. This is not good. I have to stop him. I quickly grabbed his shirt and tried to stop him. He glowered at me and then he shouted "What!

This is it Tori. Do your best. I just hope that I'm doing the ri ght thing and this will be the best solution for everything. Everything was so silent. He didn't speak. He didn't smile or laugh, instead he frowned. Is he angry? He walked closer to my direction, I stepped back. He appea red anxious and dangerous at the same time.

Did I say something wrong? He continued to step closer until he cornered me. He slammed his fist in the wal. He's definitely furious. You think this is funny! Yesterday you told me you didn't like me!

N ow you're saying you wanted to be my girlfriend? Don't mess with me Peige! Zach's really scary when he's angry. I was startled and speechless.

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There's no turning back now. If I take back the words I told him, he might hurt me.

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And then I continued. What I'm saying is true. I like you. I want to be your girlfriend, I always have. He stepped back and sat on the table.

He continued to examine me and wait for mo re explanation. And I take that gesture as a sign to continue. Maybe the reason why I hated you so much i s because you always ignore me.

I looked at him and then I saw him starts to grin. So he believes me? I should go on. And I realized that I really like you. I always admired you and envied t he girls you were with. I really don't like him and as if I'd be jealous of those skanks!

He's still not talking. Maybe he wants to hear a lot of compliments coming from someone who despises him a lot. Well, this is the final blow; I hope your big he ad burst! I looked straight into his eyes and conti nued, "The more you hate someone, the more you secretly want that person. Maybe that's what I'm feeling right now. He looks scary, not angry-scary but perverte d-scary.

Oh my, what's he up to? So why don't we just hook up? You're disgusting Zachary Anderson! What to do. What to do! I cleared my throat before answering. I'm not that type of girl. If ever I'll be doing that I want it to be with my boyfriend. Not with some random guy. Everything is true except for the boyfriend thing. I really w ant it to be with my real boyfriend that I love not some fake boyfriend. You're innocent So how do you expect a guy like me to like someone lame like you? I should have expected it coming from this unbelievable, imbecile and egotistical jerk!

I should think of a good come back to that arrogant statement. Think fast Victor ia Peige! I know. I just wanted to give it a try. Aren't you curious what it feels l ike to have a quiet type real girlfriend? Not some slut who dates you for popula rity? Contemplating on the smart reply that I just must er. After a while he eyed me and smirked.

But you see, I'm no t the type of guy who settles for one girl. I'm friendly and affectionate to oth ers; it's how I treat some of my friends, which is of course, misunderstood by m y girlfriends. So, I leave them, they don't trust me.

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Did I just hear him correctly?